A Tingling Sensation

January 24, 2015


The day my husband was sent overseas I fell into a deep depression. It was hard because I would be left with the girls and no man around to take care of me, or my needs. I love my husband, but I don’t love him going away for six months at a time. We had gotten married early. Too early. He was just 18 and I had been just 16. But we kind of had to get married, if you know what I mean, because our first child was born just four months later. But against all the odds we loved each other and we stayed together all this time. I think part of that was the stability of being a Forces couple. My husband is in the Air Force, and all the other wives on the base just took me under their wing, so to speak. So I belonged, we belonged. Before our eldest girl started school we always went with him on long deployments. But when she started school I stayed home in England.


Ellen is my oldest at 15, she is just like I was at her age; blonde and athletic, but with nicely developing bumps in all the right places. Jodie is just two years younger at 13 and is actually fuller figured than her sister even though she has a smaller frame. She’s blonde too. And so am I. I’m quite small, with Ellen now an inch taller than me. And I’ve always had a modest bust and hips. I’ve finally filled out a bit more now that I’m in my thirties, just. And I suppose falling pregnant at 30 was my last chance to have a boy, and we were blessed with little Joel.


Enough preamble.


It all started with me breastfeeding Joel. Nothing unusual about that, I’ve fed them all. But this time, with John away all I could think of was him, and thinking led to longing, and longing just made me frustrated, sexually frustrated. So as my little one breast fed and I was longing for John as I lay alone on the sofa at home one day I felt the strangest sensation. The more I thought how good it felt the more turned on I got. I could feel my nipples harden, which just made Joel suck on them even harder. I started to squirm. This wasn’t right. But I couldn’t deprive Joel of his feed; he’d just cry the minute I took my nipple out of his mouth. Just like his Dad!


I tried to think of something else but the sucking on my nipple just would not leave me alone. Then, unmistakably, I felt myself get ever so slightly moist below. I was in jeans, which squeezed me tight. And I could soon feel my knickers getting damp, more and more, until they were sticking to my pussy. I couldn’t stand it any longer and I opened the top button of my jeans and unzipped them. I felt so turned on and all I could think about was how good it felt to have my nipple sucked. I slipped my hand into my knicks and started working on my clit straight away. I just needed to come. It didn’t take long. Even though I had to change sides with Joel, that just made it hotter as both nipples were now tingling like crazy. I tried to breathe easily, but he just wouldn’t let me. I came with a small flood into my knickers and they were stuck to me. By the time Joel finished he was asleep. I managed to put him down before I took a quick shower. When I took my jeans off I discovered that I had come all the way through then. Good job no one had been home.


I couldn’t stop thinking about it for the rest of the day. But of course it wasn’t long before I had to feed him again. This time the girls were home and I certainly couldn’t do the same again – and it was killing me! I was actually looking forward to them being in school the following day, and yet I felt so guilty at the same time.


Monday morning Joel woke at six for his morning feed and I brought him into bed with me to feed. I knew the girls would be up soon for school, so I resisted all my urges. I got up with the girls and they set off to school. I had to do some shopping so I was out the door with them. Joel was due another feed at ten. All through the supermarket shop I could sense his agitation as he started to become hungry. By the time I got to the car he was bawling his little heart out. There was nothing for it, I sat in the car and started his feed right there. He sucked hard on my nipple, pawing my swollen breast and squeezing with his little hand. I was biting my lip as my ardour grew. I felt my lips fill with blood and I knew my sex was opening up like the petals of a rose, my nectar seeping from within.


I couldn’t resist the feeling. I slowly opened my legs, my skirt making a v-shaped tent upon my thighs. I smoothed over my cotton covered thigh before I reached the skirt’s hem and I gently dragged it up my sensitive skin as my hand drew slowly but surely up to where my thighs met at my white cotton knickers. I could feel them damp to my touch and it took only a second to slip my fingers in through the leg-hole and onto my fiery peach. Dipping into myself I dragged my juices up to my throbbing clit and circled slowly. I was breathing heavily, my breast rising and falling with my infant son clinging to his meal and my passion. The windows were steaming up in the cold October morning. I was touching now my warm hard pulsing clit, tormenting it exquisitely. I could feel my excitement building like a fire deep inside. I wanted so badly to come!


