March 24, 2018

I distinctly remember playing a game with my big brother called “Lollipops”. He was the best brother in the world and endlessly teased and tickled me. Mark was five years older than me, so when I was about seven he was hitting puberty. We would only play lollipops when Mom and Dad were out of the house, usually, bit once or twice we played it when they were busy downstairs or outside. If Dad was fixing our car and Mom was cooking them we knew we would be fine for a while, until we were called down to wash our hands for food, which was just as well, considering.


Lollipops basically consisted of Mark pulling out his penis, which he could then make go hard by pulling and tugging or flopping it about a bit, which I always found pretty amusing. In fact I pretty soon took over with hoisting the mast, as it were, and took it as a challenge to see how fast I could get him from slug to soldier! Ten seconds was my record, or rather, his record.


After full mast, lollipops then consisted of me holding onto the stem of his solid little dick while I licked its purple head. Yep! I never thought about it being anything other than a fun, but naughty, game. Soon, I had graduated to actually sucking the helmet of his little fireman and he let me know that jerking his meat gently in my hand added to his pleasure.


The game was to make Willy sick! - I know, right! But I took great delight in doing it, I enjoyed the look of agony on my older brother’s face. To think that I, his little sister, could make him squeal and writhe and be unable to hold back from squirting his while jello onto his belly, or all over his pulsing Willy, or sometimes - and for extra points, I might add - into my mouth, just filled me with delight!


I never gave it a thought that this might be anything other than just another game. Then, one day, while Mom was putting washing on the line and Dad was at work, the sun poured through the window as the summer heat blasted my bedroom I was mid-suck as my brother lay back, and suddenly I got the overwhelming urge to touch my foo-foo! I don’t know how old I was, but we had been playing this game for a long time before this happened. A few years is my guess. Either way, I started to touch myself secretly while I continued to lick, suck and jerk my brother off. It felt kind of naughty, even more naughty than playing lollipops, so I did it kind of quietly while my big bro was lost in delirium. It felt nice, not great, but nice, and naughty. I never did it other than when I played lollipops though.


Lollipops went on as a quick bro/sis pastime for a long time. Typically, Mark would see Mom was busy and had that look on his face. He was developing muscles and stuff and got hair on his chest, under his arms, above his Willy and on his lip, of all places! Talk about embarrassing! He shaved his lip though. Anyhow, he would nod to me, sometimes a “psst”, and tilt his head up with his eyes going up too, and that was his sign that he wanted to play lollipops. We’d sneak upstairs and ten minutes later we would reappear as if nothing had happened.


I guess around fifteen he started to feel guilty, because he stopped calling me to play lollipops. It confused me and hurt me a bit too - why didn’t my big brother want to play with me anymore?


I kept asking him if he wanted to play, but he always declined, saying he was busy and stuff. This went on for what seemed like ages. I began to grow bumps and lumps where I hadn’t before and I too started sprouting hair on my foo-foo, but not on my lip, thank goodness. It was about this time that Mark had his first love. I guess he was 16 or 17. And loved this girl called Elise. She was very pretty and she knew it. She stamped all over Mark’s timid little heart and left him damaged. Even I could see that and I was still a kid.


I remember going up to his room and seeing him lying on his bed, just lying there, tears rolling down his cheeks, but no sound, no whimpering, nothing. I came in and sat on his bed next to him. I wiped his tears away. And I cuddled up next to him. We didn’t need to say anything.


I guess we must have fallen asleep coz when I woke I was cuddled close into him with one leg over his and my little foof pressed firmly against his hip. His hip bone was in the exact right place that every slight movement, even our breathing, moved my baby-clit against his bone. I wasn’t really aware of it because by now I was doing it a lot, but I was slowly humping my big bro’s hip as I crushed my meagre tits right into the side of his chest. I was getting somewhere too. The feeling below was building and building. I knew I felt that distinct moistness I’d become accustomed to of late. I was starting to get breathless when I hitched my leg up higher and came across the distinct bulge of my brother’s cock. I knew what it was, and now I knew that I wanted to play with it.


