Broke-Back Mounting: Menage á Trois

November 25, 2017

 I honestly didn’t know how to feel about the things that were happening to me. I’d been laid up with a spine injury for months now and Mom had taken pity on my teenage needs and was daily giving me hand-jobs, blowjobs and even fucking me. She got super excited when I moved my finger, which, considering I was paralysed from the neck down, was a pretty big deal. It had sent Mom into sexual overdrive when I budged my finger, because she was convinced it was because I was sexually excited. What followed was a daily routine of sex, sex and more sex. I swear, I pumped so much cum inside of my Mom that she must have been permanently dripping into her panties, making cream-pies of her mushed up pussy.


I got to know Mom’s pussy pretty well too. It was dark and musky, with a thin stripe of hair I think they call a Brazilian. It tasted like dark chocolate; tangy and a little sharp. Inside was wet, fleshy and roomy for my teenage cock. I’d been inside Mom many times now, but it was always good. I discovered sex is like cherry-pie, even when it’s bad, it’s still kind of good.


The mystery which haunted me however was who had come into my room so many months ago now and climbed onto my bed, and slipped my solid cock into her tight wet pussy. It wasn’t Mom; that was for sure. The person who crept in that night was smaller than Mom. It was definitely one of my four sisters. Now, I’d ruled out Evie and Ellen because they were too small, and at 12 and 13 I wasn’t sure I wanted to think about them in that way. So that left Kathryn and Kirstie, who were 14 and 15. I’m the oldest at 16. It could have been either, but I hadn’t got a clue from that night to this, which it could be. You’d think one or the other would let a look slide or say something to give themselves away, but uh-uh, I got nothing.


I was kind of resigned to not knowing, when disaster struck. Mom’s sister, Aunt Janine, was having a procedure to remove a benign tumour, but that meant Mom would be gone for a month to take care of her as Aunt Janine is a single Mom. Mom came to me after she had talked it through with Dad and she said she was going to go and Dad and my sisters would take care of me. It was then I had a pang of near panic.


“Does Dad know about…?”

“No, Honey. That’s between you and me. Don’t worry.” That’s when it occurred to her. “Oh, hell,” she said, “um… leave it with me.”


I couldn’t really do anything else, could I?


It was that evening, after the usual troop of visitors to see me: One by one, dutifully stamping their - Seen Paralysed Brother & Son- card; that Mom returned to tuck me in that night. She sat on my bed and smiled reassuringly at me. Behind her, I was aware of someone else in the room. Everyone moves differently, they breathe differently and they smell differently. When these are your cues you start getting better at who is in the room with you even before they come properly into your field of vision. I just wish I had been more aware on that night with my mystery sister. Right now, it was Kirstie. She came and sat the other side of my bed, and she took my hand.


“Kirstie is going to give you bed-baths while I’m away. I couldn’t ask your Dad to do it. He might not be a jock, but he’s still a man. I can’t put him in that position,” said Mom.

“But Mom, she’s my sister…” I complained.

“It’s okay, Ben. I don’t mind. I want to do it.” Said Kirstie, her blonde hair curls dancing on her forehead.

I sulked just a little before I said, “okay” in a rather resigned way.


“Now, Kirstie, there’s one more thing…” Mom started.

“Mom! - No!” I blurted.

“Oh, shush!” said Mom, and she gave me that look only Mom’s can give, and I shut the Hell up.

“What?” said Kirstie.

“Well, Kirstie, as you know, boys have needs…”

“Needs?” she cocked an eye-brow.


Oh, please God, open up the ground and swallow me whole!


“Yes, sexual needs,” said Mom.


“Well, normally boys masturbate a lot to take care of those needs,” said Mom.

“Yeah, I guess,” said Kirstie, getting more and more flushed by the second.

“Well, your brother can’t do that, for obvious reasons. So, I’ve been giving him a bit of help in that regard.”

“You’ve been…?”

“Yes, I’ve been making him cum every day, so he doesn’t get blue balls. It’s not good for a boy to have pent up cum inside him. It can be really painful.”

