She Didn't Even Know She Was Doing It

May 2, 2014

She would parade around the house in little or nothing and not even give it a thought. But at fourteen her shape had really started to blossom. Her skin was golden brown and her long blonde hair flowed down her back as she fluttered about nymph-like. She was so whimsical and light. Like a butterfly on the wind, she would flit from one room to another without the slightest thought of what she wore, or didn’t wear, and her father was starting to notice. How could he not?


I had raised her single-handedly since she was six, and I had never much worried about her tendency to run about the house in scant clothing, if any. But now I had started to notice her young body changing. Her breasts had begun to fill out, her bottom had filled out to a tight rounded ass, and her legs were long smooth and slender. The only anomaly, considering she was fourteen and a half, was her bald pussy – although, I thought it looked remarkably like her mother’s bald pussy when she had shaven it once. It was puffy and full, with its inner lips well hidden by the puffy outer cheeks.


I scolded myself for thinking about such a thing, but how could I help it? I knew I should tell her to put some clothes on, but truth be told I was starting to enjoy the glimpses I got of her gorgeous pubescent body.



It started in the morning…


I was in the kitchen making breakfast when my daughter walked in. The first thing I saw were her legs; golden, smooth, shapely legs from her slender ankles and elegant calves up to her slender sumptuous thighs which scissored just below her nightdress. I looked up quickly to her face, which was still sleepy, her hair unkempt.


“Morning, sleepyhead”, I said.

“Morning, Daddy”, she said as she grabbed a cereal and bowl.


As I poured my coffee I looked at her. My God, those legs were killer! And the nightdress she had on was far too small for her. It barely covered her perfectly rounded ass, but hugged it beautifully. It was a favourite old one that she just wouldn’t stop wearing. It was a light purple with a Tinkerbell pixie print still on the front, but the cloth itself was bobbled terribly.


I had to look away as I could feel my loins start to stir. I decamped to the lounge, where I sat and put on the TV. Cartoons came on. My daughter was still watching the kids channels on occasion, although usually these days it was MTV. I started checking my emails on my laptop when in walked Sasha. Her legs glided past me and she sat on the other sofa with one knee up as she held her bowl of cereal on it as she watched Scooby-Doo and ate breakfast.


But it was glaringly obvious. As I glanced over ate her from my laptop I could see she had no panties on, and I was welcomed by the glaring sight of my daughter’s bare pussy. Surely she had to know that I could see? Should I say something? But she seemed oblivious to the fact that I was there.


“Can I change channel?”

“Sure” I said, having to glance up to her face.


She flicked through several music channels before she found the Top 40. I tried to read my emails, but I couldn’t. In the corner of my eye was her bare pussy staring at me. It was just as well I had my laptop on my lap because I had developed a firm boner under it. I couldn’t help it. I stole another look.


There it was. Smooth. Young.


I looked at my screen. No, it was still there. I was going to have to say something to her. I looked up again, this time I tried to look at her face, but hormones kicked in and I just couldn’t not look. Momentarily I imagine touching it. Licking it.


Just then she moved and I looked down again. She’d finished her cereal and placed it on the table. Then she sat back down; This time with both legs up in front of her with her arms wrapped around them and her chin on her knees. And there it was again, winking at me like a fleshy eye!


I couldn’t get my eyes off it. I could feel my hard-on pressing hard up against my laptop. I couldn’t get up and leave either or she would see how turned on I was. And even though she was oblivious to her own allure, she knew what that would be.


Maybe I was looking uncomfortable or something because next thing I know – she’s looking right at me. “You okay, Daddy?”


I looked at her and smiled, “Yeah, sure. Just a bit distracted.”

“By what?” – I could just about maintain eye contact.

“Just something I saw online.” I lied.

“What was it?” – I glanced subconsciously down at her bare pussy in answer, but saved it quick as I dragged my eyes back up to pretty face.

“Um, nothing. No worries.”

“Okay,” she said, “I’m going down the park with Violet and Lilly”.

“Okay,” I said, relieved as she got up and danced out of the room.


I breathed out. Thank God for that. Should I have said something to her, or was I enjoying this divine torture? Whatever, I was relieved for now. I got up and darted into my own room for some peace. But all I could do was think about that smooth balled pussy of hers, and I’m ashamed to say I wanked off in about thirty seconds flat.




In the afternoon…


It was a really sunny afternoon when Sasha came bounding into the house with her friends. They were all red, hot and sweaty from running and laughing. They went straight to the kitchen and helped themselves to some juice, which I could hear them gulping and giggling from the lounge.


