Licking Lilly - Part 2

August 16, 2017


It had been a month since Lilly and I had first tasted each other that fatefully hot afternoon in our room. Since then each night had been a mixture of reading dirty stories to get us going and either strumming or licking each other out. We hadn’t really fingered each other though, but I wanted it in the worst kind of way. Somehow feeling inside my little sister seemed to be the most erotic thing in the world. Also, the idea of her fingering me filled me with more excitement than I could handle. I don’t know why though, but it felt too far. Sure, we rubbed each other off, and now we were even licking each other, but somehow fingering felt too much like real sex, and not just sisters playing.


I liked nothing more than to watch Lilly tonguing my pussy. She looked so angelic, and yet wicked, as she lapped at my fleshy groove between my raised and parted legs. I too enjoyed licking my little sis and watching her lust-filled eyes cloud over with delirium as I brought her to orgasm. Oddly though, neither one of us touched each other’s breasts, and we didn’t kiss neither except for that one day a month ago. But something inside me was stirring, and it wasn’t just longing for sex. I wanted to kiss Lilly and show her how much she meant to me, but it just wasn’t what we did. I also really wanted to fuck her with my fingers, and I didn’t really know why. Maybe I just wanted every part of her. Then something happened a few days ago that really freaked me out.


It was now the height of summer. In those times there’s nothing to do but try to keep cool. Most we stay indoors, coz it’s cooler. Fans on in every room we’re at and the ice-box gets raided every half hour. You sweat is what you do. It’s actually easier to keep all your doors closed and your shutters tilted against the blazing sun. This one time we had visitors from some ten miles yonder; Uncle Mike, Aunt Varity and their two kids Jip, who’s two years old and a handful, and Emma Louise, who’s twelve like Lilly. They were s’posed to have one son about seven years old, but he died. He fell and hit his head on a rock, never woke up.


Now they’d come over about four. Hell to travel before then. So Ma and Pa had opened up the good whisky and the beer Pa had been making for about ten years now. Always said fermenting weren’t no trouble, but letting it stand cool was the trouble. He usually made it sometime in September or October, so it would stand over the winter months. We were laughing and joking and little Jip (whose name is really Jessup after Aunt Varity’s maiden name), he was making everyone laugh until he got niggley and tired. But pretty soon he was asleep on Ma’s lap, and the laughing and talking went on. I loved these nights, as the sun went down and it got cooler, you could breathe again. It was good to have company and we all made the best of it.


As the sun slung low and bathed us all in slatted stripes of light and dark through the shutters I heard a noise above. Just a thump. Ma looked at me and said, “Go check they ain’t wrecking the place, Honey.” I nodded and went upstairs, where Emma Louise and Lilly had escaped to some hours before. I expected giggling and horseplay, but when I slowly opened our bedroom door I saw something else entirely.


There weren’t much light in the room was the first thing I noticed right off. Only the open window let in what little sunlight that orange sun had left to offer. It bled right across the floor to our beds. There weren’t no one on Lilly’s bed, but on mine I could make out the strange sight of Emmy-Lou lying there, her face like dreamin’ of God-knows-what as she bit her lip and hummed a faint little squeal from between her little lips. Her eyes were closed and you’d think she was sleeping ‘cept when I looked a bit lower I could make out the unmistakeable shape of her holding up her bare baby thighs from beneath her blue and white floral skirt. Her legs was split open to let someone best access to what was betwixt them there legs.


I pushed my eye close to the thin slit of the open door. I could barely breathe as I spied on that little scene. I daren’t move the door coz I know it creaks like an old barn door. So I stood perfectly still, controlling my breath and my every muscle not to disturb those little cherubs at play. And then I could see my little angel, Lilly, her fiery hair bobbing with her head as she looked up her friend’s body as she licked her like she licked me. I can’t say I wasn’t jealous right then, but if I broke into that room I knew I’d break the spell and scatter those pigeons.


