Licking Lilly - Part 3

October 2, 2017


We were both too tired to do anything more that night. We fell asleep and didn’t wake up till noon. Lilly told me that she and Emmy-Lou had been “experimenting” since they were about eight. I didn’t want to think about it, in all honesty, but somehow that turned me on too. Not that I’m into that age or anything, but the thought of two girls playing around, being close enough to graduate from Mommies & Daddies to what I’d seen last night. She said it was all innocent and everything, and they were just playing, but they didn’t look like they were playing last night. That looked anything but innocent.


She also told me something that really caught my attention. About a year ago she had seen Pa masturbating. She said he hadn’t seen her, but she watched him right up to coming his milky seed. As Lilly described what she had seen I got wetter and wetter. By the time he came I was squeezing my thighs together for some relief. Lilly said it made her feel funny down there, and she knew what it was, so she hid in the barn and felt herself up, plucking her little bean till she came in her panties.


Ma called us down for food and we sat at the dinner table eating corn, potatoes and grilled chicken while grinning to each other across the table. I kept looking at Pa and imagining him doing it: Tugging away like a chicken-choker! Ma looked between Lilly and me and said, “Wanna share the joke?”


“Just something we saw on the internet.” I covered.

“Well, you be careful on that thing,” said Pa, “never know what’s gonna pop up!”


Lilly and I made eye contact and we both burst out laughing! Pa looked confused and Ma surveyed the scene with tacit knowing. I don’t know why.


“What the hell did I say?” said Pa.

Ma smiled at us and said, “You said enough. I was a girl once too.”


Pa looked bewildered, but then just settled down to the rest of his potatoes.


When food was over Lilly and I go up and Lilly made it out the door first, but Ma caught my eye, “You ain’t letting her watch grown up stuff are you?”

“Grown up stuff?” I asked.

“You know… porn-og-raphy” she said in labored three syllable way that mangled the word so I had to think twice what she was saying.

“No, Ma. She don’t watch no pornography”.

Ma breathed a sigh of relief, “And you? You’re not watching no porn stuff on that internet are ya?”


I was caught like a rabbit in the headlights. Sure, I watched porn when Lilly wasn’t around. But honestly I didn’t have much need of it. I had Lilly. Pa looked at me with interest in my silence, my awkward admission.


“No, Ma. I mean, I seen it, but I don’t make to watch it none.”


She wasn’t sure if she believed me, and Pa, when I looked at him, he was just looking for any belying expression on my face. But everyone at that table knew I had watched porn, and there was no getting around that.


“Well,” said Ma, “I know you’re a healthy girl, growing up and all. Curiosity gets the better of us. But mind your sister and her innocence. She’s just a girl.”

“Sure, Ma. Can I go?”


Ma nodded and I stepped out the room and down the hall. I reached the stairs and half way up I slowed to a stop to listen as Ma and Pa started to speak.


“Whad’ya know! Our Bobby’s groin’ proper. Interest in sex and everything. Good thing there’s no boys around. I don’t think I could cope.”

“Well, there’s more than one way to skin a cat” said Ma.

“What’s that mean?” said Pa.

“I was a girl, right here, remember?”


“Well, there’s things you can do, is all.”

“Things? Like touch yourself, Honey?”

“Well… yeah. And other stuff.”


I was rapt, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Ma masturbated too! I could feel myself getting hooter as I realized that Ma would have been in my room, maybe even my bed, when she too diddle herself under the covers.


“What other stuff?” Said Pa, sounding confused.

“Well, you know… I had sisters”

“You mean, you…?”

“Keep your voice down! I don’t want them to hear their Ma’s a sexual pervert!” Hissed Ma.


I had to strain to hear the next bit.


“Well, what did you do?”

“We…. Practiced. Kissing… then other stuff.”

“Come on, Honey. Don’t hold out on me now,” said Pa.

“You’ll just get horny and I have stuff to do.” She said quietly.


