Sunburn 3 - Skin Deep

January 1, 2018

We only had a few days left and Molly just looked more and more beautiful. Her usual milk-white skin had gone from burning red to a deep golden hue that accentuated every contour on her developing shapely body. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her and she knew it. “For God’s sake, David! - She’s your daughter!” I kept telling myself, but Molly wasn’t making it an easier. In some pubescent way I think she was enjoying the first flush of female power she would know as a woman. She knew I couldn’t help myself, and she would turn just slightly to give me a better view whenever she caught me staring. Then she’d smile coyly, or giggle to herself. Not mocking me exactly, but revelling in her Dad’s vulnerability. It was the first time in our father-daughter relationship she had found herself in a place of real power, and she didn’t quite know what to do with it. All she knew was, this was exciting and she liked it.


I stool every peek I could whenever I thought my wife wasn’t watching. It was the last day when I returned from the hotel bar to the lounge area by the pool with drinks for us all that I think I broke. Side by side lay my beautiful wife and our beautiful daughter. Honestly, Molly was just like Beth had been at her age. There were so alike. And standing at the bottom of their sun loungers with both lying there almost naked; both had their slender legs raised and parted and unlike when I had left for the drinks, now they were both topless - I lost it! The glasses in my hand chinked together as I felt my member swell in my shorts. I kept flicking my eyes from one set of gorgeous tits to the other.


I couldn’t see their eyes as they both had sunglasses on, but I was sure I was under a microscope. I just couldn’t help it. I put the drinks down beside each of my ladies and sat on my lounger with my own beer. I necked the whole thing. But when my eyes came back down I saw Molly had turned toward me and was smiling coyly. With her eyes tipping over her sunglasses like Lolita, her breasts mocking my very existence and her bikini triangle the merest cloth moulded to her teenage pussy, I felt my boner creep down the leg of my shorts. Molly’s eyes peered at my growing snake as it slithered down the leg. She bit her lip, smiling as she saw my engorged cockhead poke out of my shorts, winking at her with its guppy Jap’s-eye. Molly giggled and I felt my color rise. Within five seconds I had become a lobster.


“What’s so funny?” said Beth without making any effort to look.

“Dad’s making faces at me,” said Molly with a naughty little giggle.


Beth peered over Molly, she took her sun-glasses off and I prayed she couldn’t see my Wicked Willy. “Jesus, David! You’re sunburnt! Put a shirt on. Or better still, go inside for a bit and put some after-sun lotion on.”

I looked at myself, and my embarrassment was so that I was like a ripe tomato. “Maybe that’s a good idea,” I said.

“Molly, be a sweety and put lotion on your Dad’s back, would you?”

“It’s in the room,” said Molly.

“Well, go with Dad and do him and then come back down.”

“Aren’t you coming?” I asked, hoping to Christ she wasn’t.

“No, I’m gonna finish my book,” she said. I looked at the book and could see maybe a hundred pages left in the book. That should take her some time, even at the rate she read at.

“Okay, if you’re sure.”

“Of course I’m sure, what’s with you anyway?”

“Nothing. Just, thirsty.” I said. I was floundering, but one look at Molly told me she found the whole thing hysterical.


I picked up my towel and things and placed them in front of my raging boner as I stood up. Then I watched as my angel sat up, almost totally naked, and stood. Her breasts were round and I just couldn’t take my eyes off them.


“C’mon Dad!” she said and started a long elegant catwalk toward the hotel entrance, almost naked, and there was I, watching her butt cheeks jostle inside her skimpy bather as she sauntered toward the doors.

“Go on, Dad!” Said Beth, mockingly. I wondered right then if she had caught me staring at our daughter, whether the thinly veiled longing, even thinner disguised hapless lust I was feeling as I watched as our daughter moseyed toward the hotel was painted on my face like a tacky 80’s neon sign - blink, blink, blinkety, blink - DAD’S LUST! - Come on in!


I looked down at Beth, that beautiful woman I’d married so long ago, that perfect version of Molly in 20 years’ time. I looked at her and then Molly, who was standing at the hotel doors, one knee bent so I appreciated the length of her legs, and then she touched her breasts, first one then the other, looking at me the whole time.


“Go on, then!” said Beth, “Or don’t you want to?”


Did Beth know? Was she tempting me? Was she trying to trap me? Or was she giving me permission? Maybe it was all of the above!


