May 1, 2018

 I’ve been single for over 10 years. 12, actually. It’s not that I’m unattractive, more that I don’t really go out and being a single parent didn’t help. My daughter is 19 now. Sasha’s a stunning girl and could easily have been a model. I have to admit to frequently wanking over pictures of her. But she’s erratic. She changes her hair style every other week and often dyes her hair too. She started blonde, but has been every colour, including red, blue, green & grey - which baffles the shit out of me. I would never know what the Hell she looks like from one week to the next if weren’t for an endless gallery of selfies she posts on Instagram.


A few years ago I became ill and my daughter moved out to live on her own at the same time. It was just bad timing. My illness isn’t obvious, really. I look fine, but I can’t really go out much. I’m not fat, but I’m aware of my age creeping up as at 46 I’m finding things more difficult than I used to. I shouldn’t do, but that’s part of my illness.


Every other Saturday night my daughter comes to my place and we watch horror flicks and 80’s movies - which she loves. It’s a real pleasure to show her films she never knew and I’m pretty up on most horror flicks just because we do this fortnightly father/daughter thing. We order out - usually pizza - get in some popcorn, sweets & drinks and pig out while watching stuff. I won’t let her watch horrors in daylight so they come last. I’m kind of running out of good 80’s movies, but we always find something fun to watch first before we get going on the horrors.


Usually, I’m in the chair and she lays on the sofa. Thing is, she’s a lightweight and she manages one horror if we’re lucky but more often than not falls asleep during it and I end up watching it alone as she sleeps blissfully beside me. Last month when she fell asleep I was just so turned on by her that I’m ashamed to say I stood up and masturbated in the chair next to her. I was so turned on I got on my knees and gently tried to wake her up, just to see if she would. She didn’t. I was so fearful she would wake, but I still managed to touch her breast, her perfect ass and thigh. I even touched my raging hard-on to her rounded ass, pressing into her. I even took some of my pre-cum and wiped it on her beautiful pouting lips.


But that was it. I backed off and instead I stood right over her and wanked off. I even put a flannel on the armrest just above her head to catch my cum. And then I did the most amazing thing - I filmed myself wanking over her face. I was terrified she would wake, especially as the light on my phone came on to light my cock and her face. In fact, I think it made it even better. I came and settled down again.


I continued watching the film and about two films later she woke up, went and got a blanket and went back to sleep.


I don’t know why she makes me so horny. Maybe because she’s the best looking female I know, and maybe because I’m not her father by birth, just by marriage. I mean, I raised as my own. I never laid an untoward hand upon her as a child. But as she got older and burgeoned into pubescence I could tell she was going to be stunning. She was a natural blonde and from somewhere she developed these beautifully long legs quite early on, and she developed a pleasing shape quite early too, even though she didn’t start her periods until very late.


I remember once she had done something dangerously terrible, and she must have been about 11 or 12 but I put her over my knee and I told myself I would smack her ten times, very slow and very measured, but very hard. I pulled her jeans and knickers down and saw her perfect bottom. I mean it was mouth-wateringly perfect. But I was there to discipline her so I smacked her. She bucked and screamed, but I delivered those ten smacks with an even hand. I so wanted to my hand linger, maybe smooth over her red welted butt cheeks, maybe smooth gently into their crease and slip around to her winking little pussy I spied below. I didn’t though. I was purely fatherly, except for my erection. I pulled up her knickers and jeans and told her to go to bed. She left my room and I sat there wondering what the fuck was wrong with me that I get a hard-on over a prepubescent girl - my daughter, no less - as I smacked her little ass. Looking back, it would have been so easy to slip my hand over that ass. She probably would have told someone though. She could never keep a secret.


I wonder if that’s why I didn’t do it or was I really this moral man tortured with singularity. I still don’t know. Was I attracted to her because she wasn’t my daughter by blood? Or was I just a pervert? Actually, I defy men to say they are not attracted to young girls. Society, and nature, preclude us from having them, unless you are rich, of course. Rich men get exactly what they want. But I wasn’t rich. I was just some poor shmo who hadn’t got laid in a couple of years.


