I Found My Panties

January 20, 2015

I can’t believe I’m telling you this, but O.M.G. this is real! It started a few months ago, I had been having some, well, “alone time” and I came in my panties. They were soaking wet! I had to take them off and I hid them under my bed – at least till they dried, right? Except, I forgot about them and went out with my friends. When I got back that evening I remembered about my panties. Maybe they were dry by now, so I reached under my bed and…


Nothing. They weren’t there! Now I live half with my Dad and half my Mom, but this was at my Dad’s! He’d found my panties! My wet, cum-soaked panties! I was mortified! I ran to the washing basket to see if he had put them in there, but they weren’t there. I looked right to the bottom, and I even checked the washing machine. They were not there. What the hell, right?


I couldn’t go to Dad and ask him, could I?! So I just got on with things and pretty soon I forgot all about my panties. Until a week later they arrived back in my panties drawer – clean. They had been washed. I started to doubt myself. Maybe I had missed them somehow when I looked for them before.


I don’t know why but I get really horny in school, and sometimes by the time I get home from school after a shaky buss ride, my panties are so wet they are stuck to my pussy. Weird, right? So this one day I had gotten to my Dad’s and as soon as I was in my room I put my hand in my panties and rubbed my clit to heaven! I came so much I could feel my juices up my ass crack inside my panties. I lay there for a second and then realized my come must be soaking into my bedspread, so I shot off the bed and pulled my panties down and off. I used them to wipe myself off and then I didn’t know what to do. Do I try hiding them again, like before? But Dad found them anyway and washed them. So I did the least objectionable thing. I dropped them in the washing basket.


I didn’t think any more about it, until I was in the bathroom later that night. They were gone! My cum-soaked panties were gone – again! WTF?! I looked all around the bathroom. They weren’t there. I looked in my room. Not there. Washing machine – Nope! Dad was out. He’d gone to some work thing earlier that night and wasn’t back yet. I was thinking it, sort of, but I didn’t really think I was right. I went into Dad’s room and started looking around. I looked under the bed, in the wardrobe, in his drawers, and then I looked at his bed. I lifted his pillow and there they were! My Panties! My Cum-Soaked Panties! Under my Dad’s Pillow! OMG!


Now my mind was racing! – Do I take my panties? Or do I leave them there? I mean, if I take them then I’ve obviously been snooping in his room. But they are my panties. I suddenly pictured Dad holding my wet panties in his hands, smelling them, tasting them even! And strangely, it turned me on! It suddenly excited me to think my own Dad was using my panties to get off. I even pictured him lying there with my panties wrapped around his throbbing cock as he jerked off! My excitement was thrilling. My heart was palpitating. And I was starting to get wet just standing there in my Dad’s room looking at my panties. I did the only thing I could do. I put the pillow back over the panties and left the room.


I was so turned on I almost ran to my bedroom. I tore off my clothes, leaving on only my panties and got on the bed. I stuffed my hand into my panties and started feeling my wet pussy like never before. My eyes were closed and I was fantasizing about my Dad jerking off in my panties. I just couldn’t get it out of my head. It was incredible! I came so much it was like Niagra Falls!


I was still breathing deeply when I heard Dad let himself in through the front door. I had to take my panties off and wipe myself. Dad called me and I told him I was changing, which was technically true. I stuffed my panties under my pillow and got dressed and made it out of my room. Dad was just normal old Dad. He didn’t look at me funny or anything. But I knew. I knew he was deeply in lust. So was I.


The next day I got home from school and went straight for my pillow. Sure enough, my panties were gone. Dad would not be home for a couple of hours, so I went straight to his room and there, under his pillow were the panties I had come in last night! As if I needed confirmation, this was it!


I picked them up and smelled them. There was something else on them too besides my come. A strange smell like bleach, but not as strong. And there was a darker patch where it was wetter than the rest, and it was right where my pussy would be. This wasn’t me, and then it hit me, this was Dad! This was Dad’s cum, soaked into the crotch of my panties! Oh My Fucking God! It was so hot! I licked right up the crotch, tasting my Dad’s semen soaked into the cotton of my panties! I couldn’t help it – I dived onto his bed and started masturbating right there and then. I tore my clothes off, until I was naked except for my socks, and then I just breathed in my Dad’s cum aroma from my panties as I started rubbing like Sweet Jesus on my throbbing puss! I put my panties on my face so I could feel my fiery breasts, squeezing them to their bullet hard nipples! It didn’t take long – alternating between my electric clit and shoving two fingers up myself for a finger fuck – and suddenly I was coming! Spraying, in fact, all over my scrunched up clothes at the bottom of the bed!


