Dad's Story!

August 16, 2016

Firstly, let me explain something: I love my Dad. I mean, he’s great. He’s done more for me than anyone else in the world, even my Mum. They split up when I was little, but I went to live with my Dad when I was seven. He was amazing! He looked after me, kept me fed well and clothed well. He made me laugh and took me places I wanted to go. About two years ago I think I got a bit hard to handle, and our relationship has suffered ever since. But I’ve always been a Daddy’s Girl, and always will be. Even though our relationship has suffered, I still love him more than anyone. That brings us up to date.


Now, I’m not too good with computers or laptops, but weirdly I am awesome on tablets and phones. But one day last week my phone wasn’t charged and I couldn’t find my tablet, but I wanted to check the film times at the cinema. So I peeked into Dad’s room and he wasn’t there. “It’ll take two minutes,” I thought. I moved the mouse to revive the sleeping screen and noticed Dad had left a files open. But it was the title of this file that caught my interest.


It was called “Daddy’s Home”. Out of curiosity I opened the file and it opened up a Word file. It was a story, so, curiously I started to read. The story was about a father who had walked in on his young daughter masturbating. I was shocked! But maybe it was a story device, so I kept reading. The father in the story had comforted his daughter when she thought he would be mad. Then he’d asked if she knew what she was doing. She said she thought she did, and he said there was no shame, and she should show him. I was starting to get uncomfortable reading this. I mean, Ew! Right?!


But I read a bit further. The daughter had shown the Dad what she was doing and he’d smiled, saying he knew how to do it a much better way and could he show her? She nods, yes, and he then starts touching his daughter’s pussy!  I couldn’t believe what I was reading! So, after several goes at this and showing his daughter what to do, she tries it and yay! – It is much better! Thank you, Daddy! (As if!) Then he says he knows something much, much better. I can see where this is going but I can’t believe it when this guy starts licking his daughter’s pussy out!


I couldn’t believe my Dad was reading this stuff! I mean, Fuck! But the thing was, I was also aware that despite my uncomfortable-ness with the story I was definitely wet. I was disgusted with myself, but somehow I couldn’t stop reading this debauched incest story! I only had on a T-shirt and panties, so I just put a finger into the leg hole and felt my slick slit. Oh Jesus! That felt good!


I did it a few more times, winding it around to find and torment my growing pulsating pink button. I forgot the cinema times. This was more interesting. I kept reading as this father put a finger inside his little girl to show her how good it felt, and of course, that put that idea in my head too. I shuffled about in my panties, but I hate the feeling of course lace rubbing on the backs of my fingers. Only one thing for it – Off! I pulled the stretchy cotton wide and somehow got my knee through and yanked them down my calf and off my ankle. Then I just let them fall to my other ankle. I pulled my feet up on my Dad’s leather swivel chair and made the writing bigger so I could sit back and still read. Lucky, I’d brought my glasses in too, so here I was in my T-shirt up and my vajayjay hanging open as it glistened with my succulent sweetness. At least, I think it’s sweet, but I’m biased!


I was back to the story, now hands-free, so I could concentrate on my own naughty pleasure. In the story the girl’s Dad made her cum with his tongue, and I could just see it. And as I read it and imagined it, I strummed my aching clit and fingered my dripping hole, stuffing two needy fingers inside me. The Dad then asked his Daughter if she’d like to become a woman. I couldn’t believe this story was going where I thought it was going. She asked if it would hurt and he said it might be uncomfortable at first, but she’d like it. I couldn’t believe it!


I fucked myself furiously as this Dad pushed his monster cock inside his daughter’s tight little clam. The description of the warm wetness that engulfed his lucky cock was exactly the same as my fingers were feeling now, except I could feel how those fingers felt inside me too. And they felt wonderful! I couldn’t believe the excitement I felt – with my breath short, withering, panting even as I read. My heart was pounding so loud I could hear it. My hole was a watery blaze and my bud was pulsating and tender to every touch.


He was building up a rhythm, soothing his sausage in and out of her panting little body, whimpers escaping her open rounded lips. I was with them, beating my bud and plunging my hole as best I could. The chair squeaked as I got more animated. I cringed, but I was too far gone to stop. I just kept going.


I was just about to cum, when I noticed my Dad standing in the doorway. I jumped and instantly covered up, pulling my T-shirt down between my legs.

“Um! I’m sorry!” I blurted.