“Oh, I see. So, it’s kind of a medical thing.”

“Exactly,” said Mom.


Kirstie glanced at me as I was looking at the ceiling, wishing God would kill me now!


“And while I’m at your Aunt Janine’s I want you to take over that responsibility.”

“You want me to jerk my brother off?”

“Well, you can do that, or, you could even give him a blowjob if a hand-job doesn’t do the trick,” said Mom matter-of-factly.


“Sure, he needs some… relief.”

“Mom, I’m not sure I can do that.” Said Kirstie. Hooray! - A voice of moral sense!

“Why not, Kirstie? Don’t you love your brother enough to do that little thing for him?”

“Mom, it’s not that,” said Kirstie.

“Then what is it?” asked Mom, quite sternly.

“Mom, I’m not really into… boys” She said.


I looked from Kirstie to Mom and back again. She’d said it. It was out there!


“Well, that’s as maybe, but this is about your brother, Kirstie. He needs your help.”

“Mom, I think it might even make me sick,” she turned to me, “no offence”.

“None taken,” I replied.

“Listen to me, young lady. You will see to your brother’s needs while I’m away. What you do other than that is another matter. Is that clear?”

“Mom, what if I can’t?” complained Kirstie.

“Then get Kathryn to do it,” said Mom in despair, “but don’t you think you should at least try?”


Kirstie hung her head. She looked at me and she looked so beautiful in her self-pity.




Mom sighed with relief, although I can’t say I was much relieved.


“Okay, you can start now. I want to make sure you don’t make hash of it.”

“Now?!” We said in unison.

“Yes, now.”


I looked at Kirstie and she at me, sorrowful round eyes, pretty and blue.


She moved the sheet off my body, I was naked underneath. It was just easier that way, Mom had said, especially with all the sex we’d been having. Kirstie looked at my limp little slug and reached out her soft delicate fingers to touch me. I felt her fingers lift my withered stem and hold it in her warm palm. Despite the awkwardness of the situation I couldn’t help the blood rushing into my growing member.


“That’s it,” coaxed Mom, “you’ve got it.”


My penis was coming alive in my lesbian sister’s hand, and the mere thought of it was getting me excited. Something came over Kirstie then; her eyes lit up with fascination. She started to gently stroke me as my cock grew to full size.


“No offence, Ben, but this is gross!”

“It’s not his fault, Kirstie.”

“I know, just saying…”


“Would it help if you were turned on?” I heard Mom saying.


Kirstie looked at Mom, but Mom was out of my eye-line and I couldn’t tell what was going on.


“I guess,” said Kirstie.

“Well then,” said Mom.


I heard Mom go out of the room. It was the weirdest thing ever, as both Kirstie and I sat waiting, her with my cock in her hand.


“I’m sorry, sis,” I managed.


Kirstie waved my sorry away. She jerked my meat a little and said, “You wait ‘til I get you to myself. Then you’ll be sorry.”


I laughed, and I realized she hadn’t stopped jerking me, and it was starting to get nice, real nice. Mom walked back in with a pleased smile on her face. She had her laptop with her and I was surprised to see a free porn sight on screen. Mom punched up some cute young lesbian girls getting busy and put the screen where we both could see it. It sure did the trick for me, and I could see Kirstie’s eyes widen as she got into the scene. But something still felt uncomfortable in the way she looked between me, Mom and the screen.


“What’s wrong, Kirstie?” I said.

“Just feels weird,” she said, still stroking my meat, “You, me, Mom…”

“I won’t think any less of you, if you wanna touch yourself, Sweetheart.” Mom said weirdly.


Kirstie looked at me again, “Do you mind?”

“Sure, go ahead. It’s only fair.” I said.


