Sunburn 2 - Aftersun

February 12, 2017

Sunburn 2: Aftersun


“I wondered how long this would take,” I heard my wife say. I looked up and fully expected to see her standing there judging me, but that’s not what happened. I looked up and she had her back to me, wrapped in a towel, and she was reading the back of a box. Her hair was up in a towel that I could see was stained with blonde dye. For a moment I daren’t move, and Molly looked like she was going to cry. “Another twenty minutes…” said Beth and she disappeared back into the bathroom without looking.


I heard my own breath slowly exhaling from my terrified chest and tight dry throat. I looked down at Molly, still smeared with my juices.


“We’d better get cleaned up,” I said.


Molly nodded agreement and quickly sat up and rushed off to her own room. I couldn’t believe it. We’d gotten away with it! Just then Beth walked back into the room. She took one look at my shrivelling hard on and sighed.


“Will you put that thing away before Molly back comes in?!” It wasn’t a request. She turned and disappeared again into the bathroom. Was that it? Had she really not seen us? Or was she pretending not to have seen us? I didn’t know, but I wasn’t going to bring it up, if you’ll pardon the pun. Beth appeared again and grabbed some more stuff, glanced at my panicking penis, rolled her eyes, and disappeared into the bathroom again.


I put myself right and lay down on the bed. I was exhausted, my heart was still trying to calm down, and my senses were heightened as I became attuned to every new noise that filled the sun soaked air. I had been lying there about ten minutes when I heard the door gently opening and there stood Molly looking amazing. But, was she sorry? Was she appalled? Or was she ashamed by what we had done? She didn’t come in, but stood coyly in the doorway, her right leg overlapping her left and biting her lip as she tried to speak.


“Thank you, Daddy,” she said, “for putting cream on me.”


I wasn’t sure how to react exactly as I had no idea how I felt about it myself, but I heard myself saying automatically, “That’s alright, honey, any time.” As soon as I said it I realized the connotations of what I’d said: Any time. Yeah, Any Time! I cringed slightly, “I mean…” I didn’t know what I meant. But Molly giggled a little girl giggle that told me everything was alright, and I breathed out relief. “I love you, Daddy.” She said. And she seemed to skip away, except she was too old for skipping, so I guess she just left. Maybe it was my heart that skipped.


My mind was swimming in a whirlpool of emotion and fear. And something else… Excitement! Yeah, I was excited. Somehow what I’d done was okay. More than okay. It was good. She liked it. I’d fingered my daughter and she’d given me a hand job, and we both liked it. What’s not to like? But it was okay. She was okay. So I was okay.


I lay there letting the whole experience soak in. I must have fallen asleep, because I woke up hours later.


It was time for dinner and Beth was almost ready as she turned from the dressing table and said, “You’d better get yourself showered and dressed if you’re coming to dinner, David,” and she looked down at my new boner trying to push through my shorts, which it did frequently when I was asleep or just waking up, and she said, “You’d better get going too. I think Mr Ed needs a soapy massage.” She winked at me with a smile and turned back to the mirror to fix her newly dyed hair.


I showered and dressed, but Beth was out on the balcony soaking up the last rays of sun as dusk crushed the blood-red sun from the sky and it bled across the horizon in glorious Technicolor. I was distracted from the beautiful sight by another when the door opened from our adjoining room and Molly entered. She looked wonderful in her tiered skirt and loose fitting white blouse. Her cleavage, of which she was quite rightly proud, was hinting at what I knew to be fully rounded sumptuous breasts. One with a birth mark two inches above her dainty nipple. The womanly swell of her hips below her not too slim waist, and her long slender legs, tanning darker now after her sunburn: It all made me want to just hold her and kiss her tenderly on the lips.


Molly smiled beautifully.


“You look wonderful, darling!” I said with genuine wonder. “How’s the sunburn?” I asked, cringing at the discomfort she must be in.

“It’s a bit better, Daddy, since you put that cream on,” she said, a slight twinkle in her eyes. “On” – that was a laugh. “All over” would have been a better description. And which cream did she mean? The genuine after-sun lotion or my own cream that she squeezed out of its fleshy tube? The corner of her mouth turned up ever so slightly, and I knew.


