A Tingling Sensation - Part 2

October 4, 2015



“What?!” demanded Jodie. But Ellen and I were too far gone to answer.


Jodie stomped up the stairs and I paused my laughter only to hear if she had woken her little brother. Luckily, she hadn’t.


Once we had calmed down and made sure we were put right and the offending toy had been safely put away I set about making the girls some tea. Yes, Tea; we’re English so Tea is what we have in the early evening by way of food. Southern Fries and Twizzlers, with a side of sweetcorn that day. Usually washed down with… you guessed it… tea. As we three sat around the table, now with the girls in cut off jeans and T-shirts, Jodie looked at Ellen and I with increasing intensity.


“What were you laughing at when I came in earlier?” she asked.


I looked at Ellen, and she cracked a smile. I knew my eyes were sharing the joke but I said as calmly as I could, “It was just a little joke between us. When you’re older you’ll understand that some jokes are private, even between family”.

“That’s not fair,” said Jodie, “I’m not a kid anymore”.

“I know, sweetheart, but this was a private joke. And one day we’ll have private jokes, you and I.”

Ellen was openly grinning and it was making her sister worse.

“It’s not funny!” blurted Jodie, and she got up from the table and stormed off again to her room, this time slamming her door, which was followed by the unmistakable cry of Joel.

“Damn it!” I said, I looked at Ellen, who looked amused and apologetic at the same time. “You shouldn’t wind her up,” I said, “it’ll make things worse.”

“I’m sorry, Mum” she said, but I sensed she was secretly enjoying the fact that she had one over on her little sister. Sibling rivalry, eh! “I’ll go see if I can settle Joel for you,” she said and got up and left the room.

“Thank you, Ellen” I called after her.


How as I going to get through this? I had no idea how I let it get this far. I’d fingered my own daughter and she had fucked me with a vibrator. Something which she seemed to know all about! Oh my God! What if Jodie found out?! What if my husband, John, found out?! What was I going to do?


Nothing happened for several days. I thought things may finally settle down to the way things were before. Joel still got me excited, but I didn’t worry too much about it and just gave myself easy relief when I could. Our morning feeds were the perfect opportunity for me to just let go and enjoy the feelings, and I let my fingers stray to my loins and finger myself quite leisurely to the sound of Joel’s sucking. Bliss!


I managed somehow through the lunchtime feed, but the tea time feed was always a struggle. Would I have enough time before the girls got home to have a quick play? I didn’t want Jodie to catch me, and I wasn’t sure I should let Ellen do so either. So, despite being distinctly moist at Tea Time, I generally soldiered on and put Joel down and made food. But Ellen was being a darling, going up to him in the evenings and giving him a bottle of breast milk I had expressed during the night. She was really coming through for me.


She had been doing this for nearly a week for me when we heard Joel’s squawk around 9pm. Ellen offered to see to him again and Jodie and I continued watching our show. I think it was Dr Who or something we had recorded. Jodie was into it and I put up with it for her enjoyment. Things we parents do, eh?! It had been about half an hour since Ellen had disappeared upstairs, so I got up, saying “I’m just going to check on Joel”. Jodie grunted something noncommittal and I escaped upstairs quietly.


I padded gently along the hallway toward my bedroom to where I could hear little cooing sounds. I slowed, not wanting to break the spell, and looked in through the gap between door frame and door. And there on my bed I saw them – Ellen cradling Joel in one arm as he sucked her bare breasted nipple! Her nightshirt was pulled right up over her breasts and gathered in an untidy bunch under her neck, this left the whole of her body below naked to the world.


Ellen’s eyes were closed and Joel was sucking earnestly at her beautiful conical nipple – still young enough for no adult shape to really take hold. Her other hand was massaging her free breast, kneading it like a master-baker! Even this erotic sight was topped as I saw her hips gently surge back and forth against her brother’s little foot! It rubbed perfectly into her fleecy groove, his toes wriggling into her inner folds of soft moist flesh. I was horrified by what I saw, and yet I could see the beauty of it also. It was so simple, so creative, so natural and yet so wrong.


I eased the door open silently and stepped quietly over the carpet to the bottom of my bed. I put one knee upon the mattress and it sank down deep under my weight as I pressed forward. Ellen felt my presence upon the bed and her eyes flicked open guiltily. “Mum!” she blurted, but I hushed her with a finger to my lips.