Kirstie let me go, and I bounced alarmingly free, only to be caught by my adoring Mom, who stroked like a blessed angel. I could see Kirstie stand next to me. She was dressed in shorts and T-shirt, and I guess those shorts were too tight, because she dug her thumbs into them and dragged them and any panties she might have been wearing underneath right down off her hips, and down her slender thighs. You know if your sister is hot or not, but I guess the whole taboo of it being your sister keeps you from thinking too much about just how hot their body really is. But I swear, when I saw my sister’s bald little clam I almost came in my Mom’s hand!


Kirstie sat back down, taking her glistening peach back out of my eye-sight, and she took hold of my cock from Mom and as she started to stroke me she dropped her other hand below the bed to do lord only knows to herself! Mom nodded approvingly as Kirstie got the hang of it, gently working up a rhythm on my strong stem and then, quite unexpectedly tickling my glans with her tongue. She pulled a face, but it felt fantastic.


“That’s it, Sweetheart! Lick him all over like a popsicle!” Said Mom.


I could tell Mom was getting excited too, but something was keeping her from touching herself. She had no such restraint when it was just me and her in the room, so I guessed she was holding back for Kirstie’s sake. She stood up and walked backward a little, gently moving from foot to foot in a tip-toe action to hide her movement as she rounded the bed and stood overlooking us - son and daughter - daughter masturbating herself and her son simultaneously!


The porn was playing merrily in the background as I groaned as Kirstie put her lips around my cockhead and breathed me in. Her full wet lips enveloped me and I felt that twitch in my finger again!


“Mom! - My finger!” I said as I managed to move it a definite movement. Kirstie sat up, but Mom pushed her head back down on me.

“Don’t stop, Kirstie, it’s the excitement that’s working on him. Suck, girl! Suck like you never sucked before!”

“Oh God!” I moaned.

“See? Isn’t it turning you on, Kirstie? Having a cock in your mouth like that?”


Suddenly, Kirstie released me. “No, Mom! It’s kinda gross! I like girls, remember?”

Mom came over and sat on the side on my bed, “Are you sure, honey? I mean, there’s nothing to say you can like both, you know?”

“I know,” breathed Kirstie heavily, “but he’s… Ben. He’s not just some boy. He’s my brother.”

“I know, Honey.” Said Mom, “But that’s why this is an act of love, not sex. Do it because you love him. He needs you.”


I was staring at the ceiling by now. My cock was still pointing the same way.


“Would this help?” Said Mom, “Just for now…”


I looked down to see Mom hitching up her skirt and placing one leg sideways on the bed, opening her legs wide to Kirstie. Kirstie was far more surprised than me to see Mom had no panties on underneath. Instead, she was faced with my secret haven, the womanly folds of Mom’s glistening pussy. I saw Kirstie subconsciously lick her lips, and I sensed her breath getting shallower.


“Go ahead, honey… it’s okay” Said Mom in a husky voice I knew meant she was majorly turned on.


Kirstie inched closer to Mom’s grown up peach.


“But you’re my Mom…” she said quietly mesmerized by another female’s genitals, even her Mom’s.

“Sure, but what’s the harm…?” whispered Mom.


I peered down my body, past my boner being gently stroked by Kirstie, to see Mom’s legs wide open and Kirstie’s mesmerized face getting closer and closer to Mom’s glistening peach.


“I guess…” she said absently.


And with that she gently licked Mom’s succulent pussy. I saw her tongue trail up Mom’s clam as she gently stroked me. But now I guess the pussy licking was taking precedence, because her jerking was lacklustre, until finally, engrossed in Mom’s dripping cunt Kirstie just let go and prized open Mom’s pussy even more with her fingers.


This was so sexy, I can’t even tell you. Mom was really getting into it, but Kirstie was gone! I’ve never seen anyone lick pussy so excitedly even in pornos - and I’ve watched millions of them! She was licking and lapping sucking and slapping Mom’s tormented gorge. Slick wet slurping sounds filled the room as I guess Kirstie found Mom’s soaking wet hole.


But I was left hanging, my cock stretched to beyond excited proportions as I watched the sexy show. But I needed some relief too.