“It’s alright,” said Dad, “What are you looking at?”

He stepped into the room properly and I could see the bulge of his cock, plainly pressing into his jeans, straining at the restriction. I realised he was really turned on. I’ve never felt anything like that about Dad. I mean, he’s my Dad! But right then, right there, turned on like I was, I couldn’t help wonder what it looked like. By the size of the bulge it was fucking enormous!

“Um, this story…” I said coyly.

He looked at the screen and by his face I could tell he knew the story. “Is it good?” he asked.

“Daddy, I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t have been…” I started.

“It’s fine, Chick. How far did you get?”

“He’s… he’s fucking her.”

“Mind if I join you?” he asked sincerely.

“Ummm…” I bit my lip and looked down at his monster bulge. It was then I realised that Dad was just a man. He had needs like any man and he’d not been in a relationship with a woman since Mum. In fact, he’d spent all his time raising me and hadn’t gotten back out there to date. It also occurred to me in that second that Dad had opened this file, and that I had just started reading what he had already opened. “Okay,” I said unsurely.

“You carry on,” he said, “I’ll catch up.” He smiled warmly at me and I giggled nervously. Dad then undid his leather belt and opened his jeans. I was fascinated. I mean, I’ve seen my boyfriend’s dick, but this was my Dad’s I was about to lay eyes on! The bulge in his boxers was fighting with the strain, pushing the black cotton up into a Big Top tent. He reached inside his boxers and came out with a handful of cock! Oh my God! It was enormous!


“Jesus! Dad!” I said, “And Mum left you?”

“No comment,” he smiled, “you’re no ugly duckling yourself, Chick.”

“Dad!” I said modestly.

“No, seriously, you’re beautiful. You’re so…” his words trailed off.


“Sexy. You’re a sexy girl.” He said.

I didn’t know how to react exactly, so I fell back on good old body dismorphia, “My boobs aren’t big enough, and I’ve got braces”.


Even though I had my eye flitting from Dad’s face to his seeping japs-eye, I was starting to relax a little with this strange situation and weird conversation. “Show me,” said Dad. I looked at him for a second to see if he was joking. He wasn’t. I glanced at his shiny-headed monster and bit my lip again. I lifted my shirt up so he could get a look at my breasts, but I lowered it straight away. “What? That’s not a look.” He said.


I looked at his cock again and I felt that distinctly wet feeling below, tingling and aching, dying to be touched!


“I think we’re a bit past false modesty now, aren’t we?” he said, pointing out his cock which was looking back at me as it bent to the left and winked right at me. His reasoning was right. I couldn’t argue for my modesty when I’d been caught wanking in his room, on his computer chair, reading porn on his PC. My knickers were still around my ankle, his chair was wet with my juices and I’d been staring at his muscle missile for the last couple of minutes. I won’t even describe my pungent pussy smell wafting up from between my legs!


“Why don’t you take it off?” he said softly. I shrugged and lifted my T-shirt up and over my head. I dropped it on the bed behind him. “There, see? Beautiful!” he said.

“They’re too small,” I protested.

“Well, I think they’re perfect.” He said.


I was completely naked now except for my knickers still draped around my ankle. I kicked them off subconsciously.


“You’re so perfect, Chick, and you don’t even know it.”

I looked at him again, “Do you really think I’m sexy?”

“Oh, Babe, you’re so sexy! Any man…” he said.


We both looked at his cock at the same time. “Well…” he said, “Shall we…?”

I looked back at his face, not knowing if he was asking if I wanted to fuck or not. “Well, you didn’t finish, did you? And I haven’t even started.”

“No,” I said.

“Do you mind if I…?” And he indicated to lift off his shirt. I shrugged, but secretly I wanted to see him completely naked now too. He shrugged his shirt off then stood to pull his jeans and shorts off. My eyes were fixed on his bouncing manhood, its curve and its heavy sack of cum below. Subconsciously, I reached down and started to course my fingers through my burning desire. My wetness hadn’t abated. In fact, it was getting worse.


Dad just stood there with his bulging cock straining so much I could see its veins standing out, its head engorged and shiny. Then he took hold of it, almost without looking at it, and started stroking it before me. My other hand reached for my breasts and tweaked my pointed nipples. I looked up Dad’s torso and saw him looking at me. He had a look in his eyes that I couldn’t place. He’d never looked at me like this before.


