It's Perfectly Natural

January 18, 2015

“It’s perfectly natural”, I said, “everyone does it”.

“Do you do it?” she said.

“Well, like I said, everyone does it”, I said.

“So you do do it?” She asked.

“Yes. Okay, I do it too.”

“Oh my God!” Said my daughter, with a mix of embarrassment and wonder.


The conversation had sort of come out of the blue. We were eating dinner when she said that she had a problem “down below”.  She thought she had somehow cut herself in her sleep.


“In your sleep?” I asked, not quite believing.

“Yes!” she insisted, a flush reddening her cheeks.

“How did you cut your privates in your sleep?”

“I don’t know” she said defensively, “maybe I was scratching and my nails are too long”.

“Are you sure you didn’t do it masturbating?” I asked.

“What’s that?” she said. She’s still quite green for a 14 year old.

“When you play with yourself”.

“I don’t do that!” she protested.

“It’s perfectly natural”, I said, “everyone does it”.

“Do you do it?” she said.

“Well, like I said, everyone does it”.

“So you do do it?” She asked.

“Yes. Okay, I do it too.”

“Oh my God!” Said my daughter, with a mix of embarrassment and wonder.


“So, you’ve cut yourself?”

She nodded.

“You’ll have to be careful what you’re doing” I said.

“I don’t do that!” she protested again.

“Whatever. Have you put cream on it?”


“Well, maybe you should”.

She paused for a second, then, “Daddy, will you take a look?”


I couldn’t believe this was happening again. It had happened a few years back when she was barely 12. I had been perfectly parental then, not realizing that my daughter probably wanted me to touch her pubescent pussy. And maybe that time was wet dreams and long nails, but I had an idea that this time was just plain raw wanking. I had found several of her panties encrusted with dried cum hidden in her wardrobe, and I’d even found a cum-soaked pair in the wash basket after I thought I’d seen her masturbating on the sofa opposite me. I was right!


Now she wanted me to do it again. And this time I knew exactly why. She was curious what I would do. And I was curious to what she might ask me to do.


“Okay.” I said. “After dinner. I’ll wash up and then I’ll have a look. Maybe you should have a bath first, make sure you’re nice and clean.”

“Okay daddy” she said and noticeably wolfed her food down.


As I washed up I could hear her splashing about in the bath as she still never closed the door. I must admit that I was so aroused by the promise of seeing my 14 year old daughter’s pussy that I had a solid erection trying to push through my jeans.


Once the washing up was done I walked past the bathroom and sure enough the door was wide open. I glimpsed her perky little breasts as I walked by and she coyly hid from my gaze. I sat in my bedroom on the computer.


She soon appeared at my doorway in her dressing gown.


“Nice and clean?” I said.

She nodded and came in and sat on my bed next to me. I looked at her a moment, drinking in the beauty of youth before I said in a resigned tone, “let’s take a look then”.


I had to swivel off the chair and onto the floor in front of her or she would have seen my boner still trying to fix tentpole in my jeans. She opened her gown and widened her legs, but now all she was showing was her inexperience.


“You’ll have to sit back, maybe lie down.” I said reassuringly.


She shimmied up the bed a little. I pushed her legs up so her feet perched on the edge of the bed and I gently pushed them wide open. Her dressing gown fell apart and I could see all the way up her body. She must have caught me looking, because her hands cupped her breasts to hide them, but that just excited me all the more. I looked down at her puffy swollen pussy. It was entirely hairless – something I already knew from my daughter’s lax covering when she came out of the bath.


“I’m going to have to pull the lips apart,” I told her. And gently, using my thumbs, I prized open my daughter’s virgin peach. Virgin maybe, but this peach was red raw. She winced. She leaned up on her elbows to look down, forgetting to hide her breasts any more. “Yes, it certainly is looking very red, but I can’t see any cuts”.


I searched through her tender folds, and as I came closer to look I could inhale her female smell. “You’ve rubbed it raw” I said. She nearly contradicted me, but then she just shut up. “Wait here”, I said, and swivelled away to leave the room. I came back with a bottle of Baby Gel Oil. I knelt between her thighs again and squeezed some oil into my hand. I rubbed it together with my other hand. “Don’t want it on cold, do we?”


And then I was doing it. Gently, I started with her outer vulva cheeks, caressing them with the oily gel. Her skin was so soft and the transparent down that existed was soft and almost not there at all. I worked my hands over and over her peach and I noticed her head drop back onto the bed. This was turning her on!


With another squirt of gel I trailed my finger downwards, along her silken split. And ever so smoothly it parted her vulva cheeks and I felt her wince as I slicked the gel around her folds. I peeled her puffy cheeks back with my thumbs and slicked my fingers over her labia and up to her clitoris. She jerked involuntarily.


“Did that hurt?” I said.


She shook her head.


I held her pussy cheeks open with finger and thumb now as I massaged the oil around her velveteen folds with my other. I couldn’t help but find her vaginal lips, but I found them wet. “I think I know what has happened”, I said.


There was no response as I went around her pussy again, just a rasping of breath.


