October 11, 2016


I’ve always been a swimmer. I mean, from a very early age I have been like a fish in the water. All through High School I swam for the school team. I won umpteen awards and tournaments at county and, state and national tournaments. I trained every day and improved so much that my coach was putting me forward for the Olympic try-outs. But I figured, “what job is swimming gonna get me?” SO I slowly retired from swimming tournaments – much to my coach’s despair – and concentrated on academic stuff. But, I kept on swimming, because I like it, it keeps you fit and it gives you a great body (avoiding fries, burgers and coke doesn’t hurt either).


I ended up graduating from College and got a tedious job in accounting. It pays the bills but I always wonder “what if…” At the office where I worked I was the hottest ticket in town – even the clients would ask for me when I was still a junior. Well, you know, long blonde hair in a ponytail, good sized boobs, tucked tummy, buoyant butt, and slender legs – they’re my best asset – all wrapped up in a pinstripe skirt suit; what do you expect?


It wasn’t long before I had dated a slick executive from a client firm and he’d given me an unexpected Christmas present – a baby! Little Josh was just 5 pounds and 8 ounces, but the sperm donor was off to conquests new and had no time for the knocked up junior accountant or her unfortunate offspring. Well, fuck him, right?! I tried my very best to be the Mom every boy deserves, and I had a happy little boy who loved me loads, and shared my love of the water.


I want to tell you what happened the other day at the pool. We have communal changing rooms at our pool – just cubicles for male and female right next to each other in a communal area. It’s weird but good. We’d had a good swim this day, and when we came out and got our stuff from the locker we tried to find a couple of cubicles – but there was only one free. I said, “Come on, we’ll squeeze in,” and we both poured into this tiny cubicle to get dried and changed.


Now, I know Josh has been growing, changing, of late. He’s developed some good little muscles on his arms and a washboard stomach from all the swimming. Even his legs are taut and developed, with a fine down developing into adult hair on his legs. He still doesn’t have hair under his arms, which is curious, but I guess we all develop at different rates. At 12 years old I can’t say he’s very tall, which probably accounts for my lax thinking, thinking him still my little boy as we bundled into that tiny space together.


I had on my usual bikini, and for 34 I’m pretty damn hot, okay! So I started to rub myself down and I suppose Josh did too. I turned from him and pulled the string to release my bikini top and it let my boobs go free and I started to dry them too. I then pulled my bikini bottom drawstring and they fell down my one retaining leg until I freed that too. I was busy drying myself when I noticed a stillness behind me. I turned and looked down to see Josh sitting on the only bench seat with his towel covering his naked crotch. But I could see the problem.


Josh’s eye were fixed on my body, you know, my fit body, and under that towel was a little preteen tent-pole trying to make a circus Big Top from his towel. I just had my towel hanging before me, not even covering my breasts. At first I said, “What’s the matter, Josh?” I don’t know why I said that, because I knew full well what the matter was.


“Ummm…” He shook his head.


I know it’s evil, but I found his discomfort funny, and strangely it aroused me. As I looked down upon my poor little boy, with maybe his first boner, he looked so pitiful, and yet so beautiful. I purposely raised my towel to my head and rubbed my hair lasciviously. Now he had a view of my entire naked body. I know it was cruel, and I’m quite sure I heard him gasp and saw his little fireman jerking involuntarily.


Poor Josh!


I looked him over; what a pathetic sight. He was manhood in its most vulnerable form. Naïve. Nervous. Unsure. Inferior. I loved it!


“Are you okay, honey?” I asked in a husky voice I had practiced on men since I was 15.


“I’m just cold,” he said shivering for effect. But the shiver only served to make his towel fall lower, now only held up by his little soldier alone!


“Oh My!” I said in a motherly way, “It seems we have a little problem,” and I picked up the towel from his crotch and unveiled the sweetest little penis standing up and looking at me wistfully. Josh tried to cover himself up with his hands, he’d turned a wonderful shade of pinkish-red in his cheeks and I could see tears welling up in his eyes.


“Shhhh…” I whispered soothingly; my finger to my lips in command. He stifled his whimper as I dropped my towel on the floor before him and knelt upon it. “Well, that looks painful,” I said in my best nurse’s voice, “would you like me to rub it better for you?”


Josh kind of froze, but his hormones answered perfectly well with, “Yes, please”. He’s so sweet. I took his hands away and looked at my little man’s little man. I suppose it was about four inches long. Not bad for a twelve year old. I hate it when I read stories of monster dicks on young boys. That almost never happens. Like huge boobs on young girls. Maybe, but not likely. My Josh’s sausage was four inches at best, what’s more, it wasn’t your common straight up sausage, but his had a curve to the left. I always wonder how men get these curves, but it makes life interesting that’s for sure.