I started to undo Mark’s jeans in the comfortable darkness of midsummer’s eve. I had done this many times when we were younger, but now it seemed extra charged somehow. I loosed his button and unleased his belt before I came to his straining shorts. These weren’t the loose fitting things I remembered though, these were tight and smooth, hugging his masculine shape and eagerly restraining his teenage manhood. I unbuttoned the fly and slipped my little hand inside. I wrapped my fingers around his mast and pulled it free of its tight cotton prison. Oh God, it was bigger than I remembered it! But somehow that only made it more exciting, more… manly… something I was somehow more interested in.


I felt up and down his teenage mast, tracing its shape and finding its veins. I circled its bulbous head and teased it gently with my fingertips. This was all making me hotter. I was grinding my little foof into Mark’s hip, breathing deeply, and a shot of pleasure went through my loins like a firework on my bean and deep inside of me. I must have jolted because Mark stirred and froze as he realized the position he was in.


“Michelle, what are you doing?” He blurted.

“It’s okay, Mark. I’m just playing.” I said. I wasn’t sure I even believed what I was saying, but I had to say something.

“But you can’t. We can’t. We mustn’t…” he sputtered.

“Don’t you want to play lollipops?” I said. I hadn’t let go of Mark’s throbbing cock, and even now was stroking it with some kind of childish expertise. “Besides, Marky, I feel funny too.”

“Funny how?” He said, not really making any effort to stop me.

“My foo-foo is tingling,” I said, then thinking better of it I said, “My pussy, I mean”.

“Oh, Fuckin’ Hell!” He said quietly.

“I think it’s wet, Mark. It’s supposed to get wet, right?” I asked.

“Um, yes, no, I don’t know. Yes, but not with me.” He breathed as I continued stroking him, continued humping his hip.

“Why not, Marky?”

“Oh, Jesus!” He breathed.


I still hand a good grip on his swollen teen-hood and if anything it was growing to manhood in my tiny little hand. Mark was fifty-fifty between throwing me out and who knew what? I had to tip his hand in my favour so I bent down and took his meat into my mouth.


“Michelle! - Don’t….” he mewed but his will was weak where his Willy was strong. I was eating his cock, the first taste of cock I’d had it in my mouth in a few years, and things were different now. My pussy was wet, it had downy blonde hairs on it, with plumper cheeks and fuller lips. t had a bean that demanded I buffet it on anything that felt good, my fingers most of all. I had little budding breasts that were now heaving and burning and tingling to my tummy. And deep inside I had something else, something strong, guttural and animal that I wanted to touch somehow but didn’t know how.


Mark’s helmet filled my little mouth as I licked its underside and up under its glans. I teased its inlet eye with the tip of my tongue and supped my full pouting lips around him as I sucked hard, engorging his enormous head!


“Oh, Fuck, Michelle…” he moaned as he let me do it. Lollipops was never so good, and I guessed he had a lot of pearly white jello in him that I wanted to get out. Then I felt his hand smoothing down my body to my cute little bubble butt. He circled it with his open palm, his fingers digging into my crease. God only knows what I was expecting as Mark’s fingers delved under my crease and filled the gap between my legs and my little tight butt cheeks. It was then he touched my cotton tight peach. Pulled tight by my leggings and panties I still felt his touch like it were on my bare assed skin.


I ground my bean into his hip and the sensations were incredible. Mark was rubbing me now, caressing my butt and pawing my moistening foo-foo. I stuck my butt up as I knelt over him now, still licking Marky’s lollipop. Then Mark reached for the elastic on my leggings and dug into them and my Forever Friends Teddy Bear panties and dragged them right off my peachy ass. I still remember the shock of the evening air on my freshly peeled naked ass. Better still, the moisture of my pussy lips bit the air and wafted up to my brother’s nostrils.


His fingers soon caressed my cheeks, smoothing right over them, around and around. Then I felt his fingers tease between my little pussy lips and gently nudge inside my peach. I didn’t know what was happening. All I knew was it felt good. Then he did something I had never done - he started to push his finger into my little hole!