I was getting horny just listening to her. But I was betting Pa hand his hands on her already. I’d seen them kissing and stuff since I was little. I thought it was gross then. Now, I weren’t so sure.


“Come on, Honey, you gotta tell me now. While the girls are upstairs.”

“Alright,” I heard her say, “Well, Ellen taught me how to touch myself…”

“How’d she teach you?” Pa’s voice was quiet and velvety.

“She showed me, at first. Then, she did it for me.” Said Ma.


I could hear movement and I knew he was touching her now.


“What then?”

“Well, we did swaps.”

“You touched her cunny?”

“Mmm” was Ma’s response, and I knew they were gonna do it right there in the kitchen.

“Did you like it?”

“Girls is diff’rent, John. We just help out each other. Nothing says we’re lesbian or nuthin.”

“So, did you like it?”


I heard kissing.


“Yeah, I liked it” Ma breathed.


I stooped on the stairs, afraid they’d creak, but I was half way up and creaky ones was up top or down below. I sat on a step and opened my legs, dragging up my skirt to get at my bare-assed pussy.


“I liked licking ‘em too!”

“Mmm… you lick Ellen?”


“And Jodie? You lick her too?”



I started rubbing up my girly groove. Spreading my moisture up its length and starting to gently tickle my emerging clit.


“You ever finger’em?”

“I fingered ‘em good. Both of ‘em. And them; me.” Whispered Ma.


I was starting to feel them feelings rising in me as I heard Pa say, “Come on, Honey. Right here. They won’t know nothing.”


There was more kissing sounds and shuffling, then I heard the table creak. I pressed my face close to the banister. And I peered through the spindles to the kitchen. And there they were: Ma bent over the kitchen table, her skirt up around her waist and her bare ass to Pa as he fed his hard length inside her. No sign of panties. And that’s when I found Ma didn’t none either.


I adjusted myself to standing, but with one foot two steps higher so I could get in good with myself. My skirt was hitched up on my raised thigh as I held onto the rail with one hand and saw to my liquid pudding with my over. I peered just over the rail down into the kitchen as Pa was starting to thrust in and out of Ma. It was gross and sexy and exciting all at once. I dug down and found my slippery hole, prising a finger right inside me. The sight of Pa fucking Ma filled my world. I wanted that. I dug a second finger in next to the other. Then, with Pa starting to work up a good slow rhythm I started to match him, feeling my virginity tenuously holding on. Hurting a little, but pleasuring a lot.


“What else, Honey? What did you do up that girls’ room as a kid?”

“I… I… I…”


“I fucked our dog!”

“What?!” Pa stopped.

“Don’t stop!”


I looked from one to the other. Pa started to thrust slow again.


“We all did. When we was of age. Ellen said she saw Ma do it when Pa was away that time. But she said he knew, cos he suggested it.”

“Ellen did it first?”

“I guess. She was oldest. So yeah. She said it took a while to git used to, but was good.”

“How old was you, Hun? When you done it.” Pa was starting to get off on it now.

“Well, Ellen was fifteen, she said. Then, Jodie tried it. She was fourteen. I was thirteen.”

“So that flea bitten mutt I seen when I was courting you was him?”

“Benji, he washed up good. We would bath him first. Then we’d all take turns while Ma and Pa was going to town for groceries.”

“What happened to old Benji?”

“He died not long after I come live with you. Got run over by a truck. Ellen reckoned he was tryin to hump it!”

Pa laughed a little too loudly.


“Shhh… I don’t want the girls hearin us!”

“Oh, cos you the Virgin Mary or something!”

“Shut up and fuck me!”


And he did. My head was spinning! I wanted to finish off, but somehow my coming right there on the stairs was trivial compared to what I had just heard.


“Maybe we should get a dog,” said Pa, “and you can show me just what Benji got!”

“Oh, yeah, okay. That sounds good. I’ll show you.” Said Ma.


