August 14, 2015


Jess had come home from swimming and within the next few hours had gotten progressively more and more sick. At first I thought it was just a heavy cold – maybe she hadn’t dried her hair properly – but as the evening went on it was clear she had caught the flu. She was cold and shivering. I put her to bed and left her lamp on. A supply of Kleenex and a bowl in case she felt sick. I left her room with the door open and every now and then looked in on her to make sure she was okay. She fell asleep pretty quickly, and I settled down for the night in bed too.


Jeff was due for a long haul trip across country for an important meeting in the morning, so I was on Jess watch. It was the early hours, two-thirty or three, when I heard a deep groan from Jess’s room. I immediately got up and I was down the hallway to Jess’s room straight away.


Jess’s covers were on the floor and I could see beads of sweat as they glistened on her forehead. But she was shaking too, bunched up into a ball and shivering like a newborn kitten. I touched her head – burning.  The nape of her neck – sizzling. Her stomach – fiery. Even her legs were hot. I quickly got a cold wet cloth and put it on her head. She groaned, still asleep. There was nothing for it. I’d have to undress her. I quickly grabbed her strappy top and pulled it up and off her torso. Then I took her PJ shorts down and off her legs. Naked, she shivered some more. She was burning so much I couldn’t believe it.


I wet another cloth and after putting her onto her back with her legs straight, I placed the cold wet cloth on her chest. How many times had I done this through the years? Staying up through the night with sick children is par for the course when they are young, but at fifteen you expect a little more peace and quiet at night. No such luck tonight!


She wandered in and out of consciousness as I started to dowse her fiery skin with the cold damp cloth, refreshed every now and then by a bowl of ice-water I had on stand by. She seemed to calm down, trying to say something but forgetting how or what she wanted to say mid-sentence. I smiled. This was my Jess. She always talked in her sleep. I’d frequently hear arguments she was having at three in the morning, sometimes about the silliest things. One was arguing with her little brother about him hiding her teddy bear, her favourite teddy as a child, one that we’d put in the attic years ago. Another, I remember, she was afraid of a big tomato coming to get her! I smiled as the memories washed over me, slightly zoning me out of the situation as I smoothed the cold cloth over her damp hot skin.


Sitting in the bronze lamp-light I could see now just how beautiful my daughter had become. Even now, at her worst, she looked amazing. Her hair was matted to her forehead and pillow, but it still caught the light in its coppery sheen. Her B-cup breasts were small but beautifully formed, cute little conical nipples capping her firm little domes of flesh. Some guy was going to be very lucky to get his hands on those little beauties. Her stomach was not too flat, not skinny, but not tubby either. And the little mound of her pussy was tidily kempt. Obviously she had not succumbed to the trend of going completely bald down there. And her long legs were taut and slender.


I smoothed the cloth down one leg, and came up the other, dowsing her tender tummy and circling each breast in turn. I came down the valley between her domes and back south to her pubic mound. I gently daubed it with the cloth. I went to move away when Jess’s hand caught mine and insisted I stay right there. Her eyes were still closed and she said something unintelligible about soup. So I smoothed gently over her mound. Instinctively, my daughter’s legs widened for me to have greater access to her secret place. I coursed over and around her girlish groove and her hand insisted mine deeper into her softest cleft.


The cloth slipped from my hand and I felt for the first time through my daughter’s silken folds. They parted on cue and I slipped effortlessly into her succulent little cunt. My fingers explored as my thumb manipulated her delicate nub. I was midway through my fifth touch deeper into the inside my girl when I noticed my husband standing behind me. I froze, terrified at being caught with my fingers inside her, even thought she was moaning and writhing upon them.


Pensively, I peered over my shoulder to see him standing there naked, his cock rampant as it stared at me. I looked up to his lust-filled face. He looked at me.


“She’s delirious,” I whispered, “I was wiping her with the cloth when she caught my hand.”

“Don’t stop,” He said.


I turned back to my darling, and continued fingering her. The very knowledge of her father standing behind me, watching me do it, made me instantly moist below. I felt him kneel behind me as I continued my ministrations. His breath was heavy as he leaned in close, his cockhead nudging the cleft of my cami-knickers. I knelt up and felt him lowering my silk cami-knickers down off my tingling butt and letting them drop delicately down my thighs. I leaned over our daughter as I felt his cockhead nudge gently into the opening of my vagina. And then I felt his length push deep inside me. I was wetter than I thought, an opportunity not wasted on my husband.