“Where did you get to in the story?” he asked again.

“I don’t know,” I said and I bit my lip as I couldn’t not look at him wanking his engorged cock. I lost all inhibition and really started to strum my beating bean, occasionally dipping my fingers deep inside my soaking self, and using my juices to lubricate my burning, searing, clit. Dad turned slightly so that Mister Ed was looking straight at me as he tried to choke him death with long strong tugs on his muscular neck.


“Oh My God, Dad! This is so wrong!” I said as I furiously strummed my ecstatic bean. “But that’s why it’s so exciting!” he said as he worked faster on his muscular meat. I could see pre-cum starting to drip from the end of his swollen head. Dad moved closer as he could see I was fixated on it. As it came closer I just lost control. I rocked the chair closer, desperately, and Dad took the hint and came even closer, pushing the keyboard tray back in as he stood directly in front of me. I was face to face with my Dad’s cock as he furiously wanked it toward me and I desperately plunged two fingers inside myself, my hips starting to fuck my fingers as I held onto the chair to stay upright to Dad’s monster cock!


I dropped my legs off the chair as I fucked into my fingers, face to face with Dad’s cock – it was too much for me! I leaned forward and grabbed Dad’s cock and fed its bulbous head into my soft wet lips. My tongue tasted him straight away as I felt the underside of his soft firm helmet. Dad moaned, “Oh, sweetheart, that’s amazing!”


I looked up and could see a look of pure pleasure on my Dad’s face. As horny as I was, I knew this was something Dad needed too. I flicked my tongue around and around his engorged cockhead, teasing up the underside to its eye, and then letting the tip of my tongue push gently into it, tasting the pre-cum inside.


“Oh, Baby!” Dad moaned, “That’s so good.”



 It was music to my ears and my lust was just fuelled further by his words. I started to wank him off, just as I was working up a finger fuck rhythm with my pelvic thrusts. The poor chair was squeaking like crazy again, but I didn’t care. I didn’t even care if the neighbours heard! All I cared about was his cock and my hungry cunt!


Dad toouched my hand and I looked up to him saying, “Sixty-nine?”

“Mmm…” I said with a mouthful of cock. I let him slip out and he helped me up off the chair. Dad pulled me close and his cock nudged into my pussy as he held me. He looked down at me and gently kissed my pouting lips. It was like no kiss he’d ever given me before, his tongue insinuating itself into my mouth, teasing and twisting over mine. I couldn’t help but lift my leg to wrap around Dad’s own leg so that my achingly wet pussy was pushed down onto his rigid rod.


Dad lifted my butt, sweeping my foot up off the floor, and I wrapped my other leg around him as he turned and sat down, then lay upon the bed. Then he lifted me up his body, pushing me up until my sopping minge was rubbing his chin. I brought my legs up so I was kneeling with my knees either side of his head. He started to lick my pussy. It felt so good I thought I was going to cum right then. But I looked back at Dad’s waving flagpole and felt bad for him.


I knelt up over Dad’s head, giving him a sight he’d never seen before; looking straight up my cunt and ass and all the way up my body, through my tits to my hot flushed face. I quickly turned around into the promised sixty-nine, pouring myself over his body and planting my oozing crotch onto Dad’s willing lips. I moaned as I grabbed hold of his throbbing cock and my hot wet mouth enveloped him. Dad breathed heavily into my sopping puss, before letting loose lashings of hot hard tender tongue. He certainly knew what a girl loves and I couldn’t help grinding my pelvis into his mouth. His cockhead felt different this way around, but no less sexy. I tortured him with the tip of my tongue then sucked him like a lollipop. I could hear him moaning as I went to work and tried my best to get the whole damn thing into my mouth. It touched the back of my throat and I gagged instantly. Dad instinctively jerked upwards and I felt his cockhead actually enter my throat. I tried not to panic. I’d heard about this. Deep-throating was like a porn skill or something. Wouldn’t it be cool if I could do it?


I pushed Dad back down and he took the hint, but now I went down on him, deep down, letting his cockhead just about enter my throat before I had to come back up and breath through my nose. Just then I felt dad’s tongue enter my slick vagina! I was so hot that I came right then, gushing juice right into his mouth, which I heard him swallow. But Dad didn’t let up, so I went back to work, between shuddering new and powerful orgasms into his open mouth and all over his intrusive tongue.


