Movie Mom 4 - Movie Night In

June 16, 2019

We daren’t go back to the AMC after our last escapade. I bet they’re still mopping up! LOL! But Mom and I still had those sneaky looks now and then: Knowing looks; Needy looks. But Dad seemed to always be around. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my Dad, but he’s not Mom. And Mom and I, well, you know.


Then one night one of Dad’s friends was getting married and Dad had to go out on his Stag Night. I asked Mom what that was but she just shrugged and called it one of the mysteries of men. The best thing was though, when Dad said he’d be out Mom said, “That’s okay honey. We’ll just rent a movie”. She looked at me as she said it and God! I knew what that meant! I got instantly moist as I smiled broadly at Mom, “Yeah, that’ll be good”.


“Well, that’s settled,” said Dad and went off to start getting ready. Mom called after him, “We’re going to the video store. I have my keys”.


At the video store we searched through the titles. I loved video stores. I could spend hours in them looking through the movies, many of which were straight-to-video titles that were so sleazy that you had to giggle at their honesty. I was looking through the horrors when Mom came and stood next to me.


“I’ve got it” she said, and she held up the video Poison Ivy. It’s hard to remember now, but Drew Barrymore was quite the bad girl in her teens, and this video kind of cemented that reputation. It’s a sexy story of a young girl seducing her friend’s father. Mom winked at me and I swear I felt my nipples harden right there in the store.


“You ready to go?” she whispered with an undercurrent in her voice.

“You know I’m ready, Mom” I said.


All the way home I just couldn’t take my eyes off Mom’s legs. She had on the best short white figure hugging dress – far too good for mooching at the video store, so I guessed it was for my benefit. And hell it was working!


Me? I was in cut-off jeans and a pink tank top. When we got home Dad was looking spruce: Showered, shaved and smart. I never noticed him looking this good before, but then he didn’t go out much. He had turned up grey slacks with a white collared shirt on, with white deck shoes. I think he still thought it was the 80’s or something, but hey, he looked the biz.


He kissed Mom and me and was out the door in no time. I couldn’t wait! We’d never done anything at home and I wasn’t sure if I was really reading the signs right. I mean, you always have that doubt, right?


I put some pop-corn on, got the sodas and got it all set up by the time Mom came downstairs. She’d changed into her red silk robe; a short thing, Chinese style. Or Japanese, I can never tell. But it had navy blue trimming and caught every glint of the golden lamplight of the den. So too did Mom’s golden thighs. She sure worked hard on those legs, and it paid off, big-time.


Mom smiled at me as she broke open the case and pulled out the cassette. She pressed the eject button and the old top loader gently rose its cassette carriage. I loved that old machine. She put in the tape and pushed the thing down into place and pressed play.


Remember renting videos? It was Hell, right? You had to get the tracking right or the picture would rip up on the top or the bottom. And tapes or tape heads would get dirty and you had to clean them all the time. Dad lectured me over and over about not using old or dirty tapes. Thing is, the more you used a tape the worse they got, flecking all over. But this tape was new. I think it had been out maybe a week, which meant seven plays before us. Should be still good. And it was. The blanking went on for maybe 30 seconds before the first trailers came on. Totally crap movie trailers for totally crap movies you were never gonna rent. Then, without warning, the feature started. You could barely tell the difference from the trailers except for the pacing and you thought “Shit! Movie’s started!”


So, here’s Mom and me watching Drew Barrymore oozing sex appeal all over the shop. It was about twenty minutes in before the story got steamy, although we were treated to lots of shots of Drew’s sexy shape. Now this might seem weird to you – considering all that had happened between Mom and I – but I never considered myself a lesbian. Actually, I never even found girls attractive in that sexy way before, but Drew’s lily-white thighs and her stick on tattoo were just driving me crazy.


I glanced over at Mom and that’s when I noticed her robe had parted and she had opened her legs to gently stroke her glistening pussy. I didn’t know where to look for the best excitement and shifted uncomfortably in my tightening shorts as I became more and more aroused.