Just then there was a knock on the window next to me. My hand flew out from under my skirt and I looked out of the window, having to wipe the steamed up glass to see out. “You okay, Love?” he said in a genuine voice of concern. Then he saw Joel still sucking on my breast and went a slightly rosier red than the cold merited. “Oh, sorry, love. Just thought you might need a hand.” He said. I smiled sweetly, “I’m okay. He was late having his feed, so…” The man nodded, “Okay, love. You carry on.” And he waved and walked away toward the supermarket. I was stone cold sober. My lust had drained right out of me. Joel finished his feed and I winded him and drove home.


I thought about it all day. I played it over and over in my head. What was I going to do? There was no way I could carry on like this. I’d have to start bottle feeding him. Yes, that’s what I would do. Starting tomorrow I would start bottle feeding him. But that still left today. And after his sleep I knew that come two o’clock he would be wanting more. And I was dreading it!


I busied myself through doing housework. Anything I could think of. Dishes, washing, changing the beds. Then I could feel the time moving on. I played with Joel; looking so cute, and so bright. But the clock was ticking. And soon he was niggly and I knew what was wrong. He was hungry.


There was nothing I could do. I lay down on the sofa with him and unbuttoned my blouse and he latched on straight away. I tried to think of anything but the feelings coming from my tingling nipple. I tried to relax. I went limp on the sofa, melting into it. Joel was sucking on my tender nipple, his tongue lapping softly at me. I felt the first stirrings not in my breast or my sensitive nipple, but deep, deep inside me.


As I lay there, languishing in the sensations, I could feel myself below blossoming into that sex organ which loved cock so much it was now warm and moist like cherry pie. I raised my legs and my skirt fell upon my waist. I parted them slowly, then my free hand slunk into my soft clean knickers. I’d changed them earlier and they were now soft satin with lace. Sexier. I knew what I was going to do so I hooked them with my thumb and lifted my backside up off the sofa as I pulled them up my raised thighs. I got one leg out and using my foot I pulled them down my other leg so they were left draped around my ankle. I was free. I opened my legs, and closed my eyes.


I let the sensations course through my body from Joel’s insistent sucking. And as the tingling in my breast built I touched myself. I trailed up and down my lucid groove making it slick with my own flowing juices. I was dipping into myself with my fingers getting that penetration I so needed. But not enough! Never enough! I tried to concentrate on my clit, but I really needed to be filled up too. I wanted a cock deep inside me.


“Mum!” Came the Claxton warning that I was not alone. I opened my eyes and there was Ellen, my 15-year-old, looking shocked and mortified. I closed my legs and tried to throw my skirt down over myself. She was still standing there as I settled.


“I’m sorry, Sweetheart. I was just thinking about your father.” I said, but Joel was still there, sucking on me. “It gets very hard not being able to be with him”.


She didn’t say anything at first, just stood there in her school uniform looking for all the world like one of the girls my husband John likes to look at on porn sites. Maybe it was because I was already turned that I was thinking this, but her grey pleated skirt looked shorter than I remembered and she has beautifully tanned and shapely thighs. She stepped closer and sat down on the sofa next to my bare legs.


“I understand, Mum.” She said tenderly. And I’m not sure if she knew what she was doing but she touched my leg and smoothed a little way up it. I closed my eyes for a second, thankful she was being so understanding. Ellen was looking at Joel as she asked, “Does feeding make it worse? I mean, with your nipples and everything?” I coyly nodded. She smiled wickedly. “That’s one way of getting your nipples sucked, at least!” I blushed beetroot red and she chuckled at my embarrassment.


“You didn’t finish, did you?” She said.

“No,” I said.

“Well you carry on, Mum. We all do it. Why not you?”

“Thank you, Sweetheart.”

“Is there anything I can get you?” She smiled broadly.

“Well, now you mention it…”

“Your vibrator?”

I was shocked, I had no idea she knew I had one. I nodded.


“I know.” She said, and was gone.


Ellen was back in less than a minute. She returned with my vibrator from the box under my bed – the box I thought no one knew about – evidently I was wrong.


Joel changed sides and latched onto my tingling, excited teat. The pleasure must have been obvious, because Ellen was holding up my vibrator – a realistic rubber penis, flesh coloured with variable speed – and smiling.


“Will this do?”

“Err, yes, darling. That’ll do fine.” I reached up to take it from her, when she pulled it away. I looked at her questioningly.

“If you do it, you’ll know it’s not Dad.”


I could see her reasoning, but I really couldn’t see any other way, or was I so locked into the idea of mother-daughter boundaries that I couldn’t see what was right in front of my face?


