Licking Lilly - Part 4

July 25, 2018


Licking Lilly 4


It was only a couple of minutes before Lilly came through the door. She was tight-lipped and I couldn’t tell the expression on her face, none. Not one I ever seen before.


“Lilly?” I beckoned, but she didn’t come. I sat up and slipped my feet to the floor facing her bed, “y’okay, honey?”


She turned around to face me. Her lips still tight. I moved over and sat next to her, turning her little face to mine. She looked up at me with the face of an angel, but still no smile, just confusion.


“What’s up, Honey?” I said.


She shook her head.


“What’s wrong?”


Again she shook her head.


It was obvious there was something, but what?


“Tell me…” I said gentle, like.


She shook her head. Then she pointed to her mouth and made sounds through her tight little lips.


“Hun, you got somethin’ in your mouth?” She nodded. “Wanna show me?”


As my little sister opened her sweet little lips I looked inside her mouth to see what was wrong. Swimming over and around her tongue I saw it, and I knew what it was straight off. It was cum, not girl cum - she was used to that - no, this was a man’s cum, and the only man around here was Pa. Lilly’s mouth was full of Pa’s cum. And suddenly I was jealous and immensely turned on. I didn’t even know what the taste of a boy’s cum was, and here was my little sis’ with a mouthful of the stuff.


“Oh, Lilly!” I said and I dove right into that sweet little cum-filled mouth tongue first. I was Frenching her out, my lips smothering hers, my tongue swirling over and around hers, tasting the salty fizz of a man’s cum for the first time ever. Lilly reacted quick, her tongue slipping over mine as we made out like lovers. I lapped it up, swallowing Pa’s cum right down before I eased off of Lilly and she looked at me - mouth open, still not knowing what to do.


“Just swallow it, Sis. Ain’t no harm. Some says it’s good for ya.” I said in a husky, cum tickling voice as my tongue still swam with a million tiny sperm just tryina find my cooch. Lilly swallowed a hard gulp of air and cum, then burped right up the air and we both burst out laughing.


“Tell me what happened.” I said eagerly.

“Well,” began Lilly, her face flushed with hot sexual fluster, her freckles blending into her reddened cheeks. “I snuck downstairs to see what you saw. Ma ‘n’ Pa fucking an’ all. And they were at it. Ma bent over the breakfast table and Pa was fucking her from behind. They was really going at it and I was horny and wet. I started rubbin’ myself down there.”


As she spoke I gently let my hands gently roam her willing body, her little cotton yellow dress coursing through my fingers until I reached its hem and Lilly opened her legs expectantly.


“They was really goin’ at it. I never seen such a thing for real.” Breathed Lilly as I smoothed carefully up under her dress, feeling her little thighs sticky with not yet dried girly cum. As I reached the place where her panties should have been I touched bare soft skin, tight and sensitive to my eager touch. I traced up around her pouting pussy until I found her little bean sticking right out at the top. She must have been so turned on! I circled it to find it sticky too. So I slipped lower to find her watery hole to get some girly cum to make it slick. But as I probed with my index finger Lilly urged herself onto it insistently. I tried to pull out but she just slipped lower, until I was knuckle deep inside my little sister.


“Fuck me!” she gasped, twirling her little hips, pushing me as deep as I could go.

“Don’t stop,” I said, and I kissed her lips, looking deep into her grey-green eyes.

“I was diddling and then sudden like they cummed! And so did I. I guess I made a noise or somethin’ coz Ma and Pa looks up, right at me.”

“Go on,” I said, now working up a rhythm with my finger deep inside her.

“They put themselves right and Ma called me into the kitchen. I went and Ma said, “How long you been there, girl?” and I said I cum down to watch when you told me they woz fuckin’.”

“Threw me under the bus, huh?” I smiled.

Lilly coyly grinned, “Guess so.”

“Go on,” I said.

“Then Ma said she was gonna talk to you and I should stay for a talk with Pa.”

“Then what?” I found a spot curved around up inside Lilly that when I touched it she would jump or gasp whenever I did, but I just smiled and said, “Go on…”


“Pa, he asked if I ever seen a dick before, and I said no, not for real. Not people ones, just our horses and the bull we got last year. Never seen another ‘cept for the internet. You can’t hardly move for dicks on the internet. And Pa asked if I saw his, and I said just a bit, going in and outta Ma.”

I could feel what was coming but I could barely believe it. “What did he do?”

“He asked if I wanted to see it proper, like. Up close. I nodded, I guess, so he pulled it out. It wasn’t all big and bulgy like it had been, kind of shrivelled like. But as I was lookin’ it started to grow, Bobby!” She was bursting with excitement and squirming on my finger.


“Don’t stop, Lilly, or I’m gonna stop too.” I said. “What was it like?”

“It was kinda like a slug or somthin’. It was still wet ‘n’ sticky too from being inside of Ma. I could see it all. But when it growed I couldn’t hardly believe what I was seein’. It just growed and growed ‘til it was bigger than my two fists.”

“Go on, Lilly, what happened next?”


“Well, Pa asked me how long I been playing with myself. I told him young. But for real just a year maybe. I saw his dick swell up at the end when I said that. He said did I do it a lot, and you know I do, so I nodded, every day, three or four times. Sometimes more. Pa got this look on his face, like I never seen before looking at me anyhow. He says, “You wanna touch it?”

“Oh My God!”

“Honest, Bobby. I did, so I reaches out and touched it.”

“What was it like?”

“Like a dick!”

“I know, but what did it feel like?”

“It felt like a dick, Bobby. What do you expect me to say?”

“Was it hard? Or soft? Was it warm?”

“Yeah, all those things. It was hard, but the skin was soft. And it was warm, real, warm.”

“Oh, Jesus, Lilly!”


