Camping Lessons 2

February 25, 2015


I thought she had gone to bed, but then I heard water running. We had been home for less than an hour when my daughter, Demi, went in the shower and I was waiting for her to get out so I could do the same. I was sat on the sofa in the living room. Jenny had made me a cup of hot cocoa and was looking at me, smiling.


“So it wasn’t so successful, then? Camping in October…”


I shook my head, trying to get the idea of what had happened right out of my head. But even now, sitting in front of a roaring open fire, I could almost smell my daughter’s juices still on my cock. I kept thinking, “it wasn’t my fault… what could I do?” but the truth was that I had let Demi get into my sleeping bag when she forgot her own, and I hadn’t fought too much when we had to strip down to both fit tightly inside. I hadn’t fought the urge when my penis found its way into my daughter’s virgin hole. And I had been a willing participant when we started fucking, giving myself to total abandon as the night developed into the most erotic night of my life.


I tried looking at my wife, but her warm smiling face was unknowingly mocking me. I looked up, wishing my daughter would get out of the shower.


“She’s probably going to be a while,” said Jenny. I looked at her, and even her loose sweater and navy denim jeans couldn’t hide her womanly shape. “She masturbates in the shower, you know?” she said with a wickedly sexy smile.


I felt myself blushing, “Really?” I feigned disinterest, rather badly if truth be told.

“You’re embarrassed!” she giggled. “Are you afraid of the idea that your daughter is growing up? Has sexual feelings? Urges?”

Jenny moved onto her knees before me, playful, enjoying my discomfort and I knew she was aroused. “I have been waiting for you to come home, John. I want you. I need you.”

“Now?” I protested, “But I’m all sweaty…”

She whispered sexily, “Even better.”


There was almost no talking to her when she was like this. She wanted sex right now and I knew it would be almost impossible to turn her down. She took the cup from my hands and knelt up to kiss me. She paused as if she tasted the sickly sweet lip balm our daughter used on my lips, but maybe that was just my conscience prickling.


“We can’t now. She’ll be down any minute.” I said quickly. I’m not one to turn down sex, but I was terrified she would smell our daughter on my cock.

“She’s masturbating, trust me. She’ll be up there a good while yet.” She said as she undid my belt, button and zipper.

“How do you know she’s masturbating?” I pleaded.

“Who do you think taught her how to do it?” said my wife, knowing I would be turned on instantly.


She kissed me as my head swam. She lifted my shirt up off my torso, over my head and off my arms. Her eyes caught mine, smiling sexily, seeing mine; wide-eyed and questioning. She gave the slightest womanly giggle as she pushed me back and kissed over my shoulders and chest.


“Do you want to know more?” She looked at me, heavy lidded and sultry. I nodded the smallest nod. And she gave the broadest smile. “I went into the bathroom once when you were at work. She was in the shower as I sat and peed. Her hands kept roaming closer and closer to her little pussy. But she didn’t seem to know what to do.” I was breathless, hard, imagining the scene. My sexy wife pulled my jeans and shorts down my thighs and calves, releasing my cock to spring up before her. She took hold of it and I prayed it wasn’t still sticky from our daughter’s snatch. “I asked if she wanted me to show her how to make herself feel good. You know Demi; she smiled, biting her lip and giggling. So I stepped out of my dress and stepped into the shower with her.” She was waving my cock around like a wand before her lust filled eyes. “And I showed her how I do it. And she copied me.” And with that she enveloped the helmet of my dancing cock. She sucked off the end, tasting it.


“Oh, My God!” I gasped, and I prayed my pre-cum was masking the musk of our delightful daughter. She was still tasting it as she lowered for another suck. “What happened?” I said, and she came off me while holding me tight.


“I had to show her exactly how to do it, if you know what I mean” her eyes fluttered.

“Tell me!”

“Is this really turning you on? Hearing about your wife and your daughter in the shower together… masturbating?”