As my eyes adjusted to the light, I could make out that Lilly was kneeling on the floor, her vest top up with her hand massaging her little buds as she dove deep into Emmy-Lou’s little pussy. A shiver went through me, starting all over every follicle of my hair down my spine, right into my ass and up into my pussy, deep inside me then leaping up to my rapidly hardening nipples. I could feel my tits swell as I got more and more aroused by my little sis and her little friend. I was getting’ hot too - real hot! I could feel the sweat startin’ to bead across my forehead as Emmy-Lou whimpered. That’s when Lilly did something I really wasn’t expecting.


I had to really peer close to the door to make it out, but suddenly I realised - Lilly was fingering Emmy-Lou! Between lapping her bud and strumming it, Lilly was dipping her finger in and out of Emmy’s little quim. It was ecstasy, obviously, as Emmy’s head lolled like a balloon on a stick, this way and that, moaning in increasing volume. Jeez! - I wanted that! I wanted to finger her, no, I wanted to finger Lilly. And more, I wanted her to finger me.


I couldn’t stand it any longer, so hitched up my dress and dug into my panties. My pussy was freaky wet! I could barely believe my little sis and little Emmy-Lou were doing this before me. I rubbed feverishly up and down my fiery fruit, paying special attention to my little bean as she emerged and said, “Fuck Me!”


My breath was getting ragged as I looked on and saw little Emmy-Lou shudder as she came. Lilly got up instantly, and I thought I might have to stop, but Emma Louise sighed delightfully and sat up before turning and slinking to the floor. Urgently, but matter-of-factly, Lilly turned and pulled her shorts down her pretty legs. Her panties must have went with them, coz she was bare assed naked underneath. She rolled her ass onto the bed and kept on rollin’ ‘til she was on her back with her legs wide as goal posts.


Emmy-Lou, to my surprise, never batted an eyelid but dove right into the Garden of Eden and ate of that Forbidden Fruit. This was most certainly not her first time lickin’ bud neither, for Lilly was writhing delectably to the tune of Emmy’s tongue. Still I couldn’t move, couldn’t decide what to do about my little sis and her little friend. I just stood there rubbing my pussy nice and slow.


It was then I heard someone start coming up the stairs. I yanked my panties up, dropped my dress into place and stood there for a second as I watched who was coming up step by step. From the light footsteps I could tell it was a woman, and I watched as Aunt Varity was coming up the stairs directly toward the bathroom. I daren’t breathe, daren’t let her know I was there. She stepped right into the bathroom, but I guessed she’d be right out, and she’d see me for sure then as she’d be facing me. I had to make a decision. I had to do something. And I had to do it now. I heard the toilet flush and knew this was my last chance to duck out of sight. I opened my bedroom door and slunk inside.


Emmy-Lou and Lilly looked up, startled, not knowing what my reaction was going to be. But I turned and closed the door to just leave that gap I could look through, but this time the other way, looking out. I peered through.


“It’s okay, but you better hurry up, coz your parents wanna go,” I said intensely.


I glanced at Emmy-Lou, that frightened little sparrow kneeling ‘tween my sisters legs, terrified by the situation she had found herself in. I smiled reassuringly, “Hurry up!”


I looked back through the door and saw Aunt Varity come out the bathroom. She stood there for a moment, then seemed to decide something. She looked up and started walking toward our room.


“Quick! Your Mom’s coming!” I whispered urgently.


Emma-Louise stood up instantly, frightened and concerned, as Lilly struggled to get back into her shorts and buttons then up before Aunt Varity got to our room. Just then I opened the door.


“Oh, Hi, Aunt Varity!” I said as casual as I could. “The girls were just coming”.

Aunt Varity looked at the two preteens and said, “Well, your Pa wants one more drink, so you can finish whatever you was doing and be down in five minutes or I’m coming up to get you”.

“Okay, Mom.” Said Emma-Louise, very proper.

Aunt Varity turn to me, “You look a little hot, Roberta, maybe you ought-a splash some water on your face. Won’t do to get all hot and bothered. Not god for the skin.”

I smiled, “Will do, Aunt Varity”.

“Or you could just join in with the girls and come good and proper”.


I froze.


“What? Er… what do you…?”


Somehow Aunt Varity’s hand snaked up my dress and she fingered the front of my wet panties. She laughed shortly, then stepped into the room and closed the door behind her.


