Movie Mom 3

June 11, 2016

Mom and I never said a word about what had happened in the movie theater. And even though we had movie nights at home where we would watch VHS tapes of the latest video releases we hadn’t caught at the cinema we still never did or said anything. It was like the unwritten rule or something. Even though I watched intently for some kind of sign from Mom, I never got one.


We hadn’t been to the Movies for ages and I was starting to get a bit antsy. Then Mom said we should go see another movie and she had just the one. It was an R rated movie and I had heard all about it at school, of course, mainly because it


was rumored that the actors really “did it”. A young French girl gives her innocence to a Chinese man in colonial Indochina. It was called The Lover, and I just couldn’t wait.


I couldn’t wait for Sunday to come around. When it did it was a beautiful hot sun-drenched day. I put on a slack T and short denim skirt. I looked at myself in the mirror. My hair tousled blonde about my shoulders, my bumps showing through my T with subtle womanhood, and my legs glowing a lovely tan from the glorious summer we’d had. Yeah, I could stop traffic here.


It started that stirring deep inside me, my nipples hardened to my cotton bra, and a deep ache began inside me. No! Not now! I couldn’t get off right now, before I went. I would save it for the show. Just then Mom knocked on my door.


“Come in,” I said lightly.


She walked in and I instantly smiled. She was dressed in almost the exact same outfit as I was. Her T shirt was a little tighter than mine, but hey, we were like sisters here, not Mom and daughter.


“You ready?” She smiled sexily. It was weird.

“Yeah, sure.”

“Uh-uh! I don’t think so,” She said

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“You wearing any…you know?” she said.


I thought for only a second before I realized what she was talking about – Underwear…


“Sure.” I said.


She just shook her head, “You won’t be needing those, now, will you? They’ll just get in the way, after all.”

“So…?” I questioned.

“Right now, Missy!” She instructed.

I grinned at her eagerness.

“Bra too. I wanna see those peanuts pushing through your T-shirt.”

“Well, that was direct.” I said with a chuckle.


I tentatively reached up behind me, under my T-shirt and unclipping my bra. I felt my breasts go free; then I reached inside my loose arms hole and managed to get my bra free while never shucking my T-shirt. Mom smiled as I tossed the bra onto my bed.


“And…” she nodded lower.


I shook my head, “No need” I said biting my lip.


Mom smiled richly. Her face lit up like I’ve never seen before. Just then, Dad walked in.


“Hey, what is this?” He blurted.

“Like Mother, Like Daughter” said Mom quickly. She’s smart is Mom.

“Okay, then,” he said, “you two have fun at the movies”.


As he kissed Mom I saw Dad’s hand snake up under her skirt. His eyes flared as he discovered what I already knew. And I swear I saw my own Dad’s cock swelling in his pants. They separated and Dad just looked at her with what must have been lust in his eyes. He glanced at me and I wondered if he was thinking whether I too was sans panties.


“You girls have fun,” he said, and I wasn’t imagining it: His cock was growing in his jeans like a snake down his left thigh. He looked right at me. I think his lust-filled mind was aimed right at me in those unnerving seconds. This was my Dad! Then he realized he was staring and quickly turned so I couldn’t see his swelling snake.


“We’ll have fun. Don’t you worry,” she said, and I saw Mom’s own lust flirt back at Dad. Not something you really want to see; your parents flirting and knowing they’re both dying to fuck each other. I know me and Mom…. Well, that’s just our thing, having fun, girl fun.


We left Dad waving reluctantly on the doorstep as we pulled around the corner and burst out laughing.


“Poor Dad!” said Mom.

“How can you tease him like that?” I said mock scolding her.

“Sorry, Mom,” said Mom.

“I felt so sorry for him,” I said sincerely.

“So do you want to take care of his needs?” Mom jibed.

“Ew! Mom! He’s… he’s… Dad!” I said.

She laughed, “Well… let’s just say I’ll make it up to him.”

“Ew! Keep it to yourself, huh?”

“He can be really sexy, you know?” She said.


I didn’t respond. I was still thinking about the size and length of his monster snake. I guess it was getting to me after all, and suddenly, just like that, Dad didn’t seem so gross after all. Mom saw. She didn’t say anything, but I saw her see.


