June 8, 2018


If you do nothing, does that make you complicit in an act perpetrated by a minor?


It’s a question that’s dogged me for months now. The thing is, I work nights and my wife works days, which leaves me alone during every school holiday caring for our daughter, Lauren. She’s a mischievous kid, always full of questions, always looking for and finding out new and obscure facts. She stuns me sometimes. She gets her brains from her mother. I’m just a nightclub manager, which is a glorified barman and bouncer, but still, it’s money. As a result I don’t get home much before five in the morning. My wife works in an office, so she leaves at 8-ish. I normally sleep until 1pm.


My daughter and I have always been close, and she’s always climbed into bed with me when she wakes up. I often don’t even notice and sometimes she just tells me we cuddled as she has been and gone before I’m any the wiser. Kids, eh?! But then, she’s growing out of being a kid so quick these days. I’ve noticed, despite myself, that she’s developed nice little dumpling breasts and a more rounded, less boyish bum. Also, the empty slope of her crotch is now distinctly fuller and more plump, her pussy cheeks filling out more. Or is it just me? Is it because I only see my wife from 6pm-7pm and we have to snatch a quickie behind Lauren’s back or I wake her or she wakes me with tired bed sex that’s never that good? Am I just a scumbag who ogles his daughter because he can’t get it any other way? Mind you, I’m not short of offers at the club. Drunk and horny women and girls throw themselves at you when you’re in that environment and you could easily score a few times a week. But that’s not me now, though it used to be. I love my wife and I love my daughter. Why would I jeopardize that?


I thought I had dreamt it. But I was having this wonderful semi-conscious dream of fucking a young girl. I don’t know how old she was. In that semi-dream state I opened my eyes and saw my daughter tugging on my cock like a pogo-stick. I closed my eyes and in my dream I came inside the girl. I woke up hours later to no sign of my daughter. I could hear music emanating from her room. Something loud and indistinct you really don’t want to hear as you open your eyes to the world. I think she calls it Panic At The Disco and I’m pretty sure I’ve heard the tracks belted out in the nightclub now and then. Not bad, just noisy and in-yer-face, which I could do without. I looked under the sheet, half expecting a moist patch on the bed or the sheets, but there was nothing. Then I remembered Lauren in my dream. Was she really wanking me off or was I a degenerate who had filthy dreams about his pre-teen daughter? God knows.


I got up and threw on some joggers and slunk into the kitchen for a bowl of cereal and coffee. I like ground coffee, not instant. It wakes me right up and I get on with shit. As I sat at the breakfast table eating I heard the distinct patter of Lauren’s footsteps padding toward me. She was dressed in just a T-Shirt and shorts. Nothing too out of the ordinary. But her eyes told me a different story. They were sparkling! I couldn’t make it out until I recognized that smile in her eyes. It was her mother’s smile when she was up for it. I knew whenever Sarah wanted it she made those eyes at me and within 5 minutes I’d be balls deep inside her. Now Lauren was making those self-same eyes at me, her Dad! Or was I going completely fucking mad? Were my balls so full of juice that my brain was making mad and unjustified connections, summations or conclusions?


“Hey, Honey Bee,” I said.

“Hi Dad. Did you sleep okay?” I’m sure she grinned right then, but what the fuck?! I’m nuts, right?

“Yeah, you?”

“Yeah,” she got some milk out of the fridge and started drinking right from the cartoon.

“Get a glass, missy!” I said.

She stopped drinking and grinned at me. She did get a glass though. Tip-toeing to reach one from the top shelf of the wall cupboard, the stretch accentuating the arch of her back, pushing out those little dumplings and tensing her taut and tanned legs, long for her age, I thought. Damn it! - I shouldn’t be thinking these things!


She poured and drank down a whole glass, leaving her with a milk-moustache that was too cute and more than a little sexy. She smiled and scampered off to her room to do God knows what. That was our morning routine. The rest of the day was normal stuff. Then I’d go to work, home to sleep and it would happen all over again.


As the days passed I was becoming more and more paranoid. I was checking out my daughter every time she moved, sat or breathed. I’d get dreams of young girls, and occasionally I’d think I had seen Lauren jerking me off in my bed. I never woke up though. I’m a pretty sound sleeper.