“Darling you’re ready – how’s the sunburn? Oh, you look lovely. Does it hurt?” Splurged my wife, who never said one sentence when four would do.


We walked down to dinner, me with a beautiful woman on each arm. My wife was a statuesque blonde, and I’d seen blonde in Molly’s hair too. I wasn’t sure if she was tinting it with something. But Beth was my true partner in crime. We had laughed our way through life since we’d met all those years ago. And she was naughty too. Not averse to giving me the odd flash leg, boob or even panties when the coast was clear.


Our sex life had always been kind of conventional. Sure, we did all kinds of positions, but not really weird. Nothing risqué. But we loved each other, and that was all that mattered. I couldn’t help feeling guilty for what had happened earlier. And I’m a really terrible liar, so how on earth could I keep this secret from my beloved? And yet I had to.


Dinner was full of chatter, and the food was good, at least. Then Beth went to the bathroom, leaving me alone with my candlelit daughter. The yellow flame licked light brushes over her soft skin and her glinting glasses. I couldn’t be prouder, and yet I kept think back to what we had done and despite the awkward silence between us I felt aroused, my member creeping down my leg as it grew to its full length.


I coughed, nervously. Molly looked over the table at me, knowing her Dad was in turmoil. She eased the simplest words from her lips, “It’s alright, Dad”.


I smiled awkwardly back at her. “I thought you would hate me.”

“How could I hate you? - I love you.” She smiled at the last sentence, adding, “Literally.”

I choked on my wine, a passing waiter having to be waived along as he hovered with concern.

“You, um… didn’t mind… you know…” I said as quietly as I could.

She shook her pretty head animatedly, “I liked it.”


I composed myself, trying to stop from coughing and spluttering and seeming like a lovesick schoolboy.


“I don’t think your mother needs to know about it, do you?” I queried.

Molly shook her head again, a small giggle escaping into her glass as she sipped exquisitely from its rim.


“I don’t need to know about what?” Said Beth, who had come from a different direction from where she went. I choked violently on my wine again, having breathed it deeply into my chest with a gasp!


“Are you alright, David?” she said hitting my back hard, which only made things worse. I looked up at Molly, to her broadly grinning at my embarrassment.


I realized my only recourse was to stop coughing, and so with ultimate willpower I slowed my breathing and stopped coughing. It was still hard to breath but at least Beth stopped smacking Hell out of my back. I heard Molly’s giggle over the table and looked up to see her wicked humour painted on her pretty lips, her nose wrinkled and her eyes sparkling. At first I was irritated, but her smile told me how stupid I was being, and I too giggled.


Beth sat down finally and after siphoning her glass of its last drop of wine she said, “So, what don’t I need to know?”


I looked at Molly, and she at me. But she was still smiling, and I was a deer in the headlights.


“It’s a surprise,” chirped Molly.

“Yes, yes. It’s a surprise.” I joined in.

“Oh, yes? Well, you two are terrible at keeping secrets.” She ate a forkful of her food, still flicking her eyes between Molly and I. “I’m guessing this will be for my birthday…?”

“Yes. It is.” I said.

“Well, I hope I’ll be really surprised when the time comes.”

“Oh, you will, Mom. You will.” Said Molly mischievously.


I almost choked again, but stopped myself from drinking just in time.


Beth eyed me softly, and I knew she wouldn’t let this lie. She’d get me in bed that night and I’d get the Spanish Inquisition! But for now I’d dodged another bullet.




When we got back to the room, Molly said goodnight and disappeared into her room. Beth and I got undressed and got into bed before she unleashed her opening gambit. She rolled over to me and said, “So, my surprise…”


My skin suddenly had goose-bumps all over it, but I couldn’t move. I was stuck.


“I can’t tell you, honey. That would just ruin it. Molly would never forgive me.”

“Isn’t there anything I can do to change your mind?” She purred. Her fingers coursed through my chest hair and I knew any second it was heading south.

”I don’t think so,” I blurted.

“Are you sure…?” She teased as sure enough her fingers inched lower and lower, through my pubic fleece, onto my stirring man-child.


“I’m sorry, honey. I just can’t tell you.” I said.