“Why don’t you just relax…?” she said. I looked directly into her eyes, which I now realized were mischievous and smiling. I didn’t say anything, but I didn’t stop her as she pinched my skirt and rode it high up my flattened thighs. She paused just before I was fully exposed, then pulled the material up like a veil, uncovering my well trimmed V of pubic hair. Her eyes were glued to my soft little curls, shining bright and round, like a five year old opening a Christmas present. She held up the vibrator like a lollipop before her lips, and twisted the base to start it vibrating, a low hum emanating from deep inside it. She touched the tip of the vibrating penis and giggled a little before she lowered it to my sparsely furnished bush. She barely touched the tips of the hairs and sent sensations down each single follicle to create a tingling sensation that spread down into the puffy cheeks of my pussy, and right around my perineum and around my puckered arse hole.


It felt so good, I did the most natural thing I could, and I moved my thighs apart, making a diamond shape with my legs – the soles of my feet meeting at one end, and my watery peach winking at the other. Ellen’s eyes drank in my full womanhood, something few girls really get to see of their own mother. She let the tip of the vibrating penis tantalize my puffy cheeks as she travelled down and around my blossoming rose, its petals full and pouting. She pressed it lightly between my vagina and my puckered knot. I felt the sensations go up inside my anus to the other side of my G-spot.


My daughter was totally transfixed as I gave a low moan to her ministrations. The penis tip hummed up the length of my succulent peach and circled my developing bud, which was swelling, growing and pulsing with every motion. The buzz touched me tip to tip on my glistening fiery clit! The sensations shot right up inside me, making my flesh tingle as every hair on my body stood on end. My breasts warmed and swelled like fizzy sherbet on my fiery skin, peaking at the tip of each swollen nipple, with Joel sucking on one and me tweaking the other through my blouse.


“Oh, God!” I gasped. Then realized it was my daughter giving me this pleasure. I opened my eyes with a mix of embarrassment and begging. She smiled at me warmly: A daughterly smile, full of warmth and giving; happy to help her needy mother. Then she was swapping looks between my pleasured face and what she was doing with the instrument of pleasure in her hands. I felt the fleshy bulbous head nudging at my lucid lips. I held little Joel firmly as I felt its length slowly enter my gripping tunnel. I watched as my daughter’s eyes were transfixed on the rubber cock entering her mother’s body. None of this was wasted on me. I was drinking in the sheer taboo of the situation. It was feeding my eroticism. And I was loving it!


She fed it in and slowly out, making a new inch disappear with every inward stroke. I was filling up with rubber cock and it was tormenting me with its buzzing vibrations, trilling my G-spot as it touch me. I felt myself moan and closed my eyes.


“Is that good?” said Ellen.

I opened my eyes and could see the lust in my daughter’s eyes. She too was more turned on than any daughter should be in front of her mother.

“Oh, yeah,” I breathed, my pelvis meeting her inward stroke and she slowly thrust deep inside me.

“Wanna go faster?” she asked.

“Yes, babe, do me faster” I said.


“Do me!” the words bounced around my head. Yes, my daughter was doing me! There was no getting around that now.


Joel let go of my nipple and when I looked down he was fast asleep. I could get Ellen to put him down and I could finish off nicely myself. But the truth is, I was enjoying my daughter doing me, and I was also enjoying the effect it was having on her. I could see her eyes were wide, her mouth was dry and she was licking her lips subconsciously. Her soft tanned legs were gently moving against one another, and I could see her knees meeting and parting as she clenched her thighs together to get some of that sensation in her own young pussy. Her free hand smoothed down her school skirt and rounded her knee with longing. I watched it play nervously around that knee, showing her frustration even more than her beautiful little face.


I reached down my body and gently touched my burning bud. I closed my eyes with the pleasure, dreaming what my daughter would do later in the privacy of her bedroom. I was imagining her barely making it into her bedroom and closing the door before she tore off her knickers and blurred her crotch with flying fingers! Just then, I felt my daughter’s fingers on mine. They were lifting them off my bud, and when I opened my eyes I could see her looking concerned.


“No, Mum. You just lie back and close your eyes. Pretend like Dad’s right here.”