A week later I woke up with virtual terror in my mind. I remembered, or thought I remembered, Lauren sucking me off. I had been dreaming again of a young girl. Always blonde, always young, maybe 14. We’d be fucking in somewhere really unlikely, like on the road by the train station. And then, suddenly, Lauren, sucking my cock in my bed. Then back to my lurid wet dream about fucking a minor on a road. But Lauren sucking my cock?! Again I was tortured, this time not knowing if I was hallucinating, putting Lauren into my dreams or… or if Lauren really was sucking my cock while I was asleep.


I could barely look at my baby all day. I felt so guilty. But Lauren? She was cheerful and chirpy, like a twittering bird. And she kept giving me random cuddles through the day. It was weird, or was it? Had she always given me random cuddles that I simply hadn’t really noticed because I wasn’t obsessing sexually over her then?


When my wife came home she knew something was wrong with me, but I just said it was something at work. I went to work that night and I actually tried to enjoy the writhing mass of female flesh that wore the minutest dresses known to man. But it was no good. I really wasn’t interested. I came home and this time determined to stay awake. I didn’t have work the following day so I made coffee. I went to bed and stayed there pretending to be asleep. It was light when the bedroom door opened and I felt the quilt lift and drop as the slight weight of my daughter slipped into bed with me.


I don’t know what I expected, but she just spooned up against me and lay there, pulling my arm over her so it rested on her midriff. It was me. I was the pervert. It wasn’t her at all. I lay there thinking these very thoughts as her butt snuggled close up to my shorts, and then the unthinkable happened. I started to get hard. No! This was my daughter! My cherub! I couldn’t!


But I did. I nudged up against her butt and nestled between her cheeks. I was dying inside as I felt my hard-on press firmly to her ass. My daughter turned, and I felt awful. How could I possibly get hard at… wait a minute, what was she doing?


I didn’t open my eyes for fear that she would be looking right at me, but I felt her little hands delicately undo the button on my boxers releasing my strengthening hard-on. Jesus Christ! - It was real! She deftly felt up its length in an assured way that only comes through experience, and circled my head with a cheeky finger. God, it felt good! But what was I saying?! What was I thinking?! I felt her moving and then the unmistakable feeling of soft moist pouting lips kissed the end of my cock. I tensed as those succulent lips opened around my head and her soft wet young tongue writhed around my engorged helmet.


I was so shocked and yet so turned on at the same time. This was my daughter! My daughter, sucking my cock just like her mother did! Actually, not quite like her mother, who was so good at it that it had been a major factor in us staying together when we first started seeing each other. No, Lauren’s mouth was smaller, cuter, and dare I say it - tighter! What was I thinking? I wasn’t! Lauren’s mouth was heaven and I knew I wasn’t going to last long, but what the hell was I going to do? - Pull out and spray her cute little face with her Dad’s pearl jam? Or somehow pull out and calm down? But how?


I tried to back away, pulling my cock from my daughter’s mouth, but the further away I tried the move she moved toward me, all the while holding my cock and feeding it into her wet willing mouth. I realized I was on the edge of the bed and could go no further, when Lauren took most of me into her mouth and sucked, swilled and sloshed my bulging cock! I felt it coming and then I was - one, two, three jets of cum right into my daughter’s mouth. She recoiled at first, gagging slightly but then came back stronger, forcing me deeper into her mouth and feeling my hot cum swill around my cockhead until slowly it disappeared and I realized my baby had swallowed it!


I stayed still, wondering what my daughter would do now. She withdrew and I heard what I can only describe as the smacking of lips. Then she gently put my deflating ardour back into my shorts and carefully did the button up. Then she lay beside me. I thought that was it until I became aware of the bed moving ever so slightly. She couldn’t be, could she?


