Camping Lessons 3

April 3, 2017


My mind was still reeling from fucking both my Daughter, Demi, and my wife, Jenny, in the bathroom. Sure, I was clean after my shower but I knew I was dirty really. All those things Jenny had said about teaching our daughter how to masturbate and my inability to hide my excitement just had my wife smiling all the way to bedtime.


As I lay there, the light off and Jenny quietly breathing her night-time rasp I couldn’t help dwelling on it. I really needed to ask Demi what the Hell was going on. Was Jenny fucking Demi too?! My mind raced with images that all too easily popped into my head and that was it – I was hard again. Willing it away never worked much for me, although counting was said to be good. Why didn’t I ever get the headache or fall straight to sleep like a log.


I nudged up close to Jenny, but she pushed me away in her sleep. Only one thing for it. I started to jerk off, imagining both my girl and my wife getting busy with each other. I was really starting to go for it – release was within my grasp - so to speak.


“Can’t you do that someplace else?” moaned Jenny, “You’ve had it twice tonight already. Stop being greedy.”

“I can’t sleep until… you know”.

“Well I can’t sleep with you doing that.”

“There is a solution…” I suggested.

“Uh-uh, buster! You’ve had your fill on tonight’s dance card. Go downstairs and… do it.” She groaned.


I resigned myself to the idea. Sure, why not? I crept down the stairs not to wake Demi or further disturb my wife. I was getting a glass of milk when I closed the fridge door and there she was – my little love bunny – standing there in one of my old T-shirts, her hair loose about her shoulders for a change.


“So, you and Mom, huh!” She smiled wickedly as she pushed past me into the fridge. She glanced down at my little tent and smiled, “Going camping, Dad? Coz that tent pole looks about ready to bivouac.”


She pulled out some cherry juice and drank it straight from the carton. Any other time would have gotten her a reprimand, but she knew this was not one of those times. She lowered the carton and her lips were now cherry red, which really didn’t help the taking down of the regimental colors, if you know what I mean.


“Tell me…” I started.

“’Bout me and Mom?” She winked at me and walked to the end of the counter. Right there she caught the backlight from the hallway and I could see every contour of her great little body. And she knew it. “Wanna know how Mom taught how to touch myself, Dad?”

I swallowed deeply, the cold milk sliding deep inside my soul, just like Demi’s words.

“Wanna know if we ever touched each other? If she felt up my soaking cunt? And I felt hers?” Demi tugged up the front of her nightshirt and I could see that beautiful pussy of hers again. “Wanna know if we mess around when you’re not here? Wanna know if Mom gave me my first orgasm? Licking me right here…” she pointed to where I knew her pretty clit to be. “Wanna know if I paid her back? Licking the cunt where I came from?” She teased her pussy lips apart for me to see her pink.


She stopped, dropped the shirt back over herself and eyeing me like a cat about to pounce on its prey, “Wouldn’t you like to know!” She said flippantly, and she turned with a half step and cantered out of the kitchen. I watched her go, her shape taunting me as she went, her slender legs teasing me for wanting them. At the bottom of the stairs she turned and stopped, she gave me wicked girlish smile and then ran up the stairs. She was still Daddy’s girl, but the girl was becoming a woman, and she was learning her feminine whiles.


But that didn’t help me and the Exocet Missile I had trying to launch through my PJ’s. It was only then that I realized that she hadn’t even answered my unasked question. She’d said all the things I was thinking, but she hadn’t owned up to anything. What a little minx!


My head was fried. I sat in the den and switched on the TV. I considered putting some porn on to get it over with so I didn’t get blue balls. But instead I reached for the family video I’d edited from last year. Jenny and Demi together. Demi, slightly smaller, but equally as fabulous. And Jenny and she messing about in pool in bikinis. I’d never thought about it before, but they touched each other a lot, didn’t they. Was it just my dirty mind? Was it just mother/daughter closeness? Or were they enjoying each other right back then? My mind was about to explode and it didn’t take too many strokes between fingers and thumb before I did just that! – It must have shot over a yard in distance, and maybe the first jet was nearly six inches long! Oh, God, Ladies! Put me out of my misery!



