December 9, 2018

In all honesty, it was a sin for her to have a body like that. The problem was that Ayesha had this perfect 10 body but absolutely no brain whatsoever. Seriously, I know she’s my daughter, but she inherited her mother’s empty head. Don’t even ask me how I came to be with an empty-headed woman. I think it was lust. I always liked them small, and her work uniform only lacked a school tie to perfect my schoolgirl fantasy. I don’t know how many times I fucked her in that white blouse and short black skirt. She was just 19 at the time. A year later Ayesha happened. Wow!


Ayesha was an attention seeking child. “Look at me, Daddy! Look at me!” - All day, every day! But there wasn’t much going on upstairs. The lights were on but nobody was home, as they say. But as she hit puberty something wonderful and something terrible happened: Ayesha got sexy! Not just sexy either. She was a knockout! Her spindly legs became long and slender even at age eleven. At twelve her butt was in my dreams. And by thirteen her tits were waking me up at night. Ailsa, my wife, just found it funny that here was our own daughter turning into a premium choice cut right before my eyes and there was nothing I could do about it. She would tease me about it endlessly. Ailsa had always managed to keep her figure (mainly through dance classes and swimming) and by the time Ayesha was thirteen they were actually the same size.


One day I came from work and no-one was home, or so I thought. I called around the house and heard the words, “I’m up here, Daddy!” But something wasn’t right. I walked upstairs, curious as hell. I looked into Ayesha’s room, but she wasn’t there. She wasn’t in the spare room-study either, so I got to my bedroom finally and walked in. I stopped at the door and gawped at what I saw. There on the bed was Ailsa, dressed totally in Ayesha’s school uniform, lying on our bed - one knee up so I could see partially up her skirt. But it was Ayesha’s tight short black skirt and white blouse, with striped green and black tie to set it off perfectly. She also had on white cotton ankle socks that accentuated her legs in an innocent and yet provocative way. She had her hair in a simple and practical ponytail, which made her seem younger than her face would tell you. Ailsa was always young looking, and frequently was refused to be sold alcohol and cigarettes. I always told her to take it as a compliment. But right then she really looked like a schoolgirl. She really wouldn’t look amiss on a school bus, or in the hordes of kids wandering to or from our daughter’s Highschool.


The fact that she was in our daughter’s school uniform just made me instantly hard. Of course, her hair was a deep auburn, unlike Ayesha’s blonde. But I still stood there drinking in the sight of Ailsa the schoolgirl.


“What’s the matter, Daddy?” she said.

I must have blushed hugely because she added, “Don’t you like me like this?”

I was somehow unable to move, despite my cock trying to push through my work trousers.

“Don’t you want me?” she smiled. Then she bit her lip in her best little-girl way. I was rapt, but somehow rooted to the spot, immovable.

“Come here, Daddy…” smiled Ailsa, sitting up to crawl across the bed toward me like some predatory feline in my daughter’s school uniform. Her catlike prowl accentuated her athletic shape, the curve of her butt around and down her emerging thighs. Oh God!

“What’s this, Daddy?” she said as she pointed to my bulging length trying to push through my trousers. “Is it for me?” She said, “…Daddy?”

I nodded, smiling finally at Ailsa’s astonishing performance.

“Can I touch it, Daddy?”

“Of course you can, Ailsa.” I said.

“Ayesha, Daddy. Call me Ayesha.”

“Oh, God!” I breathed as Ailsa traced my length through my trousers, teasing it delightfully with her fingernails through the fabric. Innocent she was not. But I didn’t care right then.

“Can I see it, Daddy?” she said, looking up at me with pleading eyes.

“Yeah,” I breathed and I watched my little schoolgirl wife pretend to be my little schoolgirl daughter, except she was now unzipping my fly and easing out my straining cock.

“Oh Daddy! It’s so hard!” She purred and she started stoking me with a firm experienced hand. “Do I do it like this, Daddy?”

“Yes, baby. Keep doing it, honey.”

“Can I kiss it?” she said, looking up at me with puppy dog eyes.

“You can kiss it. You can lick it too, if you like.”

“Ooh, Daddy, that sounds nice.” Said Ailsa, a little too excited and a little too corny for any kind of realism. But this was role-play, so I let it go. My wife was doing her best, even if it was a bit cringe-worthy.