I gently lifted the eyelid of one eye and peered through the dark slit and through my eyelashes. And there I saw my angel, my cherub, nightie pulled up around her arm pits, one hand clutching her meringue sized breasts and her other a blur somewhere below. I moved slightly and she froze, but when I settled again she slowly started up her rhythm again. What I could see was the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen. Actually, you’ve never seen pure innocent lust until you’ve watched a preteen masturbate. I could tell it was new to her somehow, and yet she was well practiced. Her breath became ragged as she writhed on her strumming fingers. She raked her little tits, leaving hot passionate red marks where her little fingers had been. I watch, enthralled at my little girl as her 12-year-old body squirmed like a sexy little worm on my bed. Her legs parted further, but in truth I think that was more instinct than necessity as she strummed her little bud like a blue-grass banjo!


Then suddenly she lifted her body on her feet, arching her back as she peaked. And she let out a long, satisfying whine as her body shook for several intense seconds. Her body slumped back to the bed and she caught her breath. She pulled her Disney princess nightie down over herself and leaned over to me to kiss me on the lips. And with that she got up and left the room.


I was confused, horny as fuck and afraid she might return any minute. What was I going to do? My daughter had just sucked me off and masturbated right next to me! I lay there staring at the ceiling thinking I was damned, when I heard her music go on in her room and life it seemed had returned to normal.


Somehow I fell asleep, but when I woke up I had a sense that nothing would ever be the same again. Lauren was oblivious however. She sauntered about, still in her nightie I knew was all she had on, saying today was a pyjama day or nightie day or something. All day long I watched her little but long legs as they taunted me. I spied on her perfect little bum as she turned her back to me. I remembered her little molehills I could clearly make out under her nightie and I took every opportunity to watch her go upstairs, hoping to catch a glimpse of her little pouting pussy.


By the time my wife got home I was so horny I just led her to the bedroom and fucked her three times in succession, which both surprised and amused her. Work was Hell! Every young girl in the place just reminded me of what had happened that morning. I got home around ten past five and slammed into bed and into a deep but disturbing dream. I was being held to account for what had happened and it was all my fault. Then, somewhere in dreamland logic my recounting of the incident turned into it repeating over once again. I opened my eyes as I came, feeling my daughter’s hot mouth around me once more. Maybe it was my wife, but the duvet mound over my crotch wasn’t big enough to be Sarah, small though she was. I closed my eyes again as the quilt rose and out came Lauren with a mouthful of cum. My cum!


I watched through my half open eyes as she lay down and lifted her nightie. But this time, propping up on her elbows she looked down at herself as she struggled to get her nightie up over her little breasts. Then, no word of a lie, she drivelled my cum out of her mouth and down between her perfect little tits. I lost my breath and she glanced at me, not really believing I could be awake. Then, with both hands my little girl started to smear my cum all over her nubile young body. She massaged it into her little tits, pinching her nipples for extra effect. Down over her flat tummy and did I believe it? - All over her little pussy! I saw it glisten on the few little hairs she had down there. Then, smearing done, she started masturbating like crazy!


“I’m going to Hell! - I’m going to Hell!” I thought as I watched her writhe and pant and climax once again. But as she left I could only think of tomorrow.


In the day, when I woke, she was just her usual normal Lauren self. More interested in Pokemon than men. But I knew that tomorrow morning she would be back in my bed sucking me off like a fallen angel. I noticed the clothes she was wearing more that day. Nothing special really. Just a strappy top and a flared skirt. But somehow it was now both cute and sexy. What the fuck was wrong with me?!


I didn’t have work that night so I managed to get a couple of hours sleep on the sofa while watching an old western on TCM. I woke refreshed. I’d be wide awake come six o’clock in the morning, and so I was. Sarah was there and we cuddled. We even had sex. But really I couldn’t wait for her to leave so I could pretend to be asleep and have my daughter suck my cock. I purposely didn’t wash my cock after sex with Sarah. I wondered how my daughter would react to tasting her mother’s juices on her father’s cock.


Sarah got up and left for work. I lay in wait. Like clockwork my little mouse slunk into bed with me at spooned at 7.05am. I was hard in moments, but I wanted to try something. An experiment, if you will. As she nuzzled her perfect ass to me I realized I was naked after sex with Sarah. My cock was already nudging under my daughter’s nightie to the two perfectly soft cheeks there. More than that it was nudging into the small space between the top of her thighs and her perfect little bottom.