“You need to make sure you’re wet enough,” I said as I dipped my index finger one knuckle into her and collected some of her own juices. She froze. “Like this,” I said and started to use the lubricant as I circled her little clit. I heard her breath become shallow. “And then concentrate on your clit” I said as though I was giving a Maths lesson.


My daughter’s fingers were gripping the duvet as I could see her eyes were closed and she was biting her lip. I dipped my finger into her vagina again and she gasped as I took it out and started to quickly strum it over her clit. I could see her fingers tighten on the quilt and I was aware of the tension in her body. Suddenly her hips bucked up and to my surprise a long jet of clear liquid sprayed out of her vagina, then another less powerful, and another weaker one. It was all over me!


“Oh My God, Daddy! I’m sorry!” she sat up immediately.


“It’s okay, sweetheart” I said.


I stood up and pulled off my T-Shirt. Once it was off I could see my daughter’s eyes. They hard a fixed expression on them and they were looking directly at my bulging jeans.


“My God, Daddy! You’ve got an erection!” she said in an animated high pitched squeal.

“Er, yeah. It’s to be expected, considering…” I said.

“Can I see it?” she said.

“My penis?” I said, clarifying.

“Yeah,” she said and giggled, “I want to see it”.

I smiled at her, teasingly, “So you are asking to see my penis?”

“I’ve never seen one,” she said, “not a real one!”


I though for a second – was this going too far? But then I had just made my own daughter come by masturbating her. Was that paternal instruction? I didn’t know, but this wasn’t even touching, it was showing her a part of anatomy she wanted to find out more about.


“Okay,” I said. And I undid my belt, unzipped my jeans and pulled down my jeans and shorts in one go. My erection sprang up out of its release like a jack in the box!


“Oh My God, Daddy! It’s huge!” she said. She had shimmied right doe the bed and was now sitting on the edge with her feet on the floor either side of me. I don’t even think this was a sexual pose for her, it’s just the way she was sitting. But it did mean I could still see her whole body. She was looking at it like it was made of gold.


“Can I touch it?” she said.


But before I could answer she had wrapped her dainty hand around it. I didn’t say anything. Couldn’t say anything. All I was aware of was the fact that I had grown to bursting point. I was so turned on that my penis was at full stretch. It even looked big to me. She let her lose grip slide down to its base, pushing into my pubic hair and then she slid gently, smoothly down to the end, which was a source of fascination for her. Her thumb felt around its shiny head. Her face was so close to it. Then her hand slipped down a bit again, and this time her grip firmed up a little and she started to move it back and forth slowly, wanking me.


“Is this how you do it?” she asked, looking up.

“It’s one way of doing it.” I said.

“Is it nice?” she asked.

“Yes” I said.


Then I saw my daughter’s beautiful full and pouting lips kiss the end of my raging manhood. Slowly they parted as I watched her move over my head and it was enveloped in soft wet flesh. I could feel her tongue exploring my glans as she curiously sought out every shape in her mouth. She was still wanking me all the while, slowly but surely making my balls ached for release. And that’s when her other hand cupped my balls, the sensation making me shudder. She looked up at me. She looked amazing. And then she moved forward again, this time taking as much of me as she could into her mouth. Her lips sucked up to the head again – soft, full, pouting lips. I tensed as I felt my glans expand and the first rapturous squirt of jizz shoot right into her mouth. She wasn’t expecting it, and recoiled as I spurted again on her chin and pointed breasts, and then my last hit her stomach and trickled down between her legs. I could see it running down into the crease of her thigh, and another rivulet peering over the well of her navel and running like a white milky tear down into her vulva groove.


Oh My God!


Her face was a picture! Shock opened her mouth, where I could see my come swimming around her mouth as she didn’t know whether to spit or swallow. Rivulets of clear and white cum was sprinkled over her perfectly developing breasts. A pool in her navel and a trickle down to her crotch.


“Gaggy…” she said with her mouthful, “wo go I go?”

“It’s okay, sweetheart, just swallow it”.

“Thwallow it?” she looked faintly panicked, her hands up in question.

“It’s harmless, really.”


I saw her steel herself as she closed her mouth, closed her eyes and gulped. She opened her mouth and her eyes, “Yuk!” She looked down at herself, not knowing what to do about my come running all over her. “Daddy, it’s in my fanny!” She said, panicked again.


“Lie back.” I said.

As she did, my come changed directions and went off to her sides. She raised her legs and parted them wide for me to take a look. I knelt naked between my daughter’s legs, my boner raging as hard as ever. I’ve always had amazing erections for as long, usually longer than I need them, and now was no different. I opened her vulva cheeks with my thumbs and look closely. I could see my come sluicing all around her inner folds and pooling at her vaginal lips.


I leaned in and could smell both mine and her juices on her pussy. I looked up her naked body and could see her face through the valley of her conical breasts, her nipples notably pointed. She was looking down at me as I closed the gap and licked up some of her juices. She breathed out heavy and let her head fall back onto the bed. That was my permission slip. I licked up my own juices around her labia and I could hear her breathing becoming short as I came up to her clitoris. She jerked. But I was there to do a job, so south I went to lap up all the juices mixing around her vaginal lips.


