Camping Lessons - Part 4

May 29, 2019



All day at work my mind was preoccupied. I couldn’t get the idea out of my head that I was being manipulated by two beautiful women; my wife and my daughter. Had my wife really taught my little girl how to touch herself? Had she taught her how to tongue a woman to orgasm? Were they really lovers whenever my back was turned? It’s a good job I had a desk in front of me at work or everyone would have seen my rock hard cock trying to push through my suit pants.


As I drove home I was almost dreading the teasing and torture they would both be dealing out to me. I just wanted a straight answer: Were they really doing it? I had no objection, to be sure, in fact it turned me on beyond belief, and they both knew it. Truth was, since my daughter’s and my camping trip we’d been having sneaky sex too and she was amazing and eager and willing as fuck! Dammit! I was hard again!


I pulled into the drive and looked at the house as I pulled slowly into the garage, like Daniel into the Lions’ Den. I went inside and straight away I could smell dinner being cooked. I walked into the kitchen to see Beth, my wife, standing at the cooker stirring something. I walked up behind her and nuzzled into her neck as I pressed close up to her, my residual boner pressing firmly into the top of her ass crack.


“I’m home” I said coolly.

“I can feel” said Beth nonchalantly.

“When will food be ready?”

“About fifteen minutes”.


I reached around her and smoothed up and down her womanly shape.


“Can you leave it for a bit?” I said, subconsciously pressing my resurgent member into her.

“Nope,” She butted me away with deft butt motion!

“Hey!” I said, “That’s not nice.”

“Well, you’ll just appreciate dessert all the more later, won’t you?” She said. She looked over her shoulder and winked at me a sexy little wink that meant I was definitely on a promise.

“I’ll go change, then.” I said.


I started off for the stairs when she said, “Save me some of the good stuff, eh?” And she turned her perfect ass.


Save me some of the good stuff - She expected me to go upstairs and jerk off. She wasn’t wrong. I was almost at bursting point as it was.


I walked up the stairs resigned to my solo release, when I say my daughter’s door ajar. I looked in to see Demi lying on her bed. She looked wonderful, as always, and I had to stop and take it all in: Her long legs for her age, her svelte figure with those small handfuls of joy just starting to feel gravity on their pert protrusion. She was clothed, of course, in a little white skirt and a slack T-Shirt that was too big and hung off one shoulder. I had been told that that was the fashion, but I wasn’t complaining. Demi’s eyes darted from her phone to me and they lit up.


She bounced to her feet, “Daddy!” And she scampered across her room to meet me in the hallway. She hugged me tightly and I knew she’d get a feel of my hardness as she did. She exaggerated her shock as she stepped off and put her fingers to her lips. “Daddy! What’s that?” She played.


I shook my head and walked to my bedroom to the giggles of my daughter behind me. I quickly undressed and took a cool shower. I was growing bored of the constant teasing, the taunting of my flimsy masculinity. I was tired of being mocked and played with like a toy for the females in my household. But what could I do about it? If I called them out about it, it might backfire, and I could end up in divorce court or jail. Shit.


Jenny called from downstairs, saying that food was ready. I put on some slacks and T-Shirt and walked downstairs. In the dining room I saw the table laid with potatoes, sweetcorn and Chicken Kiev. It was Demi’s favorite and Jenny liked it because it was easy to cook. They both looked up at me and smiled, Jenny looking sexy as Hell, and Demi cute as. I walked slowly into the lion’s den and sat at the head of the table between my two tormentors.


I helped myself to some sweetcorn and potatoes and started to eat. Jenny was eyeing me, and Demi was sneaking every look she could whenever her Mom looked down. Demi smiled wickedly as she swiveled in her seat to face me.


“Tastes good, don’t it, Daddy?” She grinned, teasing buttered chicken into her cute little lips.

“Doesn’t it”, I corrected.

Jenny smiled, “Juicy, isn’t it?” She smoothed over the table to my arm and gently bristled the hairs on its prickled surface.


It was then I felt something touch my inside leg. I looked up, but Jenny was still toying with my arm. When I looked at Demi I could see the glint of recognition in her eyes. She’d reached her spot and even as she grinned her cutest little grin at me her toes were stroking my inflating member. I wanted to tell her to stop, and I wanted her to continue twice as much, but I just kept eating and eating.


Jenny was silent beside me as she too ate, and then I felt her hand on my thigh. Any minute now my wife’s fingers and my daughter’s toes would meet each other as they both tried to stroke my bulging cock! I swallowed hard.


I looked at Demi and flashed a warning, at which she almost giggled, but suddenly her toes disappeared, quickly replaced by Jenny’s smooth stroking fingers. I continued to eat, not really tasting the food anymore, but more automatically shoveling it into my mouth like coal into a steam engine.


“Mom, may I be excused, please?” Said Demi cutely. Somehow her plate was clean and she had on a killer smile.

“Sure, honey. You got homework?”

“Um, just something I need to do… in my room…”


Masturbating? Right? That sounds like she was asking her Mom for permission to go to her room and masturbate. I wasn’t imagining it, was I? And if Jenny knew Demi was masturbating did she know because she had taught her how to do it?