Daylight brought it all back to me. As I woke it was my first thought and I couldn’t shake it. I got dressed reciting my 9 times tables to try to dull the swelling of my confused member. When I got to the kitchen Jenny was there, eating pancakes as I threw some bread in the toaster.


“Sleep well?” She smirked.


I didn’t answer. I didn’t want to get sucked into another erotic mystery at this time in the morning.


But my wife is evil.


“Did you settle your not-so-little problem afterwards?”


I poured my coffee in silence and sat opposite her with my toast and coffee trying to think what I had to do in work today.


“You’re so quiet! – What’s wrong?” she teased.


I gave her a quizzical look. She knew damn well. But she smiled as she teased a syrupy pancake slice into her mouth with a wet beckoning tongue.


“You know… I ate her out once on this table. Probing right into that succulent little…” she looked past me, “hello, darling, sleep well?”


Demi glided past me in her plaid skirt and blazer, ready for school, with a red Alice Band smoothing her blonde back from her pert featured face into a neat ponytail. I cursed as Demi’s perfect teenage legs passed my tormented eyes and my wife watched me and licked her lips.


“Like a baby, Mom. I must have been totally fucked, oops, sorry, I mean totally tired.”

Jenny scowled disapprovingly at Demi and Demi fell quiet, but was wearing a smirk smeared across her face like a two year old wearing jam from a messy bite of sandwich. Her eyes fell on me and I purposely ignored her surreptitious attentions.


Jenny grinned at my discomfort, knowing that Demi’s school uniform was tormenting me, and her legs were igniting my dirty daddy mind. But little did she know that I had partaken of that particular forbidden fruit, not once, but twice and several times that first night just two nights ago.


I ate coyly and busied myself for work, deciding it best I got an early start. I picked up my keys and headed for the door.


“Can you give Demi a ride to school?”


I turned to see mother and daughter standing side by side, my wife with delicious evil in her eyes and smile, and Demi too wearing an overly reverent placating look that feigned innocence and mocked it.


“Sure, why not?” I said and headed out the door for the car.




As I sat in the car waiting I played through all that had happened, all that my wife, and now Demi had said. Were they playing with me? Or each other? My mind swam with images of both of them together in some kind of weird porno I’d never even dreamt of.


The passenger door open, breaking my reverie, and in got Demi - all legs and prim and proper uniform. I silently cursed as I put the car into drive and we eased off as she buckled up. Even though the road was demanding my attention I couldn’t help looking at those beautiful teenage thighs of hers. I suppose she noticed because she started smoothing over them in long slow strokes. I looked up at her pretty face as she bit her lower lip and feigned innocence once more.


“For Christ’s sake, Demi!” I blurted.

“What’s wrong, Daddy?” she asked in her six-year-old’s voice.


I glanced back at her from the road.


“Something wrong?” she said as she opened her legs in a diamond shape, letting me feast on her inner thighs and the smallest glimpse of white cotton beneath her riding skirt.

“I need you to tell me… it’s important…”

“About Mom & me?”

I looked at her as her smoothing hands felt up her inner thighs.


“Wad’ya wanna know?” she teased as she soothed all the way up to where her legs met.

“Do you…? Does she…?” I fumbled.

“Tell you what, Daddy. I’ll tell you everything, if I can masturbate in the car…” She smiled a little-girl smile that belied her request.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Don’t you want me to, Daddy?” She pouted.

“I just need to know…”

“I haven’t come this morning, Daddy. Do you mind if I…?”


She already had her thumbs tucked into her panties elastic as I tore my eyes from her to the road and back again, to see her dragging the unwanted cotton down her slender thighs. She left them drop to her ankles, tying them together in self-bondage. I looked to where her hands were going, that cutesy cleft I knew the joys of. Its sparse soft golden down almost invisible until the light caught its rich fair tones. Her neat firm pussy cheeks and her increasingly pouting lips with its winking eye of deepest pink adorned with a tear of her tasty dew.