My mind imploded. I couldn’t carry on. I crept carefully up the stairs and to our room. I closed the door behind me and leaned up against it.


Lilly took one look at me and said, “You bin flicking?”


I shook my head, “Not important. But listen, I think we’re getting a dog.”


“A dog! Wow!” She blurted.

“Shush! It’s a secret!”


I wasn’t sure how much I should tell Lilly. I mean, I was older. I was seventeen. I could cope with the idea of Ma and Aunt Ellen and Aunt Jodie fucking a dog - just about - I thought - maybe. But Lilly? Her twelve-year-old brain might have a freaking meltdown. I mean, we had read stories that involved dogs online. They were pretty hot. Personally, I fucking loved them. But they had always been sub-stories to some incest story, which we both loved. I had never asked Lilly what she felt about them.


“There’s something else.” I blurted, “I’m gonna fuck it”.

“You’re gonna what?!” Said Lilly, sitting up from her laid out tablet reading.

“I’m gonna fuck it.” I said and I walked to my bed and sat down opposite her.

“But it’s a dog!” Said Lilly incredulously.

“I know. But Ma did it,” I said.


“And Aunt Ellen and Aunt Jodie. This was their room when they were girls and they had a dog named Benji. And they all did him. Or he did them. Whichever.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I just overheard Ma and Pa. They’re fucking in the kitchen.”

“What?!” Lilly shot up and was on her way to the door.

“Lilly, will you finger me?” I asked plain out bluntly.


Lilly stopped, she turned, “Well, duh!”


She opened the door and was gone. I didn’t follow her. I couldn’t. All I could do was think of sex - any kind of sex - fingering Lilly, fucking a dog, licking out Emmy-Lou, fisting Aunt Varity! Jesus! - Then it came - She could stop her mind going for it, so here it came - Fucking Pa!


Yes, fucking Pa! She could think of his length, the way Lilly had described it. The glimpse she had had of it going into Ma from behind. Except I wanted to see it going in and out of me, that was for sure. I could feel my body boiling with the backburner fire of pure lust coursing through my veins. Fucking Pa!

I didn’t move. I couldn’t. All I could think was how turned on I was and how mind-fucked I was. Ma, Aunt Ellen, Aunt Jodie? My brain couldn’t process it. I suddenly became aware of someone standing in the doorway. I opened my eyes and looked to see the silhouette, not of Lilly being mischievous but the unmistakeable shape of Ma.


“So,” she said, “you told Lilly we’re getting a dog.”


Fuck! - Lilly’d blown my cover. Ma knew I’d heard her and Pa, probably seen them too.


“I’m sorry, Ma!” I blurted, tears coming to my eyes.

“I guess you saw your Pa and me…”

I hid my face with my hands, “I’m sorry.”


I heard her walking into the room, and the door closing. Boy, was I ever for it! My ears would bleed after this, I was sure. But the calm, measured steps to my bed were like sleepwalking steps, not school ma’am steps. And then I felt her weight as she sat on the side of my be near my legs. And a gentle hand touched my knee.


“I get it. You was curious. Ain’t no fault in curiosity. And you, being nearly a woman and all. Bound to be curious.”


I peered through my fingers, my tears ebbing as I juddered with my breathing.

“You ain’t mad?”

“No, honey. I mean, there ain’t no boys, no girls even around here. Gets lonely, I know. I was a girl too, you know?”


I sat up and dropped my hands.


“You ain’t gonna punish me or nuthin?”

“No, Bobby. I love you, silly. You just showing you’re a healthy girl is all.”

“So,” I wasn’t sure if I was pushing my luck”are we really gett’n a dog?”


Ma smiled, a little embarrassed too. “You heard all that too, huh? ‘Bout me and Aunt Ellen and Jodie?”

I nodded coyly, pensively, not knowing if I had pushed it too far.

