Broke-Back Mounting

July 26, 2015


They said I was lucky to be alive. Last I remembered was riding on my bike (I had a 10 speed racer) and suddenly – nothing! I woke up in hospital with Mom, Dad and my four sisters around me. They were all smiling, but all had tears in their eyes and rolling down their cheeks. I guessed it wasn’t good. I was right. I had a spinal injury. I couldn’t move. I could breath, but that was about it. I could feel my arms and legs but all motor function was gone. I was 16.


Turns out I had been hit by a truck and we got a huge settlement in damages, but so what? I was never going to school again, never going to the play sports again and never going to kiss a girl again – or so I thought.


After months in hospital they said they couldn’t do any more. Mom and Dad had converted our garage into a room just for me so I could be on the ground floor. I had a big TV all of my own, a fridge to keep my pain meds, and a big window where the garage door used to be. Mom quit her part time job in Safeways and tried to be with me as much as she could.


It was really embarrassing at first. I had to have her take me to the bathroom and the shower room, which were included in the garage conversion. I got used to it, and so did she. Dad still worked and helped out when he was home. Even my sisters helped feed me, watch TV with me, read to me and talked to me about everything. Somehow, being unable to move brought me closer to my family than ever before. I had a baby monitor beside me and if I needed anything I could just holler and someone would come and see to me.


I was just settling into this routine when something highly unexpected came up – an erection.


It was maybe 6 a.m. and I had barely stirred when I realized I had a boner. This can be perfectly normal for spinal injuries, some lose it, some don’t. Every case is unique. Now I had a unique case of morning glory. In some way I was really glad about it. It made me feel a bit better about myself. I was still a guy! Then the cruel irony dawned on me – I couldn’t do anything about it. I couldn’t whack off. As the true tragedy of it started to get to me I started to cry. I couldn’t help it. I remember cursing badly and whining like a little boy who’d dropped his ice-cream.


Just then, my door opened. It was Mom. She came over and sat next to me on my surgical bed.


“What’s wrong, Ben? What’s wrong?” She said, holding my limp fingers.

I stifled a cry, “I can’t…”

“What, Ben? I’ll do it for you. What do you want?”


I whimpered and flicked my eyes downward. That’s when mom saw the tent in the bed-sheets (although how she could miss it before is a mystery. Maybe she hadn’t. Maybe she’s just a lady).


“Oh,” she said warmly, “I had wondered about that”.


Mom looked at me with real love and deep regret in her eyes. “Does it hurt?”


“No.” I said.

“How long has it been up?” She said, and I could feel my color rising.

“I don’t know. I woke up and it was like this.”

“I don’t suppose there’s any way you could get a wet dream now…” she said.


I wasn’t sure I knew what she meant. Then it occurred to me, I couldn’t even touch myself unconsciously.


“Well, there’s only one thing for it” said Mom. And with that she gently pulled my sheet down off me. Sure enough, Mr Muscle was standing proud, saluting the ceiling like a sergeant major. Mom looked at me with love in her eyes as she said, “Do you want me take care of it for you?”


If I could have just nodded, I would have. But I was forced to say “Yes please, Mom”.


She smiled warmly, “You just relax”.


And then her fingers were playing lightly over my dancing soldier. My first jerk off in months and it was my own Mom was going to do it for me. I know I didn’t have a choice, but I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. Was I just happy someone was doing it? But Mom knew what she was doing. She tickled it just right and glanced my glans with her fingers so I twitched right down in my ball-sack. She wrapped her fingers around it and gently slipped it up then down my smooth veiny rod. It felt amazing. She carried on doing this as her other hand went between my legs and she delicately touched my ball-sack, teasing it and then holding it in her warm palm. She adjusted her grip, holding me between fingers and thumb and started a rhythmic motion up and down. She was no stranger to this.


“Does that feel good?” she asked, jolting me out of my reverie.

“Yes,” I said. That’s all I could say. Mom was stroking my cock, what did she want me to say? I still wasn’t sure how I would feel after I’d cum, but all I knew was that I needed to cum in the worst kind of way.


Mom worked tirelessly for several minutes, the feeling intense.


