Long Haul Road Trip - 2nd Leg

August 24, 2019


That night I slept like a baby. My trip with Dad was going to be okay after all. I didn’t have to worry or sneak off to relieve my sexual needs. I could just climb in the back of the cab and give myself a good seeing to, and Dad was okay with that. Maybe he was more than okay with that, because when I’d had my last couple of sessions I could see Dad’s trouser snake bulging down his inside leg as he tried to drive the truck. But I don’t think I gave it another thought before I went to sleep. I was knackered. I mean four masturbation sessions in a day doesn’t sound like much, unless they are just a few feet from your Dad and he knows you’re doing it. I mean, that’s fucking exciting, girls!


Anyhow, I was fast asleep and then I wasn’t. It was dark and I was laying there next to Dad in that darkness. Pitch black. No light anywhere. The only sound was the trees swaying gently in the wind outside. I was groggy, sleepy, tired beyond belief, so why had I woken up? It was then I realized Dad was moving. Not big movements to get more comfortable but short ones, repeatedly over and over. It was then I realized Dad was masturbating right next to me! I got instantly wet! Dad masturbating! Right here! Next to me! In the dark…


I should have been scared, but I wasn’t. I was excited! The movements were quick, too quick really, as it felt like he was having a mini seizure right next to me. The bed had an in insistent tremor to it. I was wearing one of Dad’s old T-shirts and quite naughtily, no panties. I like the freedom of no panties, the air getting to me and the easy access when I need quick relief. So, my thighs were already rubbing together, making my pussy lips slip slickly one over another.


I dug down under my nightshirt, straight to my little clam. I dug into it to touch my clit as it started to beat with a pulse of its own. I love to circle my clit. She seethes with pleasure, often too much pleasure. It wasn’t long before it was too much for me, but I couldn’t stop now. I opened my legs, but Dad was right there and as I opened them I felt my thigh on his. He stopped moving for several seconds, then slowly started up a slower, more deliberate rhythm, getting faster very gradually. I think it was urging him on having my naked thigh on his. I started rubbing deep down my girlie groove, like a desperate itch I needed to abate.


Dad kept wanking. I could hear his breathing getting shorter. But I wasn’t going to let him finish without knowing I was doing the same thing. So, I started strumming my bean again, allowing myself to go with the flow of movement. I started trembling. My thigh, I knew, was shivering on Dad’s hairy thigh. Hairy thighs! Fuck that made me hot! I started really going for it! Dad was matching me! I swear he must have been trying to pull that thing right off! He was tugging and grunting and I was strumming and panting! Dad & Daughter wanking themselves to orgasm right next to each other, our legs touching… I was going to fucking explode!


Just then I heard Dad grunt as he came and shuddered and went rigid under my thigh! I couldn’t stop, it was so hot! I went into overdrive and opened my legs even wider. My thigh then touched something that wasn’t his thigh. It wasn’t his hand either. It was, it must have been, the underside of his cock! That was it! My orgasm started deep inside. It swelled and gripped my spasming cunt hole and seethed through my gulping pussy to my painfully pleasurable clit!


“Uuuuugh!” I gasped as I came over my fingers and inner thighs. I must have splashed on Dad’s thigh too. No way I didn’t. I collapsed on the bed, trying to catch my breath. I could hear Dad’s raspy breath as he too tried to calm down from his own cum. I didn’t say anything. I dare not. What if he was annoyed at me for doing it next to him? What if he was annoyed with himself for doing it next to me? So I just lay there.


As my breathing returned to normal I became aware that my thigh was still up on his. It had slipped down a bit so I couldn’t feel his cock anymore, but I knew it was there. That was enough for me. I didn’t move, just listened to the trees outside softly lolling in the gentle wind and slowly I drifted off to sleep once more.


When I woke up again it was daylight. The truck was moving as I looked out through the windshield spying the winding road ahead. It was then I noticed that the shirt I had on was up around my waist, just like I had left it the night before. Dad had gotten up and no doubt seen my open crotch. I wondered if he had wanked over me. I didn’t have his cum on me, but that’s not to say he never did it, right? Sure, the covers were over me, but he’d have had to pick them up to get out. I bet he did. I hope he did.


I got up and started the day with a ham roll and raspberry milkshake. I got dressed in fresh leggings and tank-top. I didn’t need a bra, but you could see I was growing, if you know what I mean. I hopped into the front with Dad and sat munching looking out at the open road.


“Have a good sleep, Sleepyhead?”

“Mmmm…” I mumbled through my mouthful.

“Me too,” said Dad.