“You still got it?”


“Your virginity, Dufus!”


“Honey, considering… I don’t think it’s a question you can object to.”

I shook my head, “Uh-uh”.

“Anyone I know?” she said quietly.

“Yeah,” I nodded coyly, “My hairbrush handle”.

She laughed and I couldn’t help but join in.

“Oh, Honey! All women have had love affair with our hair brushes!”

“You too?”

“Still do. But don’t tell your Dad, huh?” She smiled.

“Would he…?”

“Mind? No. He’d wanna watch!”

“That’s so disgusting.”

“It’s just sex, honey. Men like to watch. Some girls too.” She winked at me and I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant, but I didn’t ask.


It was the first time we ever talked about sex. It was the first time Mom had ever mentioned our own trysts in the movie theater.


At the AMC Mom got our tickets, getting a dubious look from the adoring young guy at the box office. She joined me at the concessions stand to get some popcorn, drinks and hotdogs. We entered a deserted theatre to take our seats. Well, it was Sunday afternoon, so I suppose lots of people were still in church repenting for their sins, not out and about to revel in some more, right?


The ads and trailers rolled by and no one joined us in the theater except for one lonely looking man in his fifties and another younger guy in his twenties, probably both looking to perv over the girl in the film and jerk off into their salted popcorn. But who am I to judge, right? Wasn’t I here to do much the same? Except, I had Mom along to add to the experience.


The movie started. Straight away there’s a sultry exotic mood in that movie and you know something very naughty is going to happen. I was starting to squirm in my seat when Mom looked at me and smiled.


“Sexy…” she smiled.


I smiled in agreement and looked down to see Mom’s fingers already upon her pouting pussy lips, her denim skirt pulled back and her legs open. I joined her; opening my thighs to the stroke of my inquisitive fingers upon my quivering quim.


“Pace yourself, sweetheart. There’s plenty of time.” She whispered as our naked knees touched.


We watched the silver screen, mesmerized, as we slowly worked our masturbatory magic! As I worked gently upon my pussy with one hand I munched heartily upon my hot dog with the other. Remember the old AMC hot dogs? They were proper, tasty, meaty hot dogs that you had to really bite into. They didn’t fall apart. As its juices ran over my tongue, under it and into the well below it, my own juices started flowing too.


The onscreen love scene was matched with our own selfish stroking. Twisting through my velvet flower I teased its nectar free.


Then I noticed what Mom was doing. She licked all the dried onions, mustard and ketchup off the top of the jumbo hot dog and now was discarding the roll as she inched her butt to the edge of the seat, legs open, and I knew what she was doing. It was a good job there was no one in our row as there was nothing to stop anyone in the row from seeing just what Mom was doing. But from the other rows it probably just looked like she was shucked down in her seat. I knew better.


I watched with amusement as Mom smiled naughtily with a childish shrug and gently placed the meat at her pouting hole. We giggled as she pushed it in. It was so funny. She fed her pussy more and more of this firm meaty cock and gently started to stroke it in and out, taking more and more of it with each stroke until she was holding the last few inches of this foot-long jumbo.


I watched intently as she started up a rhythm and I remember biting into my hotdog sausage and its juices swirling around my watery mouth as I watched mom devour her hot dog too! We couldn’t take it seriously even as she started working up a pace, her juices flowing freely, and her passion starting to grip. She was still amused with herself, giggling childishly as she fucked herself with the warm firm meat of the hot dog.


“How does it feel?” I whispered.

“Feels nice, Sweetheart. Feels very nice.”


I looked forlornly at my disappearing meal, wishing I too had had the foresight and adventurism to try what Mom was doing now. As I finished eating my messy treat I felt Mom’s hand on mine, guiding me to take over between her legs. I took the end of the meat inserted tightly into her pussy and started up my own rhythm with it. Mine was more urgent than hers had been and she instantly responded with a low rasping gasp more like a growl in its tone.


I worked the hotdog in and out, really stepping up the pace as Mom squirmed in her moistening seat. I stepped up the pace, really pumping her pussy with the firm sausage meat. I was so worried it would break I had to check myself and be more precise with each thrust, like a piston going for all its worth.