“You close yet?” she asked, a little breathlessly.

“Not yet” I said.

“Jesus, Ben…!” she gasped.

“I’m sorry” I said quietly.


And she went into hyper-drive! I don’t think my cock ever got such a thrashing. I could feel my balls tighten as Mom’s hand was a blur, occupying all of my rampant cock at the exact same time. The feeling suddenly reached that exquisite spot and I gasped out loud as I felt my balls unload! I saw a geyser of semen shoot into the air, followed by two smaller, lesser ones. It landed all over my stomach and drivelled all over Mom’s resting hand, still fixed around my boyhood boner. She was out of breath as she moved her hand away. She picked up a tissue from my bedside table and wiped her hand. It took four Kleenex to mop up my semen slurry. It gathered in my belly button like a pool of milky goodness.


I regained my breath as Mom cleaned up. I didn’t feel dirty. I didn’t feel embarrassed, even. I felt proud. I was still a guy! And as I looked at Mom I didn’t feel weird about what she’d done for me. To my surprise, I felt excited.


“Thank you, Mom” I said.

“That’s perfectly alright, Ben. I’m your Mom. I’d do anything to make you happy”.


As she drew the covers back over my waning member I remember thinking right then and there – Did this mean that Mom would jerk me off forevermore? Was this to be my sex life? Mom jerking me off as fast as she could before she made breakfast and everyone else got up to go to school? It did and didn’t irk me. I mean, I was going to get a regular hand job, even if it was from my own Mom.


Nothing else happened that day, and nothing was said. But next morning Mom came into my room at 6 a.m.. Sure enough, Private Manhood (as she called him) was standing to attention. And sure enough, Mom jerked me off again like she was trying to unblock the sink or something. The following day, the same, but she was gentler, less rushed. So it went, day after day. No one knew, except me and Mom.


She had been coming in to see to me in the mornings for about three weeks when something different happened. I was still asleep when I became aware of this sensation. A new sensation I wasn’t used to. I opened my eyes and saw Mom sucking on my meat like a porn star. It was so sexy! I’d noticed that in the last week she had not bothered wearing her robe when she came and saw to me, and I had been treated to satin teddies, French knickers and camisole tops all week. Mom had me pretty young, so she’s just in her mid-thirties now. I couldn’t help noticing how firm her body was. She was perfect! But here was Mom actually sucking me off! It felt so good; the warmth of her full pouting lips sliding off my little fireman like a popsicle. Oh hell! I lasted another thirty seconds before I erupted into Mom’s mouth! To my amazement she didn’t move, just kept on sucking, sloshing my own boy juice around the sensitive head of my cock until she sucked it away and swallowed it! I shuddered with and after-climax. Then Mom smiled at me.


“How was that, Mister?” she said playfully.

“Amazing, Mom. Really, amazing.” I said, not quite believing what had just happened.

“Good. You deserve it. You’re growing up.”


Mom covered me and started her day with a stomach full of her son’s own cum! I couldn’t get it out of my head, but I never said anything, all day. My sisters all came home from school and piled into my room to tell me about school.


Usually, Eve (we called Evie) would come in and ask how I was and if anything had changed today. She meant about me getting better, which she was convinced I would. But I had to bite my lip about anything changing… yeah, mom gave me a blow job today… Evie was the baby of the family, actually twelve now, and starting to grow, if you know what I mean. She was warm natured and curious about life in general. Always gave me kiss on the forehead when she left my room.


Then would come Ellen. Ellen is small and dark. Some would say sullen. But to me she was my matter-of-fact little sister who called a spade a spade, which was unusual for thirteen, but I guessed she was wandering into Goth territory and her sardonic tone didn’t really win the guys over. Not that she was interested, she would tell you.


Next I’d get Kathryn, fiery redheaded Kathryn. She was as temperamental as you’d think. She would regularly get the wrong end of the stick. She talked about boys a lot, but reading between the lines she wasn’t having much success. Not a good thing when you are fourteen and vulnerable.


