Fucked By Cinderella

March 25, 2016



I was 12 when we went to Florida for the holiday of a lifetime. Mum and Dad had saved for three years to get us here, but we’d made it, the whole family. We were staying at one of the Disney resorts, which was in itself hugely exciting. I loved everything; the rides the shows, the parades, everything!


We had just seen the Disney parade going through when disaster struck. I don’t really know what happened, but my family was gone. All of a sudden they were nowhere in sight, such as I could see, being just 12 and not a tall 12 at that. I must have had that little-girl-lost look on my face because as I saw Cinderella walking toward me she looked me over quickly, then looked around, presumably to see any sign of family looking for a lost child. But then she looked back at me and gave me the warmest Disney smile you’ve ever seen. She stopped before me and I looked adoringly into her eyes. I mean, I was 12 so I knew it was all make believe, but I also knew she looked perfect in her dress and make-up.


“Are you lost?” she said in a strange “British” accent, the kind only affected by Americans trying desperately to sound British, with far too much annunciation and slightly mangled vowels (I’m an English teacher now, so back off!).

“Why don’t you come with me? See if we can’t find your parents.”


I nodded and she offered her hand, which I gratefully took. We went to a most unlikely building with an even less glamorous plain blue door. She opened it and we entered a corridor with lots of room off either side. It was busy too, with people rushing this way and that: Some in costume, some not, some in not much at all. She walked me to her dressing room. It simply said “Princesses” on it in a rather boring font.


We opened the door and walked into a long narrow room. There were several seats along a dressing-table-shelf that ran the length of the room and along this were wall mirrors surrounded by light bulbs. Along the other wall were racks of clothing, every Disney Princess dress you can imagine.


“I just need to change and I’ll take you to reception. They will put out an announcement.” She said, and I nodded enthusiastically. She smiled at me as she reached behind her to unzip herself, but it was obvious she needed help.


“Can you unzip me?” she asked, but now I noticed the British accent had given way to a South Georgian drawl.


I stepped to and helped her shed the heavy blue dress. As she stepped out of it I saw her slender legs sheathed in white tights that were making her awkward and hot at the same time.


I could see her eyeing me as I watched her every move. Her tights came off those slender legs and revealed a pronounced golden tan. She pulled several pins from her hair and lifted the blonde wig off her head and plonked it onto a white mannequin head on her dressing table. I was rapt as she shook her dark tresses free and then proceeded to wet-wipe the white make-up from her equally golden face.


“What’s your name?” she said.

“Jemma” I mumbled.

“Mmm-hmmm” she said nicely as though it was a word.


Just then the door opened and in blustered a stark naked girl of about 19, with long blonde hair dripping down her soaking skin.


“Trish, can you do Snow White at 4? I’m meeting Justin at…”


She stopped when she saw me and I just stared.


“Oh, I didn’t know you had company. Hey you.”

“Hi” I said coyly, still unable to take my eyes off her gorgeous body. Not that she made any attempt to cover up. She was so perfect, with her B-cup boobs and her shaven pussy. (I had just learned the word pussy from a friend at school.)


“So, can ya please? I’ll do Jasmine for you till close tomorrow.” She blurted.

“Okay, I just have to sort out this little problem,” she nodded to me, “and then I’m all yours”.

“Brilliant! Thanks.” She left the room, still naked, and my mouth must have been visibly open because Trish now closed it with a finger.

“So, you like girls, do you?” she said.


I wasn’t sure what she meant, so I nodded and said “I think they’re nice”.


She smiled at me as she divested her bra and let her tanned breasts go free. They were lovely domes peaked with brown little buds. I didn’t say anything, but she just kept looking at me as she stood and sexily slipped out of her snug blue panties.


What she had between her legs instantly interested me, as I had recently started to grow some too. Her pitch black strip of hair was like a rug upon her pussy. I could not believe it. I thought there was something wrong with me right up to that point. No one else seemed to have public hair.


She saw me looking, of course.


“Like what you see?” she grinned.



I never got that next word out as she sat down and opened her legs wide for me to see. I peered in and as I did I felt her hand upon my head. She played with my hair as I swapped looking at her face for her pussy.


“You’re really pretty, you know?” she said.


I had never thought of myself as anything, never mind pretty. So when she caressed my face and smoothed my shoulders I was flattered, blushing slightly at her naked attention.


I was only dressed in shorts and top so there wasn’t much hiding anyhow. But when Trish took the hem of my top and pulled it up and off over my head I was helpless. My little top had been straining with my little bullet nipples, so when she pulled that free I was glad to be topless. I hid my breasts at first, embarrassed. But she just smiled that Disney smile at me and I lowered my hands.