It was pretty weird too, because I’m pretty sure at one point she wanted me to do something. She was a terrible Daddy’s Girl and one day she told me she had a problem “downstairs” and would I look at it for her. I said I would but her mother was the right person to talk to about those things. But she still wanted me to take a look. We went up to the bathroom and she took off her knickers and raised her skirt as she sat on the toilet. Why I hadn’t taken her to my bedroom is anyone’s guess, because the bathroom was small and cramped and I had to kneel on the floor. In my room there would have been plenty of room and she could have lain on the bed as I examined her.


Maybe that was just too close to dodgy for me, but how the bathroom made it any better I don’t know. Either way, my pubescent daughter opened her legs for me and I had to poke around her pussy for clues as to what was wrong with her. She said she was sore, and complained of cuts. I guessed she was masturbating with long nails, maybe even in her sleep, so I made sure she cut them I think I put cream on her too. I’ve never thought about it too much before, but she was very free and easy around me growing up. She wouldn’t even close the bathroom door when she took a bath, and I frequently saw her semi or even fully nude in the hallway. I never told her off for it. I liked it. I think she knew that.


I remember when she was around sixteen, she came out of the bath and didn’t even have a towel with her. She stopped in the hallway, giving me a perfect view of youth. She said, “Have I got a rash on my bum?” instantly drawing my attention - not that I needed my attention drawn - to her perfect ass. I could also see her left breast in profile as she had her left leg tip toeing forward in a beautiful pose, presumably to shield me from her full frontal, with her long blonde hair almost touching that perfect ass. The curves of her backside, the arch of her back, and the long slender legs made me instantly hard. She had obviously forgotten the shoe cupboard next to her sporting a full length mirror reflecting her deliciously nude 16-year-old body in it too. I still have that picture indelibly imprinted on my brain. I always will.


Another time she wanted to talk to me about something while she was naked in her room. I stopped at the door so I could only see her face - or so she thought. Because the door jam and door are about half an inch wide so the whole time I could see her perfect body, all the more exciting when she turned over. Damn, she was so sexy!


But, I digress. At 19 she’s filled out more into a woman, and not the svelte young nymph she once was. Now, she strikes me as overtly sexual in her dress sense. Or maybe I’m just too into her. I don’t know. Either way, when she turned up at mine two weeks ago I was hard just looking at her. She had on a short denim skirt with black fishnet tights, and a modest armless black top with embroidered blue and yellow flowers around the bottom. Her hair was drastic - blue and grey in a short pixie cut. I actually hate it. And despite her knowing I don’t really like it she was wearing deep red lipstick and so much make-up she looked like the Bride of Frankenstein! FFS! - But there was no getting around how sexy she looked. I just couldn’t keep my eyes off her. What was I going to do?


The moment she came in I told her she looked lovely, which went down well. “Aw, thank you, Daddy.” She said. I too had made an effort to look good with a pair of black jeans and nice shirt. She said, “God, Daddy, you’re not looking too bad yourself.” I smiled and thanked her. This was almost a date night for me so I asked her about what was going on in her life and she spouted endlessly about herself - she usually does. I just smiled, nodded and pretended to be interested. But all I really wanted to do was fuck her!


We ordered pizza and went all out on the frills. I also opened a bottle of wine. I’m a solid drinker. I don’t drink often, but when I do it has not much effect on me. I don’t think I’ve been drunk in 20 years. It just doesn’t really touch me. I get tipsy, but that’s it. Sasha, on the other hand, is exactly like her mother. She can’t handle it. My only problem was going to be keeping her awake after a few glasses of wine. But maybe I didn’t want her to be awake. I wasn’t sure. In fact, I was creeping myself out with the thoughts I was thinking.


We started the evening with an 80’s film she hadn’t seen: The Legend of Billy Jean. She loved the whole teen angst thing and really into it when the pizza came. It was still daylight and we were having fun watching it while munching on peperoni, chicken bites and garlic bread - all washed down with a lovely Riesling, which, to be honest was too good for the pizza but I hate cheap wine.