I hadn’t felt anything like this before, but it was so good. But then a thought burst into my head. I looked around at Mark, who was looking intently at my butt and peach-fuzz.


“Lollipops?” I asked.

He caught my meaning, but said, “Clams”. I thought about it for a couple of seconds before I caught on. Mom would buy pink and blue wafer clams to eat ice-cream with, where you put scoops inside two clam wafers to eat. I guess I didn’t have a lollipop, I had a clam. I nodded.


 I scooted around, dragging my leggings and panties down over my knees so I could plant one on either side of his head. I was so clumsy! I kneed him in the face, then when I came to rest my leggings and panties were in a clump over his face, held tight by my legs, which were still in them. I heard Mark swear as he tried to pull my leggings off, only to get them stuck on my sneakers. He then ripped my sneakers off and struggled to pull my knotted leggings and panties off too. I felt them finally come free with a yank, and with me helping I accidentally kneed him in the face again!


“Fucking Hell, Michelle!” he yelped.

“Sorry, Marky,” I said in my best angelic voice, “We still playing?”

He looked down at me, actually, under me and I was looking down between us in our sixty-nine. I suppose the fact I still had his rampant cock ȋ my hand, was smiling and that he was looking at my nicely moist almost hairless pussy kind of swayed the argument in my favour.

“Yeah, we’re still playing,” he said.


With a delighted smile and chomped right down on Marky’s lollipop. It was a strange thing though, because I had never played with it upside down before. Everything was in the wrong place, but I was a quick learner and I set to work finding what was where and then exciting my big bro like I always did.


The new thing was when Marky pulled me down to his hot mouth. I had never even thought of anyone licking my foo-foo before, but this was Wow! I felt his tongue search through my little playground, with its swings and roundabout, and the big slide down into the soft wet pond at the bottom. I could barely keep my breath and kept squeaking and squealing as my big bruv licked my little flower. When I felt his tongue trying to enter me I nearly hit the roof!


“Shhhh! Mom’ll hear!” He whispered.


I mumbled an answer around his engorged cock and ground my pussy into his mouth at the same time. He didn’t need telling twice and soon was tongue fucking my succulent little hole. Then he trailed up to my little jelly bean and teased it out to play. The sensations were becoming too much, it was excruciating! But so, so nice.


I didn’t want him to beat me at lollipops & clams so I went to work on his meat. The soft bulbous end of his cock was straining with the torment I was dealing, licking around and around his glans, feeling them twitch and swell and then flicking the underside of my tongue on the underside of his helmet, between his two glans and back again, faster and faster. Suddenly, a jet of jello-juice shot up into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat and it was followed by another, and a third. My mouth filled with jello-juice and I recoiled it surprise, the last shot coating my lips and chin.


Mark grunted a final relief as I held still, a mouthful of cum still swishing in my cheeks and over my tingling tongue. I quickly remembered it was okay to swallow it and so gulped down my mouthful, licking my lips and wiping my chin of the rest.


“I win!” I said, triumphant.

“Yeah, you won alright!” he said.


I flopped down on Marky’s stomach, exhausted, yet strangely unsatisfied. My mouth muscles were aching and my tongue needed a rest. Now there’s a tip for all you guys with chatterbox sisters. It’s one way to shut us up, but not for long.



“What?” he breathed.

“How do you win?”


“I mean, it’s obvious when I win; Willy spits jello. But what happens if you win?”

He didn’t say anything for a few seconds, then, “Haven’t you ever cum?”

“Come where? Come here?”

“No, silly. It means when you climax. When… Willy spits jello it’s me cumming. Don’t you cum?” He asked.

“I don’t think so. What does it feel like?”

“It’s the best feeling in the world.”

“Better than carnival rides?”


“Better than chocolate ice-cream?”


“Better than jumping into a pool?”

“Better than anything.”

“No. I never felt that. What you were doing was real nice though.”