“This could be your last chance to come clean…” she said, twirling her index finger around and around my flaccid, but not for long, cock. I cringed, and breathed hard as she got me to full hardness and started stroking me from top to bottom, making my breathing even more ragged.


“I’m sorry. I just can’t tell you.” I blurted.

“Last chance…” she said, starting to hump my leg with her bare skin pussy, her breasts pushing into my chest.

“I… I can’t.” I said, finally.

“Okay!” she chirped, and with that she stopped everything and rolled over.


I knew this was going to happen! It’s that old adage – women use sex to get what they want, but sex is men what they want.


I inched closer to her, nuzzling into her neck, letting my hand smooth over her hip, my cock gently nudging her womanly ass. But she took my hand and pushed it off her, and reached back to pushing my hips back to get my rampant cock away from her sweet cheeks.


“Come on, Honey…” I said lowly, trying my best to seduce her.

“You had your chance.” She said curtly, “Goodnight.”


I rolled over onto my back, my tent-pole telling the empty room that the circus was in town! I sighed. I didn’t move. I daren’t move, until I heard Beth’s light snoring making me able to finally relax. The problem was that I was still very much in batting mode. Knowing that Beth was naked right next to me had gotten me turned on and then how she mercilessly shut me down had just made my situation worse. I leaned over her to check she was really asleep. She was. So I sat up and pulled my feet out and put them to the cool tiled floor.


I stood up, my Mini-Me standing out like an embassy flagpole! I knew what I wanted to do, but it was sending palpitations through my chest. I was almost fearful of breathing, but I knew I wanted to open that adjoining door to Molly’s room. I stepped closer to the door, but with one hand on the door, I stopped, wondering if her father walking into her bedroom with a rampant cock monster would disturb her in a way that I really didn’t want.


I looked around and saw the bathrobe I had discarded earlier. I donned the robe and stepped to the door again. That’s when I realized the adjoin door was actually two doors. One opened into our room. The other into Molly’s. But both doors only had handles facing into their respective rooms. This meant I couldn’t open Molly’s door.


Dare I knock gently and run the risk of waking Beth? Or whisper through the door in surreptitious tones? I was stuck.


That’s when Molly opened the door before me. She too was dressed in a bathrobe and she stopped sharp when she saw me standing there. She stepped back and opened the door in invitation. Her face was coy but her eyes were mischievous. I snuck in and we closed the door behind me.


Molly went to her bed and sat down on it. I walked carefully over to her, trying not to let my man-missile launch from its secret hiding place. But it was getting harder for seeing her. She switched on her reading lamp and I sat near her.


“What did Mom say?” She asked.

“Well, she um, tried to persuade me to tell her” I said cagily.

“Persuade you? How?” She asked in a whisper.


I don’t know what made me do it, but I undid my robe and let it fall open, revealing my rock hard cock, who had been rampant now with no payoff for about three quarters of an hour! Molly’s eyes widened and she bit her lip, unable to stifle a smile as she did.


“Did you tell her anything?” She said without taking her eyes off my monster.

“Does it look like I told her anything?” I countered.

“Oh, Mom! You nasty woman!” she said playfully.


“Do you think you could… help out?” I asked pensively.


Molly never took her eyes off her prize, but licked her lips, “Like earlier?”

I nodded.

“Well, okay. But not like that, Dad. Do you wanna lie down?” She said.


I thought she’d never ask!


I lay down on my back, still robed, but open to show my full nakedness underneath. Suddenly I became completely self-conscious about my body. Those extra pounds hung on me like lead weights of shame, but Molly didn’t seem to notice. Her eyes were transfixed upon my swollen member and that was the only thing she seemed to see. I suppose she hadn’t had time to really study it before, because now she knelt close and looked it over, this way and that. Every movement, every little facial nuance just made my cock grow bigger. So much so that it bulged bigger and more bulbous than I think even I have ever seen, never mind my 14-year-old daughter!


“It’s really big, Dad,” she said, “Does it hurt?”

“It just wants to be touched, Baby. My balls are aching badly though.” I said.

“Your balls?” She said with amusement and delight, her eyes travelling down to my overfull sack.

“You don’t have to touch me, Molly. It’s okay.” I said with resignation.