It was definitely a most memorable fuck. I’ll never forget the first time I saw her in that uniform. It was so amazing. It turned me on so much. We actually fucked for hours, mostly with her still in that uniform, but slowly it came off and I was back to fucking my wife. But she kept calling me Daddy all the while and insisted I call her Ayesha. What a woman!


From then on Ailsa would regularly steal Ayesha’s school uniform and indulge me in my fantasy, at least once a week. It was never planned out in advance, which just made it all the more exciting. We would get her uniform in quite a state! We popped buttons, even ripped a blouse, and of course they were regularly covered in cum. Mine and hers. She’s a bit of a gusher when she gets going.


One morning, as Ayesha was eating breakfast my wife caught my eye. She flicked her eyes to Ayesha’s blouse. White as virgin snow, but a noticeable missing button. I remember bursting that button free in a fit of passion just last week. I blushed at seeing my little girl wearing that passion filled shirt. Ailsa smiled naughtily, amused at my embarrassment. And my stunningly beautiful daughter was oblivious. As always.


And so it continued. It wasn’t something I really thought any more about. Except our daughter just kept getting better and better looking. Her svelte athletic body was developing nicely; not too fast, not too slow. Her budding breasts had starting filling out nicely, her butt cheeks like two eggs in a hanky, and her legs… Oh, those legs! Long, shapely legs I just wanted to lick up and down, right up to the secret sacred cove I knew was there, waiting. And every time I fucked Ailsa I was imagining she was Ayesha. And she was imagining she was Ayesha too! Or was she?


At fourteen Ayesha was so hot that even Ailsa couldn’t get her out of her mind, and I found her masturbating on our daughter’s bed, wearing her uniform when I came home one day. Of course I tore off my clothes and did her right there on our daughter’s bed. I was balls deep in my not-daughter when I glanced at the clock and realized Ayesha would be home from school at any second and find us playing “Fuck me, Daddy” in her room, on her bed, in her school uniform. That just made me go for it all the more.


“Oh, fuck me, Daddy!” Ailsa screamed as I ploughed her furrow deep and her soft wet flesh swam around me with gently clenching pussy walls coaxing me to climax. I sped up, thrusting fast and furious into her little girl quim, mouthing Ailsa’s lips with mine as I pumped her pussy full of hot spurts of cum.


“Oh, Daddy! Oh, Daddy! Oh, Daddy!” And I felt her cunt clamp me tight and then flush with girlie cum so my solid soldier was suddenly swimming in fluid ecstasy.


Just then we heard the front door open.

“I’m home!” called Ayesha. And then we heard the unmistakable sound of footsteps on the stairs!


I quickly pulled out and fumbled like crazy to stuff my wet Willy into my pants. Ailsa didn’t even try to right herself but just got up and ran from the room and down to ours, hoping Ayesha wouldn’t make it up the stairs and see her mother in her school uniform, having obviously fucked her brains out on her bed. I stumbled from her room and thankfully made it to our bedroom before Ayesha topped the stairs.


In our room Ailsa was stripping like a madwoman. Not sexy, but funny as Hell! I started chuckling and she shot me a look with highly amused eyes as we heard Ayesha go into her room. Ailsa threw on a pair of joggers and T-shirt and came over to me. Holding me close, she said, “I so want to fuck her!”


I was flabbergasted! “Really?” I gasped, amused as well.

“Are you fucking kidding me? - She’s gorgeous!”


It was getting ridiculous! Now we both wanted to fuck our daughter!


Of course, we could never do such a thing. It was unthinkable. And yet, whenever she was around my wife and I, we couldn’t help staring, swapping knowing looks, blushing, smiling at our private joke. Ailsa would look at my jeans and plainly see my straining cock. Likewise, I caught her “smuggling peanuts” through her halter tops many a time. Once, when Ayesha was showing us her latest gymnastics move in the living room, I could clearly see a trickle of glistening pussy juice trickle down the inside of Ailsa’s leg from beneath her skirt. It was crazy hot! And sure enough, we went upstairs and fucked to a cum-stop in about 30 seconds flat! LOL


The thing is, Ayesha didn’t seem to realise any of this was going on. In fact, she didn’t really know how absolutely fuckable she really was. It was as it should be, really. It was a husband and wife sex game. That’s cool, right? Kinky, but cool.


