Love In An Elevator

February 16, 2017


During the California quake of 1994 I was a 15 year old boy with raging hormones. It was incredible bad luck that I should find myself in an elevator at the very moment the quake hit. I had been to a concert to see a grunge band with some friends who had moved out to LA the year before. Despite them asking me to stay over, Mom had arranged for us to stay in a high-rose hotel in town. So, when the show was over I was picked up by Mom and we went back to our hotel. I was sweaty and tired and just wanted to sleep, but I was pumped too.


We got into the elevator and went up and up and up and boom! – The big one hit! We were tossed about inside that tin can for 20 seconds of Hell! The thing stopped, the lights failed, and I was left in there with Mom in the pitch black for 72 hours straight. I still get claustrophobic all these years later, and I still don’t like the dark.


I held onto Mom and asked if she was okay. “I’m okay” she said, but I could sense the fear in her voice. I don’t know what it is about being young but the young have no fear, at least I didn’t. And I also knew that I had to be strong for us both to get us through this thing.


You don’t really pay attention to elevators because they mostly do exactly what you tell them to do, but when a quake hits and you’re stuck in darkness you wish you had paid more attention. Once the immediate aftershocks were over I started to feel my way around.


“What are you doing?” said Mom.

“Looking around” I said matter-of-factly.

“What for?”

“An alarm…. An escape hatch…”


I felt around in the dark and found the buttons. I pressed all off them, but there was no response. There was just no electric being fed to this bucket. I felt along the ceiling for an escape hatch, but either there wasn’t one or it was so jammed closed I couldn’t move it. It didn’t help that I was on tip toes to do this so there was no way I could get any kind of upward pressure going. After about twenty, maybe thirty minutes of this I knew I had drawn a complete blank.


Mom was very quiet and from the direction of her voice I figured she was sitting on the floor. I moved slowly to where I thought she was, “Ouch! Sit down Bradley!”

“Sorry,” I said quickly and felt my way down to sit next to her.


Mom cuddled up close and we stayed like that for ages. The thing about real darkness is that you don’t get any sense of the real passage of time. Just try lying in bed with your eyes closed at night and try to figure how long you’ve been there. It’s impossible. It was weird though, because we talked first about what was going on, how long it might take for someone to come and fix the elevator, how big the earthquake was and what might have happened to the outside world. Mom was worried about Dad. He’d have been in work when it happened, but she knew that at least he was fit and “reasonably sensible for a man”.


Eventually we couldn’t talk about it any longer. Mom asked about school, and how I was settling in to the new school as we moved to Dad’s new job the year before and we had never really caught up since. It was nice, having that time to really talk. Mom said she had hated school, but was glad I was doing well. She said she had had a bad time of it with bullying until the girl doing all the bullying had stepped in front of a bus and had broken every bone in her body, just about. Then she asked me about girls. Did I have my eye on anyone?


I didn’t want to answer at first, but with nothing but time and our own voices to fill it with there didn’t seem any point in refusing to talk. I did like someone, a redhead in my English class. Mom asked what I liked about her and I wasn’t sure what to say.


“Come on… what do you like about her?” She jeered.

“Well… she looks great. I mean…”


“She’s fit.”

“Curvy?” she had a playful lilt in her voice.

“Yeah… sure.”

“All her curves in the right places huh?”

“Er… yeah… Mom!”

She laughed and held onto me to figure where exactly I was before I felt her kiss my cheek and ruffle my hair.


Now, I’ve never felt anything but a son’s love for Mom, but this moist kiss on my cheek really affected me. Maybe it was because I couldn’t see it was my Mom, but instead it just felt like a kiss from a woman. I’ve never really thought about it, but Mom is kind of cute for her age. She looks after her figure some, but not too much. I mean, she’s not Madonna! But she can still turn heads.


“What did you do that for?” I asked.

“Why? Aren’t I allowed to kiss my own son?” she said. And with that she came in for another kiss, except I had moved my head to face her now and her lips now met mine. It was so weird. But I felt my flaccid cock rouse from its usual state to something I knew all too well. Mom was giving me a stiffy!