“Oh no. It’s not that. It’s just all so…” Her words trailed off into nowhere as she wondered at my glorious erection.


I smiled at her, “You’re so pretty. I’m so proud of you.” I said. “You don’t have to do anything.”


I got up on my elbows and flicked my robe clumsily to cover my embarrassment, but Molly simply undid my cover-up and came dangerously close to poking herself in the eye with my rigid meat. She giggled shortly before zeroing in on my not-so-little fireman.


I watched with bated breath as she silently reached for my penis and held it gently between fingers and thumb. Slowly, she started to stroke it up and down. But then, without any prompting from me, Molly licked up the underside of my bulbous head. I breathed in quickly, the pleasure a welcome shock.


But Molly wasn’t done by a long chalk. She teased her tongue around and around my throbbing head even as she slowly stroked my shaft. I could feel her hot breath on me as she did so, then felt her moist mouth envelope my sensitive glans as I watched my cockhead disappear into my daughter’s filling mouth. She sucked and teased with her wet nimble tongue, and came off it with a wicked smile.


“Oh God!” I moaned.

“Nice?” she enquired.

“Don’t stop,” I said.


And Molly went to work.


I couldn’t believe that this was my Molly. Not so innocent Molly either. But that just prompted more questions inside my head. Where did she learn this? Or was she just a natural erotic. Please be natural! Please be natural! Somehow the thought of my Molly doing this with some spotty teenager just filled me with revulsion and anger! But that soon melted away as Molly sucked and lapped at it my moulded member like an ice-pop.


I couldn’t believe my heavenly luck and Molly sucked like a tornado into the back of her throat – my sensitive glans bumping softest tissue, moist and hungry. As if she had knowledge or perhaps womanly instinct, she cupped my ball-sack in a soft, warm, comforting hand. Her delicate fingers teased the tiny hairs on it, exciting me so intensely that I felt it deep inside my stem, through my shaft and down underneath, up inside my butt-hole and deep inside, throbbing, pulsing.


And then I felt it, and I wanted to give it the biggest push, but sense stayed my pelvis. Instead, I pushed like pissing from deep within and shot my first jet of cum deep into Molly’s willing throat. She gagged slightly, and I felt my own cum splash back upon my cockhead! But bless her little heart, she kept on lapping, swallowing Daddy’s seed, and sucking, two, three, four more jets to dribbles out of my rampant cock, until it pulsed empty on her tasting tongue.


Molly looked up at me – mouthful of cock – eyes sultry as a Chinese whore! She sucked her way to my tip, making me shudder with overexcitement as my glans tortured me one last time. And she was free, licking her perfect lips in the dim lamp light. I’ve never seen anything so sexy in my whole life.


But Molly wasn’t done. In that warm gold half-light, my daughter shrugged one shoulder out of her robe. The shadows showed her contours, smooth as silk and shimmering with tiny beads of perspiration lying like flavour in her every pore. She shrugged the other shoulder off and emerged a naked siren.


“Me now, Daddy” she said as she stalked me like a feline. Her naked thigh kicked high and slung itself astride me. The feeling of her warm thighs and buttocks pressing firmly into my chest filled me with regret I’d already shot my load. But that wasn’t what reinforced my withering ardour. Molly’s wet pussy was grinding into my chest as she shimmied up towards me. My arms were pinned to the bed by the weight of her legs as I watched helplessly as my daughter’s glistening wet pussy inched closer and closer to me. Her dome-like breasts shimmied like blancmange as she moved. Her hips swayed and her willowy waist pivoted to aide her movement to her final destination.


Her knees nestled above my shoulders, each side of my blown and tiny mind! Her golden thighs were wings to the theatre of womanhood my eyes now feasted on. Her sparse and glinting bush festooned the proscenium arch of her juicy watery well.


“Please, Daddy” I heard her whisper in a pleading husky voice unlike the sweet Molly Daddy-tones I was used to.


And with that, Molly pressed her juicy fruit down upon my open mouth. She was soaking wet as she pressed her peach to my lips and smeared her juices over my mouth. Her gentle cunt had opened like a blossomed flower, her nectar trickling from inside. My tongue reached out to collect her flow, sweet and tangy, sweeter than her mother’s, but less tangy, immature.