“David, what’s wrong?” She said.

“She’s just… so grown up,” I said.

“Yes, she is. Don’t let her catch you staring at her tits.”


I looked at Beth, “I…” I stumbled.

“No point in denying it, honey. I’ve seen you. You can’t help yourself. You’re a man.” It was a damning statement. “Better go and see to that… sunburn,” she said with a smile and laying back down with her book over her face. I just stood there, flabbergasted. “Go on,” she said from below her book. It was her tone of voice that caught me, like when I really wanted to go somewhere or do something without her, or when I wanted us to try something she was dubious about in the bedroom. It was the tone of voice that said - Okay, I know you want to, so I’ll go along with it, while actually finding it boyish.


“Okay,” I said and started to walk away. Was I walking into the Lion’s Den? Was this a Honey Trap? Exactly how much Honey were we talking about? As I walked toward Molly I had a sensation I’d never had before; it was a sense of excitement that this was okay, more than okay, Beth wanted me to go upstairs with Molly to put lotion on. Had Molly told her about our first encounter? Our second, even? Had Beth been okay with the idea that I could have a sexual relationship with our daughter?


I walked through the doors and Molly walked assuredly at my side. It was so disconcerting seeing her all but naked walking beside me, and that this was okay with everyone. It was okay somehow to walk along with your nearly naked daughter in this sun-drenched venue, even inside this tile floored hotel. Just trying doing that at home! A daughter even walking around your own home almost nude is just not kosher. But here…


I swiped the key-card through lock and heard it unlock as it lit up green. I was nervous as I opened the door to my room and tossed my things onto a chair before sitting on the bed. Molly locked the door behind us and ambled knowingly into the room.


“Shall I get the lotion?” She asked, smiling with own femininity.

“Sure,” I said. Were we going to act out this charade? Were we going to go through the motions until it became obvious the real reason we were here?

Molly went quickly into the en suite bathroom and emerge with the lotion in hand. “Why don’t you lie down, Dad?” She said. There was new confidence in her voice, as though her brazen nakedness had somehow empowered her. I laid back on the bed and my still engorged member was doing a good impression of a Big Top Circus tent with my shorts. There was no hiding it, because Molly had been looking at it and smiling the whole way back from the pool.


“Looks uncomfortable, Dad. Maybe you should take those off,” she said smoothly. I looked up at my adoring little girl - not so little, especially those heaving tits I was watching rise and fall with her every breath. I awkward shuffled off my shorts. There’s nothing less sexy than a middle-aged man taking off his short while lying down with a boner! But once I was free, liberated if you will, my cock stood up proud and at full mast. The air was lovely and warm with the balcony doors still open, and I felt relieved not to be constrained by my shorts. I looked at Molly and I swear she licked her lips, then smiled.


“Where do you want it?” She oozed huskily.

“I erm…” I began. Then she just burst out laughing.

“Oh, Dad! You silly!” She jumped on the bed with me, snuggling up close and hiking her bare leg over my cock to rest on the stomach and down my leg. Then she did the most amazing thing. She crooked her leg at the knee, softly clamping my engorged Dadhood between her firm calf and delicious thigh.


“Do you think your mother suspects?” I said.

“No, way. She doesn’t suspect a thing.” Something about the way she said suspect made me uneasy. But Molly smoothed her hand over my chest, while simultaneously crushing her rounded tits into me and squeezing my cock in her leg-vice. I was gone. I was beyond the point of no return. Would Beth walk in right then there’s nothing I could do.

“I want you, Molly” I said, “I want you right now.”

I waited for five long tortuous seconds for a reaction from my little girl. Then she easy sat up, astride me - oh to be that nimble again!

“Okay,” she said. I could feel my cock pressing up against her cotton clad ass cheeks.

“Okay?” I asked

 She nodded the slightest nod and then pulled the bikini strings on both her hips. The little red triangle fell away and I could see her beautiful bare pussy. She tossed the bikini aside and rolled back, a little painfully over my rock hard cock. It sprung up in front of her and she pressed it firmly to her pussy. Slowly, she eased herself forward, pressing her weight onto my cock, making it press up onto my belly as she rocked back and forth.


Maybe this was what she meant, and I couldn’t complain. At this rate I was probably going shoot my load anyway, probably all the way up my chest and hit me in the face! It wasn’t unknown, especially when I’d been worked up for a long time. But just as I resigned myself to this poor excuse for an incestuous fuck, Molly lifted herself up and placed me at her soft warm and nicely moist lips.