She watched me come closer and then I took her top leg and prised it up and away from her other one – spying for the first time exactly how deep her brother’s foot was into her crotch. She daren’t move, but I was overcome with hot throbbing lust now. I leaned in close between her legs and breathed upon my daughter’s cunt and my son’s foot. As wrong as ever it was I touched my Joel’s little foot, and I placed it at her weeping hole. My God! What was I doing?! But I couldn’t stop from pressing one to the other, my hand pressing her peachy bottom toward the intruding limb. It went just inside her modest little conch and I breathed in her sweet aroma. Then I went closer, closer and closer still, until I could breathe in her smell and taste it in my throat. I licked gently up the outside of her furry cup, teasing her teenage pussy as I urged her brother’s foot in just a little further.


She whined, her free leg coming around me to accommodate my position, her hand gently upon my head. I looked up her naked body, seeing Joel suck half asleep, mere comfort for him, receiving nothing, his bottle empty on the bedside cabinet. So wrong! – I thought as I licked her moist valley. I heard her high pitched hum as she bit her lip not to cry out and let her sister know what the rest of the family were doing. Sweet Jesus! – This was wrong! I knew it, with every fibre of my being, but I knew she needed it, she wanted it and I wanted to give to her. She was so delicate and so in teenage need of sweet, sweet, sex. I remembered that need. I felt it now.


I found her clitoris, that small Greek island of pleasure, and I touched it with my tongue. I had never touched a girl before in this way. I didn’t swing both ways, I had never been interested in girls and I had never experimented at university. Not even drunk on sleep-overs had I ever been tempted to kiss or touch any of my friends in anything but a proper way. But Ellen was different. Ellen was my child, my daughter, my precious flower, and I would do anything to help and please her. She needed this now, and even though I lied to myself otherwise, so did I.


I held her soft globes of flesh as I flicked my tongue over her clit, circling, teasing, her hips rising and falling with ever increasing passion. I held Joel’s foot inside her as she started to fuck it with her cunt, tiny little fuck motions not lost on me as I tongued her pulsing node of glowing, blushing, shining, glistening tissue.


“Mum!” She gasped, and I guessed she was about to cum so I stepped up my mouth magic, kissing her bud between mini-bites and flickering whispers. And then I was on it – full on tongue flicker, across it like a child trying to make a helicopter sound with their tongue inside their mouth, except my mouth was open and every flick one way or the other touched her beating bud. And suddenly she was cumming! Not a huge gushing torrent as I expected, but several heaving humping thrusts onto Joel’s inserted foot and she slumped drained upon the bed.


I looked up and saw Joel’s mouth had come away from her nipple as she lay back on the bed and his eyes were closed peacefully. I gently pushed Ellen’s thigh from around my neck and shoulder so it too fell onto the bed, and I sat up surveying the scene.


She looked amazing! So beautiful, lying there, spent.


I picked up Joel and he let out a large, deep, man-sized burp upon my shoulder. I hugged him close. What had I let her do? What had I done? I lay him in his cot and looked down at Ellen. I reached over and pulled down Ellen’s nightshirt to something approaching modestly. Then I turned. I wasn’t ready for what I saw.


Jodie was standing there in the doorway – eyes as wide as they could go – A look of total and utter shock on her face. I froze!


That’s when I noticed her nightshirt was bunched at the front and I saw that her forearm disappeared under the voluminous shirt. It was moving, gently.


We looked at each other for what seemed like ages. I didn’t know what to do or say. Then Jodie turned and ran from the doorway. Oh Dear God! What had I done?!


I rushed after Jodie as she disappeared into her bedroom. I opened the door to see her sitting on her bed, hands together on her lap, her lovely legs catching the lamplight, stencilled with fairies upon her delicate thighs. She did so love fairies when she was younger. I stepped into the room and she watched me coyly.


“Can I come in?” I asked, not sure whether she would even want to speak to me.


But Jodie nodded and I was relieved as I crossed the room. I knelt on the floor before her, looking up in supplication.


“How much did you see?” I asked, quietly.

She didn’t answer.

 “Did you see Ellen cum?”

She nodded. I tried to gather my thoughts. How could I explain this?

“It’s complicated, you see…” I began, “Ellen, well, she helped me the other day…”

“I know” said Jodie.

I looked up into her beautiful grey-green eyes. “You know?”

“Yes, Ellen told me.”

I wasn’t sure exactly what her sister would have let on to her. Had she made up some fantastic story to cover us or did she lay it out there for hell to judge?

“What did she tell you?” I said.

“She said you’re missing Dad, and when you breastfeed Joel it gets you horny and Ellen helped you cum, and then you helped her cum”.


I nearly died! She knew it all, but she was calm as she said it. Well, as calm as teenage girl can be when she’s telling you her sister and her mother had sex.