I nearly crashed the car!


“You have to tell me if you and your Mom…” My mouth was dry and my brain broke down, unable to find words of any kind as my daughter pulled her labia lips wide for me to see. They were so young, so firm, pert even in their youthful pink, her skin still new and fresh and tight and smooth. Her fingers started a familiar pattern, a well learned routine of outer and inner excitement, toying with her bud as it coyly came out to play.


I looked up and had to swerve the car back into lane as we had drifted across and were straddling the white lines. Someone blasted their horn at me and in all honesty I couldn’t blame them.


But next to me, Demi was working up a rhythm as she circled her bud and slunk down in the seat so her pert little ass showed itself on the seat edge.


“Demi, please….”

“What is it, Daddy? Does this make you nervous?” she teased. She smiled her little girl smile, her eyes glinting with mischievous intent.

“I need to know if you and your Mom….”

“Fuck?” she said, her eyes widening with excitement.

“Well, yes.”

“You want to know if Mom puts her tongue in this moist little hole and fucks me with it?”

I sighed at the very thought of it.

“And if I get on my knees between Mom’s legs and lick her out in the shower?”

“Jesus Christ, Yes!” I blurted.

“Would you like that, Daddy? Would like it if we did those things?” She caught me off guard, and I couldn’t think, my boner was doing all my thinking for me.

“Oh God, yes” I said.


Demi smiled wickedly and adjusted herself as she plunged two fingers inside herself. I watched with rapt attention as her fingers dove in and out of succulent little clam. Her circling bud was now enjoying a four finger strum, like a blue grass banjo, as Demi really picked up her pace and went for it. Her soft lipped mouth formed a perfect O as the pleasure coursed through her shapely body and then - Wow! She started to Cum!


“Oh Daddy!” she blurted, “It’s so good!”


I tried desperately to keep my eyes on the road but Demi’s throes of sexual delight right next to me were more than a little distracting. A horn blasted at me and I swerved again.


“Come on, Daddy, get it out and join in!” she begged.


She looked smaller, even younger, slunk down in the seat like that, and somehow sweeter and more innocent even though her actions were nothing like sweet and innocent.


“Come on, Daddy, let me see it. I can see he wants to come out to play…” she purred.


That was it! - I unzipped and dug into my pants and unleashed the Kraken! He was full of pulsing blood, a throbbing monster of an erection I knew was as big and hard as I get! I took hold of it and started to stroke myself up and down my full length.


“Oh Daddy, it’s so… Sexy!” She spat.


Demi renewed her efforts, keeping one eye on my one-eye. It seems to push her over some precipice of sensuality as she pulled up her blouse yanked her bra off her pert little pointed mounds and then mashed them with a grasping hand, her fingers pawing at her puppies!


Her other hands was strumming a Flamenco on her seething little clit and delving deep inside her wanton little cunt!


I was by now jerking like fury. Desperate for the release on untold sexual tension. I was close and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer!


“I’m gonna cum!” I gasped, and I saw Demi scrambled over to me and clamp her lips over my cockhead even as she kept fucking herself. The warm wetness and her circling tongue over my glans just sent me over the edge and I burst! - The sensation was so deep I felt it all the way down my root which looped up into my ass and I felt it deep inside. I spurted once, twice, three times into my daughter’s willing wanton fourteen-year-old mouth.


She milked me dry and then withdrew to her own seat, a sliver of pearl jam escaping her lips. She opened her mouth and I could see all my cum swimming on her tongue. That’s when she did the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen in my life: She leaned forward over herself and drivelled my cum from her succulent lips down onto her flushed dew laden pussy! It trickled around her pussy cheeks and as her aim improved it covered her reddened little clit and bathed her fleshy groove with a river of white!


I couldn’t believe it.