I melted back into the sofa and my eyes closed as I just let the feeling of the slow fucking I was getting ooze through me. But Ellen’s fingers were working through my fine hairs, cultivating them and her own muster. The first touch of my daughter’s delicate fingers upon my bare sensual skin was gentle, like loving. Her fingertips danced lightly over my puffy pussy cheeks, then touched barely upon my pouting lips, trailing up along them up to my fiery bud. I heard her move and when I looked she was kneeling beside me, with one hand under my leg and the other reaching over, and both meeting at my throbbing wet pussy.


I looked down and could see her thighs below her school skirt. It wasn’t something planned or even intentional, but in thank you for her favour to me I reached down and smoothed her nearest thigh. She paused a moment at my juicy fruit, but only a second before she bent over, her face closer now to see what she was doing, and in so doing her skirt exposed more thigh for me to touch. It was an invitation I couldn’t resist.


My hand slipped up her thigh in the most motherly way I could muster, but as her soft, smooth, taut skin filled my palm and fingertips I could not hide the truth from myself. I kept up the stroking, up and down her thigh, going higher and lower with each smooth stroke. My hand was now going under her skirt as she still kept slowly fucking me with that rubber cock, fingering my clit like I’m sure she does her own.


Finally, I touched her soft cotton knickers. I wasn’t sure exactly how far I should go, but she was fucking me, starting to go faster, and now she was planting small wet kisses on my thigh and stomach. Next time up to the cotton I smoothed over her cotton covered cheek. There was no shying away. No pause in her own ministrations. I smoothed over her cotton clad arse and down her other thigh before moving back to the first one and this time smoothing up her inner thigh to her cotton covered crotch. I felt her legs part as she moved her knee to accommodate me. My hand cupped her teenage pussy and I felt her grind a little into my palm.


Ellen was feeling the urgency, and was pumping my pussy good now. Her fingers were starting to strum over my aching bud, and my breath was starting to get shorter. I rubbed deliberately into her crotch and she ground right back at me. I could feel her own excitement soaking through the crotch of her cotton knickers. Her hips started to thrust onto my rigid fingers. I didn’t think. I was running on instinct, lustful instinct, as I reached up her firm young globes and caught the waistband of her knickers with my fingertips and dragged them down over her rounded cheeks and down her slender thighs to her knees. They were stretching with her legs apart and she lifted one knee to let them down her calf. It was a cumbersome movement and my heart leapt as I quickly helped her get her knickers down and off one leg. I left them on the other leg, liking the view of my daughter’s damp white knickers loose on one leg.


I reached back up between her slender young thighs and this time I touched a soft wet peach of a pussy, my fingers doing to her what I’ve done to myself a million times.


“Oh, Mum!” she gasped. But she really started going at me with my thrilling dick, and the buzzing was making me so wet I could feel my skirt was wet beneath me. Her strumming my clit suddenly stopped and I felt the strong wet flick of my daughter’s tongue on my fiery bud. I jerked involuntarily and Joel murmured in my arm. I looked down to see her pert young features as she licked over and over, flicking my clit with the tip of her tongue like a lesbo pro.


I cupped her firm young vulva and trailed my thumb down her arse crack until it finally found her vagina and I plunged effortlessly into my daughter’s cunt! She gasped loudly and sat back on my thumb, thrusting it as deep as it could go. Then she began humping my thumb, gyrating on it as my fingers played in her folds and toyed with her hooded bean. I couldn’t believe this wanton schoolgirl was my own daughter, and yet the fact it was my daughter made it all the more exciting.


We were fucking each other now, quietly, not to wake Joel, and trying not to move too much, but we were definitely fucking each other: Mother and daughter pleasuring each other for no other reason than our love for one another, to fulfil the needs of the other, and make her happy.


I could feel that fire deep inside me starting to well up, burning with watery torment my inner self. My vagina wet; gripping and releasing that rubber cock as it buzzed my G-spot to heaven and thrust deeply in and out of me, making me tremble as my orgasm threatened. But Ellen too was now bucking on my hand and I was just trying to keep up. Then I pulled my hand up her butt crack, pulling my thumb out of her. She tried thrusting backwards onto it, but it was gone. Instead, I slid two fingers forward and she found them, lining up her tight young hole and enveloping them in one go!


Now I was in the driving seat, as I thrust my fingers in and out of my daughter’s pussy like a piston on a steam engine. She stopped moving and just took the pummelling I was giving her. She leaned close again and started sucking, flicking and nibbling on my sensitive clit, while making the rubber cock a blur in my vagina. I couldn’t last much longer, and Joel was finally being shaken awake with my body movements. I looked down into his placid little face as he began niggling with discomfort. I hadn’t winded him and it was inevitable that he would wake – but not yet. Not yet!


