Licking Lilly

December 24, 2016


I live way out west, well, let’s say somewhere in the Midwest. Think Dorothy, tornados, dust storms, but mostly long hot, sweltering days of plain flat land of tilled soil and cornfields. Ma and Pa inherited this farm from her Ma and Pa, and then theirs before them or something. I don’t know and I don’t care much neither. Thing is, we’re out here on our own. The nearest town is thirty miles east or thirty five miles west. Certain times a year there’s plenty to do as Ma and Pa will need help with the farm. Then there’s others in the summer when all we do is sit home and do nothing. I say we, coz my little sis and me are left home mostly on our own. Ma home-schooled us coz it’s just too far away to the nearest school and she said, “What’s the point, we can teach you all about farming, and that’s our living?” So, we almost never see anyone, except the mail man, but he comes just twice a week and sometimes not at all.


Our house is comfortable enough. Clean wood floors and bright big windows make the house good and light, but we ain’t got no air-con. So, when it’s hot outside it’s hot inside. Being girls together we don’t mind if one or other of us don’t have much on, but mostly we just slog around in strappy tops and shorts, sometimes just panties. I like to wear dresses, just in case a stranger calls, but they never do. The one thing that makes sure I don’t go crazy is that we have internet. Only a few years since it got better than dead dog slow, but now it’s fine. It’s been my lifeline to the 21st century and the outside world. I think I know most of my stuff off the net.


I discovered that I like reading erotic stories most of all. It’s my thing. But what really shocked me was the kind of stories I found myself reading. Sure, I like girl/guy stories, but more and more I started reading girl/girl stories and I was finding them a real turn on. Then I just happened to read a story that included incest. Oh, boy! - Did this light my fire! - I couldn’t get enough! I thought, “Shit! This is fuckin’ depraved or something”, but I couldn’t stop reading them. I even read some doggie tales and they hit my spot too!


I would mostly read these stories in bed at night, but I share my bedroom with my little sister, Lilly. Now, I’m a healthy sexy, if not innocent, 17-year-old blonde with dusky freckles and fine bits and bobs. But Lilly, she’s a red-headed, lily-white porcelain doll, and barely making 12 years old and all. We get on. She’s annoying sometimes when she’s blaming me and teasing me for stuff, but we are just fine.


About two months back I was reading a hot story about a girl who has sex with her Mom when they go to the movie theatre. (That’s my favorite). Well, I was getting frisky under the covers, toying with my bean, like I do, and dipping into my honey-pot. Suddenly, Lilly pipes up, “Whatcha doin?” I swear I jumped a freakin mile! I thought I was being all secretive and stuff, but apparently I woz waving a flag that said, “Jilling right here!”


“I’m just reading a story, is all,” I said.

“No, I mean watcha doing under the covers?” She said.

I didn’t know what to tell her, I mean, obviously the covers were moving and it sure weren’t cold so I couldna been shivering or nothing. So I said, “I’m just having fun”.


“Fun?” She threw back her covers and trotted to my bed, “What fun?”

“Well,” I looked at her fiery hair in the lamp-light and I swear she looked like a painting. Just perfect white with a messed up red halo around her face, like an angel or something. “Show me!” She said curiously.

“If I show you, you can’t tell Ma nor Pa,” I said.

She shook her head.

“You have to promise,” I said.

“Okay, I promise. You gonna show me or what?” Said Lilly.


I pulled back my sheets and I was half naked underneath. My nightshirt was pulled up around my waist and my legs were all scissor-like with one up and one down and I pushed a finger into my gooey groove.


“You do this,” I said as I showed her quickly how to flick the bean.

“I can’t see,” she protested.

I slowly opened my legs and showed her my little honey-pot good and proper.

“Ew, why d’you do that?” She said.

“It feels good,” I told her.

“For real?”

“Didn’t you ever have an itch down there, like a throbbing you needed to touch?” I said.

“I guess.”

“Did Ma have The Talk with you yet?”

“’Bout where babies come from? Yeah, but why would anyone do that? It’s disgusting!”

“They do it because it feels good,” I said.


All the while I hadn’t stopped diddling my bean over and over, round and round the man-in-the-boat. Talking to Lilly and having her watching me just made it more exciting. She saw me dip my finger down low to my honey-pot and dip right inside me and come out shiny wet.


“Ew! Gross!” She blurted.

“Feels good, Lilly. You should try it.” I whispered in a raspy voice as the passion started to rise in me.

