Brokeback Mounting 2: Mom

July 15, 2016

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I was awake for hours. Who was it that had taken my cherry with hers? I was so confused. But confused or not it didn’t help my aching balls and solid soldier. The more I thought about what had happened, the worse I got. Dawn crept through the curtains and soon Mom would be here. I could see my erection clearly as my sister had left my sheet off me. That’s when I realized the mistake – Mom would know!


Just then, Mom opened the door. It was 6 a.m.. Mom closed the door, turned and stopped. She looked at my solid cock exposed to the air. Then she looked at me.


“What happened?” She said.

“I don’t know.” I lied.

“Did you move?”

“I don’t know.”


She could see I was in a predicament, but someone had moved the sheet. Mom walked to me and sat next to me as she pulled the sheet over me. I was a bit upset that she wasn’t going to take care of my need, but I said nothing.


“I’m sorry, Ben.” She said, “I haven’t been fair to you.”


“Boys have needs and you have no way of fulfilling yours.”


“I shouldn’t have stopped helping you with yours, Ben. I got a little too… excited by it, by you. I felt so guilty that I stopped helping you. And I’m sorry. You obviously need it. So, I want you to know that I’m here for you… anytime… when you need it. When you need to… you know.”

“Thanks, Mom.” I said nervously. I really wasn’t sure what else to say.


Mom stood up and walked deliberately to the door. I thought she was going to leave, when she stopped, paused, for the longest time, then turned the lock on the door. Mom turned and as she did, the V of her robe widened, parting right down to its bottom, and she shrugged it off her shoulders and it fell to her feet. I had never dreamed of Mom in that way until that first time she helped me after my accident. I had imagined her naked many a time afterwards, but it didn’t help me as I couldn’t even help myself. But now I could see.


Mom was a dark beauty. Her skin tone hinted exotic ancestry, with vibrant locks of black long stresses trying to hide her firm rounded breasts. The curve of her body, from arm to hip was beautiful. Her wide, child bearing hips gave another curve, which led down her slender thighs. She certainly didn’t look like a woman who had given birth to five children. Instead she oozed mature sexuality I had only dreamed of.  And I couldn’t help looking at the treasure between her legs. I’d never seen such a thing before, but Mom’s pubic mound was adorned with the simplest strip of lush, dark, curly hair.


Mom walked toward me in a way I had never seen before. It was sexy in a way I couldn’t describe. One leg slipped effortlessly in front of the other, making her legs and pussy a scissor cut of sexuality. Her firm rounded breasts bounced heavy as she moved and her stresses danced heavily upon her shoulders and her alluring dusky eyes, heavy lidded and pupils dilated, lay intently upon me.


I wish I could have sat up to drink in this sensual sight in full, but I had to wait until she was closer to see her proper. And when I did my body ached. She flung the sheet back off me and looked me over. She hiked a knee upon the edge of the bed and then used it to kneel on as she mounted me and sat upon my stomach. I felt the dew upon her pussy lips as it settled on my midriff and my cock pressed hard along the crack of her apple ass.


Mom leaned down to me, her full breasts crushing into my pounding chest. Her dark features met my paleness as she poured over me.


“What do you want me to do?” she said.


In all honesty, I didn’t know. I was so overcome with this deeply sensual situation. I froze. Somewhere deep down inside I wanted everything, but how could I tell Mom that? She smiled at my fear, my indecision complete.


“Maybe this..” she whispered. And she pressed her lips to mine. I felt tingles in my lips I’ve never felt before, perhaps heightened by my ability only to move my head and engage her moist lips. She finished her first moist kiss by sucking my bottom lip, sending tingles so intense through me I thought I might cum right then. I drew a sharp breath in and she smiled before diving into a second round of kissing. Her lips parted and her tongue touched mine. I responded and found our tryst was just what I needed.


As Mom kissed she started to writhe her body to mine, her bare butt cleft stroking the length of my cock. Mom reached down, gripped my hand and raised it to her beautiful breast. It was my first touch of such a fully matured breast, my other victories smaller and pointed instead of Mom’s round and fullest flesh. I was grateful and resentful of the act as I couldn’t do it myself, and I couldn’t clutch it as I wanted to so much.