I continued finger fucking Jess as her Dad firmly ploughed my pussy, building up a slow but insistent rhythm. He reached under my camisole top and felt my fiery breasts. I couldn’t believe we were doing this! – Jess was rising in her excitement, thrusting her own pussy onto my plunging fingers. She grabbed her own bare breasts and I felt her father knead mine like sensual dough. His fingers pushing through my firm flesh, exciting me yet further.


My love tunnel was now a torrent of pulsing joy. Wet, sexual joy, contracting and expanding as Jeff’s man-meat started to pummel me. I slumped over our daughter, my face inches from her engorged bud. It wasn’t a stretch, so I just leaned down and flicked it with my tongue.


Jesus! – It was like I had flicked jess into overdrive! She started writhing and bucking like a bronco, fucking my fingers and savouring my flickering tongue. And then suddenly she was a flurry of pelvic thrusts, my fingers being clamped and released in quick succession and swimming in her succulent juices!


Jeff must have enjoyed the show because I felt him too go into overdrive – bumping my cushioned butt and ramming his rod into to me with full force of finality and squirting his man juice deep inside me.


Normally I come with Jeff, but right now I was just teetering on the brink. Jess slumped down into her bed and Jeff slumped over me. I was trapped with my face in my daughter’s pussy. I tried to speak, but it was muffled by my daughter’s muff. I turned my head enough to look up her body to see her baby browns looking right at me.


“Jeff,” I said quietly “get up”.


Jeff eased up off me, but Jess’s eyes were still on me, staring blankly right at me. I lifted up off her little pussy. Then she did the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. Looking directly at me – her mother – she opened up her delicate little thighs, flat upon the bed because she’s so supple, making that diamond shape with her legs and letting me see her runny little pussy lips glistening with her own cum. She didn’t say anything.


“Do you want me to…?” I asked pensively.


She still didn’t say anything. I hoped she was asleep. I had seen her do this many times, looking right at you, even speaking nonsense at you about cheese or a giant pea chasing her down a hill. Keeping my eyes on hers I leaned in between her beautiful slender thighs. She watched me as I went but there was no recognition there at all. I reached her succulent peach, its swirly hair matted to her sweaty skin. Her silvery gash shimmered in the golden glow of the dull lamp-light. I poured over it pushing it apart with my thumbs, opening her up like a lychee fruit salad; sweet, soft and succulent. I inched closer, one eye on hers as I went. Until finally I was touching her furry cup, and I let my tongue slide into my daughter’s juicy fruit.


“Oh my God!” said Jeff, leaning around to see. His cock now in his hand, twitching back to life. Jess looked at him, but there was no recognition there either. No real interest or passion or horror as she looked at the swelling monster in his palm. I let my tongue explore through my darling’s beautiful clam. Her oyster was my world as my mouth muscle twisted and tasted every tangy liquor she had to offer; swirling through her succulent peach, savouring her nectarine zest: Sweet with a tang of subtle spice. Like an oriental flavour never tried before – Sweet & Sour Jess Cum Yung!


Just as my tongue entered her pulsing wet hole I saw the next sexiest sight I’ve ever seen. Jeff stood up and as Jess followed every bob of his straining manhood he stepped closer to our daughter, hovering just inches from her face. In her trance Jess automatically took hold of her father’s cock and began to lick around its bulging head! I was so turned on now I just dived into my girl’s sopping cunt! I licked up to her pulsing bud and circled it over and over, making her squirm as I watched her take her Dad’s cock inside her mouth and start sucking it, torturing him like I do.


It was so beautiful! Jeff’s eyes glazed over as his own daughter’s tongue lapped around his swollen glans, making him twitch slightly with every turn. He gently stroked her head of hair as he enjoyed her sucking motions. It was so touching – father and daughter together, gentle and gratifying. As I tongued her inner peach I slipped my own hand below to please myself. I too was as wet as my daughter and I strummed lightly over myself with years of precision at my fingertips. I knew exactly where to touch and how I got off best or quickest. I had known since I was twelve just how to make myself cum just right. Not screaming, thrashing cums, just nice, continuous little sensations of hot wet joy shivering through my cunt and up to my swollen tits. I played with myself as I tongue fucked Jess, her eyes occasionally closing now with pleasure, sweat still running off her naked body. Her small perfectly formed domes pointing at the ceiling as her chest heaved with waves of ecstatic pleasure, mounting so she began panting around Jeff’s cock.


