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N.B. This site is for ADULTS ONLY. If you are younger than the legal age of consent in your country then do not continue reading. This site purely consists of fiction and is for adult entertainment purposes only. I do not not condone under-age sex or coercion. Any illegal act on the part of readers is purely on their own recognizance and I accept no responsibility for their actions.


If you like erotic incest stories then this is your playground! I write all sorts, including Daddy/Daughter, Mom/Son, Mom/Daughter and Sibling incest. I like a bit of lesbian action, as well as straight, voyeur and masturbation, even some light bestiality (!) -

So, something for the whole family! 

I write all of these stories myself, as and when I can. Check out the Stories section for new stories, also Forbidden Fruit is a "novel" I started writing when I was 15 years old. 

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Be safe, be kind and enjoy...


Dear Readers,                                                                                                                                      18 Nov 2019

Despite my best efforts I have been unable to bring you a new story. I am truly sorry. I have been trying to write 3 different stories and I've failed on all of them. Life isn't too good right now and I'm just not feeling sexy. I miss it though. I wish I could be really inspired to write you all a real belter, but my inner libido is nil. I'll try again, but until I write you a new one please look over the old stories.


I suggest you re-read A Tingling Sensation 1 & 2 as I am closest to finishing a part 3 than anything else.


Until then, please don't be strangers. I love your emails and they inspire me to write.

Best Wishes,

 Jenn. xx

Update - 2 Jan 2020 - I have labelled all the stories with their series name to make finding collections easier. Therefore if you want all the Movie Mom stories then click that and they will all be listed together. Same for all the other stories. You'll find this feature on the bottom right hand side of the Stories page. Happy Reading & A Filthy New Year!

 Forbidden Fruit - Chapter 15 -   Family Get-Together 

31 Aug 2019


The final chapter in this book is finally available. Please read it and let me know what you think of the chapter and the whole book.

  Long Haul  Road  Trip - 2nd  Leg

24 Aug 2019

This is the 2nd installment based on the fantasy of a certain young lady. Now Available in the Stories section. I decided to bring its release forward as a favor to a reader.

- Shout Out! -                           (28 Aug 2019)

l just want to give a loving shout out to some of my readers out there. You know who you are... Your openness and daring really does inspire me to put pen to paper. Well, sticky fingers to keyboard, at least. Don't worry, I will be writing soon. I have to get the story right first and I am picky on getting the tone right too. I know you'll appreciate that. I just wanted to share my thanks publicly, so you know just how much I appreciate your inspiration.

Jenn. xx

p.s I have a very busy week this week with an impossible deadline, but then I'm all yours. 

Older Stories

On the Stories page at the bottom you can go to Older posts, or you can access by month at the side of the Stories page.


Jenn. xx

Thank You
26 Jan 2019


Dear Readers,

I just wanted to say thank you to all my readers for the past few years and a special thank you to those who reached out and shared something of yourselves with me. I am touched that you felt that you could do that. Don't worry, I have deleted all emails and conversations so there is no trace. When I first started this site I had a handful of readers from when I would publish on Kirsten's Archives, but it slowly grew and now I get thousands of hits a month. There have been some inexplicable spikes where my readership has suddenly shot up, but these seem to be from others sharing a link to my site. That's amazing! Thank you.

[16 Aug 2019 - update]

Previously, I said this site was now largely dormant. This is no longer the case. I have been writing roughly one new story per month, with the release of previously unreleased chapters of Forbidden Fruit between those stories. I am writing new material, but this work is slow. As I'm sure you are aware, writing high quality erotica is time consuming. I always want to do something new and innovative, and of course, I want it to seem as real as possible, just tipping into pure fantasy the deeper into the story we go. This all takes time and not a little thought, so please bear with me if I'm a bit slow sometimes. I love getting feedback from you guys and girls about my stories and ideas for potential new ones too. So, thank you so much for all your support, but remember, this is all just fantasy and I do not condone anything coercive or illegal in real life. Stay safe, boys and girls, and enjoy the fantasy!

Best Wishes,

Jenn. xx


I have always been interested in both reading and writing erotica. Since my early adolescence I was enthralled by the idea that you could read or write about sexual experiences.


Through whatever quirk of personal taste I have ever been drawn toward the taboo areas of erotica. Maybe it was my religious upbringing that stifled my sexual growth that made my imagination seek ever more taboo areas in which I could enjoy myself. As a result, I have always written about taboo subjects. Here I will not hide, I will not censor, and I will not rely upon others to present my stories.


My stories are pure fantasy and I do not advocate any practice which is illegal or harms another physically or emotionally. These stories are purely for the imagination and I do hope you enjoy them.


Jenn. xx

​©2015 by J.E. Ashbourne all rights reserved.​ 

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