Movie Mom 2 - The Sequel

July 25, 2015


Mom and I kept going to the movies on Sundays. It was our thing. And we kept… how should I say it? Playing our parts as audience members. It was always exciting. Always horny. And we always came. We never did anything outside of the cinema. We just understood that was our alone time and we never pushed the boundaries elsewhere. If anything, it brought us closer together.


It was summer of ’92 and in amongst all the summer films was a little thriller which caught my attention. I’ll never forget it because I loved the actresses who played their parts in Single White Female. I mentioned it to Mom and she said sure, we’d go see it. What we didn’t reckon on was my Dad overhearing us and saying he wanted to see the film too. Thinking back now, I suppose he must have been a little bit in lust with one or both of the actresses. And who could blame him? I had seen them both in other things and they were both hot in different ways. So Dad invited himself along with us for our Sunday outing. I looked at Mom with faint panic in my eyes, but she shrugged, resigned to the fact. I wasn’t happy, I can tell you.


Later I asked Mom to make some excuse, maybe ask him to do something around the house. Put those shelves up he’d been meaning to. But Mom said no, she couldn’t do that. So, Sunday came around. I remember getting dressed for the movie. I remember clearly wearing a short white Ra-Ra Skirt (still in, in 1992) and a pink strappy top. I finished the ensemble with a white demin jacket, white shoes and pop socks that came a third way up my thighs. A ponytail and light pink lipstick and I was ready to go. I looked drop dead gorgeous, even if I do say so myself. Looking back, I remember standing in front of my full length mirror in my cutesy teddy bear bedroom. I looked awesomely cute, and I knew it.


Just looking at myself in the mirror made me moist. I was turning myself on! Incredible! As I stood there I thought about the fact that Dad would be there and Mom and I wouldn’t be able to play our usual game. I don’t mind saying that I was annoyed. Our alone time was being encroached on and 14-year-old me wasn’t willing. But I was wet. Then I had the naughtiest thought.

“Honey? You ready?” called Mom.


“Coming, Mom.” I called back.


I smiled at myself in the mirror. That smile was wicked, naughty and sexy. And I watched myself in the mirror as I deliberately put my hands up under my little Ra-Ra Skirt and dragged down my white cotton and lace panties. I stepped out of them and looked down into their damp dowsed crotch. I smelled them deeply, my own aroma filling my nostrils. Then I did that thing I love to do in private; I used the very tip of my tongue to tease up the wetness of my own panties: Sweet like honey-water. I smiled at myself again in the mirror. So naughty. So sexy.


“Honey. Come on. We’ll miss the start.”


I tossed my panties onto my bed and left the room.


I noticed how good Mom looked as we walked to the car, which Dad was already revving like a race car. She had on a light floral summer dress which danced about her shapely calves. I’ve discovered Mom has the best legs, which luckily I have inherited too. I jumped into the back seat and we were off to the AMC.


I sat behind Dad and could see Mom’s beautifully slender legs from where I was. Mom looked back at me and smiled.


“Okay, Honey?”

“I’m okay” I smiled.



I couldn’t resist; I opened my legs wide and held up the front of my little Ra-Ra Skirt. Mom looked straight at my little blonde pussy. It only then occurred to me she hadn’t really seen it in all those movies we had “watched” together. She looked at me with pure lust in her eyes, the best look I have ever seen. I closed my legs and tossed my skirt back down proper. She smiled at me.


“That’s good. You were just a little quiet, that’s all.”

“I’m fine. I can’t wait for the movie.”

“Me neither,” said Mom.

“Me neither,” said Dad, and Mom and I started to chuckle quietly. Dad clocked on that he’d missed something. “What?” he said, baffled.

“Nothing, Darling. Just a Mother/Daughter thing you wouldn’t understand.”

“Women!” Said Dad.


We got to the movie theater, and it was almost deserted. Not the most popular movie, especially on a Sunday. There were only two other people in the screen as we took our seats. One was a man in his forties, who sat near the back. One guy I guessed was a college student sitting near the front. We sat in the middle – Dad, Mom, then Me.


The ads and previews played through with the lights dimmed, but not enough. The feature started and the lights went down. And so did my hand and it wasn’t to the popcorn in my other hand either. My thighs parted and my fingers found my clammy clam. I split the peach and touched the moist flesh between my fuzzy cheeks. It felt so good!


I glanced at Mom, and she glanced at me too. She spied my little pussy play and smiled wickedly. I watched as she returned to looking at the movie, but slipped her hand surreptitiously up her nearest thigh to me, dragging her skirt covertly higher. I could see when her hand slipped gently under the skirt to her crotch.


I looked slyly over to Dad, who was oblivious to Mom’s self ministrations. The movie was getting interesting and soon there was definite sexual tension in the air. Or maybe it was just mine and Mom’s feminine aroma. About now is usually the time when mom and I do swaps, but with Dad there too it seemed impossible. I wondered if Mom had panties on, or was she sans obstruction like me.