“And what about just now? What did you see?” I asked.

“I saw you helped Ellen out again”.

“And… what do you feel about that?” I asked.

“It’s okay, Mum. I’m not going to tell anyone.”

“Thank you, Sweetheart.” I said quietly, relieved for now that I wasn’t going to jail.

“Me and Ellen have started helping each other out too, since she told me how you did it for her, and she, you”.


I stared open mouthed at my youngest daughter. She’s thirteen years of intelligence and secrecy, that one, but here she was telling me that she and her sister had been having sex together since my own weakness a week ago. I couldn’t think what to say.


“Er… do you… like it?” I asked, purely for something to say.

“Yeah, it’s nice,” she smiled a naughty little smirk and added, “wanna try?” And with that she opened her legs from the prim knees together novice perch to a fully widened stripper pose in one simple movement. Her nightshirt was still draped low enough to conceal her wares as it draped off her inner thighs to form a festoon curtain over the main stage area of the show. I looked from her wide open legs to her young angelic face, and I didn’t know what to do.


“Unless you just like Ellen and not me” she said, and even though I knew I was being manipulated I couldn’t wriggle out of this one. I thought, My God! She’s only 13! But then I remembered when I was thirteen, masturbating at every chance I got, my knickers turning to cardboard everyday with the amount of cum I plastered on them. I wish I had had someone to help me with my sexual urges when I was thirteen.


“You can never tell anyone” I said earnestly. She smiled and shook her head wickedly. “Lie back,” I said, and she laid right back with her legs still dangling off the bed, wide apart and waiting for the miracle.


I inched forward – thinking back to my own burgeoning sexuality, I wanted to make this a memorable event for both of us. I started at one knee and kissed small wet gentle kisses along her inner thigh toward her still draped nightshirt. She cooed, occasionally jerking with ticklish impulses I knew to be as erogenous as they were ticklish. I did the other thigh, moving ever inward toward her rising curtain. I saw her fingers pinching the soft white cotton higher off centre stage – Act I was about to begin!


It’s hard not to compare, but I had only just seen Ellen’s little pussy, and Jodie’s seemed fuller even though she was younger. It was plumper, with more hair (still not pruning the fair blonde bush). It was more rounded and shapely. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. It was so womanly, even if it was on my 13-year-old daughter. I leaned in and inhaled her wonderful aroma. She was moist and I touched my nose to her velveteen folds, breathing her in. I heard hear breathing hard, her rounded belly rising and falling with every deep breath.


I nuzzled in a little more, wanting to get as close as I possibly could before I let my tongue daintily taste my youngest daughter. Her taste was tangy, like apricot with grapefruit. A hint of all-spice teasing my taste buds also. I touched her fleshy cove, just lightly dancing the tip of me to the tingling centre of a young girl’s universe.


“Mum, don’t tease me.” I heard her say. I could scarcely comprehend I could have such an experience, but in I went – me now licking Jodie’s soft folds up to her beating bud and down to her seeping hole. Up again as she writhed and I could see her pulling her nightshirt higher until her fully rounded mounds of flesh stood pointing to the sky, like fleshy domes, now squashed and felt by my daughter’s own fingers as I teased her tender cunt!


I couldn’t resist pushing my tongue deep inside her succulent hole, feeling her vaginal walls gripping and releasing me as she flexed her inner muscles. I fucked her in and out in ever increasing stabs of my tongue inside her wetness. But my tongue was already getting tired so north I went to her benevolent bud. And I beat it with lashings upon lashings of tongue. She rose and fell; her body flexing as I held onto her orbs of basest flesh and pulled her pubic mound into my mouth as her legs bounced uselessly about my head. I pushed her up the bed, pulling her hips right off the covers as I mouthed her sluicing slot.


“Mum! I’m Cumming!” She blurted in a faint high pitched whine, before grunting a low guttural groan, her legs tightened wide apart but stiff as boards, her thigh muscles flexing tight, and her back arching and stiffening as her backside rose off the bed and she thrust her pussy into my mouth. I felt warm thick liquid ooze into my mouth with a sense of satisfaction, and then Jodie went completely limp.


Her legs were still draped over the edge of the bed and her nightshirt was now covering her full bouncing boobs, but her hands were still under her shirt holding them. I stood up, wiping my second smear of daughter’s cum from my face in the last half hour. Her face was blissful, relaxed, a smile upon her face as her blonde hair fell like an angelic mane around her pretty face. I didn’t want to spoil the moment, so I quietly left the room.