Finally that fire down below was start to overflow, like an overfilled bath tub, bubbling with the volcano below the surface. But now the thrust rubber cock – my husband’s surrogate cock – was tormenting me to the brink and beyond. Suddenly it was too much as I felt my damn burst and I began to like spray exquisite champagne all over my daughter’s hand, some splashing on her face and yet more oozing like an ebbing torrent out around the still buzzing cock. I slumped with exhaustion as Joel opened his eyes and gave the smallest sleepy cry he could manage before he closed his eyes again. My fingers had slipped out of my daughter’s pussy and I was aware that she was touching herself.


I gently sat up with Joel in my arms, the change in position making him burp and smile in his sleep. “I’ll be right back, sweetheart. I just need to put Joel down.” I said, but Ellen was busy, leaning over the sofa with her face down as her fingers busied themselves under her skirt. I pulled the vibrator out of me but couldn’t switch it off with just one free hand. I moved quickly upstairs to put the baby down and then I was almost flying down the stairs.


Ellen was still there; her head and one arm upon the sofa with her other hand under her school skirt, busily thrapping away at her excited young pussy. I knelt behind her, feeling pity on her private passion. I couldn’t see her face as it was buried in the cushions on the sofa. But the matted mop of tangled blonde hair was whimpering pathetically, erotically. I could see the pleasure building, and the frustration too. Gently, I lifted her school skirt up and over her perfect little bottom; rounded, but firm. Sexy. I placed the skirt upon her back and smoothed over her perfectly teenaged backside. I found the cleft between her firm young globes and trailed my fingers down to meet her sopping cunt.


I felt through her folds and she moaned deeply. I could feel the vibrations of her fingers as they rippled through her skin. She was strumming like fury on her fiery little clit, but she still needed help. I felt my way back to her succulent little hole and fed my fingers inside her. She arched her back and grabbed the sofa with both hands, scrunching them into fists of pleasure. I held onto her rounded bottom as I started a slow, beautiful motion in and out of my daughter’s tight little pussy.


“Mmmm…” she groaned, her head lolling like a rag doll, “Do it faster, Mum”.


I obeyed my lovely daughter and plunged my fingers in and out of her, building up a rhythm increasingly, more and more, bit by bit, until she was squealing, and I was pumping her like beating egg whites. Her face buried into the sofa and her backside was pointing at the ceiling as she arched even more to let more access – deeper penetration.


“Oh, yes, Mum!” she gasped, “I’m gonna cum!”


Faster, I went. My fingers blurring into one long fuck tool in her pretty dripping cunt. I kissed her bare backside, sucking on her skin; little love bites on her cute little arse.


“Oh, Mum, yes!”


I knew she wanted to talk dirty, “Fuck me, Mum! Fuck me faster!” kept echoing round my head.


“Go on, sweetheart! You cum! You cum good and hard! You deserve it.” I said, never once missing a beat, pumping her pussy like crazy. I could suddenly feel her hole tighten, and then she was screaming, crying as I fucked her. Her pussy flooded with juice – like mother like daughter – and gushed out all over my hand and the carpet between her slender legs.


She arched right up, her pretty face skyward, tousled hair dancing over her school blouse shoulders. Her school skirt fell over her bare arse and I pulled right out of her.


“Aaaaaah!” She wailed. She held herself up in a primal scream – then fell forward, spent.


I had to smell her juice on my fingers. And I had to taste it too.


I sat back against the sofa and patted her grey pleated skirt covered backside. She knelt back and sat on her heels. Her face was pointed down, and I feared she was ashamed of what we had done.


“Thank you, Ellen. I really needed it.” I said, but she didn’t look up. “And so did you,” I said, “Didn’t you?”


She nodded silently; then looked slowly up at me. Her face was flushed and glowing; her eyes wide, pupils full.


“We just helped each other out, sweetheart. No harm in that.”

I gave her what I hoped was a disarming reassuring smile. And to my relief she smiled too. Then we both started to chuckle, then laugh, and finally we were hysterical, crying with every passing moment. We laughed for what must have been two minutes solid. Then as our laughter was dying back, our sides hurting and we were both gasping for breath the front door opened and in walked Jodie. She stopped in her tracks as she saw us still suffering on the floor.


“What did I miss?” she said.


And Ellen and I burst out laughing again!



To Be Continued…




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