“I can make you feel it, ‘chelle. Do you want me to?”

“Well, duh!” I blurted.

“Okay, but let’s get a bit more comfortable, huh?”


I hopped off the bed and Mark quietly went to the door. Mark’s clock said 03:07, so we guessed Mom and Dad were asleep. Mark listened at the door but couldn’t hear anything. He walked over while stripping off his shirt. Thinking back I must have been turned on, because I remember him taking that shirt off. His muscles were taut and he had that naturally occurring V-shape mid-late teens get without really trying. Then he shucked out of his jeans and his skivvies, but oddly enough never took his socks off. He looked down at me smiling up at him and I couldn’t help notice his Willy rising to attention again.


“Okay, let’s see what you got” he said and he lifted up my T-shirt over my head to see my cute little A-cup bra. He looked half-disappointed and half-impressed. “Well?” he said nodding to the bra. I guess, like most teenage boys (and most men) the workings of a bra clasp was the equivalent of a Rubik’s Cube with tits inside - immensely complicated and fiddly, but ultimately rewarding. I effortlessly undid the clasp and my bra fell free, and so did my swollen pimples. I guess mine were conical more than domed, little pyramids of titty-flesh like a swelling of a bad zit. But Mark took pity on them nonetheless.


“Cool!” he said, “They’re cute!”

“Cute?!” I blurted. “What’s cute about them?!”

“Calm down… cute is another word for sexy.”

“Oh,” I said, “sorry.”

“Okay, lie down,” he said, which I did immediately, but with my legs straight and my hands crossed over my clam.

Mark smiled. He gently lifted and parted my thighs as he dove between them to the guardians of my clam, my hands. He gently lifted them off, saying, “Play with your tits, ‘chelle.”


I did as I was told as told, not really knowing what I was supposed to be doing. Mark got down between my legs, a role reversal for me after being in that position many times in previous years. His licking picked up from where he left off and it was so good, I remember. He used the tip of his tongue all over my little quim. Gently probing it and them plunging deep into my hole without warning. I was getting more and more excited as I squeezed my little tits and pinched my little nipples.


I was starting to get breathless as the fire down below was kindled, stoked and prodded by Mark’s wandering tongue. I could feel my little girl juices start to leak like dew from my laden flower. It was at that moment I saw a face at the door. It must have been there a while because I didn’t notice it moving - DAD! I froze. Marky never noticed though and it was then I noticed Dad’s hand gently stroking his adult cock. I smiled naughtily at him as Marky kept up my boiler-room temperature.


Watching Dad and his erect cock walk across the bedroom toward me seemed to take forever. It felt like slow motion or something. But when Dad got into Mark’s eyeline poor Marky jumped like crazy!


“Don’t stop,” said Dad in a husky voice I’d never heard before. And unsurely, Mark returned to my trickling wellspring. Dad hovered over me, his cock looming just above my face as he slowly jerked off. I smiled up at him as he got faster and faster. The sensations from below seemed to multiply as Mark plied his tongue solely to my clit. Somehow, having Dad wanking his meat directly over made me hotter, hornier. I really wanted his cum! I remembered Mark’s cum those years before and I wanted Dad’s on me now!


I didn’t have to wait long as Dad grunted and I watched thick warm globules of cum spurt out of the end of Dad’s big cock, fly down and splash onto my face, on my forehead, cheek and chin - some barely missing my eye and some falling directly into my mouth, over my lips and teeth and tongue. The salty taste of Dad-cum tingled in my mouth as a billion sperm writhed on my taste buds and swam frantically in microscopic dashes around my moist tongue, and through my slick saliva. I swallowed reactively, only realising this was my own Dad’s cum a second after I did so.


I looking up through a sticky eye to see Dad still standing there. Now I know he was probably battling the moral terror that gripped him as he stood there watching his cum gather and trickle off his daughter’s face. But I was 12 and I didn’t realize just how big a deal this was then. All I knew was that I was hornier than Hell so I reached up to Dad’s softening penis and took hold of it. I don’t think Dad knew what he should do, but I dragged his cock to my lips and started sucking like a demon!