I try not to look at her friends as most teenage girls can tell if they are being looked at in a sexual way, however unintentional. Now I was holding off from going into the kitchen because I knew they would all look like young girls in heat. Sasha’s friends, Lilly and Violet were identical twins, and mostly they still dressed the same. Sasha can tell the difference, but I’m not sure I could. I hadn’t seen them for a long while as Sasha usually goes to their house, so I had no idea how they may have changed or developed in the last six months. Not that I was keeping track. But you can’t help noticing.


Just then I looked up toe see them all standing at the lounge doorway. It was what I had feared – they were gorgeous, hot and sweaty. They eat had on a short flared black and white skirt and a strappy ribbed vest top, which revealed that both had on white bras. They each had on white ankle socks and deck shoes. They looked perfect. Almost carbon copies of each other except that their hair was styled differently, with one sporting a ponytail of black hair, and the other rather playfully had hers in bunches, making her look slightly younger. Their legs were tanned slightly differently too, with the bunches twin having a lighter complexion, with cappuccino thighs down, and the ponytail twin having a dark roast coffee colour. The only other difference, now that I was looking was that the bunches girl had slightly larger breasts, maybe a B cup, compared to her sister’s A cup. And there in between stood Sasha – Blonde, ponytailed, tanned, face flushed red and a big smile on her face. Her slim figure held together with denim shorts and a blue crop top. I could tell she hadn’t bothered with a bra either as the loose cotton showed perfectly her own modest breasts. It all looked liked an erotic nightmare coming true.


“Lilly and Violet have to go now, Daddy.”

“Oh, okay. How are you, girls?” I said.

There was a coy smile and a glance between them as they answered virtually in unison, “Fine, thanks.”

“Well, come back any time. Maybe you can come over for a sleepover some time.”

Another knowing smile passed between the sisters, and this time Sasha turned, excited at the idea.

“Tonight?” asked Sasha.

“Not tonight.” I said.

My daughter slunk down a little, and then it was all goodbyes.


She came back in and slumped into the sofa like a deflated balloon. Not a good look for most people, but for Sasha it just looked amazing. She looked like she’d just been fucking for hours and was totally spent. But of course she hadn’t and she wasn’t.


As I looked at her glorious innocent body she turned her head and saw a delivery bag that had come while she was out.


“What’s that?” she asked.

“You’re new school clothes.”

“Cool!” she said as she jumped up dived for the bag.


She pulled out her school uniform and gym kit.


 “Can I try them on?”

“Well, duh! If you want to know if they fit!”


She smiled at my sarcasm. Then, without a thought, she pulled off her vest top, revealing her beautifully shaped young breasts. I was transfixed as they bounced and wobbled a little with their firmness holding them back. Next came off the shorts, straight down her slender legs and I was looking at my near naked daughter!


First she put on the light blue blouse, which looked wonderfully simple and elegant. Then her mid-thigh skirt which luckily fitted her like a dream. Once she’d turned in the mirror and I had said yes, they looked fine, she stripped them off again. Next was the skort – a weird combination of skirt and shorts. I was quite taken aback when she simply slipped her panties down her legs before she stepped into the skort. For a brief few seconds I was looking at my totally naked daughter. She puller up the skort and said, “What do you think?”


He breasts were still on full display and I could feel my cock getting harder.


“Um, I looks good. How does it feel?”

“Mmmmm… feels a bit loose around the waist,” she said.

“Let me see.”


I slunk down onto the floor, kneeling before her. I felt around her waist. It was a little loose. Her perfect young breasts were maybe six inches from my face. She pulled up the skirt part to show the shorts part, which fitted like a glove.


“The shorts part’s good.” She said.


I dropped my hands down her hips to her legs and felt around the snug fitting cotton. Around her thighs and around her perfectly tight bottom.


“Yeah, they fit. Let’s have a look; see if the waist elastic is adjustable.” I said.


It was. So we agreed they fit fine. She did a twirl – still with her breasts in full adolescent bloom on show.


“That’s it. Get ‘em off.” I said.

“But they feel great on the skin.” She said.

“I don’t care. They’re for school.”


Reluctantly, she slowly peeled them down over her hips, down her slender thighs, and let them drop to her ankles. And for a second she just stood there – naked. I had the worst boner! I wondered if she had seen it and caught like a rabbit in the headlights, or if she was thinking about how she should deal with such and awkward embarrassing situation. But the zone-out only lasted a few seconds and then she looked at me.