“But why you reading while you do it?” she said eventually.

“I’m reading a story about sexy stuff.” I whispered.

“Can I see?” She asked.


I didn’t know exactly what to do. I mean, I was reading my favorite Mom/Daughter story. I wasn’t sure if she’d cope with that. Or would she just freak out and go tell Ma and Pa what her sick sister was reading?


“I better not show you, Lilly. It’s pretty weird stuff. But it’s just sexy, is all,” I said finally.


Lilly grabbed the screen of my ipad and tipped it to her. She giggled as she read the title of the story,


“Movie Mom! – What’s that about?”


I took a deep breath and looked at her. Her flaming red hair made her white skin shine like a cherub, but she had the look of the Devil on her face – wicked, pure and simple. I knew she wouldn’t let it go. Now she had the bit between her teeth there was no way she was gonna let go.

“Okay, get your ipad. I’ll type in the address. Then you’re on your own.”


I cringed as she brought her ipad over and opened it up. But as soon as I had the net online I typed that url and waited for the site to come up.

“That’s it,” I said.

“Where’s the story you’re reading?” She asked.

I nervously hit up the story, not knowing if my little sister would ever speak to me again.

“There you go.” I handed her the ipad and she sauntered across to her bed.


I put my story back to the beginning so I could roughly guess what part she was on and what her reaction was. I didn’t have to wait long before her face contorted into a childish scrunch, but she kept going, and soon she was wriggling around like she had ants in her pants, except I knew she weren’t wearing none – panties, that is. Before long I could sense that she was getting into it. Her breathing got shallow and there was a definite tent now between her knees being raised and opened. I guessed she was trying what I showed her, and pretty soon I could hear her shallow breathing getting faster and faster, I even heard a little wet sloppy sound too.


All this time I was reading the story with one eye one her and one finger beat’n’-the-bean-stew! I swear I was breathing like a whore myself, dipping in and out of my trickling spring. It took about fifteen minutes for us to reach the end and by that time there was no hiding what we were both doing, although we did have the sheets over us. The last cum of the story was a gusher and I’ve always been fascinated with them, although I’ve never done it myself. I think it’s so sexy! Well, Lilly and me, we went for it and we was huffing and puffing and sweating. Suddenly, I saw my little sis lift right off the bed and slump back down, gasping. That just sent me over the edge and I had to bite my lip to stop from moaning so load Ma and Pa would hear.


I looked over at Lilly, and she was looking over at me. She looked like she was glowing and she was smiling with new satisfaction. I couldn’t help it, but she looked so wicked with her infectious grin, I burst out laughing. Lilly laughed too. Now it was our secret. The funny thing is we were laughing so much that Pa heard us and shouted through the wall for us to “Shut the hell up!” We giggled for another ten minutes, trying desperately not to.


And that’s how it started. Lilly was hooked, and so was I. Now I didn’t have to hide when I wanted to strum my ukulele. Now it was Our Thing. Lilly read every story on my favorite site, and I always read the same story so I could figure out what was really pushing Lilly’s button – besides herself, that is. I get an email every time there’s a new story on the site, so I’d tell Lilly, and we’d read it that night.  It was so hot! It wasn’t long before we were just stripping naked before we got into bed to diddle the night away! Lilly’s none too developed with perky tiny tits but her butts nice and round and I spied a hair or two downstairs too.


So, one night, about a month ago I got an email saying there was a new story. I told Lilly and we couldn’t wait for the night to come. All day long we kept giving each other knowing looks and giggling. Ma wondered what we were up to, but I just told her it was some joke off the internet. She don’t do internet so I knew this would see her off. That night we both went up to bed and I know my pussy was wet already before I even got undressed.


“Why don’t we just read it together?” I said.


Lilly giggled and nodded with our naughtiness. We stripped right down good to Mother Nature’s bare-assed goodness and slipped into my bed side by side. Feeling Lilly’s lily-white skin touch mine as our legs touched was heaven. We took it in turns to read for three minutes while the other diddled their pussy. I can’t tell you how hot it was having my sister strumming and moaning right next to me. It wasn’t long before both of us were headed for orgasms. But when we swapped over and she was reading I couldn’t believe how much it turned me on to hear my little sister say, “Fuck me, Daddy!” as she read, putting passion and feeling into her reading too. I lost it and buzzed my bud with a flurry of fingers so fast I felt my pussy gulp! It tightened up as fire scorched my skin and sizzled all over me from deep within my seizing gulch, going out from my pussy and ass and shimmering through my simmering tits. I froze as my back arched and felt a familiar trickle leave my love tunnel.