“There you go. You’ve seen mine, now I’ve seen yours. We’re just girls together, right?”


I nodded.


“They’re pretty. Your tits. I like ‘em!”


Why she liked them never occurred to me.


“I like yours too” I said politely.

“Wanna touch ‘em?” she asked and I had no idea why but yes, I did. I nodded and stepped forward between her open thighs. I tentatively felt both breasts at once. She smiled and moaned in turn, making me bolder in my touch. As I did I barely noticed her hands upon my breasts. Now she was really feeling them as I was hers.


“Feels nice, don’t it?”

I smiled and nodded enthusiastically.


Her hands now went to my shorts, which she tucked her fingers into and started tugging.


“Only fair,” she hissed.


She shucked down my shorts and then immediately pulled on my panties.


“Cute panties” she said of my Disney Princess Cinderella blues.


I blushed instantly. But she helped me out of them.


“There you go, see,” she said delightedly, “all girls together”.


She then stood and walked to the door and locked it.


“Don’t want no one else seeing our business, do we?” she chirped.


“No” I said, for some reason comforted by the locked door. This was our thing and I didn’t want anyone else intruding on it.


So there I stood as she looked back at me, naked except for a pair of trainers socks and sneakers. She bit her lip as she looked at me. I think she was wondering how far to go. But I looked beautiful, I realize now, with my mousy tresses, my budding AA’s and my tuft of darker, almost black hair between my legs.


And there she stood; the image of dark beauty. Her transformation from blonde princess to sultry Southern Belle was complete. Her dark hair caressed her womanly shoulders. Her breasts were full and jutting out in rounded points toward me. Her waist was slim and her hips broad. Her legs were long, tanned and full, meaty even, and sexy. And her pussy was a jungle I was curious to explore.


She walked back over to me with I think the sexiest walk I have ever seen – one leg stepping directly in front of the other like she was walking some unseen tightrope, but the result was that her thighs opened and closed over and over, her legs accentuated in the dim light, and her pussy was ever changing shape and form. I learned later that this also gives a woman a little thrill if she’s already excited.


She sat before me and smiled, “Let’s get you up here, where I can take a proper look”, and she lifted me onto the dressing table counter. She smiled again as I sat little girl like on the counter before her. She smoothed down my small but perfectly formed legs, up and around my tight little bottom. Then down to my knees, which she prized apart. “Now, let’s see what we have here”.


What we had was an excited little 12-year-old. I don’t think I had ever been as excited. I mean, I had been aware now and then of becoming moist, but I had only touched myself there a few times for pleasure. Now I was aching to be touched.  She lifted my thighs so she could drag me to the edge of the counter. I think I must have been both eager and curious because I shuffled my little bum along to help. Once there, perched on the counter’s edge, I realized just what she had in mind.


“Your pussy is so sweet, Ah just wanna taste it!” she gushed in her Belle-like mouth.


She immediately tilted me backwards and I supported myself on my hands. My legs were awkward between us, so I did the most natural thing and put them over her shoulders as she leaned in.


“You’re a quick learner, honey.” And I smiled, over the moon with her praise.


That’s when I felt her breath on the wisps of hair adorning my pretty little pussy. Her tongue reached out and gave me a tentative dry lick upon my pussy cheeks. She looked up at me, her tongue protruding as she gave me another. The sensations were astounding! I had to steady myself. Then she really went to town. He tongue started lapping, probing, delving into my little secret. Her wet tongue pushed deep into me and I felt it actually go inside me!

The sensations I felt were amazing! I had never felt anything like it. I leaned back and thrust my little cunt into her hungry mouth. But she needed no urging. She lapped at my virgin hole and tasted my sweet juices. She gripped my little ass cheeks as she munched heartily upon me. Just as I thought it could get no better, she lapped the length of my girlish groove in one long flat tongue stroke and licked my little clit. I jolted violently with the pleasure, bouncing off the counter and was caught by my sexual saviour.


She continued. Her nimble muscle twisted around and over it, toying with it with its tip and then she settled into a tongue sprint to the finish line. She flicked it side to side so fast it was like a soft wet finger frigging me wildly.


“Uh!” I began my ascent, “Uuuh! Uuuh!”


“Yeah baby!” she hissed into my minge.


I began to jerk my hips, thrusting my pelvis into her face and she just settled down and flicked my bursting bud to ecstasy. I screamed loudly and shook like crazy as I felt my little cooch fill with warm girl cum. Trish went low and lapped up my juice as they spilled out of me.