But Demi wasn’t finished. She smeared my seed all over her shining mound, massaging me into her secret folds, down into her teenage cleft, then she pushed me into her succulent hole. Her fingers, not just coated with cum, but urging a small tidal wave of me inside her.


BEEEEEEEEEP!!!! - An insistent car horn alerted me to the real world, where I had drifted into another lane, cutting up a poor commuter. I waved sorry, but he was fuming. I dropped back and let him pass.


I looked back at Demi and saw her in a place men never see. She was masturbating so completely that the world did not exist, I could see her giving little sighs as she strummed then delved, digging her pussy mound for that second clit deep inside, her G-spot, which my darling dear daughter had obviously found on her journeys of self-discovery. I could see a sex rash coming up her neck from her just above her breasts, her face was blushed and I could see beads of sweat breaking out on her forehead.


“Daddy!” She breathed, “I’m gonna cum big!” she proclaimed as she reached out to me with one hand and took my hand.


I tried to keep the car steady as I held my daughter’s hand and she strummed more, her breathing ragged, her hips jerking. I saw a small gush of pussy juice hit her inner thigh, but Demi wasn’t done. She kept going, fucking herself with her fingers, tugging on herself as she reached that special spot. She breathed out a gasp as again I saw a small squirt of juice hitting her thighs from between her busy fingers. Then she gripped my hand tightly as she went for the strumming world record - the hundred yard dash - only this was a hundred strums and every one excited her pleading little bud more and more.


“Oh, Daddy!” she gasped.


Faster she went, her body starting to convulse, her legs splays wider.


“Oh, Fuck! I’m Peeing!” She moaned.


And then, suddenly, her pussy erupted with a molten spray of juice! It hit the windshield, the dash, the door window, even the steering wheel caught a splash of my daughter’s cum!


“Aaaaah!” She squealed.


She still didn’t stop, but kept on that full throttle blur of fingers on her poor little clit. Her pussy was gulping, squirting, spraying, sprinkling and finally trickling to her endless pitiful moans of almost painful pleasure. Finally, she stopped. But even though she wasn’t touching herself her body was wracked with aftershocks of pleasure, small climaxes that made that delicious pussy a living trembling creature of pure unadulterated pleasure.


I looked up and could see we were near the school, but there was no way she could pull herself together in time. I drove straight past it, seeing all those other teenage girls in their cute school uniforms and wondering what naughtiness they get up to.


“Thank you, Daddy” said a small raspy voice next to me. I looked down to see Demi had finally finished recurrent orgasms and was lying quite still looking up at me.


I went around the block twice as we tidied ourselves up and put ourselves right. I asked her if she wanted a tissue to clean herself up, but she shook her head and put her panties to good use instead. Once she was done she eased herself back into them, even though they were sodden. The thought of our combined juices cossetting her beautiful quim was exciting me even more as I watched her put them on.


“Aren’t you going to be uncomfortable with those on?” I said.

“You mean wear no panties to school?” She said quizzically.

“Well, I’m just thinking they might smell a bit… sexy” I said, without wanting to get too crude, which is quite funny when you consider what we just did.

“Hmmm. I think you could be right.” She said. “Besides, it’ll be really sexy to spend the whole day in school with no panties on.” And she quickly divested herself of them, “I’ll be dripping by the time I get home.” She said. “Here!” She tossed the delicate moist white cotton into my hands as she open the door and got out. As she did, I caught a little glimpse of her perky little butt and wondered how many would get the same treat today in school.


As she walked from the car toward the school, now slightly late as the home room bell had gone, I realised she never answered my damn question. I was still no more enlightened as to hers and her mother’s sexual antics. Were they both just teasing me, knowing it was a taboo fantasy I certainly was into? Or were they really at it like rabbits the moment my back was turned? Had Jenny really been teaching Demi how to masturbate? Had she taught her other things too? It was all swimming in my head as I sat in front of my daughter’s school with her soaking wet panties in my hand.


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