As sunset beckoned we were really laughing at The Lost Boys, another she’d never seen. And it eased us into horror too. Then Sasha decided we were going to do an Exorcist Horror-thon. I still have my old DVD box set so we threw on the first one. I love to do it whenever we watch a horror - I wait for an appropriately tense part and then I scream really high pitched and it always scares the shit out of her. “Oh My Jesus!” She blurted. I laughed and we went back to silence.


As The Exorcist finish Sasha stood up and said, “Daddy, can I borrow a T-shirt? I forgot my pyjamas.” I nodded and got a nice white T-shirt with a Minion on it. It’s a bit faded so I only wear it around the house. “Oh, he’s so cute!” she squealed. Then, without a thought to modesty she unzipped her denim skirt and let it fall. She was all, matter of fact in changing, but it didn’t stop me looking at her perfect body as she stripped. I suppose her one concession to modesty was turning her back to me. But when the denim mini-skirt fell I was treated to the sight of my daughter’s fishnet held ass and nothing else.


“Wow!” I said involuntarily.

“Daddy! - You shouldn’t be looking!” she chided over her shoulder, and you have to wonder how sincere that chiding was, because next she tucked her thumbs into waistband of those sexy fishnet tights and dragged them down off her perfectly rounded ass (rounder than I remembered) and down her perfectly slender legs giving me a perfect view of her indigo starfish and its best friend, the clam!


Next she tore her top off with abandon and dropped it to the carpeted floor. A quick clasp on her bra strap and it popped free. She shucked it off and glanced naughtily over her shoulder at me. She’s a woman, after all. And I was rapt, as you can imagine. She giggled at me; a perfectly naked teenager becoming a woman before my very eyes. “I raised that,” I said in my mind, even if my cock didn’t care.


Then she quickly went to the T-shirt I had given her and she had left on the arm of the sofa. This gave me fleeting glances of her perfect tits until she slipped into it and the show was over. Except for one last curtain call as she bent over to pick her clothes up off the floor and I got a festooned view of her ass once more with a sneaky peek at her perfect pussy under her proscenium arch.


Sasha looked at my rock hard cock trying to push through my jeans and said, “Daddy!” - Like it was my fault!

“I can’t help it. I’m only a man.” I said.

“But I’m your daughter!” She said.

“I know, but tell my cock that.”

“Daddy!” She shrieked, laughing.

“What am I supposed to do?”

“You could get a woman, you know, Daddy. You just need to get out there again.” She said.


“My friend, Abby, would fuck you. She’s been with older men.”

“What about you?”


“Have you been with any older men?”

“Daddy…” she said coyly.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

“Well, yeah, but he was a bouncer.”

“That makes it alright, then!” I laughed, “How old was he?”

“Thirty, no, thirty. Your age… Maybe a bit younger. But I didn’t know till after.”


“I didn’t! He wasn’t as good looking as you, though, Daddy.”

“But you stilled fucked him. Maybe I should get a job as a bouncer, then.” I joked.


She laughed at the idea of her Big Softy Dad being a bouncer, and not without good reason. I always hated nightclubs and I’m not fighter. But down below I was still rock hard and she was enjoying my discomfort.




“Is it true that if boys don’t come it hurts your balls?”

“Unfortunately, yes. It is very true.”

“Oh… sorry.”


I pressed play on the next film - The Exorcist II: The Heretic, which is easily the worst of the films. I knew I’d have a problem keeping her awake. Sasha just tossed her clothes by the sofa and lay down on it. I knew she would go to sleep, so I suggested something a bit stronger than wine. She agreed and soon we were doing shots of vodka. We were talking over the film now as we did shots. All the while I kept looking at her legs and knowing she was naked underneath was just keeping me hard. I wasn’t even trying to hide it now, and I kept clocking her looking at it. What was she thinking?