“Mmmm…” I tried to speak. Mom gave me space and I managed to speak, “Mom… can I taste…?” I breathed. Mom smiled wickedly and crawled up my body leaving a wet trail as she dragged her moist pussy up my torso. She aimed her left breast right at my lips and pressed it to it.


I sucked upon her tender teat and wondered if I had done this when I was born. It was full and rounded, pointing into my tongue as I sucked and lapped and tasted it. Mom pressed ever inward and I took as much of her breast into my mouth as I could.


I was in heaven so much I could feel my cock twitching involuntarily even as I was in danger of suffocating under her glorious breast. Mom sensed my struggle and eased off so I could just tease her tingling her tip. Even as I did this I knew what I wanted next. But how on Earth could I ask it?


Mom saw the anguish in my eyes and straightened up to look down upon me.


“What is it? What don’t you want to ask?”

I coyly averted my eyes, but Mom just took hold of my head and made me look at her.

“I know you want something, Ben. Is it what I think it is…? Do you want to taste my pussy?”

I blushed crimson, but managed a little nod. Mom beamed at me. “You wicked boy! I’ve never been so propositioned! Well, not by my own son, anyhow!” She said mockingly. But as soon as she finished she crawled even higher up my chest.


I watched as her pussy came ever closer to me. Then, quite awkwardly, Mom straddled my waiting head and looked down at me.

“Is this what you want?” she said in a lust-filled tease. I nodded again. “Say it,” she said, “Tell me what you want. Tell me that you want it. Tell me exactly what you want, Ben.”

I gulped as I swapped looking at Mom’s moist fleshy flower and looking up through her pitch black curls adorned with her full and pouting breasts with her sultry exotic face looking down at me.


“I want to lick your pussy” I said quietly. Mom smiled and bit her lip.

“I’m sorry, Ben. I couldn’t hear that. You’ll have to speak up.”

I gulped nervously, “I want to lick your pussy,” I said louder and clearer.

Mom dipped her pussy lower so her feminine aroma flared my nostrils, driving me crazy. “Ben… Ben… now that’s not how we ask a lady, is it? You’re forgetting your manners. Try again.”

Mom’s sex was so close that I inhaled her with every breath.

“Please can I lick your pussy?” I said with a question. I really didn’t know what she wanted. But Mom shook her head, “Uh-uh, Ben, now ask your Mom properly,” she said in a husky voice I’d never heard before.

“Please, Mom, can I lick your pussy?”

She smiled, torturing me. “How much do you want to?” she said and she widened her legs further, lowering her pussy lips to within an inch of my poor lips.

“I really want to, Mom?”

“Why? Why do you want to lick my pussy, Ben? Why do you want to lick your own Mom’s pussy? Tell me.”

“I can smell you,” I said, “I can see your beautiful pussy; it’s all wet and glistening. And it’s driving me crazy, Mom. I want to lick it. I want to taste it. And I want to make you cum,” I said, my voice quivering.

“Well,” said Mom, “why didn’t you say?” And with that she lowered her dripping lips to mine.


My first taste of pussy juice was heaven! My tongue slipped between her lips and a trickle of her juice flowed down over my taste buds to be savoured sweetly. I trailed up through Mom’s moist mound. Feeling through her velvet folds was so amazing. Mom guided me gently until I found her throbbing bud.


“Lick me there, Ben. That’s what ladies like, and what women love.” I did as commanded and circled it, tossing it with my tongue and flicking it over and over. Mom began moaning quietly, trying to stifle her cries of rising excitement. I went faster and faster and her legs began to shake.

“Oh, put it in me, Ben. Fuck me!” she said, and she urged me down to her succulent hole. “Put it in me, Ben! Tongue-fuck me! You filthy boy!”


I did as she told and plunged my tongue deep inside her soft wet slot. The feeling was wonderful as she ground her pussy into my mouth! I pushed all the way in as far as my tongue would go, savouring her inside flesh, its tangy juices enveloping my tongue and her pussy walls trying to catch and grip my intruding muscle. My nose buried itself into her pungent folds. My tongue began a steady rhythm and Mom was moaning louder as she rode my face, meeting my tongue thrusts with her pelvic ones.