Ellen was asleep on my bed when I looked in on her, so I just went downstairs and slept on the sofa. I say slept… but really I was torn between overwhelming pangs of guilt and undeniable lust. I was horny as hell as I lay there thinking about what I had done for my darling daughters. Fifteen and thirteen. Oh My God! I was going to burn in Hell forever and a day! Or was I going to enjoy being with my sweet offspring while their father was away?


I wasn’t sure and I didn’t reason anything out lying there on that sofa. Eventually I fell asleep because I remember waking up the following morning. The sun mockingly shone through our living room curtains and as I sat up I knew what I had to do. I had to tell them it couldn’t happen ever again. It was wrong. In my heart I knew that. I even determined we would go to Church on Sunday.


I had determined my course of action when the girls came down the stairs together, Ellen holding Joel. They both smiled at me simple innocent smiles I didn’t believe anymore. I sat them down –


“Girls…” I started, “it can never happen again.”

They both eyed me carefully.

“It was all my fault. I’m the grown up. I should have known better.”

Still they didn’t react to me, just looked from me to each other to Joel to me.

“Is that clear?” I said.

“If you want,” said Ellen, “I thought we were just helping each other out”.

“We were,” I blurted, “but we can’t carry on”.

“Why not?” said Jodie.

“Well, because it’s wrong, darling”.

“Doesn’t feel wrong,” came back Ellen.

“Feels nice,” said Jodie.

“I know, but it is. I could get into so much trouble if anyone found out”.

“Who’s going to find out? I’m not going to tell anyone” said Ellen.

“Me neither” said her sister.


I was searching for the right words, but they just didn’t exist. “We just can’t do it any more, that’s all.”


They fell silent. Then Jodie looked at me with the eyes of a child, “Ellen had more goes than me”.

“More goes?”

“Yeah, you did it with her twice. You only did it with me once. And I never got to do it back.”


It was the kind of logic a child might come up with over the use of a skipping rope or a bicycle, but not lesbian incest with one’s mother!


“She’s older.” I said rather pathetically even to my own ears.


Jodie got up and was storming off as usual, when Ellen spoke. “What about us? We’re allowed to do it, aren’t we?”

I hadn’t actually given that any thought.

“I don’t think so, Ellen. It’s not right.”

Ellen stood up and handed me Joel in a non-too-gentle manner and stomped up the stairs after her sister.


I sat there with little Joel wondering how I had come to this. Of course, I had no way of knowing if the girls were going to keep “helping each other out” or not. They shared a room. What was I going to do? Spy on them? Even if I caught them, what could I do? I had done the very same thing. How could I punish them? They could just turn the tables on me and tell on me! What if they told John?!! I’d lose them all! I’d lose John, the Girls, Joel – I’d go to jail!


My mind didn’t let me alone all day. The girls avoided me. It wasn’t until evening they came down to watch a little TV, but they soon disappeared back upstairs silently. I did make us go to Church on Sunday. It was like pulling teeth. The Girls were sullen, although they looked the part in their light summer dresses and one inch heels. I thanked them for coming when we were driving home, but they still said nothing.


It was little by little that they started to speak to me through the next week. Maybe I had actually gotten through to them. There was just one problem with that. I was still horny as Hell and Joel wasn’t making things any easier. But now I daren’t show the girls the slightest inkling I was faltering. John would be home in just over three weeks. I could manage till then, surely.


With the girls in school I could cope with Joel’s morning feed and lunch time feed. I even timed the Tea Time feed so perfectly I could bring myself off after Joel went down for his nap. The evening feed was proving difficult though. If I fed him in front of the girls they looked at me for any sign of me cracking and letting that tingling sensation in my nipples get to me. Even Joel’s incessant pawing of my breast as he fed was starting to please me in a less than motherly way. But I managed, just, by locking myself in the bathroom and seeing to myself as fast as womanly possible. I felt a hark back to my early teen years when I would do it as fast as I could and time myself. Or sometimes I would need to do it in the toilets at school between lessons. Even at the swimming baths, one time with the school, just for devilment.


It was the following weekend when I had put Joel down after his lunch time feed and I needed to get some things for lunch from the shop. I sneaked my head into the girls’ room to tell them I was popping out. They were both stuck in their respective tablet and phone, Jodie preferring her tablet and Ellen her phone. They quirkily agreed to listen out for their little brother as I drove to the shops.


I had been really good all week, keeping a lid on my libido, but today I hadn’t quite managed to quash that inner urge. I needed to cum. If I had thought about it I would have locked myself in the bathroom before I came out, but that’s me, not a forward thinker. So I was driving to the shops. I was in a small little number John liked. Nothing special, just a little grey dress as opposed to a little black one. But the thing with this little number is that you can see any line or bump below it. As a result, and much to John’s urging, I usually wore nothing underneath. With no VPL (Visible Panty Line) and no bra straps either I felt free and incredibly sexy every time I wore it. And now it was doing its devilish magic!


