Camping Lessons

January 20, 2015

We arrived in the forest and it was still relatively warm. There was no wind to speak of and the reds and gold of autumn hadn’t yet been stripped from the trees. But October was still a stupid time of year to go camping, and I said so, repeatedly. Thing is, my daughter, Demi, is like a force of nature in herself. She begged to go, time and again, like we did every year, but normally in August. But I’d had to work through August and September, so here we were in October. Once the tent was up we started a fire and after some sausages we toasted some marshmallows and Demi was in Heaven.


She’s a gregarious girl, being a fourteen year old blonde with a nice athletic figure and sweet dimples when she smiles. She’s always giggling, which does my head in, and she’s always joking around and playing practical jokes. Drives me demented sometimes, but I love her to bits.


It was dark by now and getting really cold, so I said we had better turn in. So into the tent we went and I stripped down to my shorts and slipped comfortably into my mummy-style sleeping bag, snug as a bug in a rug.


“Oh, no!” I heard. “I was sure I’d packed it!”

“What?” I said.

“My sleeping bag. It’s not here.”

“Did you leave it in the car?” I said, a bit annoyed, she was always doing stuff like this.

“No, we emptied the car, remember?”

“Great!” I sat up.

“My pyjamas were wrapped up inside it” she said plaintively.

“Fantastic! Now what are we gonna do?”

I could hear her start to sniffle.

“Alright, you’ll just have to squash in here with me.” I said.


Demi came over to my side of the tent and in the flicker of the outside fire I could make out she had stripped to bra and panties. I swallowed hard. She has a wonderful figure and it’s not something a father tends to dwell on, but as I unzipped my sleeping bag I couldn’t believe it as her mostly naked flesh slinked in beside me. She spooned up against my front as I tried desperately to do up the zip. I had to reach around her and try to pull the straining zip up. Her rounded ass cheeks were pushing into my crotch and I can’t help chemistry, I started to get hard. Finally I manage to get the zip most of the way up. But by now my boner was pushing hard against my daughter’s perfect ass. She wriggled a bit.


“Daddy!” she said in shock.

“It’s not my fault. It’s nature.” I said. “Maybe you should move up a little?”


She struggled to move up, out of the way of my now raging hard on. But we were so tightly close together that she just succeeded in pulling my shorts up with her and my penis escape through its leg-hole was now pressing bare between my daughter’s thighs.


“This isn’t working” I said.

“It’s okay” she said as she scissored her legs over my penis head.

I groan involuntarily.


I didn’t know where to put my hands either, as the way we were if I raised them they would be on her breasts and if I lowered them they would be on her panties!


“I’m sorry, sweetheart, but this is really uncomfortable” I said as my penis urged its way between her thighs. Then she opened her legs and it bounced through the gap like a jack-in-a-box! But now it was pushing right up against the crotch of her panties. I was so uncomfortable, and I guessed so was she.


“I think we’ll have to give up and go home” I said.

She sighed. “But it’s dark and cold outside”.

“Well, there’s only one way I can think this is going to work, then” I said.


“You’ll have to turn around and face me, and sleep on my stomach and chest. You’re smaller, so it’ll be easier for you to put your arms and legs to the sides.”


She thought about it.


“What about…? You know… your thing?”

“Not much I can do about that. It’s either that or pack up right now and go home”.


There was a pause of a few seconds and then she said, “okay”.


We undid the zip a bit to turn her over, but I was really uncomfortable. My shorts were twisted, making them tight around my ball-sack and chafing on the base of my penis. As she turned I slipped my hands down and pushed my shorts down my thighs, to my knees, where I struggled with my foot and dragged them to my feet.


“I’ve had to take my shorts off. They were really uncomfortable” I said.


She was sitting on my stomach by now. I looked up in the darkness, barely making out her silhouette.


“Maybe you should do the same. Once we’re in there’ll be no getting out again if we’re uncomfortable or sweaty.” She didn’t say anything. “I can’t see anything.” I added.


This seemed to make her mind up, and I heard her shuffling and releasing from her bra. Then she half stood over me and I heard her dragging her panties down to presumably her knees.


“Do you need a hand?”