The feeling of my daughter lowering her silken vagina down onto my cock was unlike anything I’ve ever experience. It wasn’t just another pussy. This was my daughter’s pussy! This was Molly’s pussy! Her secret sacred place! And I was her Dad - And I was inside her! Oh, God! It felt so good!


She was so tight and warm and wet inside! Just seeing my thick meat sliding into my daughter’s pussy made me so excited I wasn’t sure if I’d come straight away. The fact that this was daylight and I could see her so clearly, every part of her - her tight thighs, her slim waist, her firm rounded breasts and her sweet Beth-like face, all helped add to my excitement. But mostly, it was seeing my cock going slowly in and out of her that excited me.


I touched her knees and smoothed up her tightly drawn thighs. Molly’s fingers intertwined with mine as she finally ground herself into me, and I was full to the hilt in my daughter’s quim. It was so soft inside her, but tight, like I had somehow found myself inside the softest vice. I twitched my cockhead inside her and she groaned and smiled at once.


“I love you, Molly” I said.

“I love you too, Daddy,” she said.


And then she was grinding herself into me, gyrating her hips around and around so my cock felt like it was inside a washing machine full of hot oysters. Her hips rolled forward, and then back, making me come out of her just an inch and then back inside her splendid pocket. She was in the driving seat now - so, how could this be wrong?


Molly pulled my hands up to her deliciously bouncing breasts. They swelled in my hands as I gently caressed them, her nipples pushing hard into my palms and between my grateful fingers. Without a word, Molly leaned down over me, my hands slipping easily down her hips to her supple rounded butt.


She started riding me, her swollen breasts raking the hairs on my chest, as my little girl pleasured herself on my grateful daddy cock! The sight of her above me, feeling every part of her, knowing every curve and dimple, being consumed by her silken sleeve, caressed my her fingers and thighs, squeezed inside her like a spongy grip - it was all too much. I was in the purest heaven, more than I deserved, but not more than needed or wanted.


Molly leaned up to me and kissed my lips as no daughter should kiss her loving father, and I feared our connection was coming apart. I thrust up into Molly’s cunt and she ate me gratefully, gasping into my eager ear, “Yes, Daddy… Fuck Me!”


No word of a lie, I started fucking her, thrusting up into her succulent hole as she whispered filth into my ear. “I love you, Daddy! Fuck Me! - I’ve dreamed of this, Daddy! - I finger myself every night thinking of you doing me!”


“Oh, Molly!” I gasped as I rolled her sweet body over on the bed, pouring over her, thrusting into her. I summoned up all my strength as I really started to pound her sweet little pussy. Molly was gasping, her squeals escaping the open balcony to the amused comments of unknowing neighbours, happy to know someone was getting a seeing to, I’d guess they’d have been less happy to know it was father and daughter. Or maybe not. “Go on, son! Give her one for me!” I heard.


“And one for me too!” I heard. I flicked my head over my shoulder to see my wife, Beth, standing looking at me balls deep in our sweet young daughter.

“Beth!” I said, not knowing what else to say. I froze.

“Well, don’t stop now, David, the poor girl’s nearly there.” She said in a matter of fact voice I wasn’t sure was disgust, sarcasm or instruction. “Go on!” She said, “Make her come!”


I still couldn’t tell what her tone was, but seeing as I had my cock deep inside our daughter, who was now flexing her inside grip like a hundred tongues licking my solid root, I gave in to my baser desires and continued my thrusting. All too aware that my wife was watching me, I began fucking our daughter in earnest. I could feel the sweat start to run off my body and onto hers as the situation began to excite me even beyond what it had been. I felt Beth’s weight as it pressed down on the bed as she knelt beside us, watching.


And suddenly it was too much for me, and I started coming deep inside Molly’s willing, milking, squeezing pussy. I guzzled gallons inside my little Molly, and pushed my throbbing member as deep inside her as I could go. I finally came to a halt and gasped to recover my breath. Then, as I knelt up, watching my cock slowly sliding out of my daughter’s puffy plump pussy I saw my come seeping out with her own come too.