“I know you did, Daddy!” I thought to myself, “You choked the chicken right next to me last night and I loved it!” I wanted to say, but I didn’t. I just kept chomping away and smiling at my dear old Dad. I looked down between his legs to see if I could see his cock, but worst luck, I couldn’t, just that suspicious bulge in his crotch. “I guess it folds up pretty much when it’s not excited,” I thought. “I suppose there’s only one way to make it grow.” And I knew that way. Somehow, I had to get Dad excited again. But how do you do that?


I mean, I was more used to playing Minecraft and Call of Duty than I was trying to be sexy. How do you act sexy anyhow? Isn’t it a waste of time? Seemed a bit boring to me at the time. I mean, I didn’t need a bra yet, not really. Always forgot to put one on unless Mom reminded me, to be honest. And make-up… yuck! I even laughed at my big sis for wearing a thong because it rides up her ass crack instead of covering it up. No clue! Absolutely none!


So, here I was, clueless and a bit desperate to turn my own Dad on while he’s driving an 18 wheeler just so I can see his cock grow in his pants. I finished my breakfast and drank my drink down. I was drinking it slowly, licking my lips a lot, looking at Dad with what I thought were sexy eyes, when Dad looks at me and says, “You okay? You’re not constipated or nothing are you?”


That was it. I gave up.


It was about an hour later that I started getting that feeling again. I looked at Dad, and he looked back at me. I didn’t have to say anything, he just said, “Go on then.”


I climbed on back and didn’t pull the curtain again. Truth be told I wanted to get this over with as fast as possible, so I climbed onto the bed struggled out of my leggings and panties and just dug right into my little cunt. Two fingers straight in! It took a minute coz I wasn’t too wet at first, but I soon lubed up and was pumping my little pussy like a little whore. I kept thinking back to Dad masturbating next to me last night and wondered if there was any of his cum on the quilt. I smelled around for something, though I didn’t know what men’s cum smelt like even. I crawled over to the bin and looked into it to see if there was anything in there that he might have used to clean himself up with. There was a wad of screwed up kitchen towel on top so I pulled it free, noticing the still moist darker patch where it had soaked up something. I smelt it up close and it smelt like bleach or something, and yet, somehow I knew this was it. This is what Dad had wiped up his cum with. I breathed in the aroma - Mmmm… bleach.


What the fuck? I really wanted to taste it, but what if it really was bleach? I could end up in hospital, or worse. Fuck! I chucked it back in the bin and lay down. I’d kind of gone off the boil by now, so I begrudgingly dressed and sat back in my seat in the front.


“That was quick.” Said Dad.

I didn’t say anything. He looked at me for a second.

“You okay?”

“Yeah.” I said.

He looked at me again as I sat in silence.

“Something wrong?”

I shook my head.

“Well, it seems like there’s something wrong.”

I thought for a second. I mean, how do you explain that you went off the boil because you couldn’t figure out if a wad of paper in the bin was used to wipe up bleach or your own Dad’s cum? And the reason you wanted it was because you wanted to smell and taste his cum?


“I just couldn’t… you know.”


“Dad!” I said, blushing.

“I’m just asking.”

“Well, yeah.”

“Any reason?”


“You can tell me anything. It’s all private in here.”

“Well, I, um…”


“Dad, you know last night?”

“Last night…?”

“In bed.”

“In bed.”


“What about last night in bed?”

“Dad, were you doing it in bed last night?”

“Doing it…”

“You know, the thing…”

“Doing the thing…”

“Were you making your thing cum?”

“Oh!” said Dad. He’s not the sharpest tool in the box sometimes. “Er, well, um…”

“Okay, Dad, I know you were doing the thing, and so was I.”


Dad went beetroot red and kept on looking at the road like it was Jennifer Lopez’s tits or something.


“Um, okay…”

“And that’s cool, Dad. I woke up and you were doing it so I joined in. It was fun, right?”

“Right.” Said Dad, none-too-sure.

“Well, I was wondering what you did with the cum.”


“I know boys cum and they spit some cum out of their thingies.”

“That’s right. They do. Er, we do. Out of our thingies…”

“Dad, am I embarrassing you?”

“No, no. This is good, Father-Daughter, facts of life stuff. It’s all good.”

“So, what did you do with your cum, Dad?”

“Well, I er, wiped it up. And then threw it in the bin.”

“What did you use?”

“Just some kitchen towel. There’s a roll on top of the fridge back there. In case you need it. And wipes, if you need some.”

“Right. Okay. That’s all I wanted to know.”

“Okay. That’s fine. You needed to know. Fine. Okay. Fine.”


I looked at Dad with a half grin on my face and he glanced at me, at the road, then back at me with the same grin. Then we just started chuckling. Then it got funnier and funnier, and dad and I were laughing so much he said he had to stop coz he was crying. He didn’t stop, but as the laughing died down I said point blank, “Did you spill bleach in the bin?”