“Wow, Bobby!” – That’s me, by the way, Bobby short for Roberta – “You okay?”

I slumped back into the mattress and tried to catch my breath. I smiled and nodded. “Just fine, how are you?” I said.

“I’m a bit behind you, is what I am. Here, you read,” She said and she dumped the ipad on my bare and sweaty tummy.


I breathed slower, but in truth I was still getting little aftershocks of orgasm like we girls do when we got it going on. I took over reading with one hand straying to my fiery femininity. She wasn’t quite done neither.


Lilly set to work under the covers, but the movement she was making weren’t no gentle innocent exploring. No, my little Lilly was strumming like a blue grass banjo under those covers, and her breathing was ragged and whining. Her moans were getting louder and I afraid we’d be heard downstairs, but Lilly was so beautiful right then. Her freckled face was blushed red in the cheek and her neck was flushed and all. Her mouth was a perfect O as she lost her breath and her eyes scrunched and her little brow furrowed, much as it could. She bucked up a little and then gasped out like she’d been holding her breath or something.


I’d been keeping pace with Lilly with just little flicks of my bean soup too, my juices slopping around and basting my beating pulse. My bean just beamed out pleasure across my body one more time, less than before, but still nice, still wet, still sizzling.

I stopped my motions and looked at my little sister.

“You okay, hun?”

“Best ever!” said Lilly.


Something happened two weeks ago that changed everything. We were doing the same thing again, but with a different story. Except Lilly asked if we could keep the covers off, it being so hot in our room. How could I refuse the chance to see Lilly strumming her bits as I did it right next to her?


I don’t know why but we settled on one reading and one masturbating to the story. So, Lilly was reading and I was jilling. Seeing her naked body right next to me was such a turn on! It seemed like the most natural thing in the world as I was touching my pussy to just reach across and touch Lilly’s. As I smoothed my hand across her taut little tummy I felt the fear of rejection shiver through me. But I kept going till I met her little fuzz and let my fingers course through it, feeling it tickle between my fingers. But instead of stopping her reading, Lilly just kept right on and opened her little legs wider for me.


I went south to her moist delta, my fingers insinuating themselves to the contours of her bald little peach. My hand now covered Lilly’s seeping secret and I could feel her warm juice wet my fingers. I pressed my middle finger down and it slipped easily into my sister’s awaiting groove. She moaned softly between the words of the story and she opened her legs still further. It was a true invitation to touch her burgeoning sex and I was not going to let it pass.


As my finger pressed into her fleshy valley I felt the soft warm clammy flesh give way to hot wetness, slick my fingers and inviting me deeper. Lilly moaned next to me. I dragged my fingers north, my middle finger ploughing her fleshy furrow, right to her little jelly bean. She jolted as I touched it for the first time, so I went slow, round and round like I was rubbing cream into her soft skin. But Lilly kept reading, faltering with her breathing getting ragged, but she kept on going.


I wasn’t stopping either. I had my own pussy to take care of and she was on fire! I was dipping and strumming, jilling thumb to my bean with my fingers to my hole! I started doing the same thing to Lilly and she was loving it, biting her lip as she started to thrust her pussy up into my probing fingers. But Lilly just kept on trying to read, but I was barely listening and she was barely reading.


Both of us were writhing now. My breath was peppered with whines of pleasure and Lilly was right with me. She dropped the ipad to one side and grabbed her little tits, squeezing them tight, then kneading them like dough. I could feel her about to come and I wanted to come with her just the same time. I switched to strumming, me and her, in unison, faster and faster. The sounds of wet flesh slopping made the room an echo chamber of sex, our whimpers a chorus of cum as suddenly Lilly was bucking and screaming lightly into the air so Ma and Pa wouldn’t hear. That sent me over the edge and I felt that ripple of ecstasy flow through me like a tidal wave of raw pleasure.


Lilly came over my fingers, little girlie cum, sweet clear nectar from deep within her hot little cunt! I felt my own juices lick around my fingers and dug right into my hot wet hole to make it last as long as I could! I jolted as I touched my g-spot and looked up to see Lilly sitting up looking intently at what I was doing – digging into myself like I’d lost a dollar in the couch. I tickled my spot and suddenly I came again! – This time a whopper! I grunted, very unladylike, and flooded my love tunnel with pussy juice! It flowed out of me like I was a broken faucet. I hefted my butt up off the bed, my open legs raising me up in a tense, taut shudder of final sweaty, pussy smelling pleasure. And I slumped down, spent.