I did it three more times in about half an hour, until I finally gave up and lay there, sweating. Only when I got up did I notice how wet the covers were. Do I change them? - I thought. No, he’ll know I found the panties. Maybe it would dry before he got home. So I just left his room, naked, holding my clothes, damp with my own cum, and left my cum soaking into his quilt.


Dad and I had a good night watching movies and eating pizza. It was really cool. But as I cuddled up to him on the sofa I kept thinking about my wanking session in his room earlier. And of course, him wanking into my panties. I was squirming the whole time, until I snuck a finger into my pyjama shorts and started to finger myself slowly in the darkness as the film played. It was so hot I nearly came with the climax of the movie. As soon as the film finished I said goodnight and went to bed. I had to get some relief!


The following morning I woke up and was just about to leave my room when I had a thought. What if I put a pair of clean panties under my pillow? What then, Daddy? So I got a clean pair from the drawer and stuffed them under my pillow. With that I was out the door.


When I got back from school that day the first thing I did was check to see where my panties were. They were still there, under my pillow. I was starting to understand my Dad’s tastes. He liked used panties, preferably wet ones. I could do that. Sure.


So I won’t bore you with me coming in my panties again, but I did. I made sure they were good and wet. I stuffed them up my pussy and came all over them. I mean, really pushed them inside myself! They were dripping when I pulled them back out again!


I left them under my pillow. I tried not to think about it, but I was really starting to enjoy this game. The following day, when I came home I checked and sure enough, my cunt soaked panties were under my Dad’s pillow. My God that got me hot!


When Dad came home I had already come three times! But I was still wearing my newly wet panties. I couldn’t help it. I started to torture poor old Dad. I sat opposite him and gave him inadvertent flashes up my grey school skirt. After dinner I changed into my white Dirty Dancing nightshirt. It only comes to my mid thighs and I’m usually careful not to flash, but that night I made no attempt to avoid showing Dad what I had on underneath. Sitting in the living room watching TV, with Dad sneaking looks at my legs and even further, was making me so hot. I knew my nipples were pressing hard into my nightshirt and my excitement was growing all the time. My pussy was just aching to be touched. I could smell my own sexy aroma as the night wore on.


When night drew in and the only light was the flicker of the TV I could stand it no longer. I just had to touch my pussy! But the thought of doing it in the same room as my Dad just excited me so much! I didn’t move my head, but moved my eyes to look at Dad as I moved position on my seat. I raised one knee, with my foot on the sofa, with the other leg bent at the knee and resting side-on on the sofa too. It made a clear view, if he chose to look, right at my wet panties. I noticed him moving, he was uncomfortable and I wondered if he had an erection. Then I couldn’t stand it any more. I slipped my hand underneath me. I was staring at the TV but in the corner of my eye I could see Dad trying to see more. He settled and I guessed he must have a good view now, so I slipped my fingers into the leg hole of my panties – right onto my fiery pussy! I was so wet fingers just slipped right into me. My two middle fingers just slipped right inside of me, into my slippery cunt, and I started moving them slowly in and out of my sopping hole!


I was so wet it was making little slopping sounds, but I never looked at Dad, I just kept on looking straight at the TV. I honestly don’t even know what we were supposed to be watching. My whole body barely moved, except my steady in and out action in my pussy. Dad coughed uncomfortably.  I glanced over at him and he looked back at the TV. But I kept looking and he looked back at me again. I smiled a coy little smile at him and shrugged my shoulders, then looked back at the TV. Yeah, I was driving him crazy, and underneath me I was starting to work up a good rhythm. There was no hiding it now. I was masturbating. My fingers were pumping in and out of me like no tomorrow. But I never made a show of it and it was just driving Dad up the wall! His own daughter was fingering herself in front of him. The slopping sounds of my rapid finger fucking was getting louder as I was gonna come. A few more pumps in and out, in and out, plunging my pussy like a true slut and I gasped, losing my breath and I heard the squirt of my come as it burst from my gushing hole around my fingers and into my panties.


I bit my lip as it began to sink in what I’d just done. Then I couldn’t help it, I burst out laughing! Dad was just looking at me. I took a deep breath and calmed down. Then I stood up and walked over and stood in front of my Dad. I could see his boner trying to push through his jeans. But I looked him in the eye and then I pulled the hem of my nightshirt up, exposing my sodden panties. I hooked my thumbs into my panties’ elastic and pulled them down my glistening thighs. With my nightshirt coming down at the same time I don’t think Dad got anything more than a quick flash of my wet pussy. I pulled my panties down my legs and pulled them off and held them up before him.


“I know you like them wet, Daddy. These are for you.” I said.


I dropped them in his lap and walked out of the room.


Dad never mentioned it. But ever since that night whenever I masturbate I think of that night. And I always drop my soaking wet panties on Dad’s pillow before I leave for school. He never mentions them. They just turn up clean a week later.




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