I instantly took a firm but gentle hold of Josh’s little man and started gently masturbating it up and down. Josh was nervous at first, but I suppose it was the sight of my lovely full breasts that had him settle down to my tuition. “Is that feeling any better?” I asked in a motherly tone. He just nodded and I noticed his legs part purposefully.


I reached under his jerking boyhood and gently cupped his tight little nut-sack. I could feel the first wisps of public hair tickling my dancing fingers and Josh took a deep breath in and widened his legs even further. I could hear his breathing deepen as I kept up my steady stroking on his hard little erection.


This wasn’t something I had ever thought about. In all honesty, I have no idea why I accepted it so readily, why I had even had the impulse to touch my son in such a way, but now that I was doing so it was lovely. I mean, of course I was jerking him off, but I was helping him too. Not only that, but I could feel a distinct moistness in my cooch that I like so much!


Josh’s fingers were white-knuckled around the edge of the bench, and I could see the tension flexing in his thigh muscles. Without thinking about it I raised his winky out of the way and bent down low to tease my tongue around his tender young ball-sack. He tensed even further, jolting and hitting his head upon the back wall of the cubicle – just a chip-board wall between us and whoever was changing behind us. I looked up and put my finger to my lips again. He nodded compliance and I went down again, all the time looking up into my little boy’s face.


His expression was comical – pained pleasure and near panic as he tried to fend off the urge to groan and thrust his hips. But I held him firm, and every untoward movement was met with a tightening grip upon his boyhood. He got the message and stilled himself. I trailed gently around his tight little sack and then followed his stem, lingering my teasing tongue around his sausage until I reached his bulging helmet. And by now it was indeed bulging. I can’t think why!


I dipped my tongue tip under his helmet and trailed around that soft sensitive skin. He jerked with the sensation, his little willy going into my mouth a moment or two before he resumed his position. Pity! – I looked up into my little boy’s eyes as I licked back around to the underside and then up to the top, glancing his glans as I reached his seeping summit. He tasted gooey, and I like gooey. My eyes still upon his I slowly allowed my moist warm lips to envelop his bulging cockhead. It was big enough to enjoy and small enough to manage and manipulate inside my mouth, and Josh started to writhe upon the bench seat.


I started to stroke him with more pace, my tongue circling his head quicker now, flicking his glans the way I knew he’d like it. I went faster. I could feel my heart beating in my chest as I moved ever faster with my hand. My tongue circled and circled and I looked up to see if he was any closer to coming. But Josh with biting his lip as he let out a tiny high pitched whine. Was this it? Was he going to come in my mouth?


No. Try as I might, I just could not make him come. I stopped. I’m used to holding my breath, but even I was gasping. I looked up at him and he looked plaintively at me as I knelt there sweating.


“Is it still painful?” I asked between breaths.

He nodded. “It’s worse now”.

Well, of course it was worse now. I’d made it worse!


I sat up and looked around for inspiration. I couldn’t help but notice that Josh was looking at my breasts. Maybe that was it! I shuffled closer, and made the finger to lips – no noise – sign. Then I leaned forward and squashed his hard little willy between my breasts. Josh opened his legs even wider, and I felt him press his ball-bag into my chest as his cock was cossetted between my soft pillowy breasts. I started to wank him between my tits, mashing them into and around his solid little rod of boyhood. I felt his hands upon my shoulders as he steadied himself. I went faster, and faster. I looked up, wishing my boy to come all over my tits, but no – he didn’t.


I stopped - and he groaned with fatigue or perhaps blue-balls. I knelt back on my haunches and Josh looked me over. I realized my inner thighs were now glossed with a sheen of my own pussy juice, and when I looked down there was a dark patch on the towel where I was dripping with excitement!


I knew what I wanted, and yet how come I want such a thing? It’s to help Josh – I reasoned. And maybe I was trying to help him. Isn’t that what mothers do?


“I don’t know what to suggest” I lied.


If Josh was thinking what I was thinking he certainly couldn’t say it, at least, not in words. His eyes, on the other hand, were speaking volumes, and each word of each line of each paragraph and chapter of each volume was filled with the words “Mom, can I fuck you?”


I leaned in close to Josh’s ear and whispered ever so quietly, “If I let you do it you must never tell anyone…” I pulled back to see if his eyes, “you understand?” His eyes lit with recognition, then doubt, the confusion, then hope. He stayed with hope and nodded furiously. “Okay…” I said, and I knew the world would change as I turned myself around and bent over with my ass in the air and my pussy glistening in the bright fluorescent light of the changing room. I looked back and saw Josh awkwardly sidling off the bench and onto the floor behind me. He looked at my looming ass and I thought he was going to cry, but then I saw something in him I’ve never seen before; lust!