Mom smiled over at me, “Why don’t you take them off?” she suggested. I didn’t need telling twice, and quickly unbuttoned and unzipped them. I shifted to allow my thumbs to drag them down my legs and off. “You keeping your panties on for fun, or are you still playing hard to get?” Mom breathed in a husky slut dripping whisper.


I smiled coyly as I quickly divested myself of those too, and for measure I ripped my tank top over my head and popped my bra to let those puppies loose. “That’s more like it!” said Mom as she shrugged her robe off her shoulders to reveal her totally naked underneath.


We kept watching the movie, both slowly stroking our oozing snatches, gently pawing our breasts with our free hands.


“This is nice,” said Mom looking over at me, “you and me; Mom and daughter, quality alone time.” She grinned naughtily and I remember giggling at our co-conspired naughtiness.


As the movie progressed it got steamier and steamier as this young girl seduces her best friend’s Dad. Somehow it was sexy as fuck as they started to roll around on a car hood in the rain. I started masturbating faster, and Mom noticed.


“Mmm… you like that don’t you?” she whispered. I didn’t deny it and Mom slunk down onto the carpet and cat-walked on all fours across to me on the sofa, her feline shape accentuated by her shoulder blades rising and falling like a sexy cat on the prowl, stalking her prey, stalking me. She stopped below me, looking up through my wide open legs.


I must have been in full heat because I just inched my bare pussy to the edge of the sofa, offering myself to her. Mom poured her thumbs into me and opened me up to her talented tongue. I gasped. “Oh, Mom!”


She looked up, her lips glistening with my juices. “Yeah, Honey. You taste so good!” It was weird hearing her talking full volume in this way while we did the secret thing. I mean, we’d only ever done this stuff in the cinema before, so I was used to whispering and hearing Mom whisper. Now she was full sexy volume, the husky rasp of her lust filled tones rolled in her slender throat and sent shivers through my body. Also, I was used to not seeing much but glimpses in flickering light, or silhouettes, dark shapes, and having to feel my way around my sexy Mom and vice versa. Now I could see the smooth curves of her shoulders, her golden skin, the hour-glass figure she did so well to keep, and the swell of her full womanly breasts. Sure, she was me in twenty years. I was her twenty years ago. And she and I were knockouts! Our ocean blue eyes were like sapphires as they sparkled, roaming over both hers and my shapely bodies. Mom’s blonde tresses danced about her shoulders, while mine were tied up in a ponytail slung over the back of the sofa.


She went to work! It was so hot to see my own Mom licking up my succulent split! I gasped as I pawed my tightening tits and raked my fingernails down my hips to my rounded little ass. It felt so good as she teased my lips with the tip of her tongue. I held onto my lovely little buds as they started to swell and tingle like I was flying over a high hill, my nipples sizzled under my fingers and thumbs.


On screen I could see Drew Barrymore wrapping her bare legs around Tom Skerrit in a pseudo Dad-fuck and I - was - hot! What was this? Was I now having Daddy issues to go along with my really obvious Mommy issues? I looked down to see Mom’s eyes looking heavy lidded up my naked body from between my open thighs. I had perched my feet on the sofa’s edge as Mom munched me with an expertise I had never questioned. Oh, my God! Was Mom a dyke?! But wait, I knew her and Dad still did it (we have really thin walls), so she must be bi. Thing is, in 1992 I had no idea Bi was a thing. No one did. Except the Bisexuals, of course. Fuck Me! This sex thing was complicated!


As Mom went lower she went deeper. Her tongue pushed into me like a soft wet mini-penis or something. What did I know? I’d never had a penis, mini or any other kind. But Mom started fucking me with it. Her head was bobbing up and down as she extended as much into me as she could. And it felt awesome! That deep, deep stirring began inside me. That salacious tingling starting to grow, fizzing over my skin and throbbing inside my cunt.


