Daddy's Angel

January 21, 2015

This is going to be hard to believe, and I’ve never told a soul before. My Mom left me and my Dad when I was about six, but this isn’t a story about Dad and me and some incestuous relationship we had when I hit puberty. Sorry if that’s what you were expecting. But it does occur when puberty hit me like a train! My body was changing and I had all these weird feelings; emotional and physical. So it was, that I started masturbating. I think I was 12. I couldn’t stop touching myself! Every moment I got to myself I was sneaking a feel of my budding breasts or my aching pussy. The first time I came I thought I had peed myself, but in fact I’m what they call a gusher, a squirter, basically Niagra Falls!


I soon got used to the idea and accommodated myself with a towel or maxi pad. Now, I would masturbate everywhere, in fact the more chance of me getting caught the more exciting it was for me. I obviously masturbated in every room in the house. My bedroom was for early morning before school wanks, and just before sleep tension wanks. I did it in the bath and the shower, on the toilet and even on the bathroom floor. Then I did it in the lounge. on the sofa, before Dad got in from work. The first couple of times I did it I made sure the front door was locked, but the thought of being caught just excited me so much I stopped locking the door. I had just about come one time when I heard the front door opening. I pulled up my panties under my school skirt and was standing innocently in the center of the room when Dad opened the door. He looked about – why was I randomly standing in the middle of the room? No music, no TV, just me in my school uniform looking flushed. If he guessed he never said anything. I even started to strip off during my lounge sessions to make it even more exciting!


Then I started doing it on Dad’s bed. That was hot! Me, barely into my teens and wanking myself silly on my Dad’s bed! I don’t know why that was hot, but I would get so wet, my budding breasts would be on fire and I would finger fuck myself until I sprayed cum all down the bed. Of course, I would be lying on a towel (sometimes two) to soak up my squirt cum. And I was happy that Dad never knew a thing.


We had a great father/daughter relationship. We liked to go to the movies together and we liked to cuddle up at home too, on the sofa; popcorn; soda. One time he would pick a movie and one time I would. We also loved to go swimming and I loved that Dad had taken care of himself. He ate pretty well and worked out twice a week. He even went for runs. He’s about 5’10, medium to large build, with nice square shoulders and taut muscular legs. He always wore shorts swimming and when we got back to the changing cubicles I would go in the next one to him and sit there naked, breathless, furiously thrapping my clit to orgasm! Just knowing Dad was the other side of wall board was so exciting it would take me literally 30 seconds to cum – which sprayed against the wall I was facing; his wall; which made me even more horny, and I would do it three or four times before I eventually couldn’t touch my clit without cumming. He would always ask me what took me so long to get changed. I guess he never noticed my squirt cum dripping off the underside of his cubicle wall.


School was no better. I would feel my pussy starting to moisten randomly in class and have to wait until recess before I could lock myself in the bathroom and pull down my panties and rub my clit to heaven and back. Quite a few times my panties were so wet that I had to take them off and spend the rest of the day bare ass. But that just made me worse. It felt so sexy to be naked underneath, knowing that no one knew, but me. Sometimes in class I would check to see if anyone would notice and sneak a little feel of my aching pussy right there in class. It was so hot! And then, on the school bus home I would be on my own after my friend Tammy got off a few stops before me, so I would spend those few stops trying to get off before I got to mine. I usually managed it too!


And I would still get home and be horny. I didn’t even have to be thinking about cock. I didn’t have to be thinking about guys. I just had to get that feeling! I needed THAT feeling. Yeah, you know the one I’m talking about: That feeling so blissful that it excites your whole body, from your toes to the follicles of the hair on your head. That feeling that starts deep inside you, deep in your pussy or, I guess, your cock. It goes around your asshole and up inside - And goes all the way up inside you to your fiery breasts and itching nipples. I needed that feeling ten times a day!


I would do it so much I would make myself sore! And that really didn’t help! Because then I would have to leave myself alone for a few days, but it didn’t stop me getting horny… one time I was sore and got so horny during gym class I could feel my girl cum rolling down my inner thighs as I stood in line for netball practice. It was killing me that I knew that I could not only not touch myself standing there and then, but also would not be able to lock myself in the bathroom later for relief!


