November 11, 2016


Raising kids can be a thankless job. I tried my best, but maybe I failed. Somehow I managed to raise the most ungrateful girl a father could. I mean, I tried my best, but somehow there was just too much of her mother in her. I don’t suppose it helped that she was from my wife’s first marriage, but her mother was pregnant when I met her. I knew that, and I’ve been the only Dad she’s ever known. But Chelsea was just too self-centred, too self-oriented, too attention seeking to accept that I’ve always done my best for her. She hit eleven and became even more of a nightmare overnight. It was like flicking a switch, and it’s gotten worse and worse and worse. She made my life hell and every conversation, every single word turned into a teen tantrum of gargantuan proportions.


But here’s the thing – She’s gorgeous! I don’t mean a little, I mean a lot. I first realized this when she was eleven, just before to turned from a girl into an adolescent. As I was sitting, reading something or other, she flounced effortlessly into the room in a little white billowy chiffon skirt and T-shirt. It was the most innocent of skirts; pretty, with embroidered flowers and tiers of semi-translucent layers, neatly tapering to the midriff with an elasticated waist. But this wispy skirt, which danced and floated as she moved, showed me my little girl’s legs for the first time as those, not of a child, but as a woman waiting to happen. She’s always caught the sun easily, so at the height of summer her long and slender legs were golden, showing every contour and taut, firm inch of her well-toned calves and shapely, heavenly thighs. At that very moment I felt a swelling in my loins I knew all too well, but feared more.


As the years passed it became more and more difficult not to look at this beautiful creature. But Chelsea was oblivious; of her own beauty and thankfully of me looking. It got worse as she got older. Her obliviousness made her act like a child still – prancing about in little or nothing. And despite my conscience pricking I let her continue doing so while saying nothing, but lapping up the world’s greatest illicit treasure. Her pert little butt rounded nicely, but not too much, as her long athletic shape became augmented by the merest of chest bumps, which slowly, ever so slowly grew over the years. She was perfect, but her behaviour got increasingly worse.


I have never been one for spanking kids, but one time I remember having to put her over my knee at twelve years old and holding her there as I smacked her ten times for pushing her little sister down the stairs. She was screaming, her butt red with welts and finger outlines, as I held her in place for the full ten. I knew I had to stop at ten. But even at the age of twelve her pert little bum was perfect. I could have just caressed it and eaten off it, but I had to smack it. And the sight of her naked bum and wriggling legs conspired to fill my cock with hot throbbing blood. I felt my heart palpitating as my mouth went dry and I let her up and told her never to do it again. She left the room in tears, and as I closed the door behind her I pulled out my monster for release, and throttled him until he was sick all over my trembling tummy.


Chelsea entered my dreams and there was nothing I could do about it. Every glimpse from every glance I got of her beautiful body fed into my unconscious fantasies and I lived out these in my explicit, wet dreams, in Technicolor! Soon they invaded my waking hours too. I couldn’t help but steal more fuel for the fantasy fire – peeking through doorways, and trying to get the best angle when she sat with her legs open. I knew I was making the situation worse, but I couldn’t help it. All the while this nubile goddess was oblivious, even as she entered her teens she would bathe with the door open, affording me the secret pleasure of passing the doorway and glancing in upon her golden goodness.


We had always watched things together on the sofa when she was young, with me behind and her in front, my arm draped over her, which she has always clung to. This ended when I fell asleep one time and stirred as I felt something rubbed up against my swollen hard cock. I started to come out of what must have been a good dream to realise she was rubbing her butt against my cock, which was trying its best to escape my jeans. I felt her fingers touch my cock, then she shot up off the sofa and called me, “Daddy! Daddy!” I stirred to wakefulness proper, opening my eyes to see her standing in her nightshirt, calling me in near panic. Her legs looked fantastic. She said nothing, but that was the end of sofa cuddles, and all because I fell asleep.


One of the perfect things about Chelsea is her simply stunning facial features. She has high cheek bones, lusciously full lips and blue-green eyes that are mostly staring off into space. She’s a natural blonde, and with long hair she has always been a stunner. In my whole life I have never been with anyone as fine as she became.  But she was evil. Not in a cheeky playful way, but an arrogant, haughty aloofness that has always annoyed me. Add to this a sense of self-entitlement that I really can’t fathom; selfishness and spite, expectation of the biggest and the best, but not a modicum of gratitude, and that’s what she was like.