I started wanking his cock-stem as I concentrated on his glans with my inquisitive, lapping, probing tongue. I was so into it that I when I finally engulfed his head again I wasn’t expecting a hot jet of cum to hit the back of my throat. I reeled back as I started to taste his salty sauce. As I did, I saw his cock erupting two more jets of cum straight up at me. The first hit me in the lips and cheek. The second just lifted into the air and then fell back onto his cockhead and ran down over my hand.


Dad let out a long groan and shuddered. I swallowed what was in my mouth, purely for the excitement of swallowing my own Dad’s cum. I wiped my face and licked my lips clean. Then I delved back down to lick my lollipop clean. Every touch of his sensitive glans made him twitch like I’d stuck a pin in him. I finally let up on him, his cock waning.


I sat up and eased back to the pillows, my legs still open for comfort. Dad rolled over and looked up at me. He shifted slightly to get back to where he could see right between my legs I noticed with amusement.


“I think we both needed that,” he said.


I wasn’t sure what to say. I wasn’t sure how I felt about what we’d done either.


“You didn’t get a really big orgasm, did you?”

“I’m fine. It was good. Really.” I said.

“Well, if you’ll let me show you, I can give you the best orgasm ever. Multiple orgasms actually.” He smiled.

I rolled my eyes, embarrassed by my own wants and sexual needs.

“I don’t think there’s much point in us being shy with each other now, is there?” he said.

I gave a little laugh. “Okay, what do I do?” I giggled.

“Nothing. Just lie down. Let me do the rest.”


I lay down and Dad came and knelt beside me. He opened a bedside drawer and pulled out a bottle of baby oil. As he plied it I realised this was the smell of Dad’s room, which I had puzzled over on numerous occasions. He warmed some oil on his hands before starting to rub it into my midriff. There must have been a lot because he worked it up my torso, avoided my breasts and smoothed over my shoulders and down my arms.


“Just relax. Close your eyes.” He said gently. I knew then that I was in good hands; Dad’s hands; and they could do me no wrong. He warmed more oil and I felt him work from my stomach down, around my hips ands over every inch of my long slender legs. I was starting to relax too. In fact, the feeling of soft strong hands upon my body, massaging my thighs, my shoulders and arms nearly sent me to sleep. I started to zone out. Then I felt his hands upon my breasts for the first time. I was instantly awake again!


He caressed them gently at first, letting the oil soak into my skin. Then his motions became more definite. He started to knead them firmly, bringing his pressure to a slippery peak at my rapidly hardening nipples. My breathing started to change as I felt my little pussy starting to moisten again. That’s when he trailed one soaking wet oily hand down through my scratchy curls and over my fleshy flower. He trailed his fingertips up and down my puffy red cheeks and I opened my legs instinctively. His fingers played over my secret place; dancing through my curls and glancing lightly my puffy pussy petals. His touches became firmer, more definite in their contact, until he insinuated his fingers into the petals of my fleshy rose.


He toyed endlessly at my vaginal lips, teasing my wetness into a steady flow of effluent juices: All this while he never stopped kneading my swelling peaks of titty flesh. Then I felt a finger enter me. It didn’t stop; it just went right in to the knuckle. Dad knows I popped my cherry with my last boyfriend – we’re open like that – but I didn’t see disappointment in his eyes as I opened mine, just love and lust. It only took a few strokes for him to add a second finger.


Two large Daddy fingers were working steadily in and out of my pussy and I was enjoying it immensely. He was getting a little rougher too, making my hole wider as I stretched to accommodate his handling. That’s when he did it! -  Deep inside me, he touched a spot I’d never touched before. I jolted as he touched it – the pleasure intense, like an inner clit I knew nothing about. But he wasn’t being gentle about it either. His two fingers hooked up and under were clawing, almost raking my sensitive inner pleasure spot.


“Ooohhhh!” I let out. But he didn’t stop. He just smiled and worked faster, plunging his fingers in and out of me! Then he rammed them in as far they would go and he diddled the sensitive spot over and over, roughly lifting me as he did so. My wetness was already like never before, but now my sensations were starting to really build. I could feel the stirring of a new cum bubbling in my loins. I started to pant. That’s when Dad pulled his fingers out!