“Bleach? What? No.”

“Okay, Daddy,” I said as I leaned over and kissed his cheek and hopped through to the back.

“Oh, right, back you go…” he said.


I kind of felt sorry for him but now I knew it was his cum on the kitchen towel I was in the bin like a hobo! I pulled out my prize and breathed it in deeply. Now it didn’t smell of bleach, it smelt of cum. A man’s cum! Dad’s cum! I opened up the sheets until I could see the central wet patch and for the first time I tasted a man’s cum! Yuck! That stuff is sick! And not in a good way, and yet it was still exciting. Somehow it seemed to sizzle on the tip of my tongue and I was just dying to fuck myself now!


I struggled with one hand to try getting off my leggings and panties. I must have looked like baby chimp as I rolled around, almost fell off the bed and then finally managed to kick them off - only for them to fly forward and hit the windshield next to Dad!


“Hey! Take it easy back there! I don’t want to get pulled over!”

“Sorry, Dad!” I chirped, but I was already knuckle deep in pussy.


I plunged into myself, digging at myself so I could hook right up to the special spot inside. Dad’s cum was on my tongue and I draped the damp cum towel over my face so I could breathe in man-cum like a slut! Oh my God! It was my own Dad’s cum! What was I doing? And Dad was right there, not five feet away from my naked ass and dripping pussy! My cunt was soaking now and I was yanking my fingers up myself so hard I was in danger of hurting myself. Then I had this amazing feeling, like a shower all over my body as the skin fizzed with excitement and suddenly I came!


It was a bit wet down there, I can tell you! I did the most natural and exciting thing I could think of and I used the kitchen towel to wipe up my girlie cum. The same towel that had my Dad’s cum on it and it felt so sexy I came again. I raised the sodden towel to my lips and put it right into my mouth so I could taste mine and Dad’s combined juices right off that paper rag. I sucked it dry. And when I did I put it back on my pussy and held it there, slowly using one finger to push it inside me. Fuck!


When I could breathe again I looked down to see the paper towel peeking out from my bald little quim. Now that’s sexy! I sat up and looked around for my panties and leggings. But they were in the front with Dad. I couldn’t just get them. What if someone saw? What if Dad saw and crashed the truck?




“Can you throw me my stuff?”

“Sure thing.” He said matter-of-factly. He grabbed my leggings off the dash and threw them over his shoulder. Almost without thinking about it he looked back to see if they had gotten to me. They had, but I was still sitting on the bed with my legs open when he did. He looked quickly back at the road and then back at me for a second. I smiled at him my best angelic smile and said, “Thanks, Dad.”


I quickly put on my leggings as Dad looked back at the road, having to swerve not to crash into the treeline as the bend in the road surprised him. I didn’t bother with my panties. I just left them there on the bed. I hopped back in the front and settled in for the long drive. Dad smiled at me. It was a loving smiled, but with something else added in to make me feel like I was the only girl in the world. And I was. I was the only girl in this world: In the world of the cab and the open road. It was me, all me. I was the only girl, the only woman my Dad had eyes for. And I loved it.


The world rolled by but I wasn’t really watching it anymore. I was just thinking of Dad having seen me with my pussy hanging out like some garage pinup. I also couldn’t get it out of my head that I still had that cum soaked kitchen towel up inside my cunt hole. I could feel it if I moved in the chair, which I did, a lot. I was more and more fidgety as I got more and more turned on. I felt my little tits swell up and my nipples harden into my tank top.


Dad looked across to me and I guess the whole tank top-nipple ratio caught his attention because every few seconds he was looking back. I loved that he was looking at me, and not in his usual way, but somehow different. Apparently, men like tits! Sounds silly doesn’t it? But this was the very first time I discovered that men and boys like tits. It was a revelation!


I put my feet up on the dash, which really made it easy for me to fidget my ass cheeks to give me little sensations around my little wad of cum-soaked paper towel. I wasn’t really thinking about it, but instead of climbing in the back I just slipped a hand inside my leggings. I didn’t have panties on anyway, so I was at my little cunt right off. I tickled my clit as I swiveled my ass about on the chair.


Dad looked at me just doing that. I didn’t say anything, I just kept right on doing it there next to him.

“Honey… wouldn’t that be easier in the back, there?”

“Dad, I’m tired of going back there all the time when I can just do it right here just as well.”

I don’t know what Dad was thinking, but he kept looking at me. I know there must have been some kind of battle going on inside his little man-brain saying, “She’s your daughter. This isn’t right,” while the other half was saying, “This is amazing! Leave her be!” I guess amazing won because Dad just kept driving and I just kept feeling up and down my moistening quim.