“Um…” I said, not sure really what to say.


Mom was quiet. We stayed like that for a long time, hours, in fact. Mom’s weight was leaning into me and after a while I figured she had gone to sleep. I don’t know how long we had been in there, but sleep was a good idea.


I woke up several hours later. We had somehow slunk down flat to the floor and Mom was tucked up close to me spoon fashion. This really didn’t help as I was now sporting the usual erection I get when I sleep (which I later found out was very normal for a guy but back then I was very self conscious and embarrassed about it. Needless to say, my rock hard cock was lying along the underside of Mom’s little ass and pushing its way underneath her through my jeans!


I dared not move as I lay with one arm underneath her head and my other around her slender waist. I tried to slowly back my pelvis away from Mom, but the elevator wall was behind me. There was nowhere to go. I knew there was nothing I could do without waking her, so I started to do Math problems in my head to make my swelling go down. But it was no use; Mom’s ass was snug to my cock and that situation was not going to change without her moving and I wasn’t about to wake her up.


Some time later. Still hard. We both heard the elevator groan a long and wistful groan. It moved slightly and we both sat up. I think we were thirteen floors up. But either way, if the cables snapped we were not going to survive the drop.


“Oh my goodness!” said Mom, she grabbed on to me. I held her close and there was no mistaking my rock hard cock sticking into her abdomen. The whole thing was going to fall to the ground and I’d be found clutching my Mom with a stiffy in my pocket!


But all joking aside I knew we were hanging by a thread. The elevator creaked again as it moved, a slight judder, which sent panic through Mom, who gripped me ever harder, ever closer, ever pressing into my cock.


Then nothing.


We waited.


And waited.


And nothing happened.


Mom was still holing onto me, her face pressed into mine. It felt good; weird, but good.


After a long while Mom said, “Bradley, we might not make it through this”.

“It will be alright, Mom. You’ll see.” But I was lying. I too knew we were going to die.

“Are you still a virgin?” She said.


“Don’t be shocked. I just don’t want my son to die without feeling what it’s like to share that passion.”

“Mom, we’re not going to die.”

“I hope not, Bradley. I do. But we might. Who knows what’s happened outside? It could take weeks to get to us if this is the Big One.”

“Mom, you shouldn’t think like that….”

“That cable might be damaged. Why else are we moving?”

“It could be…”

“It doesn’t matter, Bradley. What matters is you… becoming a man”.

“Mom… I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Yes you do,” she said and she pressed her mound into my swollen cock.

“Mom!” I couldn’t believe what was happening. But Mom just kissed me again: Soft and moist. It wasn’t the kiss of a Mom to her son. It was the kiss of a woman to a man. Except the man was a boy. And the boy was her son.

“Let me do this for you, Bradley. Let me make you a man. If we’re going to die anyway…”


I opened my mouth to protest against the notion that we were going to die, but Mom kissed me again, this time slower, more sumptuous. I’d never been kissed like that before. Young girls are seldom good kissers. This kiss was so erotic I couldn’t help but respond. I pressed my lips into hers and hers parted so the tip of her tongue could taste me. Automatically, my tongue met hers and we kissed deeper than ever, our lips now pressed firmly into each other, making them tingle with excitement.


My conscience fought with itself even as I kissed her deeper. It felt good to have her hands on me, as they roamed high and low over every part of my body. She gripped and smoothed over my arms and chest, down my back to my ass and back. My swollen cock was stronger than ever as it pushed against my Mom’s stomach. Then Mom’s hand snaked down between us and she busied with my belt buckle, opening it and unzipping my jeans before snaking her hand into my boxers to take hold of my swollen throbbing manhood.


“Mom, this is wrong!” I said because she finally stopped kissing me. But she didn’t answer and I wondered if I had put a stop to it and she felt ashamed now. But then I felt warm wetness envelop my whole cock and it felt like nothing I’d ever felt before!


Mom backed off her body from me but not her mouth as I heard her shuffle in the darkness.