It didn’t take long for Dad to get hard again as I relished his monster meat. Well, at 12 I thought it was monster, anyhow. Dad didn’t object. In fact, he started groaning more and more. I noticed first, but then I think Dad did, because he froze, but Mom was standing at the doorway now, looking at us, aghast. But she didn’t move, so I kept sucking and Dad struggled not to groan.


“What the Hell is going on?” She said and Mark jumped up and froze.


Dad straightened up, pulling his cock from my mouth, “They were doing it when I came in,” he said, “I just…” I think his argument lost momentum because he lifted his hands in subjugation.

“Mark?” she said questioningly.


Mark demurred, hiding his now rock hard cock from her with his hands. “I, um, we… we used to play… we woke up and…”

“Let me see,” said Mom.


Mark stood up, showing his rampant cock to our Mom as he did. She was transfixed! Thinking about it, I bet Mom had wondered about his cock. I mean, he was 17, in the full splendour of youth, not an ounce of fat on him, just slender firm muscle. No Mom doesn’t think what their son looks like nude, and no Mom has never wondered about her son’s proportions either. Mom was just a woman, after all.


She stood there for long seconds of awkwardness, her brow furrowed as she looked over the scene. She stepped forward from the doorway but stopped, as though her conscience was pulling back from her moral quandary. She looked at Mark and said in a rather stern voice, “Show me!”


“Mom?” Mumbled Mark.

She stepped closer to him, looking him in the eyes. “It makes you so hard - show me!”

Poor Mark moved his hands away from his erection. Mom looked down at it a bit too long.

“So licking your sister’s pussy makes you hard, does it?”

Mark mumbled something inaudible.

“What did you say?” said Mom.

“Yes.” Whined Mark.


Mom looked down. She stared for the longest time and no-one moved or dare speak. Then, silently Mom’s hand just wrapped around Mark’s teenage tool. God, she must have been horny as fuck, because she started stroking him easily, getting faster as she did, until Mark was bursting at the seams. And suddenly Mom was on her knees sucking in my brother’s cock as Dad and I watched. It didn’t take long - Mom must have been a champion cock gobbler, because Mark groaned deeply and shot a load down Mom’s throat. She swallowed it down and then just rolled back onto the floor, widening her legs to show her bare woman pussy below her pink satin nightie.


“Lick me now!” She demanded, and Mark didn’t have a choice.


Dad knelt and then he rolled back to lie beside Mom, “Come on, Petal. Put your pussy over my mouth. I want to lick you too.”


Mom looked at him, and I knew they had mutually crossed a line, even though I was too young to understand that line myself. I straddled my Dad’s head and he pulled me to his eager lips. His tongue was bigger, more experienced than Mark’s, and he knew exactly where to go. I could feel the stirrings of another cum just welling up inside as he coursed through my velveteen folds. My bean pulsed like a beacon in a storm as Dad’s tongue lashed me.


“I want him” said Mom.


Dad stopped his tongue twister and turned to look at Mom. He had pure lust in his eyes.


“Okay,” he whispered.


Mom wasted no time. She grabbed Mark’s hair with both hands and pulled him up her body, half yelping from the pain. He came up face to face with Mom and Mom smiled, turned to Dad and said, “He’s in!” I thought I knew what that was, but if I had any doubts the look on Mark’s face was enough to tell me where he was “in”. Then Mom wrapped her legs around his tight butt and urged him to start fucking her. Mark, complied. Mom was a knock-out after all. Curly blonde hair, a trim figure for her age and the same features as me.


Dad looked up at me - pure lust in his eyes. “Wanna try it, baby?”


I didn’t know what to say. I liked the licking, but this was different. This was real sex. It might hurt. I was sure it would. And the size of Dad’s cock, even compared to Mark’s, was just too much to think of squeezing into my little pussy hole.


“Dan, she’s too young!” Blurted Mom.

“But you get to do Mark?” He answered.