“Sure, you go… do what you got to do…” said Jenny.


Demi smiled and jauntily left the room, her short white skirt dancing about her lovely thighs as she moved. I heard the drumming of her feet as she ran up the stairs one at a time, and I heard her bedroom door close firmly as she obviously wanted some privacy.


Jenny’s eyes fixed on mine as she continued to trace the outline of my angry member. I continued eating what I could, getting faster and faster as I did. She put her own fork down and started to touch herself, lightly at first, then with more urgency as she turned herself on more and more.


 “Jen,” I said in as smooth a voice as I could, “will you stop tormenting me now and tell me the truth?”


Heavy lidded eyes sunk deep into me as Jenny stretched her arm out toward me, but instead of touching me she started to push back my food and everything in her way - wiping her arm across the table like a windshield wiper, with all the dinner plates, glasses and cutlery gathered in a tidal wave of impatience and pent up passion.


“Jenny? Are you okay?” I fumbled.


But Jenny just kept on looking at me like a leopard does its prey, and she crawled up onto the table, swiveling to allow her legs to come forward toward me. Her black gypsy skirt and white shoulderless top were loose in the best kind of way, her legs emerging up to her open thighs as her feet perched on the edge of the table, her shoulders promised skin - smooth, silky, sultry skin, and lots of it under her flimsy garments.


“Jesus Christ…” I blurted, “okay, we’re doing this, are we?”


Jenny licked her lips and pulled at her skirt gathered between her bronzed thighs. I watched, unable to really take my eyes off her and where she was directing me. As the festoons lifted from the proscenium I could see my wife’s delicate flower pouting its orchid lips at me, dew laden and emanating her deeply female musk. I could almost taste her on my lips as I looked into her treasure trove. She reached forward and kissed me deeply - our tongues entwining, my heart pounding. She held my head as we kissed and when she broke off her lips from mine she looked like pure sex. Without the merest warning or request Jenny pulled me down into her valley of sin and I had no choice in the matter. Not that I wanted a choice, to be honest. I was now sharing my pants with a rather large python who was dying to escape!


I dived right into my wife’s nether regions, lapping like a thirsty dog at her juicy open peach. She tasted wonderful, mature, spicy even. I looked up to see Jenny’s face tilted up in that way she did when she didn’t want to show me her “cum-face”, which she said looked like an old man having a shit. No idea where she ever saw an old man having a shit but I rather liked her cum-face. To me it was like she was tasting fabulous wine, wanting to savor it and denying her other senses any mind at all - she was effectively deaf, blind and dumb during these mini-orgasms and I never wanted wrest her from them.


What I saw next meant I really didn’t want to disturb her. In the background, behind Jenny I could see Demi standing, watching us. I flicked my eyes up to indicate for her to go back upstairs, but Demi had other ideas. I washed as she sauntered into the dining room, nonchalantly eyeing us as she seemed to be deciding what to do. Then I saw her going under the table. She crawled the length of it, with me tongue-fucking her Mom, until she appeared at my crotch and deftly set to undoing my pants.


Sweet Jesus - this was wrong! But my cock leapt out of my pants and hit her square in the eye! She squealed and I was sure Jenny would have heard her if she hadn’t herself been in a state of ecstasy. So, there I was, tonguing my wife’s clit as my daughter enveloped my eager man muscle with her soft wet beautiful mouth. As Demi went to work I felt my own pleasure rising.


What if I shot my load in Demi’s mouth? Would Jenny think I was impotent? I sat up for a second as Demi’s tongue flicked rapidly across my glans. Then suddenly, she pulled away. I watched as Demi unceremoniously divested herself of her tight white panties. Realizing I was neglecting my husbandly duties I leaned in and went back to work on Jenny’s succulent fruit. It was at this point I felt Demi’s fingers tuck into my slacks and begin dragging them down my trembling legs as I lifted accommodatingly. I glanced down through the glass table and made out the sight of Demi’s perfect ass underneath as she lifted first one and then her other leg up onto my thighs and wiggled her fluffy pompom at my shining cockhead!


But I was busy! - And this was madness!


I saw her glance over her shoulder in a slightly annoyed glance as she held herself up on her hands. Then she moved to just one hand as her over went between us and guided my rampant cock right into my daughter’s cunt. Her hand went back to the floor as she wriggled me deeper inside her, her thighs dancing high around me as her short which skirt wriggled and danced above her pert white bum and below her gymnastic frame.


My nubile daughter started rocking herself back and fore, our union tight and awkward. I was sure the hair on my legs would soon started chafing her own bare thighs, but it felt so good! I couldn’t help but sneak a hand from my wife’s womanly backside to knead the pert young buns I could see through the glass. I must have been neglecting her because Jenny opened her eyes and dove right at me, yanking my head up with her hands so she could taste herself on my lips.


Sweet Jesus! - I was going to pop!