I urged it a little further and to my surprise she lifted a leg to let me through, then clamped down on it with her soft little thighs. There was no way around it - my cock was now touching my daughter’s pussy! Actually, it was sticking out from between her legs clamped there between thighs and pussy. I felt her soft, delicate fingers take hold of it, and squeeze its head as she slowly started to roll her little pussy on it.


“I’m going to Hell!” I repeated in my mind, “But I’m in Heaven!”


I felt the unmistakable feeling of pussy juice starting to coat my cock as my daughter rocked her little hips back and fore. She opened up, her fleshy labia slick with fishy silver squelching around the top of my cock, making me harder and more excited. I didn’t know how long I could hold back. I was so hot, so horny. And so was she. My little girl! Her little paw held my nob end, her palm soft and twisting. Then she pulled it up tight to her girlish groove and I let rip up her taut little tummy, jetting strings of liquid cum up her little body. She gasped and shuddered and I felt the delight of a small warm wet issue from her little quim over my delighted meat.


She stopped moving and slowly got her breath back. She lifted her leg and pushed me gently onto my back. Then silently she slipped out of my bed and was gone. It was so erotic, and yet so wrong!


Was I to blame? Had I let her sleep in our bed for too long? Had I somehow encouraged her to be this way? How could I look at her today, now, knowing I had cum all up her little body? - Knowing she had made me cum with her sexy little performance.


I didn’t sleep. I just lay there mulling it over and over. And the more I thought about it the more turned on I got, to the point I had to jerk off for relief - or so I told myself. Then I’d feel guilty and start all over again. When my wife got home she took one look at me and knew something was wrong.


“What’s happened?” she said, instantly worried.


I didn’t say anything just drank my eleventh coffee and sat in the living room trying to figure out if I should tell my wife anything at all. I mean, I hadn’t been touching up our daughter, she had been touching me up. But would Sarah see it that way? Or would she throw me out and call the police? Would ever be allowed to see my daughter again? And if so, would it be from behind bars or through glass?


“You look awful, what’s happened?” she sat next to me.

“I haven’t slept, that’s all,” I lied.

“That’s not like you. You sleep like a rock. What’s the matter?”


“Come on,” she wheedled, “tell me.”

“I’m okay,” I said, “I’m just… tired.”

“I’ll get it out of you, you know. I always do.” She said. And she was right. She always did.


It was then that I saw our little cherub sauntering up the hallway in a pair of cut-offs and crop top. I looked at her a moment too long, then looked away.


“Is it Lauren? Has she done something?” said Sarah quietly.

I shook my head.

“What’s wrong with Daddy?” said Lauren as she skipped to the sink with an empty glass.

“Nothing, Chick. He just hasn’t slept.”

I saw her freeze, panic in her eyes. She moved like a cornered cat. “Not at all?”

“I don’t think so, Lauren. Look at him. He’s knackered.”

“Daddy…?” Lauren slowly came around the counter and stood before me. “Didn’t you sleep one little bit? You know, like, an hour or something when you came home last night?”


I looked at my daughter. I knew what she was asking me. Was I awake when she did all those things to me? I looked into her panicked eyes, those eyes I loved, those eyes I’d do anything to protect, those eyes I’d die for, and I took pity. Was it her fault she was a curious horny kid? Besides, I loved her more than life itself. If I said no then she would know I’d been faking and she would probably never do it again and it would change our Father/Daughter relationship forever, probably not for the better. Did I want that? Did I want to risk all we had? All that love? And maybe lump her with untold shame she could never recover from? In fact, in that moment I had to ask myself - Did I want my daughter to never touch me in that way again?


I didn’t know. Or did I?


Actually, yes, I did know.


“I got a few hours straight off. Out like a light. But woke up too early, that’s all.” I said and I saw my child visibly relax, relieved of all that terror that seconds before I had seen in her.

“Oh, Thank God!” She said.

Sarah laughed, “Well, there you go, Daddy! Thank God! Or something…”


I couldn’t help finding it funny too and started laughing at my daughter’s apparent overreaction at my not sleeping, and her relief at not having been found out, or so she thought. And in that moment, with the three of us laughing, each of us at different things, my course was set. Lauren thought I didn’t know. I knew she thought I didn’t know. But I knew. And Sarah didn’t know anything. Yet.

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