When her body pressed to me next I could tell no difference, but it was different I found when I touched Mom’s naked thigh. Somehow Mom had gotten herself turned around so she could suck me off. Fir the first time I touched my own Mom’s thigh, not like a son, but like a horny teenager touching his very first mature woman. Her toned thigh was pressed into her tight calf muscle as she knelt to me. I smoothed over her thigh and then hesitated as I reached her rounded butt. Mom sensed my hesitation and next thing I know Mom’s hand grabs mine and dumps it on her ass.


I took the hint and smoothed around and around it, down her thigh and back up to her tight skirted bum. I was in teen-boy heaven as Mom’s tongue rolled around my bulbous head and dipped ever so slightly into my tender japs-eye! Fuck! – It Was Hot!


As she sucked, slurped and lick my lollipop, I smoothed around her ass again, but this time I felt Mom move up suddenly the viscose skin that had encased Mom’s butt was yanked unceremoniously up under my fingers and my fingertips were touching something like string. My mind boggled in the darkness as I traced the satin string down into what I knew to be the crack of her ass! Equally as abruptly, I suddenly felt this satin string ripped from my hand as it was torn down out of my grasp. Mom scuffled with something and the next thing I know is something stringy landing on my face!


I reached up with my free hand and felt the item now sitting on my nose and mouth. The satin string went to a lacy waistband at the top, and around to a lacy triangle at the front. In the seat of the gusset I sensed moisture, and I knew Mom was wet for me. I reached up Mom’s now raised and naked butt, feeling her soft round ass cheeks in my lucky teenage palm as I sniffed eagerly at her panties crotch. As my hand slipped inside her thighs, Mom opened her legs for me, and I touched my fountain of youth.

It was the first pussy I’d ever really touched. One girlfriend had let me touch her up through her panties while on a date at the movies, but nothing more, even though I had tried to slip a finger inside those tight virgin panties, their tight leg-hole elastic made by God himself to keep out teenage boys! But now I could feel the puffy cheeks of a full grown woman, her pussy lips protruding from between them like a flower in bloom, but moist with a slippery sheen I could smell from where I lay.


I went further, tracing her lips, parting them and teasing up through her moist silken folds to where I’d heard was some kind of panic button on a girl’s vagina! As I touched it, and I had no idea what I was touching, Mom jolted and gasped. The sound of your own Mom gasping with pleasure should be disgusting to any normal son, but in that tiny room, in that darkness, and in that lonely remoteness we found ourselves in, it was the sweetest sound I’d ever heard. Not only that, but the sound turned me on. I pawed around it again, not knowing what the hell I was doing, and suddenly felt Mom’s hand on mine, folding three fingers back and taking one and pressing its tip right on her magic button. She jolted once more and then purred like a cat as she directed my finger around and around her pointed little petite-pois.


“That’s it, Brad. Do that.” She moaned.


Somehow hearing my name spoken by Mom didn’t help. It reminded me that in that pitch black sightless situation I was fingering my own mother! I couldn’t tell her to shut up though – I might get a lecture! So I bit my lip and just did as I was told, circling her stiffening pea until it stood proud like a mini-penis, which also didn’t help my situation as my imagination kept seeing me fingering Mom with a little erection!


“Finger my hole, Bradley!” Said Mom in a husky voice, which sort of made me want to do whatever she said. Shit, if she’d said, “Tidy your room, Bradley!” in that voice I’d have the tidiest room in the world!


I slipped my finger down her silken groove, slick with her thick gooey juices. I found her beaver’s pocket, and it was every bit as slack as a woman of her age’s should be. Her fell open to my slightest pawing, with wetter watery juice inside her nice warm womb-tunnel. I always wanted to finger-fuck a girl, but this was something else! This was my Mom! It was her hole I’d climbed out of just 15 years ago! It was this very vagina that I was now pushing my grateful finger into – deeper and deeper! The room inside was a surprise! I was fifteen and had heard and read all about tight little holes filled by huge monster cocks – some black! – But this was not Mom. Mom had enough room in there to turn a Buick! Fuck that turned me on! All I kept thinking about was the amount of cock she must have had to fuck to make that much room inside of her! And what else? Was she fudding the fruit & veg too?! Did she have a monster black dildo that made her eyes water?!!