“Well, like you, I guess. We was curious. We done practiced stuff like kissing, seeing as there was no boys to practice on. We got a bit carried away. Tried other stuff.”

“I get it.” I said.

“I knew you would.”

“And your… dog?”

“Oh,” said Ma, thinking back and then thinking how to say it, “we just got more carried away, I guess. I mean, there was no boys, and living on a farm it ain’t no secret what goes where.”

She smiled easily, and I breathed out a little, the tension in my shoulders eased some.


“We was messin’ around one day up here. My Ma and Pa was in town for groceries. Said we always wanted to buy crap so we was left home. And was playin’, you know, sex. Someone left the door open and I guess Benji musta smelled us or somethin’ coz he come upstairs and found us. We didn’t hear him or nuthin. Your Aunts Jodie and Ellen was naked on the bed. Kissing and stuff. And I was kind of watching.” She looked at the ceiling, and guiltily confessed, “and playing with my… bits… you know…”


I giggled, and Ma looked at me with a smile on her face. “Benji comes in and sees me with my legs open and I guess his doggie brain thought this was a new game.”

I giggled again.

“He come over to me and just stuck his nose right into my, you know what, and started lickin’!”

“Oh my God!” I gasped.

“I know, right? But it felt good. And I was young, I didn’t never have no one but my sisters touch me… or lick me…”

“God, Ma!”

“I know! I was weak, and I let him. Well, pretty soon Jodie and Ellen is looking at me, they’re open mouthed, but they don’t stop him or me. And Benji, he licks me right to comin’!”

“Right there…”

“Right there, with them watching. Course, they both wanted to try it. So, they did. Dogs can lick for all day if they like. Not like people. And they come too. After that Benji was just part of it all. We noticed his dick getting big and we was fascinated. We touched it. Pretty soon we sucked on it too -- weren’t fair for us to get off and Benji not. You know a dog’s dick is three times cleaner than a man’s? They clean it three times a day. Suppose if a man could lick his clean he’d lick his three times a day too!”


We both laughed.


“Then, one day, Benji just mounted Jodie. She was bare-assed and licking Ellen again. He jumped up on the bed and tried to mount her proper. He couldn’t of course; his dick kept jabbing her in the ass. We got him down off of her, and we all stood there wundrin what to do.”

“What did you do?” I said eagerly.

“I said I’d go first, being the oldest. And I hunkered down on all fours like a dog and Benji got the message right off. He mounted me and Jodie helped so his paws didn’t starch me, put socks on his paws while he was trying. It was made, and funny and sexy all at once! Then Ellen put him to me - his thing to my you know what.”

“Ma, that’s amazing!” I gasped.

“I felt him go right in. Bust my cherry straight off! But it was good, he kept on growing as he was thrusting frantically inside me.

“Did you cum?”

“Oh, I cummed alright! I couldn’t stop cumming! And when he got his knot in me, I was just cummin’ like a wild thing! All the while he was getting’ bigger inside of me, and I could feel his doggie cum shoot’n hot inside of me!”

“Fuck!” I said. I realized I’d just cursed bad in front of my mother and for some reason I said, “Sorry.”

“That’s okay. Fuck is right, in this case.”

“Then what happened?” I asked eagerly.

“Well, I, I mean we, did it. And when he came we got tied, just like dogs do. That knot thing, it’s so big it ties you up to him. He can’t get out, and he knows he’s gotta wait for it to go down. And it took forever! I was still cumming for like thirty minutes! I was worried Ma or Pa would came in and find me tied up to the family dog!”

“Yeah, that’d be bad!” I laughed.


“Are you getting off on this?” asked Ma.

“I just think it’s… amazing! I…”

“Were you touching yourself on the stairs?”


I nodded, coyly.


“And you didn’t finish, did you?”


I shook my head.


“When you came upstairs did you…?”


I shook my head again.


“You really shouldn’t keep all that pent up sexual tension inside. You need to let it out or you’ll go crazy.”