The bed creaked with her movements and I thought someone was bound to hear. But I kept on tonguing her sweetness and she kept on fucking my face. My chin was glossed in her glistening sheen. I could see her fingers just inches from my face were now strumming frantically over her bulging bud.


Suddenly, she stopped, and shuddered as I felt my tongue gripped by her pussy walls and then washed by thick warm womanly juice. I pulled my tongue free and her juices flowed into my open mouth. She shook violently and I was afraid her legs would give way. Luckily they didn’t. Mom’s breath slowed and she opened her eyes and looked down at me.


“Oh, Ben. You are a good learner, aren’t you?” She smiled.

“I try,“ I said with a smile.

“You’re a gifted boy. Now, let’s see about that thing.” She said and she dismounted me as awkwardly as she had mounted me.


Mom stood at my bedside, and took hold of my manhood.

“Mom, I thought…”

She smiled at me again, a Motherly smile this time.

“You thought what, Ben?”

“I thought you would get on it, and…”

“Fuck you?”

I nodded.

“Um… “ Mom looked at my rampant tool. Her hand felt up my veins and toyed with my sensitive glans. “It is beautiful. Hard… Soft... Firm... Manly...”

I quivered with the sensations Mom was giving. She seemed to be thinking as she played with me.


Then almost suddenly, she climbed quickly up on the bed, straddled me and positioned me to her sopping wet vagina. She slunk down quickly on me and her wet warmth shocked and excited me so much I thought I would cum straight away. But Mom saw my excitement and squeezed the base of my cock and held still. My initial wave of excitement dulled, but not by much. Being inside the cunt I had come from was so beyond excitement the mere thought of it nearly made me cum.


I felt the wave of pleasure subside and breathed out calmly. This was Mom’s cue to let go of my swollen member and gently she started to rock, her pelvis swivelling on my pole. I looked down at our union, and it was so unbelievably satisfying to see my cock going into Mom’s perfect pussy. Her round domes were swaying as she rode me. I could see the sweat on Mom’s golden skin; little beads of glistening moisture seeping from her every pore.


Knock! Knock! Knock! – The door went, and Mom froze upon me!

“Yes?” she called in her Mom voice.

“Is everything alright in there?” said Dad.

“Yes, just helping Ben with some personal… hygiene.”

“Oh, er, yes, I see. Okay. Let me know if I can help.”

Mom started to move once more, “Oh, I think I can manage”.

“I’ll leave you to it then.” Said Dad, rather sheepishly and I heard him walk away.

“Won’t he ask?” I said.

“You don’t know your Dad very well, do you?”


She winked at me, grinning widely with a naughty smirk. I didn’t know what it meant but Mom obviously found it amusing. She kept smiling as she started to fuck me fast. Mom’s hips went into overdrive and my tender tool started to throb inside of her. It didn’t take long before I could feel myself close to cumming.


“I’m gonna cum!” I blurted to Mom.

“Me too!” Mom said.

That’s all I needed to hear, and I shot my cum deep inside Mom’s sopping snatch! Almost on cue I felt Mom’s warm flush of pussy juice sluice around my ecstatic cock; swimming in a delirium of satiated lust. Mom stopped, clutching me with her thighs, her eyes closed as she shook for several seconds.


She stopped shaking and I felt her grip me inside, squeezing the last drops of cum from my cock. Mom opened her eyes and looked down at me. I couldn’t figure the expression on her face. Was it shame? Was it pity? Was it regret? Or was it her finally accepting that this was the only way?


“How was that for you?” she said on a low dusky voice full of womanly verve.

“Amazing, Mom! Really… just…”

“Was it like you thought it would be?”

“Better. Way better. Thanks Mom.” I said, but I felt awkward as I said it.


It was at this exact point that I felt my finger touch her leg. It was the lightest touch, but my middle finger had moved. Mom looked down and saw my finger, obviously she felt the touch.


“Oh, My God, Ben!” she blurted and started to cry as she held my hand. The sensation didn’t last long, but I had moved my finger!


Mom got off me, held me close and cleaned us both up. Then the day started proper and everyone came to see me and went to school or work. Mom came back, attentive as anything and we tried for hours to make my finger move again, but nothing happened.


Mom looked at me seriously after I was done trying finally, tears of frustration streaming down my face.


“Maybe it would help if we did it again…” she said with a wry smile.

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