Sometimes, when I wasn’t sore, I would set myself little challenges like “fastest time to cum” (14 seconds if you’re interested – just think sexy thoughts and strum like a flamenco guitarist!), or “longest session before cumming” (8 hours and 43 minutes! No kidding! One sleepless night during the holidays, a lot of baby lotion too towards the end, and I nearly didn’t cum at all! When I did I think I was just relieved. My bedroom must have reeked of pussy juice too!) or my favourite challenge – and this is where it gets interesting – doing it the “closest to Dad” I could get! Oh Yeah!


It started when I was watching some movie with Dad and he fell asleep. He must have been bushed because he just started snoring right out of the blue on a Friday night about 20 minutes into the film – and it was an action film, so it was all shoot outs, fist fights and explosions. But Dad was dead to the world! I couldn’t resist, and why would I? I pulled up my nightdress on the sofa I was sitting on and watched Dad as I put my hand down my panties and started to gently rub my clit. I made it last that first time, because I was so nervous he would wake up. But he never moved and never murmured, and I came on my hand and licked my fingers right in front of his face!


The next day I mentioned to him at breakfast that he had slept really quickly and soundly. He said, “Yes, it’s these new tablets the doctor’s got me on. They just knock me out within half an hour.” I asked if he was okay, but he said it was nothing to worry about, and it was all under control. I knew he wouldn’t lie to me. Dad can be pretty blunt with the truth, to be honest. So I knew it really was nothing for me to worry about, but Dad just liked to deal with his problems head on. The only thing was, as he was sitting there eating Cheerios, all I could think of was how exciting it would be to wank in front of him again. I could feel that ache start deep inside my pussy. I still had on my nightshirt and I squeezed my bare thighs together, crushing my clit. I can do this over and over and give myself a little orgasm right in front of someone. I’ve done it in class a million times, especially when I have no panties on. So now I was doing it while crunching my buttered toast and staring directly at my Dad. He just smiled at me and carried on watching CNN. I could feel my pussy getting moist as I kept doing it. I just kept on looking at Dad as the feeling in my aching puss welled up and up, stronger, tingling sensations that went right around my asshole too. The feelings were great and I guess I must have been moving a little more than I realized because Dad turned from the TV and looked right at me. “Are you okay?” he said. I just nodded as the excitement peaked and a visible shudder went right through my body as I came. I was blushing blood red. “Are you sure?” he said, “You look a bit flushed”. “I’m good, Dad. I’m good. Just got the shivers, is all” I said and crunched some more toast. Seemed to work, because he turned back to the news.


What else could I do? I began walking around the house trying to think up scenarios in which I could masturbate in front of my Dad. But that night answered my question. I saw Dad taking his pill, and I watched the clock as we watched our usual Saturday night movie. I was lying with my head on his lap as we watched the movie. I had on a pair of PJ shorts and top with cute pandas on. I got them for my birthday. And sure enough, 30 minutes in, he was dozing right off.


“Dad…” I whispered. There was no response. “Dad!” I said louder. But there was nothing. So, here I was, a horny blonde teenage girl with a Dad fixation, lying of the sofa with my head on his lap as he slept soundly. I had to do it! I turned over onto my back and looked up into his face as I slipped one hand into my shorts, and my other hand up my top. I started to tease my little bud as I kneaded my tingling breasts. My nipples were standing to attention and itching to be touched. I like to roll them between fingers and thumb, tweaking them now and then to just below painful. My pussy was growing, and seemed to open like a fleshy flower, its petals filling with the blood of passion. Its nectar was flowing freely out of itself and I could feel it soaking into the crotch of my PJ shorts.


I kept on looking at Dad as I got more and more impassioned. My breathing got shallower and I could feel the rapidly increasing shaking my strumming was making through my body right up to my head on Dad’s lap. I was so close! If he opened his eyes now! - And suddenly, I was cumming! I arched my back, pushing my head further into Dad’s lap, and held there as the sensations coursed through my body like a shower of bliss right to the hair on my head, and I breathed out slowly and slumped back to the sofa, spent. I looked up at Dad and he was still blissfully unaware his daughter had just masturbated while lying next to him. It wasn’t the last time I did it that night either. Every 15 minutes or so I needed another fix, but I was careful to watch his face for any sign he might be waking up. And I still had on my pyjamas, of course. I’m not mad!