Once my orgasm was done I didn’t know what to do. But Trish kissed her way up my little body, pausing to kiss each breast and nipples in particular, and then up to my waiting lips. She kissed me like I’ve never been kissed before. Her tongue entered my mouth and I tasted what I later learned were my own juices.


“Did you like that, honey?” she said as she smoothed my open thighs as she  stood between them. I nodded quietly, with a coy smile breaking into a beaming grin, my face blushed.


“Well, can I show you something else?” She said with a wicked grin.

“Yes, please” I said.


She didn’t take her eyes off me as one hand snaked under my thigh and went straight to my pussy. Her fingers played through my curls at first, then into my clammy clam. It didn’t take long before she found my vagina and slipped a solitary finger inside me. All this while she was kissing me, massaging my breast with her other hand when not my thigh. Her finger pushed further in, starting to fill up my little hole. But in it went deeper, further, filling me up until suddenly it hurt. I jolted.


“Oh, there it is!” she chirped.


“That’s your hymen, baby. Just your hymen. Says you’re a virgin. Can I have it?” she asked beautifully.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, if I just push a little bit then it will break, and you won’t be a virgin any more.”

“Will it hurt?”

“Some do hurt. Some don’t. Some hurt lots. Some just a little.”

“I don’t want it to hurt.”

“Well, I can’t promise that, honey”.


I was still thinking about it while she started to push her finger in and out of my vagina. It started to feel good as she looked intently into my eyes, kissing me occasionally as she did.


“So, honey… do you wanna?”


I was holding onto her as she fingered me. My mind was going as the pleasure inside me started building. I didn’t know if I wanted her to do it.


“What does it do?” I asked breathlessly.

“I’ll be able to put my finger all the way inside you,” she whispered sexily.


I thought about it as her finger teased me in my shallows.


“Okay,” I said.

“Yeah?” she smiled sexily, “you sure?”

I nodded.

“I don’t want to do anything you don’t wanna do, cutie pie.”

“I’m sure,” I smiled, “I want you to do it”.


And with that, she plunged her finger right through my virginity. I screamed! Searing pain shot inside me and tears spilled from my eyes. I held onto her tightly and she stopped moving her finger, but left it inside me.


Slowly, I felt the pain subside. Now it felt sore inside. Then I felt her fingertip tickling deep inside me. It tickled a sensitive spot deeper than before, a spot I later discovered was my G-Spot. But now, my virginity gone, Trish was exciting me even more. I held onto her and she held me, wrapping her arm around me, with her head on my shoulder as mine was hers. The result was unexpectedly nice. Our breasts were pushed together, mingling with each other, and our excited hard nipples pressed into the other’s. It made us so hot.


I started small little pelvic thrusts, which she instantly picked up on. Then she started small thrusts of her finger, still tickling my g-spot. I started breathing heavy, the pain was almost gone, or maybe my lust was just covering it. I closed my eyes and I don’t know where it came from but I breathlessly whispered –


“Fuck me! Please! Fuck me!”


I remembered saying those words. And Trish came face to face with me and said, “Say, ‘Fuck me, Trish!’ Say it”.


I looked into her eyes and overcome with first love lust I gasped out those words, “Fuck me, Trish!” And she did; her finger delving deep and tickling my newfound g-spot. I could feel myself about to cum. I put one hand around her neck and leaned back on my other. I was riding her finger as much as she was fucking me with it. And then suddenly I felt the eruption coming – long hot, wet, tingling sensations erupted inside my pussy sending fizzles of joy around my body and tingling over my skin! I know I came all over Trish’s hand and I rocked upon her inserted finger to the very end of my first finger fuck.


I calmed and sat still. Trish was looking at me like a Cheshire Cat.


“Nice, huh?” She said.


I bit my lip and smiled. She laughed warmly, and I couldn’t help but join in. Then she pulled her finger free and I was horrified to see it covered in blood. I started to panic, until she calmed me, “It’s okay. It’s just your virginity. This won’t happen again. You get periods though, right?”


She could see by my face that I had no idea what she was talking about.


“Oh, Oops!” she said, “I suppose you have that dubious honour to come. No big thing. All women get it. But I guess there’s time yet for you.”


I still didn’t know what she was talking about, but she smiled disarmingly and set about cleaning me up. All this time my sneakers and socks were still on. So now I was sat completely naked except for these. When she was finished she stood in front of me, still naked, still between my open thighs.


“So, Honey, how was your first time?”



“Yeah. It was really good.”

“Good,” she said, ”now… how about you do the same for me.”


I wasn’t sure.


“It’s only fair. I do you. You do me. See?”

“Okay.” I said biting my lip.




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