I must have been sweating plenty coz I felt it trickle off my forehead and I felt the night air on my sweat laden pointed tits. Lilly was still looking at me. I wasn’t sure if I had gone too far. I had crossed the line, after all. But Lilly laid down next to me and snuggled her naked body into mine. Feeling her naked skin on mine all the way down was pure heaven.


“I never knew it could be like that,” she said quietly.

I didn’t answer right away, I wanted to think about what I was gonna say.

“Did you like it? I mean, when I…?”

She nodded. “It was different to when I do it.”


“Yeah, better somehow.”

“So you didn’t mind me touching you?”

“Mind? Bobby, you’re so silly sometimes. ‘Course I didn’t mind. I loved it!” She giggled.

“That’s great, Lil. I love you, Sis.”

“I love you too.” She said, and went to sleep just like that. Stark naked with no covers.



What with one thing and another – coz Lilly went to visit with our Aunt with Ma in Texas, it wasn’t till last night that I saw Lilly again. She looked so cute getting out of the truck when Ma came home. She was dressed in just a pale pink shoulder-less top and faded cutoffs – she likes those jean shorts most of all. She looked so cute, with her legs being long and her little buds poking through her top with no bra. I felt instantly that feeling deep inside and I just couldn’t wait for that night.


“Any more stories?” she whispered as she hugged me hello.

“Not yet, but there’s one due sometime tonight. If she’s got it ready in time.”

“I can’t wait!” Said Lilly, excitedly.


All afternoon I couldn’t take my eyes off Lilly, and she knew it and kept smiling at me, like she knew my naughty secret, which, of course, she did. I smiled back, but really all I wanted to do was fuck her!


Around five, the sun was so hot I could barely breathe. Ma was sorting some sewing out in the living room, and Pa was outside building a new chicken coup. Lilly had been reading comics and playing on her DS. And all I could see was her legs and all I think was how much I wanted to be between them. I must have been as moist as a honeydew melon - sitting right opposite Lilly, looking at her legs, Ma sewing in the next room with the doors open to let the air through. I had on one of my dresses, nothing special, just plain white, cotton and loose, with buttons up the front and a cotton belt. Simple. But the feeling of my naked thighs rubbing one over the other was making me feel sexy as Hell!


Sure, I’m seventeen, but do you remember being seventeen? Do you remember being permanently horny all the time? Do you remember masturbating every chance you got? Sometimes in the most risky of places? Well, that was me right then. As I watched Lilly reading quietly I let my hand go under my dress, sneaking through the white sunlit cotton as the TV giggled and chirped with cartoons. I snaked into my panties, just plain tighty-whities snug to my hot lips, and slunk down into my girly groove.


I barely moved as I quietly toyed with my pulsating clit. Lilly read on with her comic and I just looked over her loveliness as I quietly teased my bean. It was getting a little awkward with my waistband rubbing my wrist, so I did a little adjustment, a little movement that pulled my panties under my rounded butt cheek, making it slip under my other one and sending the elastic slack around my thighs and allowing me free access to myself.


I was still looking at Lilly’s lovely legs when I saw her peeking over her comic at me. He eyes were Devilish, and as her comic lowered she had a smirk on her lips that told me she knew what I was doing. She changed her position so her legs fell apart in the chair, and I watched as she unbuttoned her shorts and slipped a hand inside.


We both sat there, on opposite sides of the sun-bleached room, playing quietly not for Ma to hear us. I pulled my panties down my thighs, so they emerged from under my dress at the knee and they fell to my ankles. Lilly beamed with how naughty we were being, and I quickly picked up my panties and stuffed them in my pocket. Then I pulled my slender seventeen year old legs up onto the chair together, my feet planted on the seat edge. Then I copied Lilly and let my legs just open under my dress, my knees resting on the chair arms. By now, Lilly’s smirk was a beaming smile of naughtiness.


I pulled my dress up off my ankles, over me knees and rolled it back over my thighs to gather just above my fuzz. Lilly licked her lips mockingly, but it was so hot to see her do it. I started to touch myself there, and Lilly was struggling with her shorts as she tried to do the same.


She looked into the other room, where Ma was sewing with the machine, a light thrumming coming from the sewing machine as she did. It didn’t take Lilly but two seconds to scuttle across to where I was sitting.