“I can’t see anything, and they’re only half way down. If I move my feet I’m afraid I’ll fall.”

“Hold on” I said.


I felt up her legs until I reached her panties, then with both hands on one leg hole I ripped the cotton apart at the seams. They went loose and I felt them fall down her other leg to her ankle.


“Okay, hurry up,” I said “it’s getting cold”.


She came back down to sit on my stomach and I could feel the slightest hint of moisture on her pussy lips. She lay down, pressing her small perfectly formed breasts into my chest. I did the zip up tightly over her, trying not to pinch her skin or mine. Then I had to get my arms into the sleeping bag. I elbowed them in and they were pressed hard into my daughter’s flesh. I forced them down her nakedness, around her rounded ass and could rest them on her thighs.


We were so tightly bound that it was no surprise when I could feel her bare ass cheeks pressing down on my hard cock. She adjusted and I distinctly felt her pussy lips brush over my cock. She paused, and then did it again. This time I felt her juices slick over my hardness. She breathed out hard.


“Daddy, I’m sorry!” she said.

“It’s okay, Sweetheart. It’s to be expected, being so close. It’s okay. You go ahead.”

“You mean…?” she asked. I could feel her breath on my chest.

“Yeah, you go ahead.” I said as I gently pushed her hips down so her ass cheeks were hard upon my cock. I lifted her slightly, and she rubbed her pussy the length of my cock. It felt amazing!


She did it again and again – pressing her pussy lips apart over my rigid tool. She was building up when I drew in breath as the sensations built. Suddenly she stopped.


“I’m sorry, Daddy, I didn’t think about you!”

“It’s alright, really.”

“It’s just not fair though, is it?”

“I’m fine.”

“What if we put your thing between us, would that help?”

“Well, yes, it would. If you think that’s okay.”

“Yeah, yeah.”


I reached down around her thigh to take hold of my rigid tool. My daughter lifted slightly, as much as she could and I tried to push my penis between us. That’s when my swollen head slipped between her pussy lips! She drew in breath and slumped down upon me, forcing my penis up inside her. I felt a taut resistance for a second before it gave way and she let out a small whimper as my man tool pushed up inside her to the hilt. “Daddy!”


“I’m sorry, darling!” I said, aware that I had just taken my own daughter’s virginity. But I couldn’t resist twitching my penis inside her, filling its head with yet more bulging love. She gasped. She was so tight that she could feel every little movement inside her. Tight and wet. She began to grind up against me, her pelvis starting to rotate slowly.


“Oh God!” I said aloud.

“It feels really good,” she said.


She was now really moving into it, pushing her pussy as far onto my cock as she could, taking my full length so I could feel her ass pressing upon my balls sack. I was holding onto her shapely thighs but now I let my hands smooth up to her perfectly rounded ass to help her movements and feel that beautifully soft firm flesh.


She was riding me now, rolling on my cock like she’d been doing it all her life. She was getting more and more animated, as the feelings of hot lust coursed through her. And me! I was in heaven! Sensation overload! Her pussy was so good! And the fact that she was my daughter made it at once better and worse! I was racked with guilt as I revelled in how dirty and depraved it was. And I was terrified she would make me come inside her! What then?


But she hadn’t even thought of it. Her movements were getting more violent as she struggled inside the sleeping bag to find the room to move. So now I started to help, thrusting up into my daughter’s pussy from below.


“Oh!” she sighed as she matched me. “Yes, yes…”


Then suddenly she was holding onto me really tightly as I felt a sluice of love juice trickle between us, and then she was off again, riding me like a Grand National winner, she was panting, our sweat sticking us together.


“Oh, fuck, yeah!” she gasped. And hearing her talk dirty was pushing me ever closer to losing it. Then she was bouncing up and down on me like a girl possessed and suddenly I felt her pussy clench up around my cock and then flood with juices before clenching again, flooding again. She was willing me to come!


“Oh, fuck, Daddy!” she gasped.


And that was it! I burst inside her! A huge explosion of come that rivalled her own juices for sheer volume!


“Oh My God!” she gasped as this seemed to set her off again with gushing and clenching, milking my cock and pulsing again and again. Until finally she cried out and collapsed on me.