At her open pussy lips I sucked up the mix of juices. She gasped. My tongue lapped around every fold, unconsciously getting faster. I sucked at her open hole so that her lips stuck to mine in a sensually charged incestuous kiss. And then, instinctively, the kiss turned into a French kiss as my tongue entered my daughter’s vagina. She jerked and gasped, her thighs clamping on my head. But as I looked up again to see if I had gone too far, I could see her kneading her own breasts with her hands, rolling her nipples between finger and thumb.


I continued tonguing her. Her vagina was starting to swim with new juices. I darted my tongue in and out, tongue fucking her. My hands were on her long slender thighs, which were shaking. I pulled them apart and pushed them back so I could have full access to her. Then I let my tongue travel up to her pulsating clit. That’s when she really hit the roof! I was flicking my tongue rapidly over her clit making her jerk to my face. And that’s when I pressed my index finger right inside her!


“Oh, fuck!” she gasped as I started fucking her with it.


I could feel the soft wet insides of my daughter’s excited pussy. I twisted my finger up to find her G-Spot and she went wild as I tickled it with my fingertip. My cock was throbbing as I gave my daughter her first orgasm ever. She lifted up and shrieked, but I wasn’t done with her yet! I kept going as she slumped back down, and immediately she was bucking away again, “Oh! Oh, Daddy! Oh, Daddy!”


I couldn’t resist any longer. I stood up and pressed my swollen cockhead into her reddened pussy lips. She looked straight at me as I pushed into her. Her pussy was so wet, but it was so tight also. I could only push in an inch before I had to pull out a little and then back in. Then I felt that thin layer of hymen a moment before I ploughed right through it. She stiffened up and grabbed hold of my supporting arms as I leaned over her. But I was in! And with a few more strokes I was all the way in. I could feel my balls resting on her perfect ass. Then I started a smooth long stroke out to the tip and straight back in to the hilt. She was gripping my wrists as her eyes closed and she breathed out a long slow breath of pure pleasure. So I began a slow and steady rhythm in and out of my daughter’s tight wet pussy until my balls were starting to slap her bare ass as my pistoning built up speed. Her mouth was round and open as she enjoyed every movement. I could feel that tightening up of my asshole and ball-sack as my cockhead grew and grew! I put one hand underneath her and lifted her up the bed as I moved with her, never leaving her tight little pussy.


Now, with my knees digging into the mattress I started to pound my daughter’s pussy. She was gasping and moaning, squealing and screeching – her own hips coming up to meet mine as she tried to stuff as much of my cock inside her tight wet snatch as she could. Her legs wrapped around my ass as she urged me into her. I leaned down and took a nipple into my mouth and she grabbed my head as she squashed her other breast with her other hand. Her youthful fucking was getting violent as she dug her fingernails into my back and her body was bucking like a bronco on my pumping rod. I lifted up – I could feel myself about to explode!


It was coming! I managed several final strokes before I pulled out of her and sprayed, one, two , three, long jets of watery come up her front – the first splashing her neck and breasts, the next her flat stomach and navel, and the last her soaking wet pussy. She screamed, and gushed a spray of come at me, her fingers dived at her clit and she rapidly strummed it in a blur of fingers and she squirted again – then she strummed again, a blur of fingers and she was spraying me again! And even then she was strumming a blur of fingers and again she shot another burst of come at me!


I couldn’t believe it as she went for it again! I looked down at my dribbling cock, wiped the come off the end into the bedclothes and nudged my cock back inside my daughter’s cunt! She was so wet! With one hand still strumming, she grabbed hold on my cock with the other and pulled it inside herself. Now, here by invitation, I started ramming my cock into her. I could feel her pussy gripping and releasing my cock as she came, again and again, washing my tool with gushes of hot wet come. I could feel myself about to come again, so I started to quickly pull out, but I’d underestimated my daughter’s lust as she grabbed me with her arms and legs and pulled me tightly back inside her as I felt my come shoot inside her! She must have felt it as it seemed to hit the rocket spot and she screamed with her orgasm and went rigid – holding onto me as recurring judders went through her body with every residual orgasm, like aftershock waves of an earthquake. And slowly they subsided until the whimpering sweat-laden clam wrapped around me went quiet and limp.


I looked down into her eyes, “Are you okay?” I said, fully aware that I was still rigid inside her.


She nodded. “Thank you, Daddy.” She said.


I didn’t know what to say. I pulled out and she looked at my glistening missile, still angry and pulsing.


“You’re still hard?” she said.

“Yeah, it takes me a while to go down.”

“Wow. I thought they went soft straight away.”

“Most do. You had better go take another bath. I better change the bed.”

“Okay,” she said, getting up, “I love you, Daddy!” she said and kissed me on the cheek before running off to the bathroom.


It was only then that I really thought about it. I had come inside her. The next day I took her for the morning after pill, and then I put her on the contraceptive pill, just in case. Things were different around the house after that day. But that’s another story…


The End


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