“Oh, Mom!” I gasped.


To my horror, Mom stopped to look up and grin broadly like the cat who got the cream.


“Don’t stop!” I gasped.

“Hold on, little whippet.” She breathed in a low, sexy tone. “You want more from Mommy?” She rasped.


Oh, Fuck! - She was teasing me! And that, “Mommy” suddenly sounded sexy. I never thought of it as sexy before. But now it was damn sexy.


“Yes, Mommy!” I whined, “Please fuck me, Mommy!”


Her eyes lit up as I joined in her sexy talk. This sick, twisted, incestuous, lesbian, sexy talk.


“One finger or two?” She asked like she was offering fish sticks for lunch.

“Three” I said, biting my lip with cuteness.

“Why don’t we work our way up to three?” She said in that motherly tone when I wanted something she knew would be too much for me all at once, like that first sip of beer instead of a whole glass, or that mid-thigh skirt before the mini, or that small little run-around before a Jeep. I was going to have to prove myself first. But what Mom didn’t know was that I had been using three fingers on myself in bed for months, sometimes four, I even tried to fist myself once, but that really was my eyes bigger than my belly, so to speak.


Mom knelt up, exposing her beautiful breasts to me. She looked me right in the eyes as she slowly worked her finger inside me.


“How does that feel?”

“Nice… but…”

“Yes, you have a nice butt.”


She smiled as she started to work it in and out of my succulent hole. Almost without pause I felt her second finger slide in next to her first. She kept up that slow but steady rhythm as her other hand felt up and down my thighs.


It was starting to get real nice. And I mean real nice. I could feel my juices oozing inside me, my little cunny swallowing her experienced fingers. I clutched my tits as Mom fucked me, working them with angry, passionate fingers, leaving red rake marks where they had pleasured me. My nipples hardened to bullets as they tingled and sent little shots of pleasure through me like neat vodka!


“Holy Fuck, Mom!” I breathed.


Mom lowered her head so I couldn’t really see what she was doing, but I felt it. Her tongue ploughed through my velveteen folds, sending tingles of excitement through my pussy, right up inside me, throbbing like a need, like a ball of fire deep inside, making my love tunnel ooze with juice, my asshole pucker up as the sensation went right through my ass too and settled with that same ball of fire inside of me.


Mom’s fingers inside me were so good! They weren’t pumping in and out, just settled, twiddling deep inside me, touching that ball of fire and making me grip the sofa with the intense pleasure she was teasing out of me. She knew what she was doing. How many times had she done this to other women - girls, even? I didn’t know and I didn’t care at that moment.


Just then I heard something outside. I listened carefully and could hear the unmistakable sound of men getting out of a car out front.


“Mom!” I blurted.


Mom was busy though, licking from my grateful cunt like it were an ice-cream sundae. The noises were now clearer. Two men’s voices were laughing and jeering as they shuffled up the driveway.


“Mom, there’s someone coming!” I said urgently.

“Mmmmm, me too…” she purred.

“No, Mom. There are men coming up the drive.”


Mom perked up like a Meerkat, her face pointed toward the door. The noises got louder as the men came closer.


“It’s Paul and Jerry, your Dad’s friends. I bet he’s pissed out of his head.”

“What do we do?”

“Get in the kitchen. I’ll deal with this.” She said as she put on her silk nightie just as there were three rapid knocks at the door.


I grabbed my stuff off the floor and ducked into the kitchen. Standing there naked in the dark is one of the most surreal things I’ve ever done. I peered in through the den to the hallway as Mom, dressed only in her sexy silk nightie, answered the door.


“Oh, hi, Suzanne,” said a surprised sounding guy.

“Sorry, Sue. He downed six bourbons and four pints and he’s out.” Said another voice.

“It’s not even eleven.”

“I know,” said the first, “he never could take his liqueur.”

“Can you get him to the couch?”