That’s when it got weird.


I was really starting to enjoy myself as Lilly knelt between my golden thighs and looked intently at what I was doing. I couldn’t help noticing she had a hand down the front of her shorts and she was struggling to dip it up and down into her little secret.


As long as the thrumming from the next room continued I knew we were fine. So I went on with caressing my delicate flower, opening my petals to Lilly’s sex-drunk eyes and showing her my silken purse as its juices wept.


Lilly’s face got closer and closer. I thought she was going to lick me! Part of me wanted her to, and the other part told me that was wrong, I was leading my little sister astray. But Lilly’s lips hovered just inches from my pink orchid and she breathed in my musky aroma, her nostrils flaring with excitement and her eyes lost to the opium of my sweet nectar.


I saw it coming, but I didn’t believe I was this lucky, this blessed. But Lilly’s white little hand appeared below her porcelain chin and a single finger pointed tentatively toward my blossoming flower. It pointed, getting closer, and closer, so close now I thought I could feel the heat of her blood coursing through it. So close I could barely tell she wasn’t touching me – until she did!


Tingles sizzled through my pouting pussy as I felt Lilly’s fingertip touch my inner me! She trailed it down around my succulent hole and up to my pulsating bud. She touched it gently as I held myself open for her and cringed, wincing with pleasure as she touched it.


She smiled to herself as I whined ever so quietly, not to alert our Mom! Then she went down again, down to my gaping hole, and magically I didn’t feel her until her little fingertip tickled my wetness inches inside of me!


My little sister was fingering me!


I couldn’t take it any longer!


I took her hand and stood her up as I stood too and I led her – running down the hallway past our sewing Mom to the stairs and we hammered our way up those wooden steps, and across the landing to our bedroom.


“Take your time!” I heard Mom shout up the stairs.


But I didn’t want to take my time!


We burst into our room and slammed the door behind us, giggling like, well, schoolgirls. I pulled Lilly to me and reached down and planted my lips on hers – tingles frizzling around our unison. I broke as I saw the wonder in her sparkling eyes. I turned her to our big old chest of drawers and lifted her up onto them, her little butt slamming onto the solid wood.


Lilly looked bewildered but excited. Her little face was rich with a wondrously mischievous smile as I started undoing her button-fly jean cut-offs. She shooed me away as she took over, making much lighter work of it than I did, and I just smoothed down my hips with eagerness, feeling that white cotton to my bare skin underneath.


Lilly looked up – all unbuttoned but not knowing what was next. I stepped forward, digging my fingers into the back of her shorts and tugging them insistently down. She caught on, lifting herself up off the polished wood as I yanked the unruly denim down her straightening legs, and off!


I dropped them to the floor and they clunk upon the wooden floor boards as I drank in Lilly. She grinned wickedly and opened her little legs. I couldn’t wait any longer. My arms looped up under her legs so my palms cupped her little ass and dragged it to the edge. Lilly steadied herself, leaning back with her hands knocking off hair brushes and pictures. I dove right into her milky white legs and felt them sit upon my shoulders as I took my first close-up eyeful of Lilly’s little love muffin!


I pressed in close, breathing in her sweet smell, then pressed my lips to Lilly’s own. She twitched with excitement as I touched her. My lips kissed her in a sisterly way. But then my tongue came out and licked right up her succulent groove! Lilly winced, grabbing a handful of my hair with one hand as she steadied herself with the other. Again I went and lapped right up her lickety-split!


Lilly was shuddering with every tongue stroke, especially when I reached her reddening little bud. Every close call had her shaking and every full contact jolted her up off the chest. I heard Mom shouting up through the ceiling, “Will you two quieten down up there?!” It wasn’t a request. I knew we couldn’t carry on like this or Mom would be stomping up the stairs in just a few minutes. Not enough time by half.


I looked up at Lilly and whispered, “The bed” as quietly as I could.


She roused from her reverie and nodded. She made to move, but I just held onto her butt and lifted her right off the chest and she perched upon my shoulders, my hands gripping her rounded little ass as I stuck my tongue into her again. Stupid move! – Lilly spasmed so hard I thought I was gonna drop her, and we lurched toward her bed as her balance went and we collapse upon the mattress in a heap of naked legs! We burst out laughing!


“If I have to tell you girls one more time…!” Blew Mom.

“Sorry, Mom!” we both bellowed.


