Daddy Cupped My Breast

May 31, 2015


This happened.


I’m sixteen, but I don’t look it. I have to carry my passport when I go to the drug store or they won’t serve me. It’s embarrassing. I went to a spa with my friends and was told that the pool was just for sixteens and over. I was the only 16-year-old out of all of us. But I look 13 or 14. I’m slim, my breasts are quite small, but I’m starting to get a nice shaped bum, and my legs are really long and shapely. I’ve got long strawberry blonde hair. I tried to dye it red from my natural blonde, and it just came out strawberry blonde.


This is something that happened the other day when I was home with my Dad and my little sister. Our computer is in my Dad’s room, so my little sister was watching Minecraft videos on Youtube and Dad was reading a book when I entered the room. We were always going into his room and we hardly ever knocked, unless the door was closed. I sat on the bottom of the bed and was talking to Dad as the Youtube videos ran in the background.


As we were talking, my sister was giggling at her video. I had my back to the video, so instead I went and lay down next to my Dad. He put his book down and put his arm around me as we watched my sister giggling, enjoying her innocent chuckle. It was warm and it felt great tucked under Dad’s arm. Maybe it was devilment, or maybe curiosity, but I adjust my position making Dad’s hand rest on my breast. I couldn’t believe it when he didn’t move it. But we were just talking away. I was talking about school and we were commenting on my sister’s videos.


I moved very slowly, millimetre at a time, to get his hand right over my right breast. It took about five minutes, and all the while I was getting more and more turned on. When I finished my breast was perfectly cupped by my Dad’s hand. If I hadn’t had a bra on my nipple would have been pressing firmly into the palm of his hand. As it was, it was pressed to the foam padding of my A cup bra. Even this made my nipple hard as I could feel the warmth of his hand and his weight pressing down on my swelling breast.


I was getting wet. I could feel my excitement rising as that dull ache ran from deep inside my vagina, along its length, spreading over my burning pussy to my swelling pulsating bud. My light blue jeggins were tight as it was, but I crossed my legs as I put my hand over my Dad’s, pressing harder down onto my heaving breast.


I have been able to do the best trick since I was eleven years old. If I cross my legs tight enough while I’m wearing clothes it presses onto my clit and excites me no end. I usually have to go and masturbate in my room when this happens, but now I was just enjoying my Daddy time far too much. So I squeezed my thighs together, wrapping my feet around my calves too so I was putting my pussy in a vice of ecstasy.


I asked my Dad something… anything… so that he would speak. And when he did I could feel the vibrations of his voice run through me, making me even wetter than before. But then it was my turn to speak, and I could “talk for England” my Dad says, so I start into a long ramble about nothing and I can’t even remember what I said because I was too concentrated with the mounting pressure between my legs. Dad says I talk shit anyway most of the time so I don’t suppose he noticed the garbage I was spouting, but all the while this pulsing beacon of hot wet fiery – almost painful – pleasure was making me go faster. I would squeeze my thighs together, crushing my bud, and then relax, releasing her poor sensitive self, only to be crushed again even more exquisite ecstasy.


I was talking faster as I squeezed my thighs and crushed my aching bud over and over, faster and faster. Even I could hear that I was breathless, but I just kept talking and talking, faster and faster, pressing dad’s hard firmer into my aching, aching breast mound, my nipple try to push through the fabric of my bra. Then I could feel it coming – that exquisite pee feeling building to a crescendo as I squeezed tight, locking my thighs and calves, bursting my bud with fireworks of wet tastiness as I bled hot soaking wet pleasure into my tightly bound knickers.


I lost my breath and squeezed my Dad’s hand making clench my bursting breast for one, two, three, four seconds! The tingling swept over my sweating skin like a nuclear explosion radiating out from its epicentre in my exploding crotch. It burnt like the best drug buzz you ever tried and loved to my twinkling toes and sizzling scalp.

And then it was over.


I relaxed, breathed out and finally unclamped my legs. I looked at Dad, but he was still looking at my sister’s youtube video.


“Thank you, Daddy” I said as I got up and started to scurry for the door.

“What for?” He said, confused.

“Just for being there when I need you” I said, and I closed the door on my way out.


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