There was much huffing and shuffling until the guys got Dad to the couch and put him down. He was out for the count. They stood up and I could see them both eyeing Mom up and down, but then, she was sexy as fuck in that short little silk number, its neckline low and her legs on full show for the horny men ogling her right now. She’s not yours. She’s mine.


Somehow she ushered them back to the door and their cab was still waiting for them. She waved them off and locked the door.


I walked pensively back into the room, still holding my clothes before me. Dad was outers. Gone! Kaput! Nothing but an open mouth and closed dreamy eyes. His smart clothes were crumpled and half open and he just hung there on the couch like a wet cloth on a saucepan.


Mom could see me looking at Dad. “Don’t worry, your Dad’s a lightweight. Once the drink and the fresh air hit him he’s gutter fodder. He’s lucky he’s got good buddies or we could have found him in an alley or ditch before now.”

“But, what do we do?”

“With him? Nothing. He’ll sleep it off.”

“No, I meant…”

She smiled, “Oh, you meant, what do WE do?”

I blushed.

“Well, honey, we can do whatever we like coz Rip Van Winkle here is going nowhere.”


With that she reached down and kissed Dad on the lips. He never even knew. She stood up and undid her sexy slip and it slipped right off her shoulders to the floor right in front of Dad.


“Well, come and get it, if you want it.” She purred.


I don’t think I have ever seen anything or anyone as sexy as Mom was right then. The low lamplight was bathing her golden skin in yet more gold, adding soft contours to her own soft contours, her long slick legs, her rounded hips and butt, her slim waist and full pouting breasts teased me. Her lips were moist and her eyes were heavy-lidded fuck-me eyes I knew.


I dropped my clothes and stepped over them, one eye on Movie Mom and one eye on Dead-to-the-World Dad. Somehow having Dad right there made this all the sexier. What if in his drunken stupor he opened an eye and got an eyeful of his wife and his daughter naked together, maybe kissing, maybe touching, maybe fingering, licking, fisting!


God! Don’t cum yet! - I thought to myself as I felt the excitement in me well up like a shaken bottle of soda. Mom sat on the edge of the couch next to Dad, opened her legs and beckoned me. “Here, Kitty-Kitty!”


I dove right in there! I was on my knees lapping Mom-cum like an eager little beaver. I couldn’t get enough fast enough.


“Whoa now…” soothed Mom. “There’s no hurry.” Then Mom leant back on Dad and he groaned in his unconscious sleep. She pulled one foot up and urged herself onto my hovering tongue.


I was in heaven! Mom switched on the film again and it clunked back into play and whirred into action. The flicker of the movie and the sounds of that girl and her friend’s dad! Oh, yeah!


Mom then took me by the chin and urged me up. I stood, not sure what she wanted, but the sight of naked Mom next to sleeping Dad had me oozing girlie juice all down my inner thighs. Mom spotted it right away and rolled a finger to catch my tears of excitement. She breathed in my musky aroma before licking that finger clean. I was still unsure, nervous even, of what I should be doing. But Mom seemed to be enjoying the fact that her daughter was naked before them and she was enjoying her fruits.


She smoothed her hands up my thighs to my rounded little ass and pulled me closer as she trailed her hands back down my thighs, over my calves and right to my ankles, having to lean forward to do so, bringing her lips within kissing distance of my pouty little pussy!


I felt her tongue nudge gently and wetly into my inner peach. As it teased up and down I felt myself open like a flower blooming, unfolding its petals and bathing in the attraction of a busy little bee collecting its nectar.


She went up and hit my clit and suddenly I was on tiptoes! My reflex action to pull up away from excruciating pleasure.


“Mom,” I said in shivered tones, “Sixty-Nine”.


Mom’s face arose from below me like the morning sun, beaming rays of like from a smile so wide that I thought she would start laughing at any moment.


“You’re a naughty girl.”

“Maybe you should spank me.”

“Maybe I should.” She said and she grabbed my wrist and pulled me down, manhandling me over her knees, which she had quick put together. I wasn’t exact non-compliant. This was fun. I giggled as Mom put her hand on my bottom.