I wasn’t sure what to say exactly. Ma had never spoken to me like this before.


“Go on, Hun. You get yourself off good ‘n’ proper.”

“What? Now?”



I looked over Ma’s face, and she weren’t kidding. She had that expression on her face when I hadn’t done my chores when she was arms folded explaining why needed to pull my weight. But this was different. This weren’t no chore. This was just plain weird.


“Do I have to?” I said, almost afraid of the answer.


Ma smiled, “No…” she touched my leg, smoothing it gently about my knee, “I could do it for you if you don’t want to do it in front of me.”


Like a rabbit in the headlights, there I was, just a nod away from who knew what. I looked Ma over, somehow the morning light was passing through her dress showing her womanly shape underneath. Suddenly, she wasn’t Ma, she was a mature sexy woman, who I knew was full of Pa’s cum. That thought, the thought of Ma playing sex games with Aunt Ellen and Jodie, and fucking her freaking dog, all that had me moist under my dress. My nipples were chafing under the course cotton of my dress too, and Ma, I knew, could see that.


“Yes, please” I forced through my tight frightened lips.


Ma smiled reassuringly. “It’s okay, just relax. Lie back and close your eyes.”


I did as she said, nervous and yet excited that my own Ma was going to touch me, and make me cum.


“Just breathe, and think of your favourite fantasy.”


I felt her hand move gently up my leg, making ovals loops up and down my leg. First one and then the other. Barley touching, she teased the soft light follicles of every little wisp of almost transparent hair. I breathed slowly, concentrating on the feeling of that lightly dancing hand upon my leg, each time going an inch higher.


“What are you thinking of?” Said Ma, quietly.

“Nothing. Just feels nice.”

“Want me to tell you some more?”

I nodded dumbly.


Ma’s hand went higher still, slipping effortlessly between my thighs. She slipped higher yet, dragging up the skirt of my dress and exposing more and more of my legs.


“What if Lilly or Pa come upstairs?”

“Shhhh… they won’t.”


Her hand then stopped on my inner thigh and gently urged it further apart. I didn’t need telling twice. I opened both legs wider as Ma’s hand went even higher, right up to my eagerly awaiting bare hot wet pussy. As her fingertips touched me there she paused to reassure herself that yes, I was bare, and yes, I was very wet.


“Oh, My Darling Baby! You’re so wet!” She breathed.


Her fingers started playing gently around the cheeks of my puffy red pussy. I was burning inside! My nipples so sensitive they were tingling with the bare motion of my breathing, which was getting shallower all the while.


“Me and Jodie, and me ‘n’ Ellen, we used to do this to start. Ain’t no shame in it. Just girls helpin’ girls out, is all.”


I nodded dumbly as Ma sent her fingers to the bottom of my fleshpot, circling gentle in the well of girly juice gathered from my wellspring. I bit my lip as Ma dragged her fingers up my slinky groove, coursing them through my velvet folds as I winced at the pleasure.


“When I think back to them times, I gets a bit wet myself. Fun we had…” She purred wistfully.


Her fingers reached my clit and I jolted with the pleasure as she circled it.


“Oh, there she is!” cooed Ma. “I like the feel of your pussy, Bobby. It’s kinda firm like mine used to be. Youthful, I guess. But a cunt’s a cunt, I say. They all do the same, and they all make a girl feel wanted. Sexy. And kinda naughty, right?”


I wanted to speak, I just couldn’t. My clit was like a boiling bean - bubbling with heat, ecstasy searing through and around it, down the outside of my heated nympha, as she trailed a middle finger slowly up my soft wet girlie groove. I breathed in with the excitement, gasping as Ma reached my boiling bean once more.


She took over with her thumb, gently circling my throbbing bud and I felt her finger slip down to my vagina, gently teasing inside me with one leading digit. I couldn’t believe how good this felt, or that this was my own Ma was doing this for me. Yes, for me, not to me. She was just helping out her frustrated daughter coz she knew how badly I needed it.