He leaned down a little and gently tweaked her little buds, first one and then the other. Like he does me. Like he knows I like it. Like Jess does too. She became more animated, now stroking Jeff’s length with her little hand as her pouting lips and tongue stretched over him time and again and suddenly Jeff froze, gasped, trying not to shove his meat-feast down his daughter’s throat and not succeeding very well.


But our Jess just took it. I heard him grunt and there was a definite physical pulse I saw go up from his ball-sack through his meaty cock and into our daughter’s mouth. Her eyes opened wide and she let go of him and he pulled out of her pursed lips and sprayed his second wad of pearly cum over her lips and chin, dribbling instantly down her neck. Jeff’s last spurt of man juice was thinner and clearer as it splashed upon our beautiful daughter’s perky little tits and trickled in rivulets of man-joy down toward her belly, pooling in her belly button before running off either side of her flat little tummy.


Jess sat up with surprise, her mouth opened showing her Dad’s seed still sloshing on her tongue, and as she tilted up the pool of cum in her navel overflowed down through her pubic forest and seeped into her juicy fruit. I tasted Jeff and rushed to lap up all his jizz before it settled in her hole. I lapped like crazy – Jess looking at me with those big wide eyes as I did.


“Just lay back, Sweety” I managed to get out before I stemmed the flow of man-juice through my daughter’s velveteen folds. Then I knew I had to bring her off one last time and set to flicking her bulging bean as it stood proud of its hood and screamed “Lick Me!” So I did. I flicked over and over, Jess lying back, gripping the sheets and starting to hump my head with her pelvic thrusts. I knew she was close and so was I.


I timed the flicking of my tongue and the strumming of my fingers over both our beans to perfect synchronisation until I felt Jess arch her back, lifting off the bed except for her feet and her shoulders and the flood came! It burst through some invisible barrier and gushed out over my waiting lips. I swallowed her juice – tangier than her sweet nectar of earlier: More pungent, more alkaline. I too burst my damn, and like mother, like daughter, I too turned my pussy lips into a waterfall for two or three long blissful seconds.


Jess slumped back onto the bed, completely spent. I sat back on my haunches and looked at her. She was asleep. Her eyelids were placidly shut and her breathing was returning slowly to normal.


“Holy Fuck, Marie!” said Jeff in a steady unbelieving tone, “What have we done?”

“Shhh…” I whispered, “She’s asleep”.


I ushered him out of the room and back to bed. Jeff lay there quietly looking up at the ceiling. I’m not sure if he was crying or not. We didn’t say anything. It was an hour before I heard him snoring. I crept out of bed and back to Jess’s room. I felt her forehead, and it was cool. She wasn’t shivering anymore. Her sweat had dried on her body, and so had her father’s cum. I pulled some covers over her and went back to bed.


Morning was fresh and light, but Jeff was pensive. He couldn’t look at me. What I’d done! What he’d done! I think he was tortured more than ever I’ve seen him before. We were having breakfast when Jess walked into the kitchen. She was dressed in just a T-Shirt – one of Jeff’s old ones she liked to wear to bed sometimes because they were big and long, and I guessed because her Dad had also worn them and she needed that reassuring manliness around her. Jeff froze at the counter, unable to speak as he stirred his coffee. I smiled at her. Jess smiled back.


“How are you feeling this morning, honey?” I said to break the expectant hush.

“I’m a lot better, Mum” she said.

“You had quite a fever,” I replied.

“Must have, Mom. I had such a weird dream, I can tell you!” She smiled to herself.

“Well,” I said calmly, “You were delirious. It’s to be expected.”


Jeff was visibly holding his breath.


“If that’s the kind of hallucinations I can expect from a fever I’m standing out in the rain tonight!” She giggled to herself.


I smiled at her private joke and Jeff’s brow finally let him breathe.


The End.

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