The years went by until she finally hit seventeen. Something went into overdrive with her and she became truly unbearable. She made everyone’s lives a misery on an hourly basis. It was like walking on eggshells, waiting for today’s screaming match to start. I told her that if she didn’t improve I’d have to put her out. I didn’t know if she didn’t believe me or what, but I told her she had three warnings and then she’d have to go. It did no good, and finally, she left.


I was so sad to see my little girl go out into the world on such a bad note, but consoled myself with the fact that she went to stay with my sister. My sister had called me all the bastards under the sun, but four months later Chelsea was looking for somewhere else to live as my sister had had enough. I asked Chelsea if she wanted help finding a place and setting up on her own, but no, she didn’t want that. I really wanted us to still be a family, I just knew that none of us could live with her. As a consolation I booked a holiday for us all in Spain.


The holiday wasn’t a cheap one either as our hotel was a spar hotel in the Canary Islands. I picked up the tab for this and all travel to and from airports. You’d think I might at least merit a thank you. But all I got was contempt. I almost cancelled the holiday, but I thought this would be our last holiday with the whole family so I didn’t. I’m not sure what I was expecting on the holiday itself, but it seemed that she had managed to save exactly nothing and I was to be the Bank of Dad! I told her this was the last, but she just smiled slyly with her hand out. I have to admit that I was distracted only by the fact that she had on a whisper of a pink string bikini. This was her entire wardrobe for the holiday, only occasionally joined by a flimsy pink see-through sarong. I tried to relax around her, but between the constant ATM in my wallet, room service, charges to rooms and the near nude daughter – I was finding it hard!


It was the fourth day of the holiday when I got the outdoor Jacuzzi to myself just as the sun was dying from the sky. I was half floating in this, soaking up the orange dusk as the pool lights came on. Movement caught my eye and I saw Chelsea cat-walking to the bubbling pool. I couldn’t help but look. She was so perfect. I tried not to, but I started to get hard under the surface. She slinked into the pool opposite me and smiled. It surprised me, considering.


“Daddy…” she said in a lilting voice she uses when she wants something she knows she can’t demand, “you know you love me…?” Here it comes, I thought. “I’ve been thinking… can I come back and live with you and Mum?” I shook my head slowly, “It won’t work, Chelsea. You’re a nightmare to live with, you know that”.

“I know,” she said, “but that’s just the way I am”.

“Well, that’s why you can’t live with us.”

“But what if…” I waited, expecting some absurdly childish deal she would propose wherein she gave nothing but received everything gratis. She came closer, drifting toward me across the shallow pool with no effort at all. And suddenly, she was sitting astride me! I had my arms spread out along the pool rim and now I was welded to that position. Her cleavage bumped up against my chest and I felt the instant hardening of my forty-year-old cock start to push up into the feeble cloth covering my daughter’s crotch. She felt it instantly, her eyes sultry. “That’s what I always thought,” she said, and she wriggled on my hardening cock to make sure.


I didn’t know what to do or say. Sure, I’d had fantasies about her, but this was real.

“Do you like it when I do that, Daddy?” she taunted, giving me another jiggle, which this time I realized was a pelvic thrust movement back and fore like a fuck motion, grinding her sweet pussy into my hard cock.


“Jesus Christ, Chelsea. I’m your Dad!”

“I know. But you’re not really, are you? I mean, you’re my Dad, but you didn’t father me, did you?”

There was no escaping that logic, so even though it felt weird, it was exciting too.

“How about we do a deal, Daddy?”

I said nothing, but my little head was nudging up against her and throbbing.

“How about… I let you see me naked.”

“Chelsea…” I started in a low tone.

“Not enough, is it?” She bit her gorgeous lip, “I’ll let you touch me. How about that?”

“Touch you…” I said noncommittally.

“It’s still not enough, is it?” She ground her crotch to mine – Oh God!

“You can lick me out, if you like… I’ll even let you wank off over me.”


I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but more than that I couldn’t believe that her pelvic motions were picking up insistence and pace; grinding against my cock like she knew what she was doing.

”How about… I suck you off…?”