Then Lilly surprised me by lifting up my skirt, which was the other end of me, and she straddled my addled face. I guess reading all those hot stories had gotten my little sis all hot’n’bothered! I opened my legs for her and felt her clumsy fingers separate my velveteen folds. It felt so weird to have someone else finally touch me there. And it felt even more weird the fact that was my own sister. And yet, not. If anyone was going to do it, let it be her.


Somehow she squatted down to my awaiting lips and I got my first taste of sweet preteen pussy. I didn’t dally but plunged my tongue right into her sweet peach. It was soft and bald with honeyed nectar sluicing around her forbidden fruit. Her lips were shallow and her bud was growing visibly bigger and redder as I touched it with the tip of my tongue. She jump, like before, but this time I held her butt down, pressing her peach right into my mouth.


Below I could feel her pick her way gently through my swampy fleece to where the secret lay. And there in the scattered jungle she found my valley forge. Her lips met my clit right off the bat, and I nearly pitched her off the bed! I was so sensitive now! But on she went, giggling with excitement as I open up further for my sweet Lilly and felt her eager little tongue voyage deep down into my flooding valley to the source of my wellspring.


I lost my breath as I felt my sister’s tensed wet writhing muscle circle my sopping hole, and then delve right in – plunging inside me like a thirsty pup.


“Oh God!” I breathed.

“I know, right?” came from below and hummed into my hole!


I pulled Lilly’s peach close, melding mouth and slick little pussy, and let my tongue do just the same thing. Feeling her flesh around my tongue was so delirious! Her softness, her wetness, her flesh opening and closing around my inserted tongue! Its tangy sweetness like Uncle Ben’s Sweet’N’Sour!


“Oh, fuck, Bobby!” Lilly blurted.


I kept going. And so did she.


Licking Lilly was my own ecstatic heaven and feeling her licking me in that hot dark room, with the sun beaming brightly onto the floor between the beds, was just bliss. I plowed my tongue through Lilly’s small and slippery groove, and found her bud again and toyed around it, feeling her thighs tense as she tried to cope with the intense excitement I knew I was giving her.


“Oh, Bobby…” she moaned into my pussy, then she too went to my clit and we were licking each other in unison. I went faster around and around her little nub, and then started flicking over it rapidly side to side, faster and faster. I felt her shudder and guessed she was coming already, but she didn’t stop licking me. I could feel those feelings welling up in me too as I felt that urgent ecstasy as though I was going to pee myself any second, but I knew I wasn’t – I just needed to cum – and I was stupidly close to it.


I couldn’t hold on much longer. Lilly was shaking and shuddering on top of me, moaning into my wet folds as she stifled every cum by diving into my cunt! It vibrated through my pussy like a special exquisite torture designed just for me by my gorgeous little sister. I really went for it, and so did Lilly – licking like crazy, faster and faster, squealing into each other’s clams and returning to our sisterly duties – then I couldn’t fight it back, suddenly the fire was complete, the pleasure was piqued, and suddenly I was cumming! – A torrent of cum erupted within me as blistering sizzles rippled right into my ass and up inside, reaching somehow my fiery breasts, squashed by my sister’s belly, my burning nipples pressing hard into her. I lifted up, feeling Lilly’s mouth mashed into my muff and plunging her tongue into my gulping hole!


“Oh! Fuck!” was all I could say as I felt it rip through me as Lilly’s tongue dove deep and I flooded my love tunnel with my own brand of liquid sex!


I slumped for a second or two, then was reminded of my sisterly duties by Lilly’s perfect ass wiggling above me as if to say, “You’re not finished yet, Sis!” I thrust my tongue into my sister’s succulent hole and she pushed right back, sitting right onto my face as she did. I felt her shudder one last time, her lily white little ass shaking with finality - and then she too slumped forward too, spent.


For about thirty seconds we just lay as we were, her still on top of me. Every now and then she would give a little shiver, and I guessed she was getting little aftershocks, little orgasms that can follow a really big orgasm or lots of medium ones. Either way she let out a little whimper every time. Eventually, she rolled off me onto the bed and looked up at me.


I wasn’t sure I’d done such a good thing, but then Lilly smiled right at me and I knew everything was going to be just fine. I smiled back and we started giggling, which grew into laughing and pretty soon Mom was knocking on the ceiling downstairs telling us to, “Be quiet up there”, because she couldn’t hardly hear the TV. We quietened down and looked at each other.


Sex was going to be our greatest adventure! – And we were going on it together!

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