“She’s too small.” Said Mom.

“What if Mark opens her up first?” said Dad with some kind of devilment in his eyes.


Mom bit her lip, thinking. Then, “Mark, get on your sister”.


“You’ve got to take Michelle’s virginity or she won’t open up enough for your Dad”.

“You want me to fuck Michelle?!”

“Isn’t that what you were going to do before I came in?”

“I… er…”

“C’mon Marky, it’ll be fun!” I said, “Especially with Mom and Dad watching!”


I know now what a childish thing that was to say, but right then it was all I had. I knew Mark’s cock. Sure, it was bigger now, but I kind of liked it. In short, the thought of having that one inside me didn’t frighten me half as much as Dad’s. I could see Mark’s inside me, not Dad’s.

I stood up and Mark did too. His erect penis stood out like a faucet, and shone with Mom’s juices. The mere sight of it sent a tingle through my little pussy.


“How do we…?” I stammered.

“Mark, lie down on the bed,” said Mom.

Mark complied, and I marvelled at his prick pointing at the ceiling. I straddled him until his cockhead was tickling the underneath of my pussy, dancing awkwardly about my pussy lips. I held him steady and started my descent. Mom and Dad were rapt, mesmerised by the sight of their son’s penis disappearing inside their daughter’s pussy. I noticed Mom stroking Dad’s cock while watching and Dad was fingering Mom.


I eased down, sometimes back up to spread my juices, but really Mom’s were still slick on Mark’s cock. As I eased down I felt Mark’s cock filling me up, one inch, two, three - and then that horrible pain inside of me. I stopped, wincing.


“That’s your hymen, honey. Just go through it.” Said Mom.


I clenched my teeth and pushed down, the pain increased and I was about to give up when I felt it suddenly pop. I yelped! A tear rolled down my cheek and I jerked down with the pop and felt Mark doing deep inside me. Thinking about it, I think Mark must have been about five inches in length, but he was thick with girth and that filled me up no end. I was full to the hilt of Marky’s cock and I just sat there wishing the pain to go away.


“Just making little Movements, honey” said Mom.


I did and as I did I could feel those sexy feeling coming back. Dad got behind Mom and fed his cock inside of her as they watched Me slowly building up my movements. Mom smoothed over Marky’s chest, down my legs and up to my little tits. They weren’t much more than desert pots on my skinny frame, but when Mom touched my nipples I felt like a woman.


“Go faster, urged Mark” and I remember smiling at him as our game returned. I began riding him faster and faster.

“Roll your hips, baby” said Mom and I did and was amazing.


I didn’t really know what “roll your hips” meant, but I swivelled my pelvis forward and felt Marky’s penis touching places inside me I liked. I did it again, and again, swivelling or rolling my hips so I got that special feeling as he excited somewhere special inside me. My little bean was on fire as this special place inside seemed to underneath my bean, deep inside me, and the fire felt grew and grew.


I was working up a pace when I saw Dad pull out from behind Mom. She looked a bit annoyed, especially as Dad came around and lifted me off Marky’s beanpole. But the moment Mom saw that she started crawling up on the bed, and I watched as she lowered herself down on Mark’s cock. She seemed to be in some kind of drunken trance, but hey, I was feeling that too. As Mom started rolling her own hips on Mark’s, Dad laid m on the carpet and placed his big cock at my newly open vagina!


As Dad poured over me, his torso filling my view, I spread my little legs wider to accommodate his wide adult man-hips. I wanted him inside me, I remember that, but looking down and seeing his adult cock nudging at my little girl pussy suddenly filled me with fear. I think Dad felt me tremble because he looked down at me and hushed me, “Shhh, it’s alright. I’m not going to hurt you. You’ll like it. If you don’t then we can stop. Okay?” He smiled his Daddy smile and I felt reassured. Daddy would take care of me. And he did.