Then one day I got home to find Ayesha and Ailsa sitting in the lounge going through an old photo-album. It was pictures of Ailsa’s family when she was Ayesha’s age and younger. Ayesha looked through them with mocking.


“Oh God, Mum, what are you wearing?”

“Shut up, you! You’ll be looking back like this one day and laughing at what you’re wearing.”

“Yeah, whatever…”


I peered over to take a look. Sure, Ailsa was the same age, but she wasn’t the same shape, that was for sure. And Ayesha’s super-model facial features weren’t there either. But Ailsa was blonde. Sure as Hell! A very light blonde.


“I can’t believe you were blonde!” Blurted Ayesha.

“Yeah, until just before you were born.”

“Oh, my God, Mum! You have to go blonde again. We can be, like, twins!”

“Yeah, Mum,” I said, “you should.”

Ailsa looked at me with devilment in her eyes, “I should, should I…?”

“Absolutely,” I said, “you two could be, like, twins…”


Ailsa smiled at me. A rush of blood filled her face and she bit her lip like a little girl. I could see the clockwork mice turning the clattering cogs in her oversexed underdeveloped brain. I grinned knowingly and sauntered off to get changed. Ailsa wasn’t far behind me as I entered our bedroom. She tore off my clothes and moments later I was entering her lovely little love-closet; soft, wet and warm. We had to be quiet, of course, but in all honesty it didn’t take long and the impassioned quickie was over.


A week later, it was a Friday night with Ayesha staying over at her friend’s house. I was sitting in the lounge watching a rerun of 24, Jack Bauer running around with his man-bag with more tricks than Marry Poppins’ carpetbag in it. Can’t help it, I love me some Bauer. Jack Bauer, James Bond, Jason Bourne - what is it with JB’s? I love BJ’s too, of course!


Anyhow, I’m sitting watching Bauer smack some terrorists about when I hear Ailsa coming down the stairs and she breezes across in front of me and stands right in front of the screen.


“I’m trying to watch this!” I say in my best man-relaxing-here indignation voice.

“Really?” she says in a husky, slightly corny voice.


The lights are off so the only light is the unseen TV silhouetting my wife’s diminutive shape.


“Yeah, really…” I say. I can’t actually believe now that I said this, but obliviousness is my superpower. Actually, it’s most men’s superpower. Ladies, we have no clue!


“Are you sure you want to keep watching this show,” she paused for effect, “Daddy?”


Uh-oh! My spider-senses pricked up, which is exactly what my prick started to do. I leaned over and switching on the table-lamp and there she was - Ayesha, I mean, Ailsa. But blonde. Very, very blonde. Beautiful blonde. The same blonde as our sexy little daughter. And she was in her awesome little outfit again. Wow!


I can’t really explain how immersive it is to role-play daddy/daughter with your wife when she’s made every effort to look exactly like her. Fuck Bauer! This little girl was getting the treatment right now!


In the coming months we did it everywhere! We did it in Ayesha’s room every time we got the chance. We did it in the lounge, the kitchen, the dining room, the hallway, on the stairs and in the bathroom. We did it standing up, sitting down, on the table, under the table. We even started doing it while Ayesha was in the house! She would be downstairs in the lounge or taking a bath or in her room and we would be doing it in our room or downstairs somewhere. We were getting more and more daring too. One time we went out in the car at night, Ailsa all schoolgirled up, and we did in a car park next to Ayesha’s own school. We were getting out of control!


Then, one day I came home and there she was bending over the kitchen table, pretending to do homework from school. She even had what looked like Ayesha’s schoolwork out over the table. She was obviously deep into the scenario as she never even looked at me as I said hello as I walked into the kitchen behind her. But she had set the scene. I just had to play my part. She was Ayesha and I was Daddy.


I walked up behind her and with both hands I smoothed her beautifully rounded butt in its tight short black skirt. Ailsa had been working out to try to maintain her figure and it felt like it was paying dividends. Still she said nothing as I pressed up close behind her so she could feel my growing ardour against her tight butt cheeks. I leaned over her, smoothing up her taut body and I reached around to her perky breasts. I nuzzled into her neck, kissing it gently the way I know she likes as I whispered, “Daddy’s home”.


