I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It

October 23, 2017


I was never happy being married. My husband was a good man, but something about it didn’t sit well. I didn’t know what until I met Kelly. Kelly fascinated me. She was a single parent who taught yoga and lived life to the full. A little too much to the full, if you know what I mean. She would go out every week and get smashed, bringing home a different man every week. A part of me was jealous. She lived life how she wanted and answered to no-one, never had to worry about her boyfriend being overly protective or anything. Having a son didn’t seem to affect her, although the little bugger was a nightmare. My daughter, Marie, was in the same class as her son, so we struck up a conversation because, ironically he knew her from years before - before her wild stage. Apparently she had been raised in very strict Christian sect and so had he. Maybe that’s why I didn’t feel any danger I our relationship, because he was just too nice.


Kelly and I started doing what friends do - going to each other’s houses and laughing like schoolgirls. I’d always had a thing for Angelina Jolie, which my husband found amusing, and just a bit turned on by, but I’d never told anyone else about it. I remember practicing kissing with my school-friend, Hayley, when I was about fourteen or so, and how highly sexed that got me so that I’d have to rush home, strip off in my bedroom and thrap the hell out of my little cum bucket!


Then, one night I was at hers and we’d been drinking, and I know you think you know where this is going, but you’re only half right. I told her I was bi-curious and Kelly just blurted out that she was bi. She sidled over to me and started kissing me. Now, I was hammered, so I guess I’m excused the next bit, but Kelly lifted my top off and unclipped my bra. I’ve never been good at holding my drink so by this time I was like a rag doll. She kissed and caressed my breasts and I felt it coming…


Suddenly, I vomited right off her sofa onto her floor!


I’ll just say she wasn’t best pleased. And that concluded my bi-curious tryst with my friend, Kelly. It took her weeks to even call me again, but she did and I apologised yet again for what had happened. I’ll never forget it, because we were at hers again, out in the garden. It was a really sunny day and the kids had squirt guns they were shooting each other with. Being the child I am, I picked one up and squirted Kelly. She did too. But then it escalated really quickly with me throwing a cup of water, then her, then she filled a large bowl and soaked me, I got a jug and did likewise. The kids thought it was hysterical! And so did we. We fell about laughing until the discomfort of wearing soaked clothes finally set in.


Kelly said she had some clothes upstairs that might fit me, so we went upstairs and stripped off our soaking wet clothes. We dried ourselves down and she chucked me some clothes as she put on a short denim skirt and strappy top. I loved that skirt, and the top didn’t hide much to be honest as she hadn’t bothered with a bra. I hadn’t missed the opportunity to get a sly look at her body while she changed either. As I slipped into a pair of leggings and T-shirt I must have looked about twelve. I’m not very tall - about 5’ and I never did fill out much in my twenties, and this was my early twenties. Put me in a school uniform and you’d never have known the difference. I always fantasised about that, going back into school and seducing a little schoolgirl, but I’m not much the seducing type. I generally throw myself at a man, because they rarely knock you back. And if sex is on the menu then they always respond - I don’t suppose they can help it, it’s the way they’re programmed.


Anyhow, there I was, a bedraggled rat, still towel drying my soaking hair as she blow-dried hers. She suddenly stopped and looked at me, something occurring to her. I stopped rubbing my long blonde hair and smiled at her with curiosity.


“You know what happened… before…” she said.

“Yeah,” I said, hoping.

“Still curious?” She asked.


All I could do was nod.


Kelly came around the bed where I was sitting. She didn’t say anything. She sat down next to me, never taking her eyes off me. Silently, matter-of-factly, she put her fingers to the hem of her short denim skirt and hitched it up as she shuffled her bum to the edge of the bed and opened her legs wide.


“Come on then,” she said, “let’s see what you’ve got.”


I couldn’t speak, silently I slinked to the floor, her bedroom carpet gratefully deep under my knees as I was inexorably drawn into her legs, between her perfect thighs and in to her bald womanly folds. I’d only ever seen mine in a mirror, and there just wasn’t the internet really back then, so this was my first up-close pussy. I didn’t really know what to do, but I felt Kelly’s assured hand on the back of my head as it urged into her deep filled valley. I smelled the clean soap-like essence of her skin mixed with a soft musky spice I knew was her smell coming from deep inside her. I kissed it first - not really knowing what I should do, and she giggled.


“Lick me, Ailsa,” she purred.


My heart was fluttering. I had tingles all over my skin. I could barely breathe.


Then I touched.