“Come on, Emmy-Lou, let’s show little miss goodie-two-shoes how to do it!”


Aunt Varity wasn’t no supermodel. She had mousy colored hair and an oval face which was strangely attractive without being pretty. Her tits was big coz of her breast feeding the little-un, and her hips were wide, child-bearing hips. But as Aunt Varity sat on my bed and reclined, she raised her legs from beneath her dress and they were good slender legs, sleek, with the faintest hint of her age belying their shapely form. To my surprise, under her dress she had nothing on. She spread her legs and beckoned Emmy-Lou.


I was aghast as little Em settled down to her Mom’s pussy and she pulled it apart and started lapping. Aunt Varity looked at me with lust in her eyes as she stroked her daughter’s head.


“She’s a good girl is our Emmy-Lou” she breathed.


I looked at Lilly, who was transfixed.


“Come on, sit next to me, Bobby”.


I wasn’t sure what she wanted exactly, but then I felt compelled to go find out. This was a grown woman and she wanted me to join her. I sat very prim next to her, and she giggled.


“Panties off, girl. We don’t got much time!”


I obeyed, and glanced at Lilly, who was still fixed on her friend’s ministrations.


“Now lie back like me.”


I did so, my pussy now on show and I could see Emmy-Lou craning to look between my open legs.


“Lilly, Honey, do for your sister like Emmy’s doin’ me”. It was a firm command but not threatening, and Lilly seamlessly drifted to her usual place between my open thighs. She knelt down and I felt her hot breath on my honey-pie.


Aunt Varity smiled satisfaction, “She ain’t no stranger down there, is she?”

I shook my head, not knowing how she knew these things and not wanting to break the spell.


Aunt Varity’s head tilted back and she moaned a deeply womanly moan of pleasure. She looked at me and reached over. Her hand cupped my tits one after another, kneading them like dough balls in her firm but female fingers.


“Good’n’firm, just like I thought.” She leaned toward me and I got the message, and we kissed, a soft warm wet open mouthed Frenchie, her tongue probing like a pig’s dick in my mouth.


She suddenly broke off, looking down, “You girls swap”.


Lilly and Emmy-Lou looked at each other, and without a word they just swapped places, with Lilly betwixt Aunt Varity’s legs and Emmy-Lou ‘twixt mine. Oh Lord! - That girl knew how to lick pussy! She dove right in and lapped up my velveteen folds, dipping into my hole for sustenance. Then up to little Maisie, my newly named throbbing bud. She circled around and around my little maid and then flicked her tongue rapidly side to side like crazy! I bucked into her mouth but she took it in her stride.


“We don’t got much time. Th’others will wanna be going soon. Get on up the bed, Bobby. I gots to taste ya!” She hissed.


I scampered up the bed backwards, like some possessed girl in a horror movie. Arms and legs awkward, but I slumped with my head nearing the pillow. Aunt Varity crawled up the bed after me, diving into my open V and I felt a woman’s tongue on my little cooch! It was bigger, warmer and less pointed than either Lilly’s or Emmy’Lou’s. It knew its business too. Like mother, like daughter!


I looked at the girls and they were rapt with the scene before them.


Aunt Varity turned her head, “Emmy-Lou, you know what to do. Lilly, Honey, why don’t you lose them shorts and go sit on your sister’s face?”


Oh, Jesus! - This was hot! Aunt Varity was giving orders and we all just bowed to her will, willingly doing her bidding like cheap whores on Mississippi steamboat!


Lilly slunk out of her shorts and could see her glistening bald pussy lips twinkle in the sunset. Emmy-Lou had gotten behind her Mom and flicked her dress up over her ass and, from what I could make out, she was twisting fingers in and out of her Mom’s hot wetness. I heard the squelching of fingers in pussy even as Lilly came toward me and climbed up on the bed over my head and lowered herself to my eagerly awaiting mouth.


Fuck! - She was hot! - Her little quim was leaking pussy juice so quick I figured she was coming already! She pitched forward, down my body, and when I glanced down I could see Aunt Varity kissing her on the lips. I hadn’t even done that! I stuck my tongue right into Lilly little cunt and she squealed with delight. It was then I felt a finger begin to burrow its way inside me! I caught my breath, unable to process this sensation as it felt deep inside me.