Now, I don’t know if you’ve seen that movie, but it’s got some pretty sexy bits in it. One had me so hot. It was just one girl spying on another girl after she hears moans in the night, and through the doorway she sees her roomy masturbating in bed. No way was that door left open by mistake, even just a little bit. I’m speaking from experience here. But seeing one girl watch another girl pleasure herself like that got me so hot I really started flicking my bean. Mom noticed me getting carried away and I guess she was worried Dad would see. She reached over and pressed her hand down on mine to calm me down.


I slowed and Mom’s hand slunk under my skirt pulling it back a little as she did, so it was raised like a little awning between my open thighs. I looked up at her face. It was impassive as she now took over on my little pussy, like we always did. I changed popcorn hands and carefully moved my now free hand into Mom’s seat. I found where her dress was hiked up where she left it (on purpose) and smoothed my hand underneath to her opening crotch. Mom’s bigger pussy always excited me. I had touched it many times in the past months and it never failed to get my own juices flowing like a river.

I started my own exploration of Mom’s pussy and felt her legs part too. Then, panic stations! Dad reached over into Mom’s lap to get some nachos. I froze! Luckily, nothing comes between Dad and his nachos and he went back to the movie with a face full of crunch. I could feel my inner fire really kindling now, building tingles of sensation as I went back to Mom’s seeping hole. Just then, Mom turned to me, “Come with me,” she whispered.


She stood up and whispered to Dad we were going to the bathroom and kissed him lightly, then touched his lips with the finger she had had in me just seconds before. I could clearly see my pussy juice glisten on his lips as the silver screen reflected its stark daylight scene. As I passed Dad he patted my ass and then licked his lips. I wondered if he could taste my sweetness as I walked up the aisle. Mom led me by the hand to the bathrooms and we snuck into the same stall.


“Sit up there,” she whispered breathlessly and motioned to the water tank behind the seat. I couldn’t believe we were going to do this, but I quickly climbed up and sat on the tank. Mom straddled the seat, which luckily had a seat cover so she didn’t have to worry about falling into the pan. Her dress had ridden high, bunched up at her crotch and high on her beautifully tanned thighs. My own thighs were already open, leaving a pelmet of white rar-ra skirt to cover my lucid groove. Mom looked up at me and whispered with a wicked grin, “Now, let’s see what we have here.”


Mom lifted my little skirt and looked for the first time since I was nine at my fleshy clam. She came closer to see my speckling wisps of natural blonde pubic hair. I couldn’t wait for her to touch me. But wait I had to as she came close, breathing on my cunt, inhaling my aroma. I felt the slightest tickle in my crotch hair and it was obvious her tongue was tip-toeing through them. Her hands came up and held my thighs. I guessed she didn’t want me to fall. Then she pushed them up so my ass was perched on the very edge of the porcelain. I thought I was going to fall, leaning back to balance myself. Then Mom kissed gently my puffy cheeks, exciting me yet further. I stifled a groan, and saw Mom’s eyes dart upward – sultry and full of lust. Then I felt her tongue tease gently into my secret folds. My scared place penetrated by my own mother’s stiff but watery tongue. It probed every sensitive fold, before pushing into my lucid hole. Fuck! – I loved that!


Mom breathed heavy heat into me as her mouth muscle moved inside me, licking my vagina flesh like a desert bowl of caramel sundae. She started to thrust it into me, tongue fucking me, her 14-year-old daughter. Then she pulled out and slathered up to my bursting bean. Around and around she went, making me whimper lightly as sensations of ecstatic fire burned over my skin like the sensation of momentary weightlessness sets you alight on fairground rides. She let go of one leg and here’s why – I felt her tease one long feminine finger inside my pussy hole. I was on the verge of coming as it pushed in ever so slowly and tickled a spot I had never known inside me. I yelped as she touched it, and then, with tongue to clit and fingertip to secret spot I felt myself burn from the hair on my head, down through arms to my fingertips, down inside my body, my nipples incinerated with sensation, my thighs sizzled down to the tips of my toes, and my pussy erupted like a volcano! My sweet lava blew inside me and oozed warmly out through my gaping fissure.


Mom lapped up my cum as it flowed out of me. I was wasted. Sweat drenched. My hair was matted to my glistening rosy cheeked face. Mom let my skirt drop and looked up at me.


“We had better get back to your father,” she said, “he’ll be wondering where we are”.

“What about you?” I asked, concerned she too needed some relief.

“I’ll be alright,” said Mom, though I guessed that to be a lie.