“Damn it, Jenny! You know what it’s doing to me.” She grinned what I can only call an evil grin, stroking my pole like a favorite toy.

“I had to use my own fingers to show her how. Just a mother/daughter thing. You’d never understand. Hardly even sexual. Unless you think about it as such. I frigged her off three times before she really got the hang of it herself.” I twitched as she uttered those words. “Seeing our daughter’s face as she came was so beautiful. It’s a shame you couldn’t see it.” She looked directly at me. Then I watched as she enveloped the entire length of my cock in her warm wet wanton mouth.


If she hadn’t tasted our daughter’s juices on my cock by now I guessed she never would. But as she rose up to the tip of me her eyes held me with knowing. I waited for the spell to break. I expected Hell to open up and swallow me. But instead my wife stood and pulled off her sweater. She watched me the whole time as she unclipped her bra and tossed it aside. Her tight dark jeans peeled down her legs in the firelight and she stepped out of them. Then, lastly, she hooked her thumbs into her panties and dragged them down her slender womanly thighs until she stepped out of them. Her socks she left on. (Must have had cold toes.) But the rest of her was smoking. She didn’t say anything as she knelt on the sofa astride my muscle missile and gently lowered herself onto my meat and sank right down so every part of me was inside every part of her.


She instantly started moving, grinding herself onto me as I held her taut thighs, and dug my fingers into her full and shapely ass, her flesh pliable between my fingers. Her full lips plunged into mine, her dextrous tongue writhing with my own. I tasted a sweet tang upon her tongue I knew to be my daughter’s cunt. The thought made me ever hotter as I grasped her full and pouting breasts and pinched her bullet nipples.


It was during the deepest kiss that I opened my eyes and there, leaning against the door jamb, dressed in PJ shorts and T saying “This Bear Needs A Hug”, was my daughter, Demi. Her hair was tousled blonde with dark strawberry tones accentuated by the dampness in her tresses. One thigh was crossed half over the other holding the shorts at the knee as her hand smoothed firmly into her bare cleft mound. It was impossibly sexy – only piqued by the sight of her other hand purposely dragging her T-shirt up over her pert young peaks. Unsucked nipples jutted gently from their swelling hills. Softly curved and attempting to pout, her perfect breasts bounced with every shiver she gave herself. The rounding curve of waist through hip and down her slender swimmer legs was drawn with firelight and lamp; golden skin, porcelain smooth. Shapes to die for.


If anything, I felt my bulbous head bulge like a fist inside my wife! “Tell me more,” I said. She looked at me with amused but sultry eyes, smiling as her pelvis ground into mine. “Do you want me to tell you how we soaped each other up and down and I taught her how to tweak her nipples?” She asked daring as I watched our daughter doing just that very thing. “Or do you want me to tell you how much I came when our darling little daughter fingered me in return?” I kissed her passionately, as much as anything so I could watch our daughter fingering herself right now. Jenny kissed down to my neck, pinching my nipples and scratching my torso as she really started to go to town. “What else?” I said. And now Demi opened her knees enough to let her shorts fall to her ankles and she propped up against the door jamb as she widened her stance and gave me a grand view of her delicate young folds.


“Like when we went into her room and sixty-nined on the bed?” whispered my wife. Oh God! This was a dream come true! I beckoned Demi toward us. It was time for her to join the fun and I was dying to see the two women in my life get dirty with each other. Demi started her half naked walk across the floor when Jenny grabbed my face and looked into my eyes, “You’re a very bad Daddy!” she breathed into me as she went up a gear in pelvic thrusts. “What?” I blurted. She laughed, “You really would love all those things to have happened, wouldn’t you?” She was really starting to ride me now as I gathered what she meant. She’d made it all up to turn me on! It worked! It had also obviously turned on our nubile young daughter, who was still gently stepping toward us too. “You mean… you didn’t?” I asked, but it was Demi who shook her head. Oh Jesus! This was going to be a disaster! I put my hand up to stop Demi getting any closer. She froze half way across the room. I mouthed the word “Go!” and shooed her away as my wife really started bucking like a bronco.