She still didn’t say anything, so I this was going to be a little bit of seduction. A slight gasp left her as I breathed into the back of her neck, kissing it ever so lightly as I continued to knead her breasts. Oh, if only these were Ayesha’s! I straightened up and smoothed down her taut body to her shapely bum encased in its skin-tight skirt. The black viscose warming my hands as I smoothed firmly over those perfect cheeks, the friction causing static electricity to pin-prick my palms.


I went to her skirt hem and gently pulled it up, up so I could see her perfect arse cheeks. But Ailsa hadn’t gone completely into character it seemed, as I was now looking at a skimpy grey lace thong and not the white cotton panties I was expecting. Still, you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, so I knelt behind my schoolgirl daughter and gently kissed over her pert half-moons, increasingly wet kisses as I heard her moan lightly. I dug my fingers into the waistband of her lacy thong and slowly peeled it free of Ayesha’s ass-crack. I followed it down, kissing deeper into her crack and lower so I could smell her daylong pussy-smell. I urged her legs apart and received no resistance as I nuzzled in tight to the well-spring of my lust. My nose inch-close to her puckered pungent knot, I let my tongue touch her velveteen folds. It was heaven as I tasted her schoolgirl quim; soft, warm and puffy, filled with coursing blood, filled with passion and sensitivity. My every movement made her whimper.


“Oh, Baby, you’re so hot!” I breathed hotly into her increasingly moist love muffin. I trailed up from her sensitive bud to the deepest well that passion knows, plunging my tongue inside before coming out and going through the labyrinthine folds of maturing pussy. As I reached her little bud I heard her gasp, slightly spreading her legs to give me better access. I was almost underneath her as I craned my neck to tease her pulsing throbbing bean. I could sense her getting more and more worked up as I went around and around her surrounded hood and then my coup de grace; I started flicking my tongue side to side, over and over, in rapid succession. This normally has her begging me to stop, but not today. Instead her whimpers became louder and louder as I thrashed her bud with my soft, wet, hard tongue.


I knew she was going to cum. Ailsa’s the Queen of the Quickie-Cum! Sometimes I think she likes quickies better than I do. It’s always been something that has amazed me about her. I know men can cum quickly, but you read so much about women needing ages to get worked up and sometimes still not cum. Not Ailsa. I’ve seen Ailsa cum in a minute flat! Of course, she likes the long nights of lovemaking too, but quickie sex is her favourite, I think.


As I forced my tongue into overdrive, flicking it like a thirsty dog, I heard her moan and grip the table. She tensed and then shuddered and I instantly slicked up to her cunny hole just as her floodgates opened. I opened my mouth, clamping my lips around hers and I drank down her tangy tasting cum. Ailsa’s a gusher and oral gets her juices flowing, so I guzzled down a long stream of juice that filled my mouth, swilling around my tongue and around gums, so I got the full taste in every part of my mouth before gulping it down my gullet.


I could hear her gasping as I licked her clean, little quivering aftershocks rocking her diminutive frame. Then I rose to my feet and quickly undid my trousers, dropping them and my shorts in an unceremonious, somewhat comic and undignified scramble to push them down to my ankles. As I stood up my erection buffeted her puffy wet pussy.


I heard her breathe, deep and desperate, as I fumbled for her slick little hole and nudged my bulbous head between her willing lips. It really didn’t take much to push right inside my little schoolgirl daughter and I panted, “Oh, Ayesha! I’ve wanted you for so long.”


I started up my thrusting, fucking her deep and long, enjoying the sight of my pubis bumping into her perfect bum and squashing it ever so briefly but so, so deliciously, before I pulled out and watched my raging cock come out and then go back inside my beautiful daughter - my wonderfully accommodating wife.


Holding her hips I started picking up speed. She was holding onto the table, her homework and pencils shuffling across it like an earthquake was rocking her world. And it was. I was. I went faster. Faster still. Enjoying that soft wet, clenching clam, that tunnel of love I was defiling with every manly muscle in my body, encompassed in that most manly man-muscle of rock hard, blood filled, cum filled cock!


She started gasping again, a breathy squeal starting to emanate from her unseen lips. Her hair was a matt of dirty blonde with curtains of hair dancing about her flushed cheeks. In that moment she was the sexiest I’ve ever seen her, even though I couldn’t see her face. I was getting close too as I felt that feeling deep inside my arsehole, upper underneath my root, through my ball-sack and up the stem of my raging love-tool. My glans were on cold fire as their ecstasy heightened to that moment no man can resist.