Or at least, I didn’t think so, until Sunday. In the morning Dad was groaning about having slept on the sofa. But he never mentioned anything about me masturbating all night. After doing homework and Sunday lunch at my Grandma’s I settled down to watching some TV. I asked Dad if he wanted to join me but he had work to do. Later that night I peeked into his room to see if he had finished his work and wanted to come watch a movie with me. But he said he couldn’t risk falling asleep on the sofa again, so he was just going to turn in. I was a bit disappointed, I can tell you. He asked me to get his pill and some water and I watched him take it as he said goodnight.


I was so disappointed. I really wanted another session with him. About an hour later, watching American Horror story, I got the naughtiest idea. I got up and went to my Dad’s room. His door was ajar, so I pushed it open and looked inside. Dad was fast asleep in bed. I looked at him there and pulled up my nightshirt with the big teddy on it. I tucked my thumbs into my panties and pulled them down my long slender legs (long for a 14-year-old anyway). I let them drop to my ankles and then just stood there for a moment, feeling naughty and sexy. I felt up my girly groove and I had the first stirring of sensuality in there starting to grow like an idea. Then, never taking my eyes off Dad, I lifted my nightshirt up and off me, and I was naked in my Dad’s doorway - A silhouette of naked teen potential against the backlight of the hallway. I felt myself again. Yes, it was starting alright!


Then the madness of lust really took over, as I stepped into my Dad’s bedroom stark naked. I could feel my breasts swelling as I moved toward his bed. I stood next to his face and started feeling my pussy up and down my lucid groove as he lay peacefully unaware. This was so hot! I was getting so wet. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. My heart was beating so fast I thought I was going to have a panic attack. I started toying with my little bean as it cried excitement and throbbed sensations. It didn’t take long, maybe a couple of minutes, but I felt the sensations build to fever pitch and I had to jam my hand into my pussy as I squeezed my thighs together, crossing one over the other, and felt my warm cum ooze from inside me and run down my legs, bathing them in warm juice. I bit my lip, and nearly overbalanced as I stood there cumming. I could feel it trickle over my ankle just behind the bone and seep into the carpet underfoot. I regained my composure and stood up properly.


Dad was still asleep before me. I looked at his face and whispered, “Thank you, Daddy”. And with that, I left his room and went to my own bed.


As you can imagine, this was the only thing on my mind, all day. The madness had pervaded my every thought. I just couldn’t wait for that night. I couldn’t wait for Dad’s next pill, and what naughtiness I could get away with that night.


I could not believe it when Dad sat around in shorts and T-shirt that night. I could see his strong muscular legs, and his strong well shaped arms. But he’d been out for a run and hadn’t changed yet. After an hour or so of this divine tortured he said he needed a shower. My mind was alight! I couldn’t get the idea of my own Dad soaping himself up and down his body, his strong thighs, his hairy chest and maybe soaping up his ball sac and cock – maybe getting hard as he did it and then beating off in the shower, holding his balls in one hand and his cock in the other, squirting his white pearl juice onto the shower glass and it running slowly down the steamy glass! Fuck, that’s hot!


Dad didn’t dry himself off when he got out of the shower. He just put on his robe and we ate dinner, and then he watched his favourite show, something about spies, I don’t know. I was on my laptop just looking occasionally over to keep my lustful fire stoked until he went to sleep. At around 10.30 he went and took his tablet. I asked him if he had taken it, and he said yes, and thanked me for looking out for him. How could I not? I didn’t want to run the risk of being caught if he forgot to take his tablet. Ten minutes later he said he was starting to feel the tablet kicking in. He gave me a little kiss on my forehead, like I was five or something, and then went to bed.


I waited.


I had to be sure.