As I sat in midday traffic waiting for the sun to make up its mind and the lorry in front to move along already, I felt the fabric of this dress rub gently across my nipples. God, it was good! I moved intentionally to get that feeling back across both nips now, turning in my seat this way and that like a demented tennis spectator! I felt that twinge deep below as my inner woman woke up and drooled into my loins. I couldn’t cross my legs because I was driving, and that would probably just crush my clit and make things worse! Before I knew what I was doing my hand was between my legs, fingers snaking under my shortest skirt and tinkling with my bean as it grew and started to throb.


I knew I couldn’t carry on or I’d get the back of my skirt wet – not a good look in the supermarket! So I stopped. I bit my lip and parked my car. I rushed through the supermarket like a woman possessed. My pussy lips rubbing together delightfully as I walked briskly down the aisles – a woman on a mission! I was throwing things into the shopping trolley and skidding at the end of the aisles as I tried to drift around them powered by my little legs and flat sensible shoes. I broke my own rule by using the self scan checkout because it was the only one without a queue and I shot across the car park to my car as fast I could. I don’t know how many fruit and vegetables I bruised throwing them into the back of the car, but a bag burst and I don’t remember buying courgettes, cucumbers and carrots but apparently I did!


I piled into the car and breathed out hard! Yeah, still tingling! I couldn’t help it – I opened my legs right there in the supermarket car park and looked down as I plied my fingers to myself. Throbbing! – Deep palpitating beats of pulsing pussy pleasure as I toyed with my tiny tip of delightful torture! I squirmed in the drivers seat, my thighs splaying like a frog’s legs in dissection, except mine weren’t limp and lax but taut and trembling. I flicked my head around me, aware of movement close by. A young guy and his friend had just parked up next to me, maybe just five or six years older than Ellen. I drank in the sight of them – young, hard bodies, a cut-off T-shirt and a tight white one; biceps tight, full, strong, chest full, and firm butts as they got out of their car. I had barely remembered to close my legs when the nearest one glanced down at me and smiled before moving off with his friend, laughing at some untold joke.


I roared the car to life and screeched the tires as I left my parking space and tore around the corners to the road. The lights were red and there was nothing I could do. My legs fell apart again and I was playing surreptitiously with myself amid the traffic lights starting grid. It was delightful as I snaked a finger deep inside myself, managing several hearty pumps before the green light gave the go ahead and I was away – my wet sticky fingers now coating the steering wheel with my own special lubricant!


I played as I drove – all care gone to the wind that blew my dirty blonde back in streaks from my head and tousled behind my head. I was delving as deep as I could, with intermittent strumming on my beating bud. But I couldn’t do it. It was becoming dangerous as I missed my gear and broke too sharp, so I tugged my skirt hem back into place over my scissor closed legs, noticing my moist thumb print soaking into the grey material in a dark patch of obvious intent.


I arrived back at the house and parked in the drive. The girls were nowhere to be seen as I dumped the groceries on the kitchen table. I scanned the living room and dining room, even the garden, before I headed up the stairs.


As I reached the landing I heard the unmistakable sound of Joel sucking contentedly on his feed. I slowed as I reached my bedroom door. A moment before I went through the open door I heard another unmistakable sound – a low sensual moan. I wasn’t prepared for what I saw next, but neither was I in a place to deal with it like a grown up.


Jodie was lying on my bed, her milky white skin illuminated by the soft light of my bedside lamp. Her naked body was writhing as my infant son sucked upon her pouting breast. But the real reason was between her legs. Naked as her sister was Ellen, golden skinned and slighter than her sister. Her puppy fat burnt off and replaced by the slenderest female form. Her head bobbed up and down, side to side, slurping sounds emanating from her sister’s sluice. I walked into the room, barefoot on the carpet, feeling my toes sink down into the deep pile, gently tickling between them. I was so aware of my own body, from those tickling toes right up to the follicles on my head. I could feel my simple slinky grey, figure hugging sweat dress clinging to my every curve, exciting me further as I watched my fifteen-year-old daughter eating her thirteen-year-old sister’s juicy peach. She tongued that oyster right out – teasing its juices out from within.