“But it was still sticky from Ma’s juices, Pa said. And he said he needed it cleaned up. He asked if I wanted to taste it. I was like “yuk!” but then he said it was the best way and I might even like it.”

I was now starting to go faster with my finger, not least of all because I wanted to touch myself again real soon, like now! Lilly’s head lolled back like a rag doll as I pumped her little pussy, then she looked right at me and said, “Bobby, put another finger in me!”

I couldn’t hardly believe my little sister was begging me, no, demanding that I put two fingers into her hot little twot.

“You sure? You’ll be bust! - Not a virgin no more, coz there ain’t much room inside your little cunt, sis.”

“I need it, sis. Please, fuck me! Fuck me good!”


I slipped out my soaking finger and tried to coat my middle finger with her girly goo. Then I placed them back at Lilly’s pussy and started working them in and out slow but steady till I cum to her little-skin. I could feel the hole my one finger would dip through, but there weren’t no dipping two through there without ripping her virginity in two. Lilly looked at me, pleading in her eyes.


“You ready?”

She nodded.

“Okay, one… two…” I suddenly plunged my fingers hard into her cunt. She screamed and I stopped, but I could feel there weren’t no stopping my fingers now. She’d popped like a birthday balloon, and now she was just like me. “You wanna stop?” I said.

She held her breath, but shook her head.


“Okay, how ‘bout you tell me more?”

“I licked it at first. Licked it all over. At first it just tasted of Ma’s juices. Kinda tangy and sour. But once it was clean, I don’t know. It taste different.”


“I don’t know. Tasted like… cock.”

I laughed. And she did too, and I noticed her grip inside relaxed a bit.


“Go on.”

“I thought I’d do like a popsicle with it and put it in my mouth. Pa didn’t say nothing but was moaning so I guessed I was doing it right. Then suddenly I felt it go even bigger on my tongue and Pa was squirting his goo in my mouth. I nearly choked!”


I smiled and gently moved my fingers inside of her. She moaned and winced at the same time.


“Then Pa pulled outta my mouth and lifted me right up onto the table. He lay me down on it and pulled my dress up. He was kinda surprised I didn’t have panties on. But he liked it too, I could tell. Then he pulls my legs up as he knelt down and starts licking me, like we do. ‘Cept his stubble was rough on my skin and he weren’t soft and gently like you are, or Emmy-Lou or even Auent Varity. He’s kinda rough, but he likes girl cum. He sucked it up and licked all over, but he went more for my pussy hole than my clit.”


I was now working my fingers slowly but surely in and out of my little sister’s pussy, and I couldn’t help notice her lovely little hip thrusts to meet my own. Her breath was starting to build and I knew she was on her way to heaven.


“What next? Don’t stop!”

“Well I didn’t know what to do with his goo on my tongue, so I just kept my mouth shut as he’s licking me. Pa don’t like us to spit. Ma neither. And I didn’t know if I swallow it will it make me have babies!”

I chuckled, “Cum in your mouth don’t make you have babies, Lilly. It’s gotta go up here” I said as I thrust deeper inside her little cunt.

“Well I didn’t know. It could get me a bad gut, like bleach. It smells the same.”

“So what happened, Lilly?”

“I lay there. Pa’s tongue fuckin’ me! I’m gonna cum but I can’t open my mouth. I thought I was gonna burst like Elmer Fudd!”

“Elmer Fudd?!”

“You know, in Bugs Bunny cartoons!” She looked at me like I was stupid, then her eyes rolled up as my fucking fingers reached her sweet spot.


Now in a dreamlike ecstasy Lilly recounted her story to the ceiling as I pumped faster and faster into her.


“I was gargling on Pa’s cum as I could feel my own starting to go into Pa’s mouth and tongue. I was gonna cum but Pa just kept on going. Then Pa stands up and he starts rubbing his cock up and down my pussy. His shiny head thing was torturing my clit. Then he pulls my legs up together, with his cock on my pussy and my thighs squashing his cock. He starts jerking back and fore like he’s fucking me or something. And he’s hitting my clit and it’s lovely.”


I grabbed Lilly’s tit, first one then the other, squeezing them as my fingers fucked her good.


“Yes, sis, harder. Just like that he was doing it!”

“Then what?”

“I was… I was… I was…” Lilly started flopping like a grounded trout, bucking and jerking her angry little puss onto my eager fucking fingers.

“You was what?”

“Uh, I was cummmmminnggg!” She yelled and I quickly muffled the sound with my hand over her mouth, but I was still fucking her and it took me a few seconds to realise I was causing the ecstatic fit she was having, thrusting her little hips at me as I dug deep inside her hot wet twot.


I stopped moving and Lilly gently floated down from the rafters. Her breathing was ragged and she pushed my hand away to gasp for air. Half sitting and half lying there with my little sister’s legs splayed with my fingers right up inside her felt like heaven. She was spent; a sweat soaked angel coming down from cloud nine. I gently pulled my fingers from her beautiful little pussy until they were completely out. I instinctively went to lick them when I saw her blood on them too.


“Well, you’re a woman now too.” I said.

“Too?” She sat up on her elbows.

“Ma fucked me too.”

“She did?! - Jeeze!”

“What happened at the end, Lilly?”

“Oh, he cummed and I did. It was all over my belly. It’s soaked into my dress my though.”

“Is that what I can smell?”


“I can still taste his cum from your tongue.”

“Me too.”

“What he do then?”

“We heard Ma coming down the stairs. Pa put his thing away and hopped me off the table so when she come in it was all proper, like.”

“Do you think she knew?”

“I don’t know. She looked a might flushed. Maybe she suspect something. I don’t know. What do you think it all means, Bobby?”

“I don’t know. But I think life around here is gonna get real interesting.”


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