I couldn’t speak, I just had to let her do all the talking. She took told of the poolside near my head as her other hand reach down between us. I felt it firmly on my cock through my shorts. She pushed it into her groove and rode it with slow lusty urgency.


“I’ll even let you fuck me, Daddy… if that’s what you want…” I thought I was going to come, but I managed to hold back. “Do you wanna fuck me now, Dad?” she asked with sex dripping from her pouting lips.

“Yes,” I said.


She didn’t say anything, but I felt her pull my shorts open at the front and fish my rod out. She moved over its serpentine head and I felt her soft wet warmth start to envelop my swollen head.

“Is this what you want, Daddy?” She breathed.


“Yes, yes…” I returned. I thrust up a little and felt my cock squeeze another inch inside my daughter’s tight little snatch. She bit her lip and closed her eyes a moment; the first sign that she might be wanting this too. Her pussy ground down upon my mast sending another inch of me inside her. My hands went below the water for the first time and held onto her perfect little bum, lifting it so I came out of her to my tip and then sinking her down around me! Suddenly, I was all the way inside her!


Just then I heard voices coming towards us. I lifted my daughter off me, throwing her backwards into the pool, a tidal wave surging behind her and spilling out over the poolside. I managed to stuff my poor penis into my shorts just as a couple came around the corner and its covering fauna. I looked back at my daughter and saw the shock on her face – then she saw our company. The couple who joined us were newlyweds, and they could barely keep their hands off each other. I made our excuses and they smiled as we walked away and left them to it.


We didn’t speak as we walked through the hotel lobby and got into the elevator. We didn’t even look at each other as we went up to the top floor, where both hers and her sister’s, and mine and her mother’s apartments were. We got to my apartment first and I opened the door. I was about to walk in to my apartment when I heard Chelsea whisper harshly, “Hurry up!” as she pushed past me into my room.


That could only mean one thing: She wanted to carry on. We rushed in and I double-locked the door behind us. As my daughter walked ahead of me she deftly pulled her bikini top bow and let it fall as she kept walking. I followed her into the room as she simultaneously pulled the side-bows on her bikini bottoms. They un-looped and discarded themselves effortlessly as she never broke her stride. I followed the golden skin, the svelte back and rounded bum, with those long slender legs scissor-cutting sexily to the bed. She crawled up on it, affording me my first proper sight on her moist cleft and once she reached the top on the bed she lowered her front to the mattress, offering her heart-shaped glory to my ardour.


I yanked my shorts down, almost doing myself a mischief in doing so, but recovered instantly with that prize in sight. I mounted the bed and positioned myself behind my daughter. I couldn’t wait, so I placed my cock at her succulent hole and drove my meat all the way inside her.


“Fuck!” She blurted. But I wasn’t concerned; I was already ploughing in and out of her succulent hole and she was starting to gasp. “Oh, Daddy!” She gasped, “Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me good!” I was. I was plunging deep and long into her nether regions, pulling almost out of her tight little cooch before plunging back inside her to the hilt. “Oh, Yeah! Daddy!” She mouthed. “Put it in me! Fuck me like you always wanted to, Daddy! Fuck me hard! Fuck me raw!” I don’t know where that came from, and I don’t know what she’s used to, but I was giving it some Oomph! I moved into hyperdrive – pile-driving her pussy like a jack-hammer. I had her hips in my hands and I was pulling her tight butt back into me with every pump.


“Oh, Yeah, Daddy!” she panted. “Give it to me, Daddy! Give me your cock!”

Everything she said just made me worse and I was going faster and faster, “Oh yeah, Daddy! You can fuck me! You can fuck me anytime…!” She panted, “As long as I can move back home, you can fuck me!”

“You’re not - coming back - home to live - until - you can show - some respect!” I somehow managed to staccato out between thrusts.

“Yeah? But what’s – Mum gonna say – when she – finds out – you’ve fucked me?”


I don’t know why I thought any different, or even if I was thinking at all – probably not – but I figured I better make this one count! – I went crazy! – Pumping in and out of my little bitch like a little clockwork man who’s been overwound! In, out, in, out, in, out! My daughter started gasping, moaning, whining with pleasure, and that’s when it happened! – I burst!


Suddenly, my full-up ball-sack tightened and a feeling of euphoria emanated from them and burnt through my body like a shower of fizz through my skin. I felt my cum pump deep inside my daughter as I pushed deep, deep into her and let loose my seed! “Aaaaaw!” I let out.