I reached for the hem of my dress’s skirt and pulled it up off my thighs, over my hips – exposing my golden fleece – and up, inside out, off my swollen breasts and over my head and off. It fell to the floor with all my inhibitions as I poured over Ellen’s perfect female form. She glanced back over her shoulder as I touched the backs of her open thighs. I smiled as I lowered and kissed a sweet gentle trail up the backs of her thighs to her perfect little sexy backside. She went back to her sister’s vulva, lapping and tantalising her sensitive skin.


I kissed all over my fifteen-year-old’s bottom – and she reacted with tiny involuntary twitches, movements governed by sensations I knew were rippling through her skin. I kissed up further, to the top of her beautiful bum and the bottom of her slender back. Little dimples dictated where I kiss next. Erogenous zones I knew would drive her wild. She breathed heavily into her sister’s hot wetness. Jodie looked down her nakedness and saw me as I kissed her inner thigh, just above her knee. Her expression was full of sensual pleasure, her eyes dripping lust and her brow furrowed as she concentrated on the exquisite gratification burning through her body.


But her movement had disturbed Joel from his suckling and he niggled awkwardly with wind. My maternal instincts kicked in and I picked myself up and went around to pick him up. He belched as I picked him up and with just a little extra coaxing he let out another almighty burp. I looked at his little face and could see his perfect calm; his eyes were closed and I knew that snoring would follow (like his Dad). I took him to his own room and gently laid him down in his cot. I paused for a moment, looking down at his little innocent features. No cares on his mind. No frustrations. No guilt.


When I got back to my bedroom I was greeted with a sight I had only seen in magazines and movies – like the ones my husband likes so much. Jodie’s fully figured milky white body made up half of a delightful sandwich. Legs splayed, and her small fingers smoothing up and down her sister’s lithe form, tanned to her own pallor. The top half of the sandwich was Ellen, facing downward, in a beautiful sixty-nine.


I stopped at the door and watched my delectable daughters as they romped passionately, each burying her head in her sister’s open crotch. I was mesmerised! I had never seen such a thing in real life, but this was hyper-real life – my own daughters mashed together in a breathless, pungent visually erotic top-to-tail sexual clinch. I walked silently to my bedroom chair – a left over from our last living room furniture – and sat open legged and began touching myself. I smoothed over my soft smooth skin, letting my fingertips glide over it like a concert pianist feeling the ivories below, playing my favourite concerto.


My nipples were hardening to a ripe nub of dark brown button-flesh. Each one sizzled as I teased them and circled in ever increasing circles, making each full pouting breast fizzle with fiery ache. I pulled my feet up onto the chair so I could see my girls through the V of my naked thighs. And I let a hand go down, finding instantly my burning bud. I was on fire!


Seeing Ellen’s golden skin contrast with Jodie’s milky white was so beautiful. But the best sight was Ellen’s bronzed feline face tilting up to look at me. Her hair was tousled about her fine features, her full lips licked by her tender tongue and her chin glistened with her sister’s juices. Below her I could see her pert young breasts pointing down between her sister’s creamy legs. And at their junction I could see her sister’s glistening vulva cheeks, her lady garden darker and fuller than her sister’s, but equally as sensual. Her watery eye winked at me as it wept tears of excitement sending drops of juice down between her rounded globes.


Ellen’s eyes smouldered as they looked at me, the way no fifteen-year-old should know how to smoulder. She dipped low once more, making a show of licking her sister’s sluice, lapping at her juicy peach. All the time she kept her heavy-lidded blues right on me, showing me, enticing me, daring me. My own show was quickening pace and Ellen clocked it right away, her eyes flicking between my own and my oozing pussy as I felt up and down it, through my secret folds, to my nether depths. I could feel my breath short and shallow, my chest burning like hot sweats, and that tingling sensation effervescent over my skin from toes to scalp. Boiling point being steadily warmed up to in my breasts, on my clit, in my cunt!


Ellen stalked forward, through her sister’s thighs, like a hungry wolf prowling, stalking me and my hot wet open meat. She made it through Jodie’s thighs and slinked down onto the carpeted floor. She leaned forward, inches from my wetness and I felt her warm breath as she closed, closer and closer, to my throbbing pussy. I moved my fingers away and watched as Ellen’s pouting lips came in for a kiss. Her first touch was electric and I tipped my head back in ecstasy. I breathed in sharply and just lolled for a second on the back of the cushioned chair. I could feel Ellen’s tongue now licking at my soft open flesh, teasing my clit and delving deep into the hole from which she came.