My little boy smoothed his little hands over my silky smooth skin around my perfect ass and onto my taut slender thighs. I could feel his pecker touching my inner thigh and wondered how long it would take him to catch on. Then he did something I wasn’t expecting. I felt something soft touching my pussy lips. Here it comes! – I thought. But the thing touching my pussy lips was soft and moist. Josh was licking my pussy!


I hadn’t been ready for that! All pretence of maternal duty suddenly evaporated! I bent low, pushing my ass higher, giving my son better access to my dripping quim. I wanted him to lick it! And he did. His young but eager tongue lapped around my puffy pussy cheeks, tasting my juices as he went. Then his tongue probed into my nether folds, unfolding them and rearranging them. I suppose his ultimate goal was my hole so he merely glanced my aching clit, but the glance of your own son’s tongue on your clit will send you crazy ladies, I can tell you! Then he found my hole and pushed his soft wet strong little muscle as far inside me as his mouth would let him. He swirled his tongue around inside me, swishing my pussy juices around and around, his lips pushed firmly into my cunt and his nose hovering above the puckered knot of my asshole.


As Josh probed my motherhood I realized I could see under all the cubicles: People’s feet mostly, but a man’s legs further down were shaking as he stood there. Was he drying his hair or masturbating? A young girl further down on the other side was obviously sucking her boyfriend off, as she knelt on the floor before his open legs. Another young girl further down could well be masturbating as her legs were wide apart and shaking. How many people were having sexual experiences in this seemingly innocuous place?


It was then I realized I could actually see up into the cubicles next to us if I just strained a little. One had a man in it – young, younger than me. He was taut and defined. His butt was tight and I just wanted to bite it! Josh’s tongue was now thrusting in and out of me like a mini-piston in and out of my pulsating pussy. I turned to the other cubicle and saw a man and his daughter. Maybe she was 12; how much longer could he share a cubicle with her, I wondered? She was starting to develop but hadn’t yet developed the self-consciousness that goes with all those changes to her body. How long before those changes make her interesting to him, despite himself? How long before he gets turned on involuntarily in her presence, especially when naked? How long before he starts fantasizing about her?


My question was roundly answered when this little girl stripped naked and so did her Daddy. I noticed how neither shied from the other and how Dad’s penis grew as they put their clothes in their bag. I don’t know why, but I wanted them to touch. Dad’s hand upon the girl’s bottom wasn’t overtly about anything, but she understood and sat on the bench facing his now erect penis. He gave it a few shakes and pointed it right at her. She took it from him, practiced and methodical, and started jerking him off towards her. I wondered at their story – how had they got to this point? She didn’t seem perturbed, and smiled as she moved rapidly from jerk off to blow job.


It was at this point that I noticed Josh had stopped tongue-fucking me. Instead he was nudging clumsily at my peach with his little salami. I looked back to see what was taking him so long and as I did something caught my eye. Across the aisle, in the opposite cubicle to us was a young girl, maybe 13, but petite. She’d laid her towel on the floor as I had, and now was lying down on it completely naked. She raised and opened her legs and started to play with herself. I couldn’t believe it! This innocent venue was a den of sexual tension! Even the guy beside me was now stroking his cock as he stood there, contemplating female swimmers no doubt.


On the brink of sexual frustration I reached underneath me and took hold of Josh’s little wiener.  “Mom, please, let me do it,” he whined in a pitch too high for boy with cock that big. I dutifully let go, “Well, hurry up. We haven’t got all day!” I said, trying to sound as motherly as I could for the benefit of our neighbors.


Josh pressed his still growing cock to the entrance of my deep wet hole. I knew he wouldn’t last long, so I just waited to inevitable and let my gaze wander again. The girl opposite was beautiful brunette with a stunning figure and surprisingly big breasts for her diminutive size. She was clutching at them both with one hand as the other strummed and rolled her aching clit and red hot pussy.


Stud-Muffin next to me was close to shooting his wad. His bulging head was nearly purple with anger at the severe but silent bashing it was getting. The girl seemingly enjoying her Dad’s cock, with a surreptitious finger caressing her little groove of watery flesh. Josh pushed in, all the way in. I must have been more turned on than I thought. I felt his sack press to my pussy cheeks as his abdomen found my rounded butt cheeks. Considering he is only 12 I was surprised how much a 4 inch cock filled me up. But I had not been dating for a year, so maybe we shrink a bit when there’s no-one pile-driving our holes!