My tongue came out and touched her softest spot, teasing open her silken lips, laden with honey-dew and spice. I trailed up as she sighed gently and lay back upon the bed. I was her servant, and my job it was to lick out my lady. I kept on, exploring up through her silken purse, through the winding folds and to her quivering pearl. I teased it like I knew I’d like and I wasn’t wrong. She mewed like a hungry cat as I licked her swelling pussy. Its colour rose as I licked quicker, touring her pussy cheeks and fleshy valleys. I reached the apex of her desire, that deep hole I had always wondered at. I tasted her pensively at first, but her guiding hand urged me on, deeper, more forceful. My tongue delved as deep inside another woman as it would go. The feeling of hot wet flesh around my hot wet tongue filled me with hot wet feelings inside. Her taste was different to mine - we all taste ourselves, right? Hers was more mature, tangy and thicker than my own watery juices.


“Finger me, Ailsa!” She breathed.


I was so excited to hear her say those words, I can’t even tell you. I got out of her lovely little box and lapped my way to her pink little bud. But I just had to see myself doing the next thing. I sat back on my heels and carefully touched her pouting pussy. I trailed up and around, and down, through her silken folds and finger I was at her pussy hole. I teased a finger inside her, just a little, feeling the wet insides of another girl, when before I had only felt my own. It was beautiful!


My finger eased gently inside her, further and further until my knuckles were bumping her swollen lips. I tickled inside, up where I knew the g-spot to be and sure enough she whimpered from above. But Kelly was a simple girl and she blurted impatiently, “Come on, Ailsa, fuck me!” I obeyed, still in awe of this assured older girl, so secure in her sexuality.


“Two fingers, Ailsa!” She ordered.

I obeyed, sliding a second finer into this Goddess of Love! Into her Venus Orchid. Seeing my fingers going in and out of another woman was the sexiest thing I had ever seen! I could feel how wet I was inside my newly borrowed panties. Then Kelly reached out and grabbed my head and pulled me forward to her aching bud. And this was it - I was fucking another girl!


I built up a head of steam and went for it! - Plunging into my girlfriend with two pounding fingers while flicking my willing tongue over her eager bud! - God I was wet!


I kept going, with Kelly moaning and gasping, “Faster! Faster!” And me trying to appease her ever growing ardour. She started humping back onto my fingers as she neared release, and then suddenly she grabbed my hair, pulling my head free as she flooded her love-tunnel with hot warm cunt juice! My fingers swam in her luxurious liquid. Thick viscous cum that eased out of her fleshy hole and dripped off the heel on my hand onto my borrowed leggings.


No sooner had I stopped my motions, Kelly stood up, my fingers falling free, her pussy in my face. I couldn’t help sucking my fingers, but Kelly motioned me to stand. When I did, she turned me around and pushed me back onto the bed. I fell backwards and Kelly dug her fingers into the elastic waist of the leggings and dragged them down my legs, like peeling a banana. My panties were next, and I felt liberated as they came free!


Then, Kelly, my womanly crush, went down between my legs and lifted them over her shoulders. She dove right into my quivering quim and I felt the feeling of female lips and tongue for the very first time on my own soft wet nether lips. It was amazing! Kelly knew just what to do - where to put her tongue and exactly how to pleasure another girl. She was an expert and I a mere novice, as she ate out my hot honey pie. I could feel the nectar rising in my loins as she tongue fucked my hole then teased swiftly up to my bud and tortured her little soul. The tip of her tongue tripped over my toy as I felt my breathing getting rapid, I could barely breath. It wasn’t that no man had ever made me come like this - John was really good at this too - but this was another girl, another woman, licking me out like a cheap whore! - And that excited the fuck out of me!


It was then I felt her push two fingers right inside me. She didn’t ask, she didn’t teased, she just penetrated me with deft strokes right into my core. She hit my g-spot with her fingertips and jump kept on pounding into me. I could barely breathes and started whining, “Oh, Fuck! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!”


And she did.


Her fingers fucked in and out of my succulent hole and I could feel myself rising to that peak, that ecstatic paroxysm of pleasure. I thought I was going to pee myself, and then suddenly I was, or so it seemed. I was suddenly squirting around her fingers, splashing her face with my hot wet girl cum as I shrieked loudly and lifted up off the bed!

 I came back down and Kelly stopped fucking me. I was trying to breathe when I heard the words, “Mummy, what’s wrong?!”


I looked down my knackered body to see my daughter standing in the doorway. I couldn’t speak for a few seconds, then blurted, “It’s okay, honey. We’re just playing.”


Kelly looked up from between my legs, her face smeared with my own hot mess, and we burst out laughing! She licked her lips and stood up as my juices run down her face and dripped off her nose and chin. I jumped up and pulled up my panties and leggings. We were both laughing so much, and I was red with embarrassment. Kelly stood and pulled her skirt down to cover herself. We looked down at Marie, who was laughing too. Uncomprehending, obviously, but our laughter was infectious.


Then she giggled, “Can I play?”

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