A movement caught my eye and I looked across to see Jodie kneeling on my bed, watching her sister eat me out as she squeezed her breast and tickled her twat. She was so sweet. So innocent. I beckoned her over and she awkwardly walk on her knees to the edge of the bed, never once letting herself go, always touching herself, always exciting herself. She walked nervously to me, her eyes coy as I drank in her beautiful body, and her very real sexual need. She stopped by the arm of the chair and I reached easily between her thighs and smoothed up her silky thighs. She was urgently toying with her hidden bud, just one finger desperately rubbing that insane itch. I travelled up, touching her soft dew laden pussy cheeks. She bit her lip like a three-year-old with a naughty secret. I trailed in between those puffy cheeks, finding her labia lips, slick with girl-cum. She moved her hand away as I let my fingers open her up like a flower, her labia petals like an orchid, pink and shining with slippery sheen, her nectar hidden deep inside her pinkest part. She gripped her breasts, one in each hand, her face transcendent, like sleep.


“Come closer” I said and she sleep-walked toward me.


My middle finger slipped effortlessly into her succulent hole. Deep, warm, wet inside. She breathed in sharply. Like me. My thumb teased her beating bud out of its hood and I felt her legs shake as I did so. Inside, I teased her secret node. She jolted as I did. Her eyes opened wide and I guessed I had just taught her where her G-Spot was. I smiled up at her as she trembled.


I reached up to her with my other hand and pulled her by her hand down so I could kiss her beautiful lips. I needed those lips. Those soft, smooth, immature lips. I tasted her tongue, and I saw her eyes gleam as I taught her yet more about life and love.


Ellen was now strumming my clit as she tried valiantly to push her tongue as deep inside me as it would go. I could feel her soft young face pressed firmly into my pussy, my soft down matted with saliva and love juice. I groaned into Jodie’s mouth and pulled her even closer.


“I want to taste you!” I breathed into her.


Jodie took the hint and broke off from me. She climbed onto the arm of the chair, then straddled me, with one knee on each arm, her pussy close. I dived into her fair fauna, wriggling into her damp valley, the tip of my tongue touching her taut clitoris – teasing it delightfully. I held her buttocks and pulled her into my mouth. It wasn’t enough! Jodie stood up on the arms of the chair and lifted one leg over my shoulder. I understood, or thought I did, and held onto her butt again and buried my face in her muff. But Jodie wasn’t done – she eased up, right over my face and lowered her dripping pussy onto my waiting lips. I tongued up into her succulent hole and this is what she wanted! She moaned loudly and ground her little cunt into my mouth!


Jodie held my hair, guiding me where she wanted me to go. And I looked straight up her ample little body, through her faux fair hairs and up over her rounded tummy to her fully rounded swelling breasts, her mouth open in a gasping O, her long blonde mane draping her naked skin. I tongue fucked over and over, my mouth muscle easing inside her softest wettest place. Her hips rocked on my aching jaw, and I could feel my tongue getting weaker as I tried desperately to please.


Ellen swapped tongue for fingers as she tortured my clit with baby kisses as two fingers felt their way inside me to the knuckle. She started a gentle fucking motion and I felt like I was going to scream with the feeling running through me. Guilt fleetingly swept through my mind, but it had no time to stay as both my girls were so erotically charged and on me like sex sweat.


Jodie was grunting low guttural bursts of breath as she rocked her hips into my open mouth. I looked up her body to her serene yet pleasure filled face. How gorgeous she looked. A pang of guilt suddenly took me again as I tasted her tangy juices on my tongue. I thought I saw John in the dark doorway for a second as I delved deep into our daughter’s delights. But I was too far gone! I was well past the point of no return and steadily headlong into erotic incestuous oblivion. I pushed Jodie away from me and she looked down.


“On the bed!” I said in a voice too huskily sexy to be my own.


Jodie whooped as she dived from the chair to the bed, bouncing briefly before she turned. I pulled her sister’s chin from my soft wet clam and smiled warmly at her glistening chin.


“On the bed, Hun. Daisy chain.” I crooned.

“Daisy Chain?” she questioned.

“We each lick each other out round in a circle – a chain – a Daisy Chain” I smiled.


She laughed and jumped up onto the bed with her sister. I was all in now. I too climbed onto the bed – good job John had insisted we get a King Size bed, although I don’t think he had this in mind when he did.


“Ellen, do Jodie. I’ll do you. Jodie, do me.” I grinned wickedly.