Mom was gripping the seat now, tensing, shuddering with the pleasure I was giving her with my hot dog fuck! Suddenly she grabbed my arm and clamped her thighs over the sausage completely as I froze with my hand jammed between her soft slender thighs. She shook and I heard her breath in so sharply even one of the men in the other rows looked over. I glanced at him and he looked away quickly.


I looked at Mom and she was still giving little aftershock orgasmic shudders as wave after wave of ecstasy oozed through her best parts. The she loosened her grip on my arm and relaxed her thighs. My hand came free and I had to lick it clean of Mom’s love juice. I actually love the taste. It’s different to mine; more tangy, more flavoursome, more mature; like a mix of red wine and Dr Pepper!


Mom turned to me and smiled that wicked smile I have come to know and understand.


“Your turn, Honey!” She gleamed.


I giggled nervously, but Mom just pulled that meaty hot dog right out of herself with a pop I think the whole auditorium heard. We giggled like schoolgirls; well, we were halfway there. Then I saw Mom do the most amazing thing – she put the hot dog to her lips and pushed it in – all the way in! With just her fingertips she was left holding the exposed end, and then she pulled it out all the way, sucked dry. And I knew dad was a lucky man!


“I wonder what I can do with this?” She said with a husky voice I’d never heard before, but somehow it was so sexy I felt myself getting even wetter.


I shucked to the edge of the seat in readiness, but Mom made no move to position the naughty treat. She looked around casually checking on the other patrons. I didn’t know what she had in mind. Maybe she was just being careful. The on screen nudity was lovely with its warm golden tones and soft focus.


Then, almost without note, Mom slunk down off her seat and turned toward me, parting my legs further and getting right between them. It was so thrilling! - I was petrified!


Mom leaned in and I watched as she tasted me, looking up as she lapped at my most secret; eyes heavy with lust. I could not believe she was doing this. But she was. And the feelings of excitement just grew and grew. I glanced about nervously to make sure no one had noticed, and they hadn’t seemed to. This is where the AMC high backed seats really helped, giving much more cover than your regular cinema seats. I tried to relax, but it was so difficult as I looked down and there was Mom licking my pussy!


The sensations were building like crazy as I felt her tongue coursing through my petals and tasting my sweet nectar. It delved deep into me and I lost my breath as her tongue began to fuck me. Oh My God! – She knew what she was doing! I reached down and held onto her golden hair, the light of the film dancing across it to give it different colours and shapes – but it was still Mom!


Then she travelled up through my velvet folds to that beacon of hidden ecstasy. She teased it out from its shy little hood and began circling it with a slow but steady rhythm. Without any notice I felt the head of the meaty meal pushing gently into my juicy hole. I bit my lip to stop myself from moaning as it slid effortlessly inside me. It wasn’t too thick, but Mom was letting me have the whole length. I felt it slowly fill me up with its meaty goodness!


Mom didn’t stop until it touched something so deep inside me that I couldn’t go any further. Her touch was so delicate that she felt it herself and stopped. It didn’t hurt, but was so unfamiliar that I really wasn’t sure how this would feel. I was soon answered when she started a slow but steadily building rhythm in and out. She was still teasing my beating bud, its own heartbeat hinting at its ultimate pleasure.


What a sight it must have been! – A fourteen year old girl with a her short denim skirt hitched up, exposing her bald naked crotch as a sexy woman, an older version of the girl, knelt between her open thighs, licking her clit as she fed a meaty hot dog into the girl’s juicy hole!


My cooch was throbbing inside as she worked up her dual punishment: Her tongue flicking my aching bud and that meat sliding effortlessly in and out of my liquid love tunnel. My God, my pussy was on fire!


I felt like I needed more, and pulling my denim skirt up around my waist I lifted my thighs ever higher – pushing my pussy into my Mom’s mouth and the meaty cock deeper inside me! I planted my feet one on each chair either side of me, but even this wasn’t enough! I moaned a high pitched whimper as the pleasure in my wet, wet, crotch was like a core boring deep into my nether regions, deep inside my forbidden fruit.