“Oooooh Daddy! – No!” She came and blurted one after the other, “You can’t cum in me!”

“I just did!” I gasped as I slumped forward over her.

“I not on the pill!” She whined.

I slumped over her back so my face was near hers, “Well it’s too late now, sweetheart,” I said in deeply heavy breath.


I pulled out and fell onto the bed next to her. She just stayed there, motionless. I suppose it was the proximity of fine, golden naked flesh flashed with a sheen of shimmering sweat, but I felt my cock instantly revive. In fact, I don’t think it actually went down at all. I looked down at my glistening wet soldier as he stood to attention, still oozing little globules of cum from its grateful little eye, and he twitched toward my daughter as if prompting me further to completely ruin my gentle fatherhood.


I looked my daughter over; her matted blonde draped over her pert features and her firm young breasts pointing heavily at the mattress below her. Maybe she had been bluffing. Maybe she never expected it to go this far. Maybe she had wanted to get into it but I had shocked her by wilfully pumping her pussy full of Daddy’s cum. Whichever was the case she was now motionless and staring down into the mattress as if looking for answers.


I reached out a tentative hand and let my fingers gently touch her taut little nipples. She didn’t move, but felt them grow just that little bit bigger they could manage. I took this as license to continue, so I let my hand wander the surface of her firm pyramidal domes, and heard a slight change in her breathing. She didn’t say anything but I saw her eyes come back from reverie and concentrate on the surface of the bed. Maybe she was thinking, but her body wasn’t. She flicked her eyes over to my torso, and down my body to my flagpole. Maybe it was bigger than the boys she had been with; I knew she had been, she told me. But seeing my glistening pole did something to her.


Bending her elbow, she rested her forehead on her forearm, never taking her eyes off her new fascination. He beckoned, twitching for her to come hither. Her free hand now travelled down, never touching me, but single-minded in its intent. I watched as her long dainty fingers reached my now rampant shining monolith and carefully held my hot popsicle. Her touch was so soft it tickled, as much as a cock can tickle when it’s at full mast. It was tantalising as she toyed her fingertips lightly up my wet firmness and got stuck upon its tackiness as her juices started drying. Her touch was somehow more intimate than the full force fuck I’d just given her. Somehow, more personal.


In a surge of movement Chelsea lurched over, turning around and letting her bedraggled dirty blonde mop trail, stimulating me further as it feathered my chest and stomach, settling over my column. The wondrous shape of my nubile daughter was now facing away from me, but her line of smoothness flowed down her body from her firm young breasts, down her profiled torso, to her curved hip and her folded legs; thighs like golden sleekness, and shapely calves folded underneath with her heels pressing into her shapely butt cheeks.


I felt her hot breath on the sticky surface of my glistening manhood, then I felt the hot wet inside of my daughter’s mouth as her head dipped beautifully down. The pleasure was delightful as my daughter’s tongue circled my cockhead and sucked with steady speed and delved down so more cock filled her mouth. I moaned out loud and she moved her hair to dart me a scowl that I hadn’t expected, given what she was doing to me.


I smoothed along her thigh as she let her straight blonde drapes fall over her full cheeked vacuum. I trailed up and around her perfectly rounded ass cheeks, playing, toying around one and then the other, dallying where her ass cheeks met, just below her puckered knot and felt her soft, wet, pungent pussy. She said nothing but adjusted her ass, pointing it up and affording me a surreptitious view of her succulent sex. I toyed my fingers through her velveteen folds, enjoying the puffy cheeks with their barely perceptible stubble sprouting from her silken skin. My thumb found her juicy hole. Without a jolt or tremor she thrust her pussy down upon it and swallowed it whole. She ground her sopping pocket around my flesh and bone digit. She rolled herself on my thumb, pressing herself down on it so it was swallowed even further into her soft wet flesh.