Without really thinking about it I slipped another finger into her lavish slipway. It barely registered! So I pushed a third one into Mom. That felt better, not tight exactly, but at least I was touching soft wet flesh all around my fingers now. Mom moved back onto my intruding fingers and I heard the strangest most unexpected noise I’ve ever heard – Mom’s pussy farted! What the fuck was going on? But Mom was into it now, moving herself back and fore onto my soaking wet fingers.


I was going come too if Mom kept up slipping my cock in and out of her mouth with every movement of her body. Mom must have sensed, maybe alerted by my loud moans, because she let my meat spring out of her mouth and just breathed on it, “Oh yes, Baby, fuck me!”


I started to add my own thrusting to my fingers. Something made me do it, and I tucked my little finger into the mix and Mom groaned loudly as I fuck her with four fingers. I’d heard about it, but I never really believed it, so I tried it – I folded all my fingers around my thumb and pushed gently into Mom’s soaking wetness!


“Aaaawww Fuuuck!” gasped Mom.

“Did I hurt you, Mom?” I asked frantically.


She gave no answer, but growled a low guttural noise like a Lioness defending its cub, except this cub was writ deep in her vagina! I started to pull my hand back out of Mom when I felt her hand grab my wrist and hold it there.


“You’ve got it in me, now fuck me with it!” she growled.

“What if I hurt you?” I spilled.

“Not a chance. Fuck Me!”


I moved slowly at first. I felt my cock waving about as I built up a rhythm. In and out. Her pussy walls clenching best they could around my fisting phallus. Mom was meeting my quickening thrusts in and out of her sweet moist box with thrusts on her own.


“Oh, fuck,” she blurted, “I’m gonna cum, Brad! I’m gonna cum!”


I pumped Mom’s pussy as fast as I could, cringing I would plunge so deep I’d damage her, my wrist disappearing along with half my forearm! In and out of Mom World! Slick wet slurping sounds spouted wetness from her depths and I just kept going, faster, faster, harder, harder, Mom now wailing as she rode my wrist like a pogo-stick!


“Oh, Fuuuuuuck!” Mom screamed and I felt her inside wash with cum, torrents of watery juice gushing from her plugged up cunt and spraying like sprinkler system in random directions as I continued plunging her depths. Mom moaned like a big long humming sound, “Mmmmmm!” And then she stopped, grabbing my arm and pulling herself off my inserted fist. I heard the rush of juice and air as they spluttered out of Mom’s cunt with my fingers coming free.


“Oh, Jesus Christ!” said Mom.

“Mom? Are you okay?” I asked.


I didn’t get an answer. Mom just shoved me back and mounted me! I didn’t even think she aimed – I just slipped inside Mom’s soaking wet vagina in one go, and she landed heavily on my pelvis. Like I said before, there was a lot room in there for a fifteen year old cock, and even though I wasn’t ashamed of my size I knew I was barely touching the sides, especially after the absolute tubbing she had just given herself on my willing but aching arm! Seriously, it was like fucking a wet sock – which I had tried once, so I know what I’m talking about!


Mom moved about, thrusting back and fore, but much as I was excited to be inside a woman finally, it just wasn’t like her mouth had been, and certainly wasn’t what I expected my first time vagina to feel like, because I could barely feel it!


“Mom…” I said pensively.

“What, Baby?” she gasped as she rode me.

“Um… it’s not… exactly…” I mumbled.

“I know, honey, I’m sorry. Should have fucked you first. Here, get on top of me.”


And with that, Mom rolled over, taking me with her, and suddenly I was in the driving seat.


“Okay, Brad, go ahead and fuck me!”


I started pumping in and out, slopping her soup, dipping into her goldfish bowl of cum. I felt occasional touches of floating flesh, but Mom was just too big, just too wet to make this anything but sloppy seconds. It wasn’t doing it for me. Sweat was dripping off my forehead, but still no joy. Finally, I just groaned and collapsed on her. I fell into Mom’s pillowy breasts, which I’d clean forgotten existed, gasping for air.