He started slow, not what I was expecting at all. But slowly he started to build up rhythm. I was enjoying every single movement of the bendy dick of his as he started to really lay into me. He had holds of my hips and had really found his groove! I bit my lip as I felt a whimper rise inside me. I heard a gasp and a splash of cum hit the floor at eye level in the cubicle next to me. Stud-Muffin had shot his load!


Josh started to really go for it now. My only concern was that someone would hear us, but honestly, the noises from the pool, lockers banging, shouting, talking and what everyone else was doing in their own cubicles was cover enough for our little tryst. I turned to the girl opposite, and she too was now really going for it! I could see her hips rise, lifting her ass off the floor as she writhed with her own pleasure.


Next door, Dad and daughter had changed positions and now this beautiful little blonde was standing, bent over at the waist as Dad stooped and tried to feed his big cock into his small daughter. I say, “big cock”, but really it couldn’t have been much bigger than what Josh was plunging in and out of my watery hole right now. It would have made more sense if we swapped, and I did Dad and she did Josh, but this was the situation and no one must know.


It must have been a well-rehearsed plan because somehow Dad’s cock wedged into is daughter’s tightest hole. She closed her eyes as he gripped her hips and fed ever more of himself into his daughter. Meanwhile, Josh was pumping my pussy faster. That rod of flesh and blood, that part of a son that no mother should ever see, let alone do as I was doing, was now fucking my cunt like no man had ever fucked it.


The deep wet fire inside felt like I was boiling from the inside out. Josh’s cock pumped in and out of me like a machine. I looked and teen girl was bucking her final throes. Stud-Muffin was cleaning up. But Dad and daughter were still with me. They were now rocking back and fore in a see-saw motion as he tried to build up speed. Her eyes closed and I could see his cock going in and out of her – just what I needed!

Josh suddenly slowed and I thought he’d come. I looked around, but he started a slow motion again. “Stop messing about, Josh! You’re not the only one this affects, you know?” I blurted.

“I’m sorry. I won’t be long,” he said between rapidly increasing thrusts.


I looked and teen girl was stood up – she’d cum – the lucky little cow! Stud-Muffin left his cubicle. That left us and Lolita next door. I looked under, and as I did she opened her eyes. She saw me! She didn’t say a word, but bit her lip as her Dad rode her little pussy. But it wasn’t happening, it was too awkward because she was so much smaller than he.


I saw his cock slide out of her little quim, her juices dripping as he did. She knew what was next and she climbed up on the bench, held the board wall and squatted back down to meet his cock. He placed his well-oiled cock back to her bare pussy lips and pushed in. This was the perfect height for them, and they knew it. Alternating between holding her hips, caressing her barely breasts and diddling her coy little clit, Dad thrust slowly but surely into his daughter’s little pussy.


I could smell her pussy, but then she could probably smell mine. The motion of Josh now pumping me was jerking me back and forth, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to time my cum with theirs. Suddenly, Josh went into overdrive! His slim-line cock was pummelling me, I lost my breath. The sensations inside multiplied a million-fold, the tingling fire erupted and I gripped the towel and stuffed it into my mouth to stifle my passion. Just then Josh jammed his cock as far inside me as it would go and let loose several hot jets of cum inside of me. My cum rushed to meet his and we both breathed out a sigh of relief as we collapsed.


Josh’s cock was still inside me even though he was leaning back. It plopped out with a rush of mixed cum and Josh sat back on the bench, which was juddering repeatedly. I peered under the cubicle wall to see Dad really going for it, and daughter really taking it, still bouncing on the wall and bench.

Dad gasped and grunted, juddered and groaned as he too pushed his cock as far inside her as he dare. He said something I didn’t catch and his daughter turned her head and kissed him, several times, like lovers, almost. He pulled out of her and I saw his cum drivel out of her bald little quim. She stepped down off the bench and instantly took his cock in her mouth to suck it dry. He shuddered with too much pleasure and gently lifted her away. With cum on her licking lips she turned to me and smiled.


I smiled back, it was weird. I knelt up out of sight and saw Josh sitting where he had been before.

“You okay?” I said quietly.

He nodded and smiled too. “Thanks, Mom.”


I smiled at him and ruffled his hair. And just like that he was my little boy again. We both dried ourselves and got dressed. Just as we opened our door the door opposite opened. The teen girl was flushed, but ready for her swim. She smiled at me as we passed, but she had no idea why I was smiling at her. We were nearly out of the aisle when the door next to our cubicle opened and out stepped Daddy and Daughter, only to be met by the teen girl, obviously her sister. They stored their clothes in a locker and then went for their swim just as if nothing had happened.


Josh and I went home, just like nothing had happened.


But it had.

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