“Daddy, why don’t you go and have a wank?” She said finally.

“I will if you will.” I laughed.

“Fucking Hell, Daddy!” She blushed.

“Well, you stripped naked right in front of me. And it would help, you know.”

“What would?”

“To watch you.”


“Yes. Serious. I’m turned on because you’re so… sexy. Seeing you getting naked gave me an erection. Seeing you do it would make it easier, you know, and… more exciting.” I said, hoping. “You don’t have to, but it would help. Seeing as it’s kind of your fault I’m in this state.”

“You want to watch me having a wank?”

“Like I said; you don’t have to. But it would really help. And I’d love to see you… you know.”


I could see her thinking to herself about it. What went through her mind is anyone’s guess. Was it that it was disgusting and that I was her Dad? Was she turned on? I couldn’t tell.


“I’m going to start. It would be great if you join in. I haven’t seen a real woman naked for years, and seeing one wanking would be fantastic, especially one as beautiful and sexy as you.” I said.


I undid the belt on my jeans and the button and fly. Then I quickly slunk them down to my ankles and kicked them away. Sasha was watching as my shorts were a tent being supported by my tent-pole erection. I wasted no time in divesting myself of my superfluous shorts and out sprang my straining bulbous cock. I glanced at my daughter a moment before I took hold of myself and started stroking my glorious shaft.


I stroked several times, rounding my helmet in a movement which accentuated the feeling in my glans, and I’m guessing excited my teenage daughter even further. I mean, from the waist down most men differ little, except for the size of their cock. Mine, while not a monster in length, was pretty good in girth and still average at five inches long. I tried not to think about it. I mean, how many cocks had my daughter seen? Ten? Twenty? And I have an affliction also, though I’ve read it’s quite common, but it makes you self-conscious all the same; my cock bends to the left. I try not to think about it, but you can’t really help it. Now I was just stroking like I meant it, hoping she would be so enthralled as to join me.


I saw her lick her lips as she sat up and watched.


“Oh, God, Daddy. I can’t believe you’re doing this.” She said without tearing her eyes from my cock for a second.

“If you join in it won’t be so weird. Just having fun. Sexy, harmless fun.” I said.

She came close to see what I was doing. No sign of her falsely abashed nature now. I pointed it toward her and she looked up at me.

“Go on,” I said.

I thought for a second she was going to take me in her mouth, but even though I could see the thought infect her mind, she smiled nervously at me and just kept on looking.

“Lie back,” I said, “I want to try something.”


Nervously, my daughter laid back on the sofa as I got on my knees on the floor.


“Go on. Let me see.” I said. “For all those times you tortured me. Just let me see.”


I could see the clockwork mice working in her brain. “Just look.” She said, and my heart skipped a beat. Then she pulled the T-shirt up off her thighs and hips to rest on her not quite flat tummy. Her legs were together but I could now see that delicate cleft between her legs as it disappeared down between them.


“Oh, my God! I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

“Just enjoy it. You like sex, don’t you?”

“Yeah, but… you’re my Dad.”

“Just think of it as I’m a man, and you’re a beautiful, sexy woman,” I said.

“Daddy, stop saying that!”

“Why? You are.”


“Don’t you think you’re beautiful?” I asked.


“I’m no munter!”

I laughed, “And don’t you feel sexy?”

“Well, yeah…”

“There you go… beautiful and sexy.” She looked down at my cock again, a silent moment of contemplation I broke with, “now open your legs for me to see”.


She didn’t argue, she just obeyed. And not just a little but she opened them wide in a beautiful diamond shape upon the sofa. I stared, stroking long sexy strokes more for her benefit than mine as I just wanted to bash the bishop to within an inch of his life by now. It seemed to be working, as I saw her staring at my cock as I did.


“Can you lift your shirt?” I asked politely.


She caught my drift and pulled it up over her perfect tits. They were everything I knew them to be. I gently placed my palm on my daughter’s open thigh as I slowly stroked myself, saying, “Go on, touch it,” motioning to her own open glistening cleft.