I was on fire! – So I grabbed my thighs once more and pulled them up so high that I could reach underneath them to my swollen breasts. Oh Jesus! – Mom started really going for it now, pumping that meat into my pussy as I almost lay in my seat. I started to hump into it, making the seats creak and squeak with every pelvic thrust. Mom tried to hold me down, but I was having none of it. My meat was so good and I was enjoying every inch of it!


Mom pushed me down hard into the chair, pulling up my loose T and mauling my tender morsels. They were burning in her kneading fingers, and she tweaked my bullet-hard nipples and raked my little round domes of flesh.


“Mom! I’m gonna cum!” I breathed a little too loudly. But Mom was merciless! She started flicking her tongue rapidly side to side over my searing clit. But that was just the icing on the cum cake as she plunged that meat furiously into my sopping slot at such a rate I thought I would pass out!


I started to pant in rhythm. Then I was whining like a gagged-up whore. And then I grunted with a guttural gulp as Mom peaked her furious plunging and pulled the hot dog free! My pussy burst with cum! I couldn’t believe it as my pussy became a geyser spraying cum! I shot my juice high over Mom’s head in one long stream of pure liquid sex! It streamed out of me like I was peeing the longest pee ever. The jet-stream fell down over Mom’s hair and face, then her T-shirt and Denim skirt.


“Dear Jesus!” Mom blurted as she moved back from the force of my outburst.


But I wasn’t done. I reached down and quickly strummed over my blazing bud, the pleasure so intense it went right through my pussy and right through my asshole. My breasts were on fire as I clutched them, clawing them with my nails and squeezing their tips to where pain and pleasure become the very same thing! Again my pussy shot a long stream of cum right at Mom! But as soon as it died down I did it again! More cum jetting out of my blazing little peach!


I did it again! More cum! Again! Again! I started to cry with the pleasure pouring out of me. That’s when Mom grabbed my hands and held me. I struggled, wanting to cum again and again and again, but Mom held me tight and pressed her soaking wet body over mine to make me still. I slowly gave up. I couldn’t move. I was still crying.


I slowly became aware of things again. Mom was whispering quietly to me, “It’s okay. You’re okay. I love you, honey. I’m here for you.” I let my breathing calm as I heard the movie drone on in a voice-over as the film was coming to an end. My breathing slowed, and my snivels petered out. It felt lovely there with Mom holding me. Although her clothes were soaked with my cum it was still secure and loving.


Finally, I said, “I’m okay, Mom” and she knelt back on her haunches and looked at me. She was such a mess. Her tight white T-shirt was so drenched that it had become completely see-through. Even in this light I could plainly see her wonderful breasts. Her Denim skirt was also soaked, with dark stains of blue where my splashes had soaked in. Her face looked like she had run a Marathon as it was red and dripping with moisture. And perhaps worst of all her hair was matted with my liquid lust.


“I think we better get out of here before someone calls the cops,” Mom whispered in a husky growl.


Mom quickly sat on the seat next to me as I pulled my legs into a decent pose and wriggled my skirt back into place. But there was no hiding it. We both looked like sex on a stick. My feet were slipping in the puddle at my feet and the seat in front of me glistened in the flickering light of the movie.


Mom spotted the Fire Exit by the screen and grabbed my hand and we scuttled to the Exit and through it. Light blinded us both as my legs shook underneath me. We started giggling again as we ran down the corridor to freedom. Mom’s sneakers were squelching with moisture every time she trod on them, which made our laughter worse. Finally, we burst out through final exit and out to the car park outside. Hand in hand we scuttled to the car, afraid that anyone would see this sex addled pair of Mom and daughter running from the scene of the crime.


Mom dove into her purse for her car keys, laughing and panicking as she couldn’t find them. Then quickly blinking the car into life and unlocking the doors. We piled into the car and Mom started it; seat belts and then we were away on the Freeway as fast as we could and laughing like hyenas.


It took about ten minutes of laughing, stopping, looking at each other and then bursting out laughing again before we finally calmed down.


“Well, Honey, I never knew you had it in you!” she said lovingly.


I looked at Mom and smiled warmly. Then it occurred to me, “What did you do with the hot dog?”

“The Hot Dog!” Mom blurted out!


Someone, some poor, minimum wage slave attendant, had to clean that up! I wonder if they had any idea what it was.



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