After freshening up we were back in our seats. Dad hadn’t wondered where we were, he was too engrossed in the movie. The rest of the movie was tense and freaky – I was 14, remember? And although I had cum I still knew Mom hadn’t. It was driving me mad. Somehow, I felt robbed. I had missed out on Mom’s pussy and it was driving me insane with lust. I tried slipping my hand under her skirt again, but she shooed me away with a smile. By the end of the movie I was itching to touch Mom again. The lights came up and Dad said he’d enjoyed that. We all got up and were on our way through the foyer when Mom grabbed my hand.


“You go ahead, honey,” she said to Dad, “We’ll just be a few minutes.”

“You girls… always go to the bathroom in twos” he said.


But we were gone. We waltzed into the very same cubicle and Mom just leaned over, her hands gripping the porcelain tank I had sat on earlier, her back arched and her ass up in the air.


“Go ahead!” she urged as I turned from locking the door and looked at her.

I knelt behind her, touching her shapely calves above her high heels. Then I smoothed up her slender legs, up her thighs. I used my hands to quickly flick Mom’s skirt over my head. And there I was, underneath a cotton lemon tent of flowers which let in plenty of bright light for me to see the horniest sight I had ever seen. Mom’s pussy was full and pouting, her inner lips were engorged, red and literally dripping with her juices, her clit was visibly throbbing, and her vagina was winking at me, deep dark pink and red wet winks of open lust.

I couldn’t wait, I delved straight in. I licked up her length and felt her thigh tighten. Then I dove right into Mom’s cunt, tongue first, tasting her tangy richness. I loved the feel of cunt walls on my tongue and tried fucking her like she did me. She was getting even wetter. I trailed down to her beating bud and flicked over her again and again. Mom was rocking, making muted noises. Then her dress rose at the front and I could see Mom’s up-side-down head, hair falling forward around her face.


“Finger me!” she whispered breathlessly.


I raised up, tossing mom’s dress-skirt onto her back, leaving her bare-assed. Her ass was everything I thought it would be, a bigger more exciting but no less taut version of mine. I’d posed enough in front of my bedroom mirror to know this was just like mine. I smoothed over her wonderful globes until they met her crotch and then I slipped a finger inside Mom’s sopping slot. She was bigger inside than me, but then, I was still a virgin. I slid in a second, sliding them rhythmically in and out of her.


“More!” breathed Mom.


Obediently, I slipped a third finger into Mom’s sluice pool, turning and exciting her. Her taut straight legs were shaking slightly as I took the initiative and worked my last finger into Mom’s tight-lipped secret. It was working. She started to judder as I built up a twisting motion to go with the regular in and out.


“All of it” she gasped.


I wasn’t sure what she meant, but I thought I knew, I just didn’t think it possible. I tucked my thumb into the fold with all my fingers and urged it firmly into mom’s tight snatch. I started that slow twisting rhythm again and was finding it slicker but tighter than before. Then Mom reached around and grabbed my wrist. I stopped, afraid I had hurt her. But instead she held my wrist tight and I felt her urge herself back onto my hand. Her lips were stretched so much I cringed, but just then my hand, my whole hand, was swallowed by Mom’s sopping hole! I couldn’t believe it! Then she started pushing herself onto my hand, my wrist disappearing also! She was fucking my hand, holding me to her. She let go and I slowly took up the gauntlet.

I started to fuck her with my hand. It was amazing! Inside she was so wet and fleshy, her walls intermittently tightening around me, crushing my little hand. She turned her head and smiled at me.


“Go for it!” she said.


That was my green light! I really started to pound Mom’s hole now, going deeper, faster! She was whining tiny mews through bitten lips. I was so deep now I had half my forearm through her bulging maw. Mom was bucking. I knew she was close. Suddenly, I felt an immense warmth around my hand and forearm, rushing juices filled Mom’s twot, and it coursed down my arm, out through burning lips, down my shafting arm, and trickled off my elbow. Mom shuddered to a stop, breathing out low and hard.

I hoped to God no one heard that!


She didn’t move. I felt her relax, unclenching inside. And slowly I withdrew my soaking wet arm from Mom’s sopping slot. I remember looking at it – gaping wide after I had pulled out. It was so sexy! I licked up the length of my own arm, the taste tingling like citrus on my taste buds. Mom stood up, her dress falling delightfully innocently into place. She wiped her forehead of her own glister. She never looked more radiant! I could see the sex-blush bellow her neck, her breathing deep and satisfied, her cheeks as rosy as mine.


“Thank you, Sweetheart” she said, and she planted a firm moist kiss upon my lips. I wanted more, but Mom shook her head. She opened the door and we freshened up at the wash basins.


Dad was waiting in the car. As we got into the car he let out, “What the hell do you girls find to do in there? Jeez…!” Mom and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. “What?” says Dad, all perplexed.

“Just girl’s stuff, Honey, just girl’s stuff.” Said Mom.


Placated, and not wanting to go there, Dad put us into gear and off we went. All the way home I played with myself in the car. Mom watched.


The End.


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