April 10, 2015


I fucking hate my ex. What a bitch! I sometimes wonder why we ever got together, except that I was desperate for a fuck and she threw herself at me. Fortunately that resulted in the only good thing in my life, my daughter, Jessie. I tried to stick with her mother for her sake, but her mother wasn’t having any of it as she wanted to be fucking around like the slut she is. I saw my daughter as much as I could and my ex, Julia, wanted me to have her as much as possible. As long as she got the money for her I could have my daughter as much as I liked. Some women just shouldn’t have kids, and Julia was one of those women.


I was bringing back my 5 year old daughter, Jessie, after a weekend with me, when Julia started off that Jessie needed shoes and a new coat. I told her I had paid her maintenance, but she said she needed more. She was always doing stuff like this. I was so sick of it.


“Can we just put Jessie to bed?” I said, as I was still holding her in my arms, and she was sleeping on my shoulder.

“Alright. Take her up.” She said reluctantly.


I moved past her and took my little angel upstairs to her room. I had decorated her room myself only last year and it was lovely. Winnie The Pooh wallpaper and light bright yellow with stencils on the other walls. Pooh Bear trimmings – bedspread, curtains etcetera. I wanted the best for her, always.


I came downstairs and Julia was in the kitchen making a couple of coffees, assuming I would stay to talk over her demands. She handed me a cup and she sat down on the sofa in the living room. I knew exactly what she was doing and so did she. She was suckering me into a “conversation” about the money, which meant she was going to be nice, then bitchy, then nice, then bitchy, angry, demanding and screaming, Jessie would wake up and start crying because “we” were fighting – when I wouldn’t have been fighting at all. It was so fucking familiar. I really wouldn’t care if she was a good mother to our daughter, but she would waste money on cigarettes and phones, apps and other shit she didn’t need. Basically, I knew that whatever I gave wouldn’t be enough. It never was. It never had been and it never would be.


I was sitting there looking at her ranting on about money, a cigarette burning idly in the same hand she was holding her coffee in. She was checking her phone as she carried on her little tirade about how I was a bad father and I had never been a good husband. I just wanted to smash her face in! I’m not a violent guy and I only ever slapped her once, and that was when she was going crazy in my face. She calmed the fuck right down right there, she was so shocked.


But right now as she bitched on about me all I could think was how I’m seen her masturbating on the floor right between where she and I were now sitting. I remembered her squirting a yard down between her legs. I remembered her naked. I remembered fucking her. And all the while I was remembering she was bitching. She glanced up at me from her phone and did a double-take on my face.


“Oh my fuckin’ God! You’re not even listening, are you?”

I couldn’t say anything, but my eyes never lie. Julia looked into them and she knew that look.


“You’re fuckin’ horny, aren’t you?” She said, now looking at me without distraction.


I smiled and shrugged. She looked right at me and smiled. I knew that smile too.


 “Maybe we should…”

“Just once? ”

“Why not?” I replied.


She tossed her phone onto the sofa and dropped her cigarette into her coffee, putting it down. I put my coffee down. And suddenly we were just undressing as quick as we could! No messing about! We were naked in seconds and I was hard as hell!


We were on each other like animals! Lust gripped me as we locked in an acrid smoke tasting French kiss and moved back onto the sofa. We were still fighting though. She wanted this, I wanted that. Every place I put my hands was wrong. And she was scratching my back and biting my lip. Damn it! We broke off and I tasted blood on my lips! She fucking smiled at me, mocking me. I pushed her back on the sofa and went down between her smooth unceremoniously splayed legs. Her red fiery public hair was the only real red on her body, her hair colour duped out of a cheap color bottle. I knew she loved this; maybe this could tame her spiteful self.


I delved into her succulent peach and tongue fucked the bitch! She was holding my head by my hair, pulling it. I teased her clit with my trademark tongue flicker, but I knew I couldn’t let her come or she’d just up and get dressed, leaving me blue ballsed up. I kissed up her torso to her swollen tits, even though she was trying to push me down, and I clamped upon a bullet nipple like a limpet.