“You think it’s funny, do you?” She asked in a rhetorical bark.

It was then that I felt and heard a loud hard smack on my ass. It hurt!

“Ouch!” I complained.


Then she smoothed over my pert little buns before smacking me again.

“Ow! Mom!” I wasn’t used to this. Mom and Dad neither spanked me as a child. Never.

Mom’s hand lingered on my ass again, swirling around in circular movements, occasionally smoothing down the backs of my thighs and back up.


Smack! - “Mom!” I complained.


But Mom was busy smoothing me over again, this time going down my ass-crack and feeling my puffy pussy lips underneath. I was so wet! She toyed with my lips, twiddling them, feeling up and around them, spreading my juices all over my throbbing cooch.


“Fuck me, Mommy!” I pleaded.

She pulled her hand free and - SLAP! - My ass cheeks burned with her intemperance. I yelped helplessly, but it felt good too.

“You dare speak to your own Mother like that?” - Slap!

I couldn’t help but pick up the tone of Mom’s voice. It was a familiar tone I knew so well, and yet couldn’t put my finger on.

“Yes, Mommy. I want you to fuck me!” - Fuck, I was turned on! - SLAP!

It stung, but its ripples went right down to my pussy and I ground it into Mom’s thigh for relief. Mom smoothed over my ass again, “Is this what you want?” She purred.

“More, Mommy. Please more…”


She eased back down between my cheeks trailing her thumb down until I felt it gently slip into my cunt. I started trying to fuck it instantly as Mom’s fingers tickled my clit, pinched it and rolled it easily. She pumped me several times with her thumb before pulling out completely, replacing it with two nice long fingers.


But that wasn’t the end of it, because Mom’s thumb then insisted itself into the puckered knot of my ass. I couldn’t believe it! A) Because it was my ass! - Hello! And, B) Because it felt so good! Who knew?! Having Mom fuck me in the ass and the pussy simultaneously was a wonder I had never thought of. But maybe she had given it some thought for the both of us, because I was rising high with the sensations of double penetration. Mom’s fingers and thumb were all tormenting my G-spot (which I learned the name of much later, by the way) that I was whining with pleasure, writhing on Mom’s lap as I felt it beginning.


I felt it first in my swollen tits. It coursed through my body, my ass, my pussy and deep inside where my throbbing ball was going nuclear! I felt it start to throb so intensely that I started thrashing on Mom’s thighs, my body uncontrollable right then as the ball seemed to grow with each excruciating throb. Then suddenly - Chernobyl! I burst inside! Complete meltdown! I shrieked and Mom quickly put her other hand over my mouth, shushing me. But I was cumming! I felt the rush of cum deep inside as it flooded my cunt full and then sprayed out around Mom’s fucking fingers! I squealed mutely through Mom’s fingers as her others pumped me yet further!


I felt myself cum again and a little squirt coming out like an afterthought. But Mom still didn’t stop. Instead she fucked me hard and crazy, pussy and ass, until I felt that nuclear explosion one more time inside me. I sprayed her again! But she kept at it! Again! I looked back, half in anguish and half in ecstasy and saw Mom get splashed in the face with my latest squirt.


“Oh Jesus!” I moaned.


And that’s when I lost it! I started really thrashing, as much to get away from Mom as anything else. It was too much! Too excruciatingly pleasurable to bear. I bucked as Mom fucked, until I spasmed so much, arms and legs flailing like an epileptic fit, that suddenly I fell to the floor.


I lay there, squeezing my thighs together, enjoying one after another mini-orgasm just from little crushes on my clit and little clenches of my overworked cunt muscles. I whimpered on the floor as Mom looked down upon my spent satiated teenage body. I must have looked a sight with my reddened ass cheeks rising and falling as I whimpered pitifully, shuddering as I did so, another mini-explosion deep inside me.


“What’s going on?” I heard Dad say. I froze!



To be continued…






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