She looked hurt, and I didn’t want to hurt her, but this was about to get very messy if her mother turned her head. I put my hands together behind Jenny’s back in a praying pose, mouthing the word “Please?” to my daughter. She looked so down as she turned her perfect little rounded butt cheeks to me and tip toed to the doorway. She looked back at me as she picked up her shorts, bending over, giving me another sight of her perfect pussy. I mouthed “Thank you” and “I love you” to her before she slipped from sight and I could relax. But Jenny was in rodeo mode now and I was the willing mustang. I swear she nearly hit the roof when she came, whining, trying not to disturb our “innocent” daughter upstairs. And then suddenly I felt her relax and clench, relax and clench, and relax, come oozing around my solid cock like hot oil on a piston.

She fell forward onto me, gasping for air. “Wow, that was good.” She gasped. “I never knew you were so kinky?” I smiled, but I hadn’t actually come yet. Maybe I was depleted from the all night session with our sex kitten daughter, or maybe it was just that I had no fluids left in me, or maybe I had been so terrified when I realized Jenny was just playing sex games that I couldn’t finish mentally. Either way I was still sporting a solid rod.


Jenny got off me and kissed me on the cheek the way only women can kiss a man and make him feel like a little boy who “done good”. It was a little cheeky, and I resented it a bit as she walked away from me to get a drink. “Better put that away… before your daughter gets hold of it,” she smiled wickedly. I blushed heavily; I felt exposed, uncovered, like my secret was out. And Jenny, she thought she knew my secret. She didn’t know.


I got up and tried my best to get my boner back in my jeans, but it didn’t want to know. “I better take a shower” I said as I headed for the stairs. “See if she’ll wash it for you,” called Jenny naughtily. I was still very much in heat as I reached the top of the stairs. I walked into the bathroom and Demi was sitting on the toilet waiting for me.


“Demi!” I started. But she wasn’t looking at big me, she was looking straight at not so little me. I realized she probably hadn’t actually seen it last night in the darkness. She didn’t even look at me but leaned forward and licked up under my helmet. I jerked slightly, but she held the base of my penis, steadied and enveloped me. I froze as the feeling of sensations tingled from my balls to the hair on my head. I twisted my torso and pushed the door shut, but it wasn’t locked and I was all too aware. But the feeling of Demi giving me pretty little head was immense. I was overcome with the realization that my cock had still been wet from her mother’s juices when she put me into her mouth. She must, even now, be tasting a mix of my precum and her mother’s cum.


It didn’t seem to bother her. I could see her other hand, which had pulled over her shorts at the crotch and was busy now playing with herself. As Demi let my cockhead out of her beautiful lips I pulled away. She looked up, hurt. I put my finger to my lips to hush any complaint before it started. Then I turned to the door and locked it, then reached into the shower and turned on the water. My daughter looked expectantly up at me.


I held out my hand and she took it questioningly. I pulled her up and turned her around and eased her over the sink. She held onto it, wiggling her ass, as I desperately stripped behind her. Naked, I held onto her beautiful little hips. I pulled her shorts down her slender thighs and she rushed them down with one hand as I started pressing my rock hard helmet into her pert young pussy.


She was tight despite being wet, and it took a few tries to get all the way inside her. But once I was, well, there I was, surrounded by warm wet flesh, gripping me and squeezing me tight. I couldn’t speak. All I could do was fuck. And that’s what I did. I started to thrust in and out of her, having to bend my knees because she was so much smaller than me, smaller than my wife, smaller than most girls her age despite her developing body. Her firm thighs were shaking, her ass slapping into my pubis, and me feeling all over her thighs, her ass, her taut back, and her firm fleshed breasts and swelling nipples.