“I’m going to take a shower,” she said.


And completely naked, except for a pair of white cotton ankle socks, she walked out of the room and disappeared. I was pole-axed. I had the biggest boner the world had ever seen and in was straining in my trousers.


I heard the shower go on and took this as my sign to release the beast right there in the lounge. I lay down and yanked out my meat. It took a bit longer this time, as I had already come that morning, but just thinking about my daughter’s naked body had me coming a big thick globs of come. I grabbed her panties she had left on the floor and smelled them deeply – it was sweet and musky! Then I used them to wipe up my own come!





In the evening…


Today was getting ridiculous! This was my daughter I was perving over! I should be ashamed of myself! But I really hadn’t done anything untoward toward her. I hadn’t touched her inappropriately or anything. Okay, some of what I had done could well be classed as creepy, but not illegal. But I could never coerce my daughter into anything. I could never hurt her in any way. I’d never live with myself.


And so, as the evening came, with its balmy gold, I settled into a nice warm soak in the bath. I was thinking these very thoughts about how I had avoided anything really bad when Sasha knocked on the door.


“Daddy, I need to use the toilet!” Came the urgent request.

“I’m in the bath.” I said.

“I really need to go.”

“Why didn’t you go before I came in? I did say I was taking a bath.”

“I didn’t need to go then.” She said.


She was always doing stuff like this and it annoyed the hell out of me. She just didn’t seem to think at all.


“Alright.” I said.


I reached up to the door and unlocked it. She burst into the room and rushed straight to the toilet. She had silk short pyjamas on, but she quick slinked down her shorts and sat on the toilet. I could see the unfettered view of her naked legs and ass in profile. Instantly, my penis stirred. I looked away, but the mere proximity of a half naked girl had me erect in no time.


I raised one leg to try and hide it, as I tried to be casual and start to wash myself. I heard her pee stream finish, but she still sat there. I hoped she didn’t need a shit too! For two reasons; my raging hard-on and the smell. But she was just sitting there.



“What’s up?” I said, trying to be nonchalant.

“What’s it like having a willy?”


I looked over at her, and she had a childish grin on her face. At first, I was panicked, thinking she could see my arousal, but then I realised she was just being curious.


“What do you mean – what’s it like?”

“Well, what does it feel like?”

“It’s alright. Gets in the way sometimes, but you get used to it.”

“Gets in the way? How?”

“Just gets uncomfortable if it’s in the wrong position” I said, a throbbing fleshy submarine just emerging from the water between my legs.

“Can I see it?” She asked trying to peer into the tub. My cock was throbbing!

“No you can’t!” I said firmly.

“Oh, I’ve just never seen one, except for James’s.” Her baby cousin.

“Well, it’s the same, just bigger.” I lied.

“Okay.” She wiped herself and with that she was gone!


I quickly locked the door again. And quite understandably, I wanked myself to another orgasm. By now, now cock was starting to get a little sore. But I simply had to come.


After I had got out, dried and dressed in my own loose cotton pyjama bottoms and a loose cotton T-shirt, I settled down to watch TV. Frankly, I was knackered! It’s really tiring trying to fend off thoughts of your daughter’s body, especially when you see so much of it. But now I was relaxed. Calm even.


I put on a show I liked and lay down. Totally relaxed. Sasha came in and saw me lying down on the sofa.


“Daddy… cuddles?” she said.


Now, I know that sounds childish, and maybe she puts on a bit to stay my “little girl”, but we always useed to cuddle up on the sofa with me lying against the back and her in front, resting on my arm as a pillow. Good innocent family time. Now she wanted to cuddle again.


“Not tonight, sweetheart” I said.

“Why?” she said.


And I couldn’t answer. I couldn’t say, “because I’ve wanked off twice over you and one touch of your body and I’m going to have an erection like the Eiffel Tower”. I couldn’t say that, even though that’s what I was thinking, even though that was the truth.


“Oh, okay…” I said reluctantly.

“Yay!” she said, and quickly lay down just like we had done all her life.


Except as she lay down, there was more of her than there used to be, and her pert round bum nestled right on my crotch. I couldn’t believe it. I could feel my cock starting to fill with blood. Jesus, I’m going to get a boner on my little girl’s ass!