She slipped in a second finger and it felt great! It filled me up some, I’m guessing like a cock. Hard ‘n’ warm. I opened my legs even wider and peered down me to see those fingers disappear into my secret self. It was such a turn on. Ma pushed me bad with her free hand and started unbutton my dress down the front. Her fingers picker them buttons deftly and she opened up my dress even as her fingers went in and out of me. Oh, Jesus!


I weren’t wearing no bra, so she could just see my perky tits rights off. I swear she licked her lips before she put her fingers delicately over my right breast and caressed it gently. There really ain’t no touch like a woman’s touch. A woman knows what a girl likes, what feels good, what don’t, and she does whatever feels good to her and more than likely it will to whoever she’s touching. Even though this was Ma touching me I felt the tenderness in her caress, careful to arouse and excite her little girl’s ardour. She knew exactly what to do, and was getting mighty hot, I can tell ya.


Just then Ma touched something inside me. I knew what it was right off. She was butting up against my virginity. They call it the hymen, don’t they? Well it hurt! I jumped up with sharp pain felt. Ma stopped dead.


“You still a virgin, Honey?” She said incredulously, like I should got rid of that when I was ten or something.

“U-Huh” I said quietly.

“You never tried breaking it?”

“I didn’t want no one to think I was loose”.


Ma smiled, “Ain’t no boy I ever met complain coz he could fuck a girl. Besides, Honey, you’re robbing yourself of so much pleasure, and Lord knows there ain’t too much of that happening way out here.”

“You and Pa wouldn’t be disappointed in me?”

“Aw, Hell no! Girl gotta fill her hole! Everyone knows that! I bust my cherry on a Barbie Doll! Weren’t more than about ten or eleven. After that I was fucking my little pussy like crazy!”


Just hearing Ma tell me this was turning me on even more. “You want me to push through?” She said, still caressing by burning breast, still circling my pleading bud and still slowly moving her fingers in and outta me. I nodded nervously.


Ma leaned in to me and kissed me soft kiss on the lips, not even sexual but moist and loving. As she did this I felt a deep stabbing pain inside my poor little pussy. I yelped and jolted and Ma held me down shushing me with soft whispering tones. Her fingers felt around some inside of me, making sure I was good ’n’ popped. Yup, I was popped alright! I wasn’t no virgin no more.


I don’t know if it was the emotion or the pain, but I felt tears rolling down my cheeks. Ma dabbed them off of my face with a motherly thumb, then she kissed me once more. I wasn’t sure what would happen next. The pain was ebbing away some. But it was still there. Then Ma’s fingers started going again, but this time deeper, with no restriction. Despite the pain I was feeling pleasure too.


I held onto her as she worked up a rhythm. The feelings of pain were not so much subsiding as being overcome with the need to come. Ma held onto me too as I started bucking back against her inserted fingers. Then, suddenly, she touched a spot inside me that was like fireworks! Suddenly, those sexy feelings multiplied, and without realizing it I started to come! Not just come but really come. Deep inside I felt that wellspring burst into a wash of ecstasy which rippled through my body, fizzing over my skin right up to the hairs on my head and back again! I gasped, whined and moaned all at once in the least ladylike grunt I think I’ve ever made! And that was it!


I drifted back into my pillow and stared unfocussed at the ceiling. I was loosely aware that Ma’s fingers came out of me, and she dabbed my wound with her ever present handkerchief, mopping up blood and cum from my delicate self. I breathed, like I was in some kind of delirium, away with the fairies for long dreamlike seconds that seemed like minutes. I was only vaguely aware of Ma buttoning up my dress and putting its skirt right for modesty’s sake. And then she kissed me again, right on the lips, and I heard her say something before she left the room, closing the door tight as she went.


She’d said, “You’re a woman now”.

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