I felt his penis nudging its way inside me, slowly in and out, expanding my newly opened vagina. He went slowly into me, filling me up, expanding me. I bit my lip as it hurt, but Daddy stopped, “You okay, Honey-Bun?” I nodded wilfully. Yeah, I was okay, I could take it. I was a Big Girl now!


Daddy kept going, deeper and deeper into my slick little love tunnel, his movements slow and deliberate. Even though it hurt I somehow liked it. Sure, a grown man should never stick his dick in a 12-year-old girl, but when he does it can sure leave an impression! I could feel that excited feeling start again inside me. No swivelling necessary with Dad’s dick, he just kept up that slow and steady rhythm in and out going deeper and deeper with each inward thrust. I was filled to bursting point when two things happened at once: Dad was in to the hilt, his balls resting on my sweet little ass; and deep inside me Dad touched something that stopped him going any further. Lucky! I was lucky too. Here was I filled to the brim of my loving Dad’s swollen cock as he talked me through my sexual encounter. Strictly speaking it had been Marky’s cock that had taken my cherry, but Dad’s was the one making me a woman.


“That’s it!” Said Dad, “You ready?”


I nodded eagerly, like he’d just asked if I wanted a new bike or something. But I was the bike, and Dad was taking me for a ride! He started quickening pace and I felt his massive cock thrust in and out like a submarine going in and out. I would later discover that Dad was decidedly average for a man, but at twelve I thought he was sticking the Washington Monument up me. I felt my breath get ragged as my legs flopped about like a rag dolls under the increasing pounding Dad was giving me.


Above me I saw Mom get off Mark and she dragged him onto the floor beside us, Mom pulling Marl on top of her, but instead of being face to face with Mom I got to see Mark’s cock disappearing deep into Mom’s sopping wet hole. The sight just made me so excited! It was exactly what I needed and I’m sure it was for Mom too, as she had a view of Dad slamming into my little cunt over and over with me squealing with effort to accommodate Dad’s cock, with pants and increasing whines of genuine pleasure.


“Oh, Fuck!” gasped Dad, “I’m gonna cum!”

“Don’t cum inside her!” Mom yelped between thrusts.


But Dad was going for it! - I suspect he hadn’t done the hundred yard dash since Highschool, because he was puffing and panting, sweating and rasping as he thrust faster and faster into my little itty-bitty cunt. I was on fire! Somewhere along the line he’d lit a bonfire inside of me and now I was just seething with liquid napalm inside my itty-bitty little cunt. I was dying for release as Dad pumped me like a whore. And just as I was reaching that pinnacle of paroxysm, as the volcano began to erupt inside me, Dad pulled out of my little lava tube and sprayed a geyser of hot cum all over my hot pussy lips and cheeks!


I hit the roof! I came a long hot eruption sending brush fires through my skin, singing every follicle of hair on my young and immature body. My tiny tits firmed up and sizzled with that deep heat still coursing through me. And finally I was spent.


At least, I thought I was, until Dad rolled off me and Mom leaned over to lick my fiery quim, lifting one leg to get at me even as Mark kept fucking her.


“Oh, Mom!” he said breathlessly.

“Oh, Mom!” I breathed as Mom licked Dad cum off my dripping cunt and made her way quickly to my clit. Thinking back, there’s no way mom had never licked pussy before, because she was amazing at it. Innocent though I was I grabbed Mom’s hair as she reached my clit and I held her there as I rose to the peak once more and as Mark lunged and gasped, Mom stiffened and I let another orgasm wash over my little body like a shower.


“Holy Fuck!” said Dad.


Mom, Mark and I collapsed into a messy heap of sweat and gasping skin. I watched as Mark pulled out of Mom, his teenage cock shining with her juices and dripping his own from his swollen eye. I don’t know what made me do it, but I reached up and sucked his cock clean. When I let him go Mark looked down at me with a look I’ll never forget. I don’t know what it meant; maybe he was sorry, maybe he was regretful of something, maybe he felt used, maybe he felt he’d used me. Maybe he even felt that Mom and Dad getting involved was all his fault too. But I didn’t. I felt wonderful, and I loved each and every one of them.

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