I smoothed gently over her inner thigh as I watched her hand snake down her nubile body to her naked pussy. She had recently shaved it and it looked lovely; young and shapely. Her delicate fingers probed coyly into her grove, collecting her nectar and from her honeypot and trailing it up to her emerging bud. The slightest peek of pink from her shy but flustered hoody. She peeled it back and gasped, and I stroked faster to give her encouragement. My hand smoothed gently over her soft inner thigh, so light and firm, yet the softest skin upon my open palm. My fingers drank in her softness, somehow soaking up her womanliness where once there had been a girl. I soothed up close to her hip, dangerously close to her ministrating hand.


Her other hand slinked the swell of her hips to the fullness of her now fuller breast that she held, squeezing it tighter than I would have thought, her finger and thumb tweaking, no, crushing it as she bit her lip and moaned.


“Sit up,” I said, “I want to see everything.”  


She didn’t need telling twice, and sat up quickly, her shirt falling annoyingly back over her tits, but she tore it off and threw it, now naked before me - feet still perched on the sofa but either side of me as she slunk down and started touching herself again. I was tugging away, trying all the ways I could think to make my play look new and exciting to her too, and it seemed to be working.


My cockhead was mere inches from her slick hairless pussy as she started strumming. I remembered her mother doing the same thing. I was afraid she would cum and lose all interest, or maybe she’d just get more into it, who knew? I leant forward. I had to smell her I came low, down between my daughter’s thighs as she opened them wide for me yet again.


As I came face to face with her pouting pussy I breathed in her delicious musk. The sight of her delicate pink folds, her lips, her puffy reddened cheeks and as she revealed it - her glistening beacon deeply pink and visibly throbbing as she lifted her fingers. I breathed out hard and I heard her gasped as my hot breath hit her hotter pussy. Her hands were now both on her paw printed tits, raked from her own increasingly desperate clawing. She looked down at me expectantly from between her open legs. I moved imperceptibly closer and she breathed out, gasping again. Then I tasted her.


My tongue came out and I let the tip of me touch my daughter’s most private place. She winced, and I proceeded, allowing myself the best pleasure a father can give his daughter. A pleasure that every father wants but most never allow themselves. I licked up around her precious orchid, teasing it, tasting it. She was mewing like a she-cat in heat as I went deeper, faster, through her folds, down and around her succulent hole, skirting her puckered knot and up again to her bud to flick it like she had been. She shrieked, jolting, jerking, writhing as I held her hips and ground my face into her cunt.


I slipped down again to that wellspring of oasis, savouring that sweet and tangy, slightly spiced honey she leaked liked sensual tears from her ever weeping succulent void. My tongue probed in, feeling out those fleshy walls, crushing my muscle, throbbing and writhing around my tongue as I pushed in as far as I could. Sasha grabbed my head and ground her cunt right into my face, pushing my tongue in as far as humanly possibly; and then some.


“Daddy!” She gasped aloud.


I broke off, as much to breathe as anything. She was breathing heavy: Ready. I pointed my cock at her pussy, pressing my cockhead to my daughter’s vaginal opening, wallowing in her juices. She was so ready. But instead of pushing in I took my cock up to her clit and started strumming it across it - my glans across her fiery little bean! She almost hit the roof!


“Daddy! Daddy! - Just put it in! - Please!”


How could I not? - I took aim, and pushed in. I went half way in before I had to come out and retry. It took several tries before I was fully into my daughter’s secret place. I didn’t care who had been here before; I was here now. And it was glorious. She was so wet and warm inside. She held me with a vice-like grip, flexing and relaxing her inner pussy muscles in an undulating rollercoaster for my lucky cock to ride. The flesh caressed me like nothing I can express, and I hadn’t even moved yet. I grabbed hold of her thighs and pushed them even wider, and she slunk down in the seat, making our union even more permanent. I paused as I looked down at my precious girl and my cock so solidly so obviously going into her, going inside her. Wow!