I could hear her breathing quicken as I pounded her. She looked up into the mirror over the sink and could see her old Dad pounding her pussy from behind. It seemed to get her hotter as her mouth made a breathless pouting “O” shape, but no sound but breathless breathing. I was nearly there and I really hoped she was too. I was going for it! And she was coming with me! She looked so beautiful! And that was it! I started coming, filling her juicy pussy with my hot man-juice. Demi was thrashing her head this way and that as I felt her shudder all over. She let out a loud low guttural groan. What if Jenny heard her!


I froze. She realized what she had done and she froze too, as much as she could, because her legs were still shaking.


Knock! Knock!


It was the door, just a few feet behind me. I looked at the handle and saw it trying to twist, but the lock biting just in time to save my life.


“John, can I come in?” – Said Jenny!

“Uugh! Wait a minute!” I blurted.

“Are you jerking off in the shower?” she whispered through the door.


I pulled out of Demi and she hurriedly pulled up her shorts, “What do we do?” she whispered. I looked at the airing cupboard and opened its louver doors. “Get in,” I whispered. She climbed onto the lowest shelf, amongst the soft towels, and lay down.


“You know, I could help you with tha… if you let me in.” whispered Jenny through the door. I leaned down to Demi, “I love you, honey” and I kissed her gently upon the cheek. “I love you too, Daddy” she whispered and she kissed me on the lips. It was a deep sensual kiss that electrified me. As we parted I looked at her. Our eyes met.


“Better let her in,” she said as her mother knocked the door again. “Yeah, right,” I whispered. I went to open the door when she called me again, “Dad, get in the shower first” she said. “Yeah, right,” I said and I quickly got into the shower and got wet.


“Okay, honey,” I said aloud to Jenny. I got out of the shower and went for the door. “Dad!!!” An insistent whisper rasped at me, “close the doors”. I looked at Demi still bundled in between the towels. “Right,” I said and she smiled at me as I closed them. It was a naughty, mischievous smile like this was the best game of hide and seek she had ever played.


I opened the door to Jenny and she was standing there questioningly. “Did you get everything done you wanted to?”

“Huh?” I replied like an idiot.

“Did you jerk off in the shower, genius?”

“Ummm… yeah. Yeah, I did that. You know. Belted on off the wrist. Beat the meat. Slapped the salami. Choked the chicken….”

“What is with you?” she said suspiciously.

“I don’t know.”

“I think I do. Let me in.”


It wasn’t a request. She let herself in, and when I turned around she was busily stripping in that way that only married women can; without the slightest bit of mystery or languor, just matter of fact, business as usual, like changing a bed or discarding junk mail. Then she stepped into the shower.


“Are you coming?” She said sexily. “I bet I can make you come again”.


I looked at the louver doors where Demi was hiding. Then I stepped into the shower with my wife. Jenny was hot and soapy already as she pressed her body close to mine. It had the instant effect of reviving me once more, and I became harder than I already was. Jenny put her arms around my neck and pushed herself onto my rigid tool. She loved to do this; riding the length of my cock like some human love toy. I loved the feeling of her pussy lips gliding over the top of my cock as she coated it with her slick honey.


Over her shoulder I could see the louver doors open. I cringed as Jenny raised one leg and wrapped it around my own, but only because I could see our daughter climbing out the airing cupboard and close the doors behind her. My wife grabbed my head and kissed me deeply. But my eyes were open as I watched our daughter watching us. She didn’t wait long this time, but left the bathroom quickly. I breathed a sigh of relief my wife took as passion. “If I’d known that including Demi would spice up our sex life I would have brought her in earlier,” said Jenny. I smiled coyly, and we fucked liked teenagers. Jenny was insatiable!


I wasn’t sure exactly what she meant. Had she really taught our own daughter how to masturbate? Did she know anything? My head was spinning. I would have to ask Demi what she and her mom had done, or if Jenny was just playing sex games with me. Of course, I couldn’t help thinking why Jenny would come up with a story like that if it wasn’t true…



To Be Continued…

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