Fuck! She was pissed! She pushed me away onto the floor and tried to get her cunt up to my face, but we were like wrestlers on the floor now, and I wanted some head too. She relented and started to suck on me, so I reciprocated and reached for her crotch too and we sixty-nined right there of the floor. Her dew laden skin folds dangled above my face and I had to reach up to taste her tangy juice. But I knew I couldn’t let her come, so I pushed her off me and she glared at me with hate and lust. She opened her legs for me to get on her, but I pushed her over again so she was face down to the floor.


She knew the position and acquiesced to it with poor grace, her eyes seething. I straddled her peachy round ass; my rampant cock resting up her ass crack. I leaned forward, pinning her hands to the floor with mine. Then I started to kiss gently all over her hypersensitive back. I knew it tickled her and turned her on. I knew her erogenous points and worked them with fine breath, little erotic kisses and the tip of my wet tongue. She was squirming and gasping, panting and whining.


“Just fucking put it in!” She spat.


I moved back enough to let my cock tip trail wetly down her ass crack and she wiggled desperately trying to position her vagina to my annoying throbbing cock. I let it toy with her, playing about her dripping entrance like some clumsy adolescent.

“Fucking put it in, already!” She gasped. She was really getting annoyed now. I let my cock head enter her just a little and stopped, moving it around in her succulent vaginal lips. Her head flicked over her shoulder as much as she could manage and she gave me the look every man fears if he’s in a relationship; that look that means you’ll never have sex again if you don’t do what I want right now. Except, I wasn’t in a relationship, and I didn’t fucking care! I laughed at her, and she knew she was helpless. She put her head down and half growled and half whined into the floor. But something inside me moved my hips forward and I plunged all the fucking way inside the bitch! I nearly came right then!


Julia is a lot smaller than me, a lot younger too, and somehow (despite giving birth) she had retained a tight wet hole for me to fuck. It was warm and juicy, and she was gripping me and releasing me as I rested deep inside her.


“Come on, damn you, fuck me!” She bit off into the floor. I started to slide my solid cock in and out of her and she started whinnying like a trapped mare. Then I stopped again, this time to get my thighs on the outside of hers, pushing her thighs together with my cock clamped even tighter into her. Half kneeling, half sitting, I started to pump into her tight insides, the soft firmness of her thighs and butt amplifying my own satisfaction tenfold. It must have been doing something for her too, because she was now resting her face flat to the floor and panting with her eyes closed.


I knew this wouldn’t take long for either of us. We had done this a few times before we split up and I knew she got off quick on it. I suppose I was pressed right up to her G-spot like this and she was starting to whine a high pitched hum through her lips as I started going faster and faster.


“Oh, yeah!” she pleaded.


I went faster, and faster. Her hot wet sex was massaging my cock like heaven. What was I doing to her? She was shuffling flat on the floor trying to meet my thrusts as I went faster and faster still, pumping her pussy like a piston. And suddenly I was spraying her soaking sex fruit with my cum! I gasped and lurched and heard her yell out, “Ohhhh,Yes!” And my cock was strangled by the vice like grip of her vaginal walls squeezing every drop out of me as they flushed with their own torrent of hot pungent pussy juice. We gasped and fell forward, me on top of her.


It was so good.


But a little quirk about me is that I can actually stay hard for hours. It doesn’t make any difference if I come or not. If I’m still turned on then I’m still hard. It’s the one thing she really loved about me. So I twitched my swollen head inside her.


“Oh, no” she said, resisting the idea of doing it again. But I twitched again and she gasped. Then I pulled right out of her. “You bastard!” She said as she turned around to look at me. I smiled wickedly at her and she looked at my solid shiny cock as it glistened with our juices. She crawled to the sofa and grabbed her phone, starting to look through Facebook, no doubt. But her bare ass was an invitation I couldn’t resist. Women know what they’re doing, even if they say they don’t.