“Fuck me, Daddy.” She Said.


Those words ricocheted around my soul as I remembered as the tortured she had put me through over the years, the scantily clad days and nights, the nakedness when it suited her, the shamelessness, the little regard for me as a man simply because I was her father so clearly couldn’t be regarded as a man. “I beg to differ!” My cock inside her said indignantly.


I smiled. “If you insist…”


She smiled a strange smile as though she really shouldn’t be allowed to smile at this. As though she shouldn’t enjoy this. Shouldn’t even want this. She just needed it. And she knew it. But I didn’t care, I was given permission, and I was going for it. I started in with a slow rhythm, steady. But I built it up, going faster, and faster.


Something was happening deep inside my fallen angel. As my cock pounded in and out of her soft wet mess, she got wetter and wetter. It was like fucking a washing mashing on a full load of oysters! My cock was growing; excited to ecstasy with every thrust, every pull and push and pump and balls deep bulbous swell. Sasha was noisy! I should had have expected it. Her mother was noisy, and Sasha was never quite whatever she was doing, but now she was gasping, whining, shrieking and otherwise panting like a dog. The strangest thing went through my mind - she looked like her mother had giving birth to her, on a sofa just like this, in an apartment just like this one, nineteen years ago! But it didn’t stop me fucking her for a second!


You’ve never seen anything so beautiful as your daughter enjoying the sexual feelings you are giving her: Her body is beautiful, her face, her personality, her very soul; everything culminates in that moment of perfect parenthood as you share the perfect family moment. Sasha was glorious; her breasts were bouncing with my every thrusts, wobbling like jelly, her taut thighs glistened with her sweat, and so too did her ecstatic face. I can’t explain how beautiful she is, but seeing sexy sweat running in rivulets down her sweet cheeks, over her perfect pouting, gasping rounded open lips; her eyes closed, opening only to look directly at me with pure lust in them; well, that’s heaven.


I could feel the burn start in my muscles. I’m not nineteen, after all. But one thing I’ve always been good at is stamina. I just kept going. I could feel by Sasha’s breathing that she was close, but I can hold off. I was circumcised as a child so I’m not overly sensitive, which has its good points.


“Daddy, I’m gonna cum!”


I kept on pounding, watching her breathing became more and more ragged. She was pulling at her tits like she was trying to tear paper bags apart, they were red and angry. Then suddenly she was bucking and shrieking. I just kept on fucking her. Inside I felt my cock start to swim in a deluge of cum not of my making, but I just kept on trucking. She was bucking still, fighting, the feelings so intense.


“Daddy, stop! It’s too nice! It’s too nice!” She pleaded.


But I certainly didn’t want to get stuck with blue balls, so I didn’t just not stop, I sped up. She went mental! - I was fucking the shit out her! - And Sasha was screaming, writhing, panting, fighting, trying to stop me now, but there was no way! She screamed, “Daaaddddyyyy!!!!” And suddenly there was an explosion between us! - Sasha was spraying cum so hard that we were both soak in it. And that was all the mental and sexual stimulus I needed and I too exploded, but this time deep inside my daughter’s soaking wet quim.


I stopped dead; sweating, gasping for breath. I was still inside her, still fascinated with our union. Sasha was still shaking, having mini-orgasms I’ve always envied women for. I didn’t say anything, I just stayed still watching her slowly recovering. If I’m that turned on I stay hard. I don’t know why. Apparently it’s a family trait because my brother has it too. I’m sorry that’s not the norm for guys but I’m glad it is for me because it means I’m a permanent Viagra pill. I suppose there isn’t much more erotic than looking down at your naked post orgasmic daughter with your dick still embedded firmly in her pussy.


I leant over her and for the first time I kissed her lips. She opened her eyes.


“You’re still hard.”

“I know.”

“Didn’t you cum?”


“Then, how come? Did you take…?”

“No need. It’s just you. You are all it takes.”

“That’s really cool.”


“And Mum left you?! - What the Hell?!”

I shrugged, “Ready for round two?”



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