“Er, Mom…?” I managed, and on the third time I said it she finally heard me. She looked down at me and I saw the realization in her eyes that I was being neglected, and I was kind of the whole point of the exercise. Mom grabbed my cock firmly, too firmly, and leaned down to take me into her soft wet welcoming mouth. Her tongue on my sensitive glans was electric and Kirstie’s slurping sounds were now joined by Mom’s own.


I glanced down past Mom mouthful to see Kirstie break free only long enough to feed two fingers inside Mom’s willing hole. Mom moaned around my cock, sending vibrations through her tongue and lips that excited me still further. I thought I was gonna cum in mom’s mouth when suddenly she crawled up off the side of the bed, straddled me and plunging my 16-year-old cock deep inside her hot wet warm Mom cunt.


Kirstie stood up, aghast! But Mom just stared her right in the eye and said, “If you wanna lick it, you’ll have get on top of Ben to do it.” And with that, she knelt back so we both could see her succulent pussy swallowing my thick meat-snake as she rolled her hips and gyrated. Kirstie didn’t need a picture, she climbed right up on top of me, but facing Mom. She straddled me and bent down to lick Mom’s full up pussy as Mom slowly fucked me! Kirstie’s own dripping quim was mere inches from my lips, her ass hovering over my face. If I could only raise my neck I could lick her too. I stretched my tongue as far as it would go, but no cigar. I willed her down, and strained to lift my neck, the most eager stretched I had ever wanted. And suddenly, I did. Suddenly, my tongue was in my sister’s cunt! I was licking my little sister’s pussy, tasting her sweet young juices, feeling her soft wet flesh on my tongue!


My neck was shaking with the strain. I hadn’t used these muscles in so long, I juddered with the effort. And suddenly, I couldn’t do it any longer. My head collapse back into the pillow and I heard a soft groan from Kirstie, “Don’t stop…” she moaned.


“I can’t reach” I said, and she quickly lowered her ass to my face. Her pussy ground into my lips and willing tongue. We were all getting off. Mom started her deep woman groans as she built toward her climax, Kirstie mewed a high pitched squeal that I was afraid would wake the house, so high I could hear dogs barking down the block, and I was rocketing toward a geyser cum explosion like no other.


Every now and then Kirstie’s tongue would glance my throbbing cock as it went in and out of our Mom. All the while she was grinding her sweet wet pussy into my mouth. I was starting to get short of breath, actually starting to suffocate on my sister’s hot wet flesh, my nose breathing in deep musky scent from her glistening asshole as I gasped for breath. I tried to use my tongue on her clit pressing it up hard just so I could breathe like a normal human being, when Kirstie juddered like as washing-machine on spin, her body hovered for what seemed like ages in the tip of my point-hard tongue before I felt my mouth fill with hot warm liquid girl-cum. Oh, that was it! A few little grinds from Mom and I too was shooting my cum into a family member - Mom!


One, two, three, four shots of long satisfying relief giving cum shots deep inside Mom’s warm wet fleshy heaven. Mom jerked several times in succession and I felt her warm liquid envelop me inside her. We’d all cum! - And it was glorious!


Mom moved first, leaning back even further so my cock slipped out of her, and I felt a trickle of wet come out of her onto my thighs. Kirstie leaned forward, allowing me to breathe once more. My still hard cock was now dancing between her domed little breasts, but beyond I could make out she was licking the cum out of Mom’s swamped cunt hole! Jesus Fucking Christ! - That was so hot! - With the buffeting my cockhead was getting between Kirstie’s breasts I just let rip again! Two beautifully aimed shots of cum on my sister’s tits! And I slumped, exhausted.


I guess I must have been out of it, because the next thing I remember was waking up in darkness. I was covered up, and the sweat I’d worked up earlier had dried, tightening my skin. I was so tired, but relieved. Maybe Mom going away wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe Kirstie could find a way to satisfy me. Maybe I could even satisfy her. My head was filled with all of this when I made out the shape of someone next to me. Then I smelled her, a smell I thought I had discovered earlier.


“Kirstie?” I said.

“No…” said the stranger.

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