Lastly, Kirstie would come in and sit with me. Kirstie had been the bane of my life growing up, but since the accident she had really cooled down, confiding in me, even. Kirstie liked girls, but she hadn’t told anyone. At fifteen she knew she liked boys too but my blonde bombshell sister hadn’t made up her mind yet.


Dad would come in straight from work. Then Mom would come in, often with the others and we’d watch TV or something. It was living, sort of.


As the weeks went by Mom’s hand jobs and blow jobs were the climax of my day (if you’ll pardon the pun). Then, one night as Mom was tucking me in for the night I said, “I can’t wait for the morning”.

“The morning? She said.

“You know…” I said quietly, trying not to let anyone else hear.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” she said and kissed my forehead and left the room.


I was deeply confused. She’d just denied anything had ever happened. It took me hours to get to sleep. At 6 a.m. I woke up. But there was no Mom. I listened as my sisters got up and got ready for school. Dad too, popped his head around the door and said “Hi” before shooting off to work. The house returned to silence and I heard Mom making breakfast. She came into my room with the usual tray. She sat on the bed as usual and placed the tray on my stomach, holding it with one hand as she fed me with the other. She never said a word. Once we were done she got up and left the room. I had crossed the line. Somehow I had rocked the boat and ruined our unspoken arrangement. The day dragged on and my sisters came home and we went through usual routine.


As Mom tucked me in that night I looked at her and all I could say was, “Sorry”.

Mom stopped what she was doing. “No need to be sorry. It’s my fault.”

She busied herself again and was about to leave when I managed to say, “It wasn’t your fault, Mom.”


She paused. Smiled. And closed the door.


I couldn’t help it. I started to cry. I felt so helpless. So useless. And now I had overstepped the mark with my own mother. Then a shaft of light from the hall broke into the room. The silhouette of a womanly shape stole inside and I watched as the dark feminine shape crossed the floor to me. I felt her pull my sheet down away from me and gently caress my penis to life. She gave him the kiss of life and I swelled in her mouth as she teased me. It was just a minute before she had me breathing deeply as she inhaled my manhood deep into her throat. I couldn’t believe it! I was so lucky! I was forgiven!


Then I watched her dark womanly figure divest itself of first her top and then, rather excitingly, her bottoms. Dropping them to the floor like litter. I watched and felt her climbing on top on me, straddling my legs with my firm resolve between her legs. Then I felt her put me to her succulent opening; the silhouette of me merging with her was so electric. Her warmth, her wetness, her tight clenching pussy walls much better than her mouth had ever been.

I loved the feeling as she enveloped me, sinking down, lower and lower…


And then I stopped, tight up against some kind of barrier! What was this? I wondered, not knowing what was happening. She made a sudden move down and I broke through! My brain suddenly clicked! This was not Mom, this was a virgin! This… was one of my sisters!


I heard her breathing calm after the pained palpitations she’d suffered. I daren’t say a word. The baby monitor was just inches away from my head and even though I was bursting to know, I couldn’t ask who it was that I was now deep inside of. She started to move and it felt great. She was young tight. Juicing me with her firm succulent tube. I could feel the excitement build inside me as she rocked back and fore, up and down, round and around. She leaned forward, her firm young breasts bouncing firmly with every fucking motion she gave. She went faster. Her pussy clenching and releasing, massaging my solid cock inside her. Her breath was shallow, getting faster, more high pitched, rasping.


“I’m gonna cum” I whispered to her.

“Not yet,” she breathed, but I couldn’t tell who it was.


She rocked faster, riding me blissfully. Silent whimpers escaped into the air above me. They were crying pleasure that I was feeling. Faster! The metal surgical bed creaking under the pressure. Faster! My tool burning with desire as it buried itself deep inside my sister! But which one?! Then I felt her ooze cum around my cock. She lifted just in time as I squirted jizz all over her dripping pussy and cloven ass.


We stayed, motionless. For what seemed like ages. Then she dismounted me like a gymnast off the asymmetric bars at the Olympics! A perfect 10!


I was still recovering as she donned her underwear and then stood, obviously looking at me. She came forward and kissed me on the forehead. “Thank you, big brother.” And she was gone.


To Be Continued…

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