At that moment I heard her say, “Oh, Daddy! I’m cumming!” That was all I needed to hear as I felt that peak of pleasure and pushed deep inside her and shot my first load inside her pretty pussy to swim inside her like perfect unification. That’s what broke her banks and her second torrent came flooding through her lovely silkiness, setting my cock swimming for a moment in bliss as I pushed a second lesser spurt of cum deep into her. She clenched me with her pussy walls and came again, and I too let my last spit of sperm into her most female place. I fell forward over her, knackered completely as I heard her breathing rasping underneath me.


My breathing slowly recovered. My breaths becoming longer and longer. I was still inside my love, my cock still hard, when she said, “Daddy…?”


I froze.


I knew that voice.


Panic and horror filled me as I looked up. Still I couldn’t see, so I straightened up, still balls deep I watched as her head turned and I could see the flushed face of my daughter, Ayesha. My actual daughter, Ayesha. Her face was red, she was sweating, and she looked shyly at me over her shoulder. God, she was beautiful!


“Ayesha!” I blurted. “I’m so sorry, babe! I didn’t know it was you!”

She looked confused, “But you said my name.”

“Yeah, but I thought you were your mother.”

“But Daddy, I’m in my school uniform.”


Oh God, how could I explain this without seeming like a complete pervert? Then again, I was still hard and balls deep inside my 14-year-old schoolgirl daughter.


“Um, we do a bit of role-playing, sweetheart.”

She seemed to mull it over for a second.

“So Mum dresses up in school uniform for you?”

“Yes, honey.”

“Oh,” she said with final understanding, “in my school uniform?”

“Um… yes.”


“Sorry, honey” I said as I thought just how ludicrous this conversation was given the circumstances. Just then my cock involuntarily grew, like a flexing of its bulbous head, and she felt it. She looked me right in the eyes.


“Are you going to fuck me again, Daddy?”


I was gobsmacked! “Er, do you want me to?” I stammered.

“Well, you’re inside me already, and you’re still hard. So, it wouldn’t really be like a new fuck, would it?”

My brain exploded! She was reasoning this out. Holy Cow!


“Um, well, no. It would just be like the same fuck, when I thought you were your mother.”

“So, it wouldn’t really be, like, anyone’s fault.”

“That’s… right.” I agreed slowly, letting the full consequences of my actions from here on in seep into my sluggish brain.

“So…?” She said with a sexy little glint in her eye I had never ever seen before.

“Do you want to keep doing it like this?”

“What do you mean?” She looked confused.

“From behind.”

“Oh, right. Um, we could.”

“Or do you want to try it lying down or maybe with you on top?”

Her face flushed red but she giggled, “Jeez, Daddy! You’re so Dad-like.”

“What do you mean?”

“Asking me…”

“Well, it’s just that if we change position I’ll have to pull out of you.”


I felt her squeeze her pussy around my shaft and she bit her lip, just like her mother did.


It was just then that I heard the unmistakeable sound of Ailsa jangling her keys at the front door.


“Fuck! It’s your mother!” I blurted and quickly pulled out of my daughter’s sweet, sweet sex. I hurriedly bent down to pull up my boxers and trousers, and Ayesha turned and pulled up her lacy thong, nestling it tight to her cum-soaked quim. She dropped her skirt into place and I quickly kissed her on the lips. It was a weird kiss. Not quite fatherly. Not sexual, but wonderful nonetheless. Her full soft moist lips met mine in wonderful momentary reciprocity and we parted. I was still sporting a hard-on, a blessing and a curse I’ve had to deal with all my life that I simply don’t just lose my erection after cumming. But I’d started to get aroused again too, so this was mission impossible here.


I started doing Math problems in my head and managed to make it to the fridge before my wife walked into the kitchen. The fridge door was hiding my bulge as I pretended to peruse its contents. Ailsa put her things on the table. Some shopping spilled from one of her bags and she flustered to catch it all before it rolled off the table. She missed a peach and it rolled like providence to my feet. Ailsa darted to it and picked it up, and she was eye level with my bulge.


She looked up at me and smiled. She rose to her feet, wiping the peach on her top as she did so. She looked over at Ayesha in her unkempt school uniform, her flushed face and messy hair. Then, looking directly looking at me, she bit deeply into that juicy peach.



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