August 31, 2016


“Oh…” she said, “Daddy… it’s you!”


I don’t know who she was expecting as I live here, and she doesn’t anymore. But that wasn’t the only shock. The fact that my seventeen-year-old daughter was standing in my hallway as I opened the front door, after having gotten back from a business trip, wasn’t even it either. The fact that she didn’t have a key, or so I thought, wasn’t it either. The shock was that Bethan was completely naked. She had spasmed to cover up with the words, “it’s you,” but this had still let me see all she had to offer beforehand.


She stood there, half paralysed with awkwardness and shame, one hand clamped to her crotch and one cupping her breast as her arm covered her  other. Her face was smiling with embarrassment as she found everything funny and this was no exception.


I heard the door close behind me as I stood rooted to the spot, my gaze never leaving her perfect body. She was tiny, but perfectly formed. Although seventeen she certainly didn’t look it and always had to carry ID.  Her cute rosewood hair pointed at me as her straight cut bob jutted forward under her feline chin, like a classic 1920’s flapper. Her liberal use of mascara, eyeliner, foundation and rouge made her completion just the wrong side of orange, like a cross between Donald Trump and an Oompah-Loompah! This makeup stood out even further as even though her body was mostly tanned (with modesty tan lines) her neck was almost completely white. Her forehead had formed protest bumps to her lavish use of war-paint – something that just made her apply more to cover them completely. There was no talking her out of it because, as we all know, 17-year-olds know everything. I had long since given up trying.


“So…” I said, not really meaning anything or even forming a question, but Bethan did the weirdest shuffle toward me in answer – all twenty feet separating us closed in ten delightful, comically sexy seconds. She crushed her body into mine and wrapped her arms around me so her modesty – what little was left – was protected from my gaze. Or so she thought. She had forgotten the four foot mirror the other end of the hallway. In this I could plainly see her slender legs, her perfectly rounded bottom and her slim waist. On top of this, she was crushing her perfect tits into my torso. They weren’t big, but a respectable handful that I’d noticed getting bigger over the last year.


I’m only human and I defy any man to say that this situation would not turn you on. So, as I stood there awkwardly holding my naked daughter, my fingers lightly brushing the tops of her bottom bumps, I became distinctly aware of the mad rush blood into my stiffening package. I tried adjusting my stance to pull my aroused bobby away from my daughter, but Bethan just hugged me tighter and there was no getting away from her.


It took about five or six seconds before there was no getting around the fact that my angry soldier was trying to stand to attention as it pushed into my daughter’s belly. She stopped moving. It was obviously dawning on her what was happening. She didn’t say anything, but she didn’t back off either. Then she shifted, making my boner roll along her little belly. As she centred it just below her belly-button, she tiptoed so my bulge nudged into her little alcove.  She pressed herself into it and I froze like a rabbit in the headlights.


“Daddy!” she feigned shock, but she didn’t look up. I figured she had a smile on her face, or something else, probably that naughty mischievous look where she would look up wide eyed and deny everything.

“Well, what do you expect? I am a man, you know.” I said.

“I can tell” she said cheekily, and she ground her mons to my suffering soldier.

“Um… yeah.” I didn’t know what to say exactly. Yes, this was my daughter, but since I left her mother two years ago I had barely had a whiff of pussy. I was always working to pay the millstone mortgage on the apartment as well as maintenance for Bethan. And she was undoubtedly hot. I never thought otherwise. And of course, now she was grinding her hot teen pussy into my cock.

“Oh, honey…. You don’t want to do that,” I said, fighting with my conscience.

She didn’t answer. She didn’t stop either.

“Honey… you really shouldn’t do that,” I said; my lust screaming the opposite inside my head.

She looked up at me with devilment in her eyes, “Why’s that, then, Daddy?”

I groaned as I looked down and saw her rounded domes smashing up against me, then part, showing her perky pink puppy-nosed peaks.

“Because I like it too much,” I admitted.

She grinned an evil, lust-filled smirk, “And…?”

She was daring me, taunting me with her perfect body! “I might lose control and do something…” my words trailed off. I had no idea what my argument was, because now there was just no blood left in my brain to think with; it had all rushed to my straining cock.

“Do something…?” She mounted my throbbing monster. I could feel her pussy juices slick on my pants and the sweet aroma of hot young girl pussy drifted up my flaring nostrils. That’s what did it!


I reached down between us and felt Bethan’s soaking wet pussy cheeks and I unzipped my pants and released the waist catch. I instantly felt some relief as the strain was lessened, now I was only pushing into the loose cotton of my shorts. I pulled my shorts down and my cock bounced up into her pussy lips.

Bethan rolled her open gash along my solid rod. Even now I think it was growing as my excitement grew ever stronger.


I groaned my pleasure to be met by my daughter hiking one leg around my own while she reached underneath and held firmly my throbbing meat. She toyed it up and down her fleshy clam before settling my head unmistakably at her pussy lips. To my surprise, I effortlessly slipped inside her snatch. She rolled her hips and I was all the way in. And to my further surprise, there was lots of room in there! My mind raced as her slick and sloppy fleshy walls tried to hold my man monster! But there was no getting away from it – this girl had had untold amounts of monster cock up her!


She began to try a fucking motion, but she was just too short, and she was on tiptoes on one leg. Suddenly, my athletic offspring leapt up my body and clamped both legs and arms around me as she started bouncing on my nightstick! I bent my legs a little to brace myself as I slapped both hands on her ass to lend a hand.


I must have been hyper-aroused because my cock was bulging with the excitement and had grown so big that I could now feel her vaginal walls trying to clench and release my monster member. The sweat was pouring off me as I heaved the sex limpet up and down on my big boy with my shorts and pants around my ankles, adorning my shiny new shoes.


I wasn’t sure how long I could keep this up! My breath was so short I was starting to wheeze and I thought I was going to die from an asthma attack!


“Oh, Fuck me, Daddy!” gasped Bethan – and – Bam! I lost control and felt myself erupt inside my daughter’s quim! I instinctively pulled her down onto my man missile, sending my seed as deep inside her as I possibly could!


And I stopped.


Sweat was dripping off my forehead as my body swam in a sea of delirium. I had just fucked and cum inside my daughter! That’s when it occurred to me – I had just fucked and cum inside my own daughter! I knew she was on the pill, so that wasn’t a huge concern, but the realisation of what I’d done was ripe.


“Don’t stop,” she gasped as she tried to bounce on.

“I can’t,” I barely breathed.

She stopped as she realised I was withering inside her.

“Daddy!” She admonished! “I haven’t finished!” She looked at me with those cross little sapphire eyes, defiantly demanding, mock scolding, and gorgeous.

“Well,” I said, hoisting her off my withering willy, “you’ll have to finish yourself. You nearly killed me.” I staggered back and held onto the wall for support.

She stood with a quizzical look on her face as she looked me up and down, mostly down. There was no hiding with her now. No coyness. No pretence.

“Is that what you’d like, Daddy?” she said with a questioning eyebrow and arms akimbo, “Would you like to watch?”

I physically gulped and felt my balls tingle as my withering wiener said, “Yes Please!”




To Be Continued...

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