“Still a virgin, Bobby?” she said as she began working that finger in and out, past my hymen and beyond. I’d flirted with breaking it, sure, but I’d never had the guts to push through, and besides, what would I use? A hairbrush? A zucchini? A cucumber? No cocks around here anyhow, ‘cept Pa’s! But I could still get past myself with a finger, which was nice, and useful. Now, Aunt Varity was pumping my pussy with her middle finger and it was starting to get real hot and wet inside there.


My excitement fed Lilly’s and she ground her silken slit to my lips and eager tongue. A tongue hit my clit and I nearly hit the roof! Fingering me, licking me, as I licked Lilly, and God knows what Emmy-Lou was doing to her!


The feeling started at my toes, up under the arches of my feet, up my calves, behind my knees down under my inner thigh and up into my ass. Somewhere inside it oozed into my love-tube and eased out to my fiery wet pussy lips, fizzing on my licking clit and then leaping to my puppy-nose nipples and swelling my heaving breasts.


I grabbed Lilly’s ass and forced my tongue as deep into her preteen cunt as I could go as I shuddered and moaned as my orgasm gripped me, my pussy tightened around that delightful finger and oozed thick, thick pussy juice out through my expanding cunt-lips.


I’d done something right, coz I felt just then Lilly’s little clam ease a hot trickle of her own into my mouth, sweet tasting and slightly tangy as she matured upon my face. I swallowed hard as Lilly rolled off me, and we both looked down at Aunt Varity as Emmy-Lou thrust assuredly into her hole with regular rhythm.


It didn’t seem possible that she could go that deep, and Lilly instantly got up to go around to look. Her eyes lit up with shock and fascination as she said, “Bobby, you gotta see this!”


Aunt Varity looked at me with a smile from between my legs, and she pulled her finger out and supped it dry as I got up and ventured to see what her daughter was doing.


As I rounded her womanly ass, one of her daughter’s hands upon it, I saw what I thought I’d never see. Sure enough, Emmy-Lou was going deep into her Mom’s pussy, but her whole hand was disappeared into her soft wet maw! I gasped, but was transfixed to the spot as Emmy-Lou obviously knew what she was about. She delved deep, twisting for effect, who knew what she was doing inside?!


“Faster, Emmy-Lou! We gotta go real soon!” Gasped her Mom.


Emmy-Lou set about it, rapidly plunging her wrist into her Mom’s succulent hole! She worked up a good solid rhythm, like a piston engine working up a good pace.


“Faster!” breathed her Mom.


She went quicker, steadying herself on her Mom’s ass as she plunged deep, over and over, faster, blurring with her little arm disappearing half way up her forearm.


“Oh, Fuck! Oh, Fuck!” Her Mom gasped, “That’s it, baby! Nearly there!”


“My arm’s getting’ tired, Ma!” said Emmy-Lou.


“Don’t stop now!” whined her Mom.


Emmy-Lou gave it one last flurry of thrusts and I could see her Mom start to buck briefly before she reached back and grabbed Emmy’s wrist, holding her still as she reached that peak, that plateau of pleasure, and gently sighed with relief.


There was a moment when no one moved. Then Aunt Varity tugged on Emmy-Lou’s wrist and she pulled her hand free of her Mom’s sloppy cup. Aunt Varity sat up immediately, and smiled.


“Now,” she said jauntily, “I think I better freshen up, and we better make tracks.”


She stood and her dress fell into place, “Emmy-Lou, better wash your hands, Honey,” she said like they’d just been baking a cake. They made it to the door when Aunt Varity stopped and turned, “Better get your shorts back on, Lilly. And let’s just keep this between ourselves, huh?”


We both nodded, dumbly.


Downstairs we all said goodbye, and we all hugged and kissed and it was normal as normal can be.


Just as Aunt Verity was getting in the car she turned to Lilly and me and said, “You girls have fun now!” And was gone.


Emmy-Lou waved out the back window as they drove off, and she blew a kiss each for Lilly and me.


With their red tail-lights disappearing into the darkness Lilly turned to me and said -


“We gotta try that!”

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