Without warning she raised her leg and straddled me; her wetness coating my beer belly as she pressed herself to me. I was about to say something when the funniest sight greeted me as my daughter’s beautiful bum urgently shimmied toward me, leaving her silver trail up my torso. Her sexy 17-year-old thighs cleared my head one at a time and now I was face-to-face with a glistening groove. She didn’t wait for permission or invitation, she just pressed that succulent peach down onto my eagerly awaiting face. My tongue found her hard little bean as my nose pressed into her mouth-watering hole. I breathed in her heady musk as I tasted her tangy juice. My nostrils flared with a familiar aroma as I smelled my own cum inside my daughter’s cunt. All the while, Chelsea had been eagerly gobbling my monster munch! Whether through practice or natural ability, Chelsea’s mouth was a pleasure haven for rampant cock. She sucked and swirled and licked and lapped, teasing, toying and tormenting my aching, throbbing cock.


I was nearly ready to let loose again, and my tongue lashing on my daughter’s bud had her grinding into my face like a favoured teddy bear. “No, not like this,” I thought, and with a firm hold on her hips I lifted her up and chucked her aside. She landed on her side and flashed a nasty snarl at me, like she could kill me for stopping her favourite game.


“What the fuck?!” She spat.


I didn’t say anything but grabbed her ankles as I got up on my knees. I pulled her up toward me and moved between her golden thighs, watching her pointy tits shimmy with the movement. I poured over her and she grabbed my shoulders.


“Are you saying no?” I said mockingly.


She spat up at my face, and it clung to my face as she laughed. Then I felt her wriggled against me as one of her hands came up and slapped me across the cheek. I grabbed her hand as her other one slunk down between us and grabbed hold of my manhood and rubbed it up and down her juicy peach. She played my helmet over her bean and we both looked at each other with lust and contempt. Then she found her juicy sluice and placed me there, urging me inside her.


“Come on then… fuck me, Daddy! Or are you too chicken?” She hissed.

“Fuck you, Chelsea!” I said and I grabbed both her wrists and pushed held them tightly above her head as I pushed my meat inside her soaking love-tunnel. She looked so perfect there as I started to pump in and out of her sopping snatch. Somehow she still managed to be tight inside even though she was wetter than an otter’s pocket. She looked so sexy, so angelic; her hair falling around her head like a halo of gold as her perfectly tanned face lolled this way and that with the mounting pleasure. Her mouth opened in a perfect O. Her cheeks were flushed red with passion. Her neck blushed red down to her round, wobbling breasts. Every thrust wobbled them like jelly on a plate and raised my lust by factor Fuck!


“Yes, yes, yes, Daddy! Fuck me!” She wailed.

“Shut up! Someone will hear you!” I hissed.

Her eyes opened and fixed on mine, “You shut up! And fuck me!”


I went into overdrive, pumping deep into her and stepping up my pace to jack-hammer. I felt her tight pussy clenching and releasing me, teasing me, as I plunged her depths. I felt her legs wrapping around my back, her hands clutched my shoulders, her nails digging into my flesh. She was pulling me into her, fucking me with every pelvic thrust. Sweat was breaking out over my forehead and in the small of my back.


“Do me, Dad! Come on! Do me!” She croaked with lust and spite foaming from her lips.

I grabbed her thighs under her knees and pushed them up so her knees almost touched her shoulders. I pushed her thighs together over her little domed tits, her ankles flanking my face even as I drilled down into her ungrateful cunt!


It was now that I heard the door being tried. I couldn’t stop, and looking down into my spiteful daughter’s hateful eyes, I don’t want to. They tried again, and I heard my wife’s voice say, “John? Are you in there?”


I didn’t answer, but my daughter was grinning an evil smirk at my quandary. I kept on trucking; the danger making it even more urgent that I ruin my daughter good and proper before my wife found out I was fucking her.


“I can hear you. Open the door!” Called my wife, a hint of annoyance in her voice.

“I’ll just be a minute,” I called.

Chelsea laughed and I chugged away at her liquid chuff; the sweat now dripping off my body and onto hers. “Ew!” complained the brat.

I felt it coming, tightening deep inside my balls and deep inside my ass. I felt that fabulous elation shiver through my body like wildfire napalm. And suddenly I was coming again, once inside my daughter’s sopping silk pocket and then spraying over her face and tits! I groaned too loudly and collapsed on the bed. Chelsea sat up, annoyed. She looked beautiful and sexy.


“What about me?” whined my daughter, “I didn’t cum.”

“No?” I replied, “Then be a good girl and help me get out of this situation and I’ll make you come all you like.”

“Really?” She asked, seemingly weighing up her options. “Okay… what do you want me to do?”

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