When I peeked around his door around an hour later he was fast asleep. I called him again, but like the night before, he was lights out. I walked in and quickly undressed out of my shorts and T. I had been thinking about this all day. Gingerly, I crawled onto the bed next to Dad, making sure not to make any sudden movements. I went right up to his face and looked into it. I loved him so much, but he was becoming my sexual fantasy too. I lay next to him and started to feel my body. God, I was hot for this! I was now masturbating naked on my Dad’s bed, with him next to me! Then it hit me – he was naked too! I lifted the covers and looked down. I couldn’t see much, but I knew he was naked. I started wanking faster, and as I did I held onto Dad’s hand, adding that extra frisson of excitement as I shared my passion with him. My legs were splayed wide and I was strumming a blur on my swollen clit until I could feel my passion deep inside reach bursting point and I thought I was going to pee, and I suddenly squirted a long jet of cum down the bed covers and off the end of the bed. I squeezed his hand tightly and bit my quivering lip. And then it subsided and I was left breathing like I had run a hundred and ten yard hurdles.


I looked at Dad again. And he moved a little in his sleep. I was still holding his hand when I got the naughtiest idea. I let go of his hand as I knelt up facing him. Then I gently knelt over his open palm and pressed my wet pussy into it. Oh my God! It was so wrong! But I couldn’t stop myself. I rubbed it up and down it, grinding my clit on the heel of his hand. Then lust took over as I stopped and gently felt underneath to raise his middle finger. Holding it in place I eased down onto it, feeling it easily slide up inside me. A few strokes of this was all I needed to get me to shudder and gulp a small puddle of cum onto my Dad’s hand.


I steadied myself and reached underneath again, and gently I lifted off his finger, squeezed two fingers together and eased down on them again. This was even better. It was so wrong, I knew, but that was just making me hotter. I swivelled around on his fingers, gyrating and slowly fucking them as much as I could, but it was my bursting clit that finally tipped me over the edge as I rapidly strummed it like I was polishing brass. I let out a loud moan that I just couldn’t stop and I let out another hose jet stream of girl cum right into Dad’s hand that splashed and sprayed all over me, the bed and even Dad’s face. He winced at the wetness on his face and I jumped quickly off the bed and out the door with my clothes, before you could blink. My heart was pounding!


In bed I was struck with guilt. This was my Dad! Dad, who has always been there and always done everything for me! Dad, who picked me up when I crashed my bike when I was six. Dad, who helped me with my math homework when I was 10. Dad, who had gotten me my first cell phone so I could always call him if I was in trouble. And yet, I knew this was the most exciting and erotic and downright naughty thing I had ever done, or would probably ever do.


In the morning, before school, I checked to see if Dad’s bed had dried out or not. Luckily, Dad’s room is warm and gets the sun in the morning, so all the cum had dried up and I couldn’t notice any staining either. Dad didn’t say anything about it either. But I was wary. I had come so close to blowing it the night before. But words can sometimes play tricks on your lust-filled brain, and I kept thinking about blowing it. Blowing him. Oh, no. I was into madness again. But the idea was there and all through school I had to keep going to the girls’ bathroom and jilling myself to orgasm. You know, quick ones to relieve the need? But it didn’t help much. By the time I reached home that day my panties were so wet I could smell them!


I watched the clock. I wished the hours away until Dad would go to bed. When he finally did I kept checking on him to see if he was asleep. The first twice he wasn’t and the second time he was starting to get suspicious. But the third time I checked he was sound asleep. I got naked and this time I slid under the covers with him. I moved over to him and gently smoothed over the hairs on his chest. Slowly, I felt my ardour grow. I felt down his chest, over his stomach and down one muscular thigh. He was so perfect for a man his age. And then I let my hand go between his thighs and smooth gently upward, my hand coursing through the hairs on his leg. And then I reached it. His manhood wasn’t hard, but semi soft (I suppose my female touch had already started to arouse him) but his ball sac was soft and delicate, little hairs tickling my fingers as I explored. And as I did, I could feel his penis slowly rising to the occasion. I felt my way up it as I watched Dad’s face. Even in his sleep I could tell he was enjoying it. I’d never touched one before, but this was amazing. Even as I held it in my hand I could feel it getting harder, and what surprised me was it getting bigger, much bigger!