I quickly tried to manoeuvre my pelvis away from her. And after some juggling about I lay uncomfortably with my pelvis at an awkward angle. I didn’t say anything, but we were watching something on the TV. Maybe I saw ten minutes, but I can’t even remember what it was now. I drifted off to the land of nod.


I hardly ever remember dreams. But it doesn’t stop you having them. And I’m pretty sure the dream I was having was pretty dirty. But just as I was between sleep and wakefulness I could feel something on pushing against my boner.  It moved again, jostling my cotton clad knob. I became vaguely aware that this was my daughter’s ass as she moved this way, then that, my hard-on nestling between her ass cheeks. Then quickly she was gone.




I sort of heard it, but was I dreaming?


“Daddy!” Her voice sounded alarmed.


“Wake up!”


My eyes slowly opened to see her standing there in her pyjamas.


“What?” I said. By now I knew full well what.


I changed position so my erection wasn’t so obvious.


“Nothing.” She said. She looked a little perturbed. She’d just had a brush with he father’s erect penis. “I’m going to bed.” She said. And she came and gave me a little kiss, and was gone upstairs in a shot.


Had I scared her? Was I really that sleepy I didn’t know my cock was rubbing along my daughter’s ass crack? I didn’t know. I watched a late film and then turned in myself.





That night…


“Daddy… Daddy…”


My eyes reluctantly opened. Sasha was standing naked next to my bed. I looked at her in expectation of some explanation.


“I had a nightmare… can I sleep with you?”


I opened up the empty half of the bed and shuffled over to my side a bit. I was instantly aware of my own nakedness and I tried to ensure a dividing line between us. She got in and I knew I’d have to turn over. I normally sleep on my back, but I could feel my poor fellow standing to sore attention again. I didn’t want her finding that if she moved over to cuddle up. I felt a bit bad for turning over. Sasha had always come into bed with me when she had nightmares. I just never stopped her doing it because she had less and less nightmares. I couldn’t honestly remember the last one she had. Despite myself I managed to nod off.


I had the most amazing dream, or at least, I thought I was having the most amazing dream. Predictably, I was having hot wet sex with a young girl of about sixteen or seventeen – legal, but only just. I was entering her, and starting to thrust in and out – the sensations overwhelming me, the wetness coursing in rivers. It was at this point my eyes flickered open.


I froze as I realized what was happening. Sasha had spooned up against me in the night as I had turned toward her in my sleep. My right hand was around her, holding her left breast. My throbbing cock was clamped in the space between her upper thighs and her soaking wet vulva. Her breathing was short as she rubbed her pussy lips along my shaft and felt up her own breast as well.


I didn’t know what to do. I would never have done this to her. Or with her. But here I was. And she was urging me on, slide herself back and forth on my rigid tool. Her rounded ass was bumping into my pubis. Her wetness was flowing and I was sliding in and out like it was her vagina itself I was deep in. Still I was frozen.


But the choice was taken away from me. Her hand clasped over mine and squeezed her pert young breast. Again she did it. And again. Urging my fingers to feel into her soft firm flesh. Then her hand was gone, but it grabbed my hips and pulled me to her, and then we parted, pulled to, then away, building up the thrusting she needed in her pussy. And now I couldn’t stop! Her hand fell away, but I was still thrusting into the slick wet flesh she wanted me to. And then suddenly I was coming!


I shot three, four, five squirts of thick white come as I thrust back and forth between my daughter’s wet thighs. And finally I stopped. Spent. I could feel the hot wet sticky mess uniting us at my groin and her slick ass, thighs and pussy. But Sasha hadn’t finished.


Her fingers were sliding in and out of her succulent peach, rubbing her glistening clit. She started thrusting back and forth along my still solid cock. Her fingers slipped lower to the end of my throbbing cock and she circled it with her fingers, rubbing my come around my soft glans. I couldn’t help jerking with the pleasure. And just for a second I entered her soft wet pussy. Not far, but enough to know she was still a virgin.


She held me there; her fingers holding my penis inside her as she jerked a little onto it, while alternately rubbing her clit. Her climax came suddenly – she gasped and lost her breath, then let out a high pitched whine, which subsided into a sigh. And then she relaxed.


My penis slipped out of her. For a moment I was still a prisoner between her legs. Then she lifted one leg, releasing me as she did. I was still rock hard. Despite knowing it was wrong I wanked over her cute rounded ass cheeks before finally falling asleep. When I woke up in the morning she was gone. My daughter had released my sexual tension in one of the best orgasms of my life – and she never even knew she was doing it.


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