“Don’t stop!” I pleaded. But he was already smearing my clit with my ample juices. He smiled broadly as his other hand left my tweaking breasts and came to my aching bud. He started to circle it, but as he did his other hand went south again. I came a little as he entered me again, and he went straight for that sweet spot. Now he was working me inside and out; my inner clit and my outer; and they both seemed to be in the same place. It was like I had a fiery ball of pleasure within, pulsing, growing, dying to be released.


Dad sped up; got rougher inside; went faster outside. The feelings multiplied over and over, my breathing short. “Dad, make me cum. Let me cum, please.” I gasped through making a noise I’m sure I’ve never made before. That was Dad’s cue to go into overdrive! Suddenly he was strumming my clit like a blur of pure ecstasy and he was yanking my little pussy with every upward thrust and torment on my inner clit. “Fuck!” I squealed as I felt the first of my orgasms envelop me. It exploded inside like a ball of fire. The sensations sizzled through my skin and I felt my asshole tighten as I felt that pleasure up inside there too. “Fuck me!” I gasped as I was suddenly aware that I was peeing myself – except it wasn’t pee – it was cum!


I felt the splashes on my inner thighs and belly as I jetted cum into Dad’s palm. He paused, letting the first wave subside. Then he launched into a second assault on my body. His fingers fucking the pleasure spot roughly and rubbing it fast and hard. He started on my clit again. And it only took a few seconds before I was squealing with pleasure again, squirting cum everywhere as my cunt went crazy!


He let up again, but only for a second, before he launched into a third symphony of sexual bliss. But this one was the best – he didn’t let up! He just kept going. The sweat was blistering from my oily skin; on fire with wave after wave of ecstatic sensation. My pussy was erupting in cum after cum, squirt after squirt of my sex juice splashing like a sexual fountain! I was bucking and squeaking, yelping and twitching like a demented lunatic, as I reached such heights I couldn’t control myself.


“Dad! No more! Stop!” I tried to grab his strumming fingers at my throbbing, pleading clit. “Mercy! Mercy!” I cried like I did when I was a little girl and Dad would tickle me until I wet myself. Dad laughed and let me stop his hand on my clit. But his other one was still intermittently torturing me, making me have another orgasm every few seconds.


I reached down further and held his wrist, pushing it away and forcing his fingers out of my sopping twat. I flopped back onto the bed as I saw Dad sucking on his fingers. But then something weird happened, because I had another orgasm. Nobody was touching me but I clenched and released and the fire burst out over my body again. I convulsed, and then it happened again! Each cum was accompanied by a body spasm I couldn’t control.


“Daddy, what’s happening?” I said in a panic.

“It’s aright, sweetheart. It’s called Multiple Orgasms. Just enjoy them. They’ll stop in a little while.” He replied.


Little by little they subsided. It took several minutes though. I lay there breathing as best I could. Totally warm, all over. I closed my eyes as I didn’t want to see Dad watching me. And bliss came over me.


When I opened my eyes and looked I could see Dad’s cock was hard again and he was tugging on it. I reached out and took it from him. It was engorged and hard again. I started wanking him, then stopped. The thought in my mind was so wrong, but then, what we’d already done was so wrong too – and yet, so right. It was so sexy because it was wrong and it excited me even as I thought about it.


I lifted his cock up and shuffled around, getting my supple leg through between my tugging arm and his monster cock, so that now my thighs were draped over Dad’s as he faced me from between them.


I didn’t say anything. I think the words were too scary. If I’d said them out loud I would have chickened out. But now I was pulling him firmly by the cock towards me. Dad pitched forward, his hands supporting himself either side of me as I guided his monster cock to my cute little cunny cave!


The feeling of this huge hot hard muscle forcing its way inside my meagre body was too joyful to describe. I let go and Dad kept pushing deep into me. I’d never been filled like this before. It wasn’t its length so much as its girth, filling me up and pushing my cunt walls out wider, stretching to accommodate this man size thing inside me.


I felt his ballsack reach my ass and grinding into me as he went balls deep inside. Oh Fuck, it was so good! I wrapped my legs around him, my arms feeling his body too, my nails raking his skin. I loved this man more than any in the whole wide world! There was nothing he wouldn’t do for me. As he poured over me I kissed his lips and whispered, “Daddy, fuck me! Fuck me like you used to fuck mum!”


Sweat was forming on Dad’s brow and I knew some of that sweat would drip down on me, but I didn’t care. “I love you, Sweetheart.” He said.


“I love you too, Daddy. Now, fuck me!”




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