Mom held onto me.


“You didn’t cum, did you?”

“Er, yeah”

“No you didn’t. I’m too big for you.”

“Mom, it’s fine.”

“It’s not. It’s not fair on you for your first time.”

“Mom, please. It’s okay.”


I was still inside Mom, my cock so hard now it felt like a forearm.


“Pull out for a minute” said Mom.


I pushed up onto my arms again and pulled my monster from the chasm clam. I felt Mom’s fingers on my cock and felt her rub up and down her groove, then down to her soft rounded ass cheeks. I thought I knew what she was up to, but no, it couldn’t be! But it was!


Mom placed my cockhead to her tightly puckered knot and urged me inwards with her legs wrapped around me and pushed my bare ass into her.


“Come on, Baby! You need this!”


I pushed gently in, only getting part of my head inside Mom’s slipknot noose. I urged back and then forward and slid further into Mom’s unbroken butt. Again out then in, pushing further in, maybe four inches, then again and I slipped all the way inside my Mom’s tight beautiful bum! I just waited there for a few seconds, my ball-sack resting on her thoughtfully cushioned ass cheeks.

Then I started. I thrust in and out, with that unspent silken sleeve hugging my manhood as I put it to the test! Mom clenched and I almost choked! Oh God! I started building up a rhythm and Mom seemed to be enjoying it too! How can that be? – I thought – the thought of someone fucking me up the ass fills me with terror! But Mom was moaning and encouraging, “Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!”


I really started fucking mom now, really ploughing her ass for all I was worth. I sensed she was doing something with her pussy, which just turned me on more. Then she pulled my head down and I was between her now naked breasts. I found her nipple with my mouth and sucked and teased and tasted. I wasn’t going to last much longer in the vice-like grip of Mom’s blessed bum!


Suddenly I erupting, shoving my cock as deep into Mom’s asshole as is it could possibly reach and blowing my load! I spurting jet after jet of sweet semen inside of Mom’s accommodation!


“Oh, Mom!” I gasped as I shuddered rigid and collapsed into her beautiful breasts.


I let the feelings just swim around my body as endorphins made life worth living in the most glorious way.


“Well, well,” said mom in her Mom’s voice again, “We seem to have found your sweet spot”. It was weird!

“I guess. Thanks Mom.” I said, still balls deep in her ass.

“Maybe you should take it out now, Bradley.” She said. “I have some wipes to clean yourself up with. I’ll get them now.”


I pulled out of Mom’s ass and felt the warm dank air on my cock.


It was at this point that the lights in the elevator came on! – I was kneeling with my fifteen-year-old cock still pulsating like a hungry animal proud from my groin, and before me I saw Mom as I’ll never forget her: Her legs wide apart with her neatly trimmed pussy gaping like a shocked toddler, wet lipped and frothing at the mouth; her asshole was red and pink and brown and glistening wet, a sliver of white escaping from her kaleidoscope hole; Mom’s skirt was up around her waist and her stomach and breasts were naked, her nipples rich and deep, but her areolas were small, smaller than some girls I’ve seen; her top and bra were just yanked up above her breasts; but Mom’s face and hair said everything. She’d just been fucked! There was no escaping it! Her flush was red, sweat matted into her hair, and she looked like she’d just won the lottery!


We both registered what the lights meant at the same time and Mom yanked her skirt down as I pulled up my jeans. We both stood up as Mom pulled her bra down and her top. She reached inside her bag as I went to stuff my cock back into my underpants.


“Uh-uh, Mister!” she said, and she pulled a wipe free and wrapped it around my monster, cleaning it quickly and efficiently. “There you go! Now you can put that thing away!” she smiled. I struggled to get it back in my pants as the elevator started to move. I looked down to see Mom’s discarded satin and lace thong on the floor.


“Mom!” I said, pointing.


Mom dove to the panties and stuffed them into her purse not one second before the doors opened and there stood Dad and several rescue workers.


“Thank God!” said Mom.





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