They giggled as we took our places in the threesome, all lying on our sides to reach the next link in our sinful chain. Ellen opened her bronzed slender legs and I could see just how wet her kitten was. I felt the urge to reach in and lick that peach clean. As I did I saw Ellen start to lick her sister’s darker patch of pubic hair, teasing her tongue tip through the down and tickling her beautiful pink. Between giggling and moaning Jodie was now perched between my legs, lapping my loins as I stole a glance at her doing so. She caught me and smiled momentarily before partaking further of my lady larder. She was coy at first but as passion flowed through her lust took hold and I felt her get more and impassioned, more vigorous, until she was tongue fucking my wet womanly groove. She was good, very good.


I couldn’t stop my hands from roaming. I reached down to Ellen’s perky breasts, teasing her nipples with alternating soft and firm kneading of her doughy dumplings. I felt up and down her slender thigh, and over her sensitive hips. My foot gently caressed Jodie below me, but again, it wasn’t enough. I broke off.


“Girls, lie down straight” I commanded. They looked at me, querying. “I’m going to finger fuck you” I said in a belyingly calm tone. They looked at each other with devilment in their pretty blue and sultry green-grey eyes, and instantly untangled themselves from our wanton weave. They both lay up the bed, legs open, expectantly. I forged my way between them and knelt with an open palm pressed down on each of their swollen pussies. I smiled wickedly at them as I simultaneously pressed down their puffy pussy cheeks to the bottom, where their vaginas leaked copiously onto my fingers. I turned them and pressed two fingers each into their respective holes. The warmth was beautiful; the sloppy wetness a delight to the touch, but it was their faces that I’ll never forget. Pure ecstasy smeared their faces, contorted their lips and furrowed their sensuous brows. My thumbs found their lovely clits and I toyed evilly with them as I started to thrust my fingers deeper instead my beauteous daughters. They each started to feel their own breasts before me and their bronzed and milky complexions were a sight to see.


“Do each other’s” I said, jolting them slightly from their reverie, but they didn’t need convincing and they turned to each other as much as my fingers would allow and started to touch each other’s glorious flesh. So sweet, I almost cried.


“Kiss each other” I instructed, letting my own lust get the better of me. But they barely acknowledged me as their lips met and pure young lust took over. I picked up the pace, thrusting my fingers in and out of them and both started to respond in different ways. Ellen started matching my thrusts with her own pelvic gyrations, but Jodie squeezed my hand between her thighs, amplifying her own sensations. I went faster, loving the sight of my fingers disappearing into my daughters’ vaginas, loving the slippery smell that flared my nostrils and made my mouth water. Faster yet, I went, and Ellen’s pelvic fucking was bouncing her perfect bottom off the bed, and Jodie was mewing a high pitched whine as she squeezed her porcelain thighs ever tighter over my intruding hand.


I went faster, faster, blurring my surrogate cock into my pretty peaches. Ellen was now gasping. They had stopped kissing as I fucked them both beyond concentration – all that was left was wanton. I went ever faster, feel both Ellen’s and Jodie’s love tunnels gripping and releasing my fingers, and I guessed they were starting to climax.


“Fuck, Mum!” screamed Ellen as she bounced her bare butt on the bed and flayed her arms about like a crazy person. Jodie closed her mouth and stifled a high pitched squeal with “Mmmmm…!” rising in pitch as she formed the word “Mum!” Her thighs clamped over my hand and I could feel the hot swim of cum-juice flood her insides, seeping out between my clammy fingers. I gave Ellen one final flurry of thrusts and she was screeching as her dam burst and her cum-fest cunt turned into a sprinkler system, spraying her thighs and splashing up my arm, onto my heaving breasts and even anointing my cheek and chin!


Both slumped back in exhaustion – in Ellen’s case probably dehydration too. I didn’t move. My fingers were still inside my little darlings. Jodie held me tight between her thighs for a minute; little aftershocks still trembling her lithe little body. Ellen was spent; her legs opened in a diamond shape – exhausted.


Jodie finally relaxed her grip and opened her legs. I was glad of the freedom. I slowly withdrew my intruding fingers from my daughters’ pussies and supped slowly on first one and then the other set, tasting them both once more.


“That was amazing, Mum!” said Ellen, always the talkative one.

“It was,” agreed Jodie.

“I’m glad you enjoyed” I said.

Just then I heard the unmistakable squawk of Joel. I turned to listen. Maybe he needed changing. Maybe he needed cuddling. Maybe I could coax him into having another feed. God knows I needed it!


“But Mum,” said Ellen, “you haven’t cum yet”.

“Oh Mum, I’m sorry” said Jodie.

“No need. I enjoyed it.” I said.

“Do you want us to…?” Jodie’s words trailed.

“Maybe next time girls,” I said getting up off the bed and surveying the scene. My girls were now my lovers. And they were so beautiful in their different ways.

“Maybe next time.” I smiled.




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