I felt it up and down, watching Dad’s face as he started to feel it. It was so hot. His brow pinched like sorrow then relaxed and his mouth opened as I heard his breath escaping. But I had to see it! I gently folded the covers back and looked as the streetlight threw bars of light through the blinds. I looked closely as I felt my way to the top and then back down again. Dad was circumcised, which I knew about from sex-ed in school. But of course nothing prepared me for how big and bulbous the head of a penis would look like, especially a grown man’s penis.


I had to do it! Just had to! I lowered my head so my lips kissed his shiny head, my tongue exploring his fleshy man-lolly, and then I opened my mouth and took his head into my mouth. Dad groaned as I sucked and licked and I kept one eye on his blissful face as I continued my self education. I started to wank him at the same time as I tormented his glans and I felt his hand on the back of my head. I looked up, but his eyes were still closed, so I continued my little game. I wondered if I could make him cum in my mouth and was answered by a quick jet of cum and several pulses of pearly liquid pulsing into my mouth. He groaned out load. I sat up, not quite knowing what to do with the salty slime in my mouth. Then I had the naughtiest thought, and spat it into my hand and rubbed in into my breasts and down over my pussy! I was so hot, I had to touch myself!


Dad seemed blissfully unaware as he lay there, dead to the world. What else could I do? I thought for a moment, one hand one my Dad’s cock and one on my aching pussy. Then it came to me. I let go of Dad’s cock and moved up the bed. I couldn’t believe I was going to even try this, but the lust madness was so on me I couldn’t help myself. I knelt next to Dad’s head, then I lifted one knee over his head to come down straddling my own Dad’s head. He still looked outers to me so I gave in to my deepest urge and started masturbating in his face. It was so undeniably wrong that it was pure lust strumming my fingers over my clit, dipping inside my vagina and coating my clit with my own slick juice.


I couldn’t believe I was doing this, and I knew I couldn’t cum in his face - he’d fucking drown! He’d also probably wake up! I was pushing beyond the boundaries doing this. I was nearly cumming. But I just had to do this one last thing – I lowered my pussy lips to Dad’s own lips! I just touched them at first… then I pressed them into his lips. It was impossibly erotic! And I don’t know what I expected, but Dad’s tongue came out to greet me and licked up my virgin groove. I nearly hit the fucking roof! I felt his hands sliding up my thighs and gripping my pert young ass, urging me down on him further! I looked down to see his face, but his eyes were still closed. Was he having an erotic dream I had caused? I didn’t know. I didn’t care. Dad was tongue fucking me like crazy, and I helped, pinching my nipples and tweaking my clit. Then it happened! I felt it burn from the soles of my feet up to the top of my head, in my swollen breasts and deep in my teen vagina! And I let it go – one - long – tortuous – orgasm that made me judder and shake, holding onto the wall for support and cumming, Oh my God, cumming, spraying Dad’s face with my love juice, watching it fill his mouth until he swallowed, and then fill it again! I froze, my thighs shaking badly. I looked down.


Dad’s face was so wet it looked like he’s taken a shower. Well, he had, kind of. But his eyes were still closed. He couldn’t possibly still be asleep! Even though I didn’t want him to be awake (at least I didn’t think I did), I couldn’t see how anyone could sleep through that. Dad’s hands let go of my legs and I dismounted him and lay next to him silently, trying to regain my breath and stop the shaking all over my body.


“Dad” I said quietly, “you’re awake, aren’t you?”

I looked at Dad’s lips as they curled up at corners.


“How?” I asked.

Dad smiled even broader and said, “I stopped taking those tablets three days ago”.

“Are you mad?” I asked, knowing he couldn’t be that mad, but not knowing what to do or say next.

“No. Surprised. But not mad.”

“I’m sorry.” I said.


He didn’t say anything for about thirty seconds. It was just us naked together on the bed. Then I noticed his erection standing straight up in the air like a flagpole. Then he said, “You know I still have an erection… if you’re interested.” He turned to me and smiled.

I bit my lip. “Sure am.” I said.


And that was the night Dad took my virginity. We have an amazing sex life, but he’s not jealous when I date boys. I think he knows that what we have is special, and sexual. I’m the luckiest, horniest girl alive.


Fuck, I need a wank!


The End.



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