I shuffled over behind her on my knees and started kissing her pert round globes, flushed red with passion. I could make out her glistening cunt as I felt over her globes and sat back to take in the sight. I then let my fingers dance up her ticklish spine, my head down and kissing selectively as I went, until I felt my pubis bump delightfully into her cushioned backside. My cock bumped up along wet and sticky folds of flesh, my cockhead nudging through her scratchy matted pubic hair. I reached under her and felt her free formed breasts, never big, but perfectly formed.


“Mmmmm” she hummed, still half looking at her phone.


I straightened up and took the slightest aim and guided myself back inside her. It took a few strokes as my cock was starting to dry, but once inside I felt it swimming with mine and her mixing juices. “Sloppy seconds” came into my head, but it didn’t stop me. I started thrusting in and out of her, almost all the way out and right back in to the hilt. I held onto her hips as I worked up a rhythm. She dropped her phone and gripped the sofa as I went faster and faster, pumping her for all I was worth.


“Is that all you got?” she half shouted into the sofa. I went faster, harder. I wanted to fuck the bitch out of her! But the more I gave the more she mouthed off in increasingly insulting terms.


“Is this how you fuck your boyfriend, Jeff?” – Jeff was one of my oldest friends. She never liked him and the feeling was mutual.


“Or…. Do… you… take it… up the… ass?” She blurted between being pummelled. I was going to come. I was going so fast now I could barely contain myself. She was flopping about like a rag doll as I pounded her, the feeling tightening in my balls and suddenly I pulled out and aimed my cum right at her asshole. One, two, three, four jets of wet milky cum jammed up her plug hole.


I barely breathed before pressing the head of my cock into her cum-lubed asshole. I had a hand on her back pressing down so her ass was pointing up at me, but despite me not asking she offered no resistance to something she had never consented to. My rampant muscle eased into her in increments, and she was panting and squealing, maybe with discomfort, maybe with pleasure, I didn’t care.


When I was all the way in I started a fast rhythm that pleased me. I had cum twice so I knew this was going to have to be fast and furious to make me cum again so soon. I grabbed her hips and started to really fuck that ass. It was so tight, but my cum was a good lube, and I was slipping into my ex’s ass like cream. She must have been enjoying it because she was panting and cursing with passion the harder and faster I went. I felt that tightening in my balls and I knew I had to go faster. I was pummelling her ass now and I really didn’t care how she felt about it. Then suddenly I felt it coming and I was shooting my last lot of hot liquid cum deep inside Julia’s beautifully rounded ass. I held myself as deep as I could go to get my cum all the way up inside her and I enjoyed every pulsing spurt and recurrent twitch I felt. I held there loving the irony of the situation, hating myself for giving her sex, and loving myself for fucking her in the ass.


I slowly pulled out and collapsed on the floor, my cock still pointing at the ceiling, but its job done as my balls told me. Julia was still half over the sofa on her front. I could see her asshole glossy with my cum and I felt satisfied. It was the first time I had ever felt satisfied with Julia after sex.


She didn’t look at me as she got up and went to the bathroom. She always pees after sex. Once I had gotten my breath back I got up and walked into the bathroom. She was sitting on the toilet as I went to the sink and washed my cock. She didn’t say anything, but I was still hard. I went back into the living room and dressed again. When she came out of the bathroom I was drinking my coffee, I was very thirsty. She had a robe on, one I didn’t recognize. She sat and sipped her coffee.


“You okay?” I asked, half expecting her to launch into a rant over the anal.

“Yeah,” she said quietly. Her face was flushed with after-sex glow, and that flush spread down between her breasts. “You didn’t even ask,” she said.

“Didn’t I?” I said, knowing full well.

“No.” She said.

“Didn’t you like it?” I asked, not used to this subdued version of Julia.

She shifted coyly in her seat, then smiled, embarrassed.

“Yes,” she admitted, then blushed, “a lot.”

“Good.” I said, and stood up.

“Are you going?” she asked.

“Yes. Don’t want to outstay my welcome, or confuse Jessie.”

“No” she conceded.

“Maybe we can do this again.” I said at the front door.

She smiled. “Yes, that’d be nice.”


And I left.


The funny thing is, I left money under my coffee cup. I don’t know why, because I had no intentions of doing so. But there you go. I think I got through to her. But we’ll see.


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