I looked down at Molly, and she never looked more beautiful. Then I looked at Beth’s face. She wasn’t looking at me, she was looking at Molly’s seeping quim. As I watched, Beth got closer and to our daughter’s treasure, pearls trickling from her silken purse, until she lifted Molly’s obstructing leg up so she could better see and access our little girl. I held my breath as I saw Beth lower her head to Molly’s lips and lick gently up her nether groove.


I felt my flaccid member twitch with renewed interest as Beth caressed our daughter’s pussy with her experienced tongue. I had no idea Beth had ever thought such a thing, let alone act upon it, and let alone with our own daughter, but I guess the circumstances lent itself to new discoveries. Beth became more animated as Molly responded. My wife’s tongue lapping up my own cum and Molly’s and effortlessly swallowing it was too much for me.


How could I not know about this?! Molly didn’t seem shocked or perturbed by her mother’s actions, as though she were used to Beth ministrations. And then I remembered, the night I climbed over from Molly’s balcony to ours and Beth went in to see Molly, she had been gone quite some time, and now it made sense.


Had Molly told Beth what was going on? Or, did Beth use that wily intuition she had to know, merely having it confirmed by Molly? I didn’t know, and right now I didn’t care. My wife was licking my cum out of my daughter and it was the sexiest thing I had ever seen!


Beth budged me out of the way so she was directly below Molly on the bed. I was now stood, looking down at my angels. With one hand Beth deftly pulled the strings of her bikini and both top and bottom were discarded, and I was faced with Beth wonderfully rounded bottom looking right at me. Taking myself in hand I nudged up behind my beautiful wife and eddied my swollen head at my wife’s slippery entrance. Effortless I slipped inside her, and we one. Feeling the soft cushioning of her resilient butt cheeks up against my pubis I started to stroke in and out of her succulent hole.

 Before me, Molly was starting to writhe in ecstasy as her mother mauling her teenage quim. She moved up, so I moved with her as Beth slipped two fingers into our shapely cherub and dug deep to find her G-spot. She found it with ease and as my thrusts increased in pace and force, so too Beth’s fingers fucked Molly.


I knew I wouldn’t last long. The feeling of being inside my wife as she in turn fucked our daughter and Molly’s delectable shape writhing as she squirmed and gasped and moaned was simply to erotic to stand. I felt the cum well up just before I shot my load right up my wife’s accepting cunt. Beth lurched and Molly let out a cry of pure sexual ecstasy as the whole family came at once!


Beth reached around to grab me, holding me in place as I felt her cunt walls clench and milk me of all the watery cum I had left. Then she too rolled off Molly and I was left looking down at my girls - my wife and my daughter - naked as the day they were born, both looking down at me with odd expressions on their faces. Maybe it was because I had never seen them both naked together, or maybe it was that the whole scenario was unimaginably sensual to me, but my poor penis refused to go down. There he stood, winking at them, showing his masculinity in the face of two generations of feminine beauty.


“So,” said Beth in a commanding voice I knew all too well.


And that was how it started. Beth told me she had indeed seen me during the lotion incident, but chose to ignore it, to think about it. And then, when I’d sneaked out she had gathered where I had gone. At first she had been annoyed, but when she saw Molly her heart had melted and she had taught her to be  with a man by playing the man. Oddly enough, Molly had learnt how to be with a man by being with a woman. They had played for some time that night before Beth returned to our room, to our bed. She knew at the pool that I would not be able to resist. And she had waited just long enough for us to get going. She didn’t mind. What better man to teach our daughter than her own father. She was worried about me coming inside Molly, but said she would get that sorted too.


It wasn’t really what I had expected when we first flew to Florida for a family holiday, but I can tell you the rest of it was pretty awesome. When we returned to our lives at home I would discreetly see Molly, and Beth sometimes joined us. Occasionally, I would return home from work to find my girls enjoying each other’s bodies. It always got me horny, but they didn’t always let me join in. Sometimes I just had to watch and jerk off like some pervert at a show.


Eventually, Molly went to college, but she always came back to her Mom & Dad for some family time. Now she’s all grown up, has her own kids and husband and her own life. We stopped sleeping with each other when she got married. A few years ago Beth became ill. She died within six months of breast cancer, which spread to her lungs. It devastated Molly and I. But we had each other. She’s a beautiful woman now and every time I see her I think of her mother, which she knows.


“Dad,” she said last time she visited me now that I’m early retired, “I know you miss Mom.” I smiled at her as she touched my hand. “Maybe we could…” she smiled.


The End.

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