“Molly…” I heard faintly in a muffled whisper. There was a quiet knock at the door. “Molly, are you awake?” It was Beth! – Holy Fucking Shit!


I looked up Molly’s perfect naked loveliness, her nipples like puppies noses jutting out from her shimmering breasts. Her face was in delirium and I realized she hadn’t even heard her Mom. And that was partly my fault as my tongue delved inside her virgin hole – Please, God, let it be virgin! – I felt that thin barrier I longed for, but even this kept a small aperture into which I could probe my eager tongue.


“Molly, have you seen your father?” Beth’s voice was more insistent.


It wasn’t like Beth to wake at night, but I could only guess we had somehow woken her up. Not finding me next to her, not in the bathroom, not on the balcony, this was the next place to try.


Knock! Knock! Knock! – “Molly! Answer the door!”


Molly’s eyes suddenly flashed open. “Mom?” She blurted.

“Open the door,” said Beth insistently.

“Just a minute!” she blurted, then turned down to me and pleaded in whispers, “Daddy, hurry up, I’m nearly there!”


I had no real choice. I couldn’t move my arms anyway to get her off, and I couldn’t speak for pussy petals in my mouth. I responded quickly with rapid thrusts in an out of her tiny hole, but even as I did so Molly adjusted herself, falling over me so her hands hit the pillow above my head, but below I now had my daughter’s clit between my lips!


Knock! Knock! Knock! – “Molly!”


I flicked my slippery tongue over and around her tight hard petit pois, toying and torturing the poor little miss and making Molly shudder like a possessed little nymph. She panted several times and then screwed her eyes up tight as I felt a rush of hot lava on my chin, then tongue. Her juices sluiced around my mouth as Molly froze and juddered like an aftershock.


Molly snapped back to life and leapt off me like a dismounting gymnast! She grabbed her robe and flung it on, like a well-rehearsed actress doing a costume change, and she looked at me wilfully, pointing at the balcony. I took the hint and rushed to the balcony, pushing past the mosquito net, out into the cool night air.


I hid best I could behind a pillar as I heard Molly open the door.


“What took you so long?!” Said her mother.

“I was just…”

“Oh, I see. Well, sorry to disturb you, but have you seen your father? He’s not in the room.”

“Maybe he couldn’t sleep and went down to the bar. It’s 24 hours, isn’t it?”

“Why? Why wouldn’t he tell me if he was going?”


It was at this point that I realized that our balconies were only separated by a metal partition that didn’t go all the way to the edge. I’d have to climb up a little, but it would be pretty easy to get over. The only thing to make me pause was the thirteen storey drop to the ground.


“He must be somewhere. What if something’s wrong?” Beth fretted. I felt sorry for her, but I really didn’t want to get caught on Molly’s balcony either. Taking a solid grasp on the metal I put one foot on the first metal rung to step up. As I plied my weight to it, it groaned. I froze!


“What was that?” said Beth.

“What was what?” countered Molly.

“That noise”.


I had no time left. I pushed up onto the framework, the height suddenly dizzying, the pool lit blue and dim path-lights wavering below me. I concentrated, forcing my leg around and hopping the last bit around onto my own balcony. I’d made it!


“It was out here” said Beth, coming out onto the balcony, just the other side of the partition, but she couldn’t see me. “I was sure I heard something” she said. It was then I realized I had cut my leg in my hasty hop, and now it was biting at my inner thigh in a way that made me seethe with pain.


“There’s no one here!” said Molly, half panicked. I felt so sorry for her.

“No. Must have been in another apartment. I was sure it was from out here though” said Beth.


They went back inside the room and I tip toe ran to the bathroom to check out my war wound. It wasn’t bad and I stemmed the bleeding in no time. I washed my face of Molly emulsion, and opened the door.


I half expected to see Beth standing there, but she wasn’t. I crept back to bed and waited. I don’t know how long I waited, but eventually I was awoken by Beth slipping back into bed. She spooned up close behind me, her breath on my neck and whispered into my ear.


“Where did you go, David? I was worried about you.”

“It’s a surprise,” I said.




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