I held her to me. I thought she was crying. I was suddenly racked with guilt.


“Are you alright, sweetheart?” I said.

She looked up at me and said, “Yes, Daddy, it was amazing.”

I couldn’t help feel a machismo pride that she was sexually satisfied. I was also aware that I was still hard inside her swimming pussy.

“I thought it was supposed to go soft afterwards” she said.

I shrugged, “I can’t explain it. I don’t.”

“Good” she said, and started moving her pelvis again.


This time our combined juices were swimming about inside her. I pulled out one arm and unzipped the sleeping bag down her naked back. She was surely hot by now. With the release she sat up, and although I could see nothing I felt up her hips to her pert young breasts. I cupped them first, then tweaked her nipples.


“That feels good.” She said.

“You should feel what oral feels like” I said.


Without a word she lifted off my penis and shuffled up so her pussy was above my head.


“Will you?”

“Of course”


And I did. My hands cupped her perfect butt cheeks as my mouth enveloped her soft wet hairless pussy. I French kissed it, my tongue exploring deep inside her and I could hear her moaning with pleasure. Then I moved up to her clit and teased around and around it before I performed my own special trick – flicking my tongue side to side rapidly over her clit. She grabbed hold of my head as she whined and gushed juice down my chin.


She stood up and I could make out that she was turning around.


“Sixty-nine, Daddy” she said, and I recalled having to explain what it was about six months earlier. She lowered so her pussy was over my mouth again, this time I could feel her ass just above my nose. Then the most wonderful sensation came over my cock as my daughter’s lips and tongue enveloped my cock. The thought of my daughter tasting not just my come but hers too on my cock had me so excited. I dived back into her wet pussy and got it wetter and wetter. She started coming on my face again. Each time sucking harder on my cock.


Suddenly she was off me again.


“I want to try it doggy style” she said. And in seconds I was entering her from behind and pounding away at her, feeling her breasts as I did and she came up as I nuzzled into her neck erotic kisses I learned when I was her age. She turned her lips to mine and soon we were kissing like lovers.


She pulled away and lay down on her back in the darkness and pulled me down over her. We kissed passionately and then she held my cock and guided into her soaking wet pussy again. I started pumping into her like a porn star and she was coming and squirting and gasping and swearing like a lust filled whore! Her legs were wrapped around me as she urged to fuck her over and over again. Finally I gasped a final time and let loose a long thick string of come inside her. Then another. Then another. And we were spent!


By now it was getting light. Although it had seemed like maybe half an hour, we had been fucking all night. She suddenly got cold. She always gets cold when she’s tired. But I knew we had to be back that morning. So I told her to get dressed and take the sleeping bag to the car and sleep on the back seat. I watched her get dressed in the morning light filtering through the canvas. She was beautiful. Her body so young and perfect and so full of promise. She smiled at me a smile which was half coy and half wicked, as if she knew she’d been naughty but I’d let her get away with it.


She looked at my still raging hard on. “You weren’t joking, were you?”

“No” I smiled.

“Wow!” she rolled up the sleeping bag and kissed me on the cheek like she always did, as if nothing had happened, before she unzipped the tent and went to the car.


I got dressed and packed up the tent. When I got to the car Demi was fast asleep on the back seat with the sleeping bag over her. I could see come stains all over the sleeping bag. My mind was racing. I got in and started to drive, I’d have to wash the sleeping bag before my wife saw it. My mind was racing over all the come I’d pumped into my daughter through the night. What if she got pregnant?


We arrived home mid-morning and my wife, Jenny, was waiting for us with a nice bowl of soup. Demi sleep-walked to the kitchen and ate her soup and then went straight up stairs to bed. I sat eating my soup wondering what the hell I was going to do when Jenny walked in with the sleeping bag. I froze as she stuffed it into the washing machine and switched it on. She turned around to face me. This was it!


“Oh, by the way, I put Demi on the pill. Thought you should know. Just in case, you know.”

“Just in case” I breathed.

“Yes, she’s growing up, you know. She’s not your little girl anymore.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that.” I smiled.


What happened next shocked even me. But that’s another story…


The End.




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