As I rose my chair creaked back and Demi’s legs fell off my disappearing lap and her feet found the floor. Even now my cock would slide free of our naughty little daughter, and she was gratefully taking my thrusts as I replaced her vigor with my own.


“I want you!” said Jenny into my breathless lips.


Just then, Jenny looked down between her legs, through our glass dining table, directly at my cock going in and out between our daughter’s butt cheeks, right into her teenage cunt. I looked into Jenny’s eyes as she realized exactly what was happening.


“Well, you said you two were…” my reasoning faltered. I could see it on her face - the shock, the rage, the… but wait… she looked down again, then up at me.

“That’s Demi,” she said incredulously.

I nodded dumbly, made all the more difficult because Demi was energetically pumping me to a creamy sundae.

“I thought…” I hadn’t thought. Or at least I had thought of nothing else, but I hadn’t gotten an answer out of either of them.

“Fuck me!” Blurted Jenny and shunted her ass to the table edge.


I pulled my cock from Demi’s tight little quim and positioned it to Jenny’s. In I went like a rat down a sewer pipe! I filled her up in one go, slick with our daughter’s juices, and could feel her clenched her pussy around me as I started a slow deliberate fuck.


“Demi,” called Jenny, “climb up onto the table with me”.


I watched Demi emerge from under the table, rapt by the sight of her Mom and Dad in the act of making love. Jenny beckoned with her finger as she lay down flat upon the table.


“I want your pussy on my lips,” breathed Jenny.


I slowed to a stop as I watched Demi climb on the dining table, stand over her Mom and then slowly descend so her skirt covered her Mom’s face. I reached forward and pulled that elasticated white cotton skirt right up and off her slender little body. I peered around to see my wife getting a mouthful of teenage cunt and her eyes met mine with pure lust. I started fucking her, slow deliberate strokes I wanted to savor as I watched her tongue her way through Demi’s delights.


“Show me your tits, Honey,” I heard my wife say.


Demi lifted her T-shirt and discarded it, then deftly unclipped her bra and tossed it aside also, leaving me with the tantalizing view of her bare back. My wife wrapped her legs around my back and urged me faster with her calves. I took the hint and increased my thrusts into her wanton body.


“That’s my girl,” purred my wife to my daughter.


She reached up Demi’s body and I knew she was cupping our daughter’s pert little breasts. I leaned forward and kissed Demi’s back, little tender loving kisses and she moaned with the delight her parents were giving her.


“Mmm… Dad, that’s so…” she breathed.

“He’s kissing your back isn’t he?” asked Jenny.

“It’s so nice” Demi nodded.

“If you think that’s nice, hold onto your hat, Honey, ‘cause this is gonna blow your socks off”.


And I couldn’t see what Jenny was doing to our daughter, but I felt the effect on her as she moaned and writhed. She leaned back and kissed her shoulder and nuzzled into her neck. Her head tilted back and now I could see her beautiful little domes being kneaded and pinched like little dough balls, and down between them I could see right down to my wanton wife, latched onto our daughter’s cunt like a toddler to its ice-cream; lapping, sucked, teasing her little clit with the tip of her tongue. She saw me looking down at her and we shared the most erotic moment of our lives right there with our daughter between us.


I started fucking faster, deeper, never taking my eyes off Jenny’s until Demi turned her head to kiss me and delved into my mouth with her willing teenage tongue!


Holy Jesus! - I was fucking my wife and kissing my daughter and my wife was fucking me and eating out our daughter!


I reached around Demi and felt for her breast and Jenny’s fingers entwined with mine over our daughter’s delicious mound of soft firm breast. I went faster and I knew I was going to come. Demi started panting as she broke off her impassioned kiss, and I heard the tell-tale squeals of Jenny’s muffled cries as she buried them into our daughter’s delicious quim.


Faster I went, as did Jenny, and Demi lolled pathetically between us, her cries now loader, more vocal than before. Faster I went, my stomach muscles burning fore rest, but my balls allowing none! Then, suddenly, I burst my seam and hosed my wife’s insides with hot thick spunk! I must have tipped her over the edge because she oozed her own juices around me, clenching her pelvic muscles and gripping me and relaxing as she came several times, all the while pulling me deeper into her with her strong thigh muscles. Demi, meanwhile was in delirium. She whined a high pitched cry and began involuntarily juddering, jerking her pelvis into to her Mom’s mouth, Jenny never letting up, almost suffocating in her daughter’s wet fleshly cunt. And then she slumped back against me and was silent except for the ragged rasp of her slowing breath.


I looked down at Jenny. I’d made her my accomplice. She was as guilty as I was now. We were both incestuous parents. But I didn’t see remorse in Jenny’s eyes. Oh no, far from it. As I gently pulled my cock from her spasming cunt and she opened her legs to legs me go, I heard the words, “Now, Demi, let’s sixty-nine and see what you’re really like.”


As I sat there watching my wife and daughter get into a sixty-nine, right there on the dinner table, it was the most erotic thing I had ever seen - the two ladies in my life pleasing each other like only they can - I knew my life was going to get a whole lot better and a whole lot more complicated.

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