I was starting to get more and more passionate with myself. My back was arching as my clit pulsed with that excruciating need to be touched, rubbed and strummed. But what I really wanted to do was fuck myself. I dug down my slippery little clam to my throbbing little hole. Poking out was the tip of the sodden rag. I gently tugged on it and it slipped easily out of me. I pulled it free and threw it behind me, my Dad looking concerned as I did. But my hand dug quickly back down my leggings and I delved deep to get my fingers into my little cunny hole.


Dad was rapt! - He could barely keep his eyes off me to steer the damn truck! But I was struggling. I couldn’t get at myself properly with these damned leggings on. I struggled again, but failed. Again I tried, but it just wasn’t working. I couldn’t get my fingers into myself with these things on. I slumped back in the chair, frustrated.


Dad looked at me, “Finished?”

I shook my head in frustration. There was just no way to do this like this.

“Oh. I thought not.”

I looked at him for a second, then put on the puppy dog eyes I knew he was a sucker for.

“Dad-dy…” I said slowly. I always call him Daddy when I want something I really shouldn’t get. And most of the time it works. I’m his little girl, after all.


“Daddy, can I take these off?”

“What? No.”

“But Daddy, I can’t do it properly with these on. It’s just too hard.”

“Well, go in the back and do it.”


Puppy dog eyes to the max I looked at my Dad and said, “Pleeeeease, Daddy? I want to stay up front with you. Please let me do it. Pleeeeease…?”


I saw my Dad’s conscience fighting with him again: Dad-brain verses Man-brain. Dad-brain was telling him this was all wrong. This is was his little girl. This was not what Dads do. Man-brain was telling him that yes, this was his hot little daughter, who was desperate to have a wank right in front of him, and wanted to strip off so he could see it all. I guess any man with this tortured scenario before him would buckle, and judging by the length of the monster cock I saw snaking down his jeans again I guess basic animal instinct comes into play too, because Dad just shook his head and said, “Okay… go ahead, I guess. If you don’t mind me seeing, then I…”

“Thanks, Daddy!” I blurted and instantly tucked my thumbs into my leggings and tore them down my little legs in the most inelegant manoeuvre ever seen by a Dad of his daughter. I was legs, knees and feet everywhere. But once they were off I felt freer and sexier than ever before.


I couldn’t hold back. I was so turned on. I pulled my legs up as I slunk down in the seat so my legs were up in the air, my knees at my ears. With my ass hanging off the seat and my little pussy facing upward I put my fingers to my pussy hole and just plunged them right in! I gasped, but so did Dad, and the truck swerved like a roller-coaster. I let them sit there for about ten seconds with my eyes closed. My little cunt was squeezing my fingers and loosening up with pussy juice as I breathed deeply in and out.


“You okay, Honey?” said Dad in a shaky voice.

I opened my eyes and smiled at Dad, “Yes, Daddy…” I said as I started pumping my fingers in and out of my reddening little clam. I went faster as the feeling inside got more intense. My cunt was gripping my pumping fingers, tingling with a dull ache that I knew and loved. It built as Dad kept an eye on me and I bit my lip and smiled as I went faster and faster, getting more and more turned on. My other hand flipped up my tank-top and grabbed my tits, first one, then the other, squeezing them, raking them and pinching my bullet nipples.


Dad changed gear on the truck and I could see his cock making it awkward to use his leg. “He must be enormous!” I thought. But that just made me worse. I was now fucking myself like crazy, plunging two fingers into myself like a maniac. I was whining and jerking, panting and then the pleasure suddenly exploded! I was spraying the windshield with cum as I kept on fucking myself. The ecstasy too much I pulled out and let one long stream of cum hit the windshield before I dove right back in and fucked myself some more. I was screaming by now!


Dad, bless him, was aghast. I swear he thought I was going to hurt myself. But I was having the best orgasms I had ever had and I didn’t want it to stop. My fingers were a blur, but it still wasn’t enough. I stopped only long enough to wet a third finger and then feed all three back into my little girl pussy even as Dad watched. This was even better! I worked up the rhythm instantly to what it was before and fucked my little cunt like crazy!


I was so turned on now that I thought I was going to piss myself, but I just couldn’t stop until that fiery peak was climbed. I jolted, my fingers flew out of my pussy and my pussy made the loudest fart noise I’ve ever heard!


I was weak! I just burst out laughing and, thank God, so did Dad. I was a wet mess as I laughed so much I thought I really would piss myself. Dad was laughing too, but he still could barely keep his eyes off me. I sat up in the chair, but I couldn’t see outside because my squirt juice was just running down the inside of it.


Once we stopped laughing Dad said, “You better wipe that with some kitchen roll.” I smiled at him as I went to